ARIA award winning Mic Conway is an singer, musician, song writer, fire eater, magician, children's
entertainer, tap dancer, multi-instrumentalist, juggler, latex mask maker, props builder and puppeteer.
Born into a family of vaudevillians and opera singers, his life as an entertainer began in the 1970s when,
together with his brother Jim, Conway founded the Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band which achieved cult
status across Australia and received two Gold Albums. Also active in the legendary Pram Factory Theatre in
Melbourne, Conway moved into Soapbox Circus and became a founding member of Circus Oz.
Wearing several hats, Conway he is the leader of the 5-piece jug and blues act Mic Conway’s National Junk
Band, and has developed an hilarious duo with Robbie Long. As a long-term children’s entertainer, “Magic
Mic” tours his extraordinary one man shows to over 200 schools and community events across Australia each
year. Entertaining and educational, Mic introduces young people to the world of music and theatre, magic and
circus, and encourages children to use their imaginations. Themed shows inspire children to care for our
environment and engage with music, history and art. By combining music, magic, juggling, tap-dance,
comedy, circus and silliness he has won the hearts of thousands of 3 to 93 year olds. (Descriptions of Mic's
many kids' shows can be found on his website : http://www.micconway.com).
His children’s album Whoopee (ABC Music) was awarded an ARIA for “Best Children’s Album”.
A festival favourite, in 2011 Mic was awarded “Artist of the Year” by Port Fairy Folk Festival.
At a young age Mic Conway was inspired by the jug band tradition; music made with bottles, washboards,
brushes, jugs, banjos, guitars, kazoos and more. He is living his dream of passing on a passion for homemade music to a new generation. Mic teaches children, step by step, to make and play simple instruments.
From the tin can banjo and the drinking straw flute to the rubber-glove bassoon, it’s amazing what you can
create from old containers, tape, string and other things that would usually be thrown away.
Conway has developed a DVD, (“Music With Anything”) where he demonstrates how to make and play more
than twenty home-made instruments.
VIDEO : Mic Conway's National Junk Band "HOTCHA" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLu_WqHUygw
CONTACT : Cathy Kirkpatrick : 0429 633 286 : [email protected] : http://www.micconway.com
Mic Conway's National Junk Band - "HOTCHA" : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hLu_WqHUygw
“The king of vaudeville in Australia today.”
: Lucky Oceans, ABC Radio National
“Mic Conway is a very, very talented man. He should be elected as one of Australia’s living
national treasures.”
: Bill Riner, ABC Radio, Queensland
“Perfectly pitched… In one tune he was able to pack in a lifetime of Cabaret.”
: Roy & H.G., ABC
“Mic Conway carries a torch for the idea that music can be fully rounded entertainment, making people giggle,
dance and go 'Wow!'.”
: John Shand, Sydney Morning Herald
“That consummate musical trouper, Mic Conway … a delight!”
: Sydney Morning Herald
“Bizarre and unique brand of musical lunacy, with Mic “Microphone” Conway.”
: Time Out, UK
“Mic Conway looks like he was born on a cabaret stage… his ease with a variety of cabaret styles from music
hall and vaudeville to New Wave testifies to this involvement and his expertise is apparent.”
: The Age
“...highly infectious music, hilarious jokes, dazzling magic tricks, fire-eating and much clowning around.”
: Robert Dunstan, Rip It Up Magazine (Melbourne)
“Aural extravaganza... You enter into the spirit, which is pure fun. Everything is delivered with tongue
lovingly pressed into cheek... in a lovingly self-deprecating style on the unlikeliest array of instruments.”
: Michael Smith, Drum Media
“A richly entertaining ensemble.”
: Tony Hillier, Rhythms Magazine
“Defies categorisation.”
: Sydney Morning Herald
CONTACT : Cathy Kirkpatrick : 0429 633 286 : [email protected] : http://www.micconway.com
Mic Conway’s National Junk Band :
Port Fairy Folk Festival (1999, 2008, 2011, 2014)
Brunswick Festival (2014)
Newtown Festival (2013)
Tamworth Country Music Festival, NSW (2013, 2014)
Bi-Centennial Park celebrations (2013)
National Folk Festival, Canberra (2001, 2004, 2007, 2012)
Viva La 'Gong, NSW (2012)
NYE Parramatta Riverside Festivities, NSW (2012)
River Rhythms, Sydney Olympic Park, NSW (2012)
National Folk Festival, ACT (2001, 2004, 2007, 2011)
Adelaide Cabaret Festival, SA (2010)
Woodford Folk Festival, QLD (2000, 2001, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2009, 2010)
Sydney Fringe Festival, NSW (2010, 2013)
Peats Ridge Festival, NSW (2010)
BluesFest, Byron Bay, QLD (2009)
Forth Valley Blues Festival, TAS (2010)
Australia Day celebrations, NSW (2010)
Arts NSW regional tour, (SW NSW) (2010)
Cygnet Folk Festival, TAS (2009)
Festival of Sydney, The Famous Spiegeltent, (2004, 2007)
Blue Mountains Folk Festival, NSW (2006, 2007)
Acoustica, Sydney (2005, 2006, 2007)
Yamba Arts/Fringe Festival (2005)
Toyota National Country Music Muster, QLD (2004)
The National Festival of Australian Blues Music, Goulburn (2000, 2003)
Queenscliff Music Festival, VIC (2003)
Adelaide Fringe Festival, The Famous Spiegeltent (1999)
Perth International Arts Festival, WA
Maldon Folk Festival, VIC (2003)
Illawarra Folk Festival, NSW (2002)
Mic Conway with Robbie Long (DUO) :
Melbourne Comedy Festival, VIC (2011)
Melbourne Cabaret Festival, VIC (2010, 2013)
Australia Day celebrations, Wollongong (2010)
Darwin Festival, NT (2009)
Athenaeum Theatre, “The Crimson Goat Cabaret Club, VIC (2009)
Mirboo North Festival, VIC (2010)
Cobargo Folk Festival, NSW (2010)
Illawarra Folk Festival, NSW (2009, 2010)
The Butterfly Club, VIC (2010)
Brookfield Winery, TAS (2009)
Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band – Re-Ignited :
GRAPHIC Festival, Sydney Opera House (2011)
Woodford Folk Festival, QLD (2011)
BluesFest, Byron Bay, QLD (2011)
Blue Mountains Folk Festival, NSW (2011)
Cell Block Theatre, Sydney (7 May 2011)
Ormond Hall, Melbourne (3+4 June, 2011)
CONTACT : Cathy Kirkpatrick : 0429 633 286 : [email protected] : http://www.micconway.com
Conway Brothers Hiccups Orchestra : Houston International Festival, USA (1988)
Conway Brothers Hiccups Orchestra and “Vaudevillains” (musical) : London, Edinburgh – The Fringe Festival,
The Jazz Festival and the International Festival. (1986)
Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band : New Zealand (1970s)
Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band toured every state of Australia, performing over 2,000 shows. (1970-1980)
Mic continued to perform and tour with Conway Brothers Hiccups and The Conway Brothers. (1980-1997)
Mic Conway with Robbie Long
Street of Dreams (2011)
Mic Conway’s National Junk Band :
Parallel Universe (2014)
Pisstakes (2011)
Corporate Chook (2008)
Everything You Never Wanted to Know – Live Shows and Interviews : DVD (2008)
Tin Can Alley (2002)
21st Century Sink (2000)
Kitchen Sink Music (1998)
Captain Matchbox Whooppe Band
Wangaratta Wahine (re-release) (2002)
Making Whoopee (1996)
Slightly Troppo (1978)
The Great Stumble Forward : Matchbox and the APG Live At The Pram (1976)
Making Whoopee (1976)
Australia (1975)
Wangaratta Wahine (1974)
Smoke Dreams (1973)
CONTACT : Cathy Kirkpatrick : 0429 633 286 : [email protected] : http://www.micconway.com
Mic Conway is a stunning children’s performer whose shows are very popular and always fun. Entertaining and
educational, Mic introduces young people to the world of music and theatre, magic and circus, and encourages
children to use their imaginations. His differently themed shows inspire children to engage with music, caring
for our environment, art and more. Each regularly combine music, magic, juggling, tap-dance, comedy, circus
and silliness. His children’s album Whoopee (ABC Music) was awarded an ARIA for “Best Children’s Album”
Festivals across Australia have invited this much-loved children’s entertainer back again and again. He tours
his shows to over 200 schools every year, visiting capital cities and regional centres all over the country. His
shows are aimed at children of various ages from pre-schoolers to high school students.
Adelaide Cabaret Festival, SA (2010)
Melbourne Cabaret Festival, VIC (2010)
Sydney Fringe Festival, NSW (2010)
Australia Day celebrations “Aerial Carnivale” (2010)
Cobargo Folk Festival (2010)
Woodford Folk Festival (1999-2009)
Darwin Festival, NT (2009)
Festival of Sydney, NSW (2009)
Illawarra Folk Festival, NSW (2009)
Cygnet Folk Festival, TAS (2009)
Fairbridge Folk Festival, WA (2009)
Habour Sound, WA (2009)
Australia Day celebrations, NSW (2009)
Eco Kids Festival, Luna Park (2009)
Live Green – City of Sydney event (2008)
Blue Mountains Music Festival (2008)
Port Fairy Folk Festival (Most years from 1990s – 2008)
Woodford Folk Festival (Most years from early 1990s – 2009)
National Folk Festival, Canberra (Several years 1990s – 2007)
Festival of Sydney (2007)
Playmakers, WA (2008)
Perth International Festival (2000)
Maldon Folk Festival VIC (2004)
Queenscliff Music Festival, VIC (2005)
Newtown Festival, NSW
Adelaide Fringe Festival
CONTACT : Cathy Kirkpatrick : 0429 633 286 : [email protected] : http://www.micconway.com
Mic has appeared on many children’s films and television shows, including:
The Wiggles (Television, DVDs and the Wiggles Movie) :
Appearing as various whacky characters.
Mic is also the voice of Wags the Dog
Saturday Disney (Channel 7, Sydney) : Featured Mic Conway’s National Junk Band – performance
and interviews
Here’s Humphrey : Inspiring a generation of children as Humphrey’s imaginary friend “Magic Mic”.
ABC for Kids (ABC TV)
Playschool (ABC TV)
Mr Squiggle (ABC TV)
Amazing Rubbish! (due for release 2010)
How to Make Music with Anything – DVD (2009)
Whoopee (ABC Music) : Awarded ARIA Award for “Best Children’s Album”
Dinosaur Songs I and II (ABC Music)
What’s that Sound? (ABC Music)
QUOTES (from School Teachers) :
“He was fantastic, entertaining, inspiring, clever, funny and very brave…bring on more visual art
“The Students were so excited that when they went back to class they created artworks and
stories. Thankyou, we loved it.”
“Mic held an audience of students ranging from Kinder to Year 8 spellbound and provided a rich learning
stimulus for all.”
“One very professional show – with good content and interest.”
“The man is a genius. Teachers were just as enthralled as the kids.”
CONTACT : Cathy Kirkpatrick : 0429 633 286 : [email protected] : http://www.micconway.com
Name of show : RUBBISH!
Target age group : 3-12 year olds
Description : A highly original performance about “The Three Rs” : Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
Junk musical instruments, magical trash, juggling, newspaper ripping, introducing children to ideas of
composting, saving water and electricity, separating rubbish, recycling and more. Loads of audience
participation make for entertaining and educational rubbish.
Mic has worked with and has the support of SCRAP (School Communities Recycle All Paper).
Target age group : For all ages – child to adult
Description : A circus of madcap entertainment – music, magic, juggling and mayhem from Magic Mic.
Name of show : SIGHT FOR SORE EARS
Target age group : 3-12 year olds
Description : A mesmerising mix of music and wonder from Mic’s bag of tricks. Even the most jaded youngsters
will be laughing, screaming and pointing.
Name of show : ARTBEAT
Target age group : Primary and high school
Description : An hilarious and thought provoking show about art and its various forms and uses. Life size
puppet Cranky Frankie has been dragged along to the Art Gallery and he’s not happy! With the help of some
magic, music, comedy, juggling, dancing, a walking TV, a talking painting and a living sculpture, Mic shows us
that art is everywhere and we use it everyday to communicate and express ideas.
Name of show : SOUNDS LIKE MUSIC
Target age group : Primary school
Description : This show explores the making of music and song in a stimulating and entertaining show with lots
of surprises and laughs. With a very odd one man band and some weird and wonderful instruments, including
easy to make household items, Mic demonstrates how much fun making music can be. Suitcases, saws, leaves,
vegetables, rubber hands, feet and balloons are just a few of the very odd things Mic makes music with.
Name of show : TV OR NOT TV
Target age group : High school
Description : Can you imagine life before television??? “TV or not TV” is an innovative, inspiring and actionpacked show about how Australians entertained themselves before 1956 and what children can do now
without the idiot box.
Name of show : ENTERTAINING OZ
Target age group : High school to adult
Description : Drama, circus, theatre, music, carnival, media, dance, indigenous culture, traveling tent shows,
comedy and even “DIY entertainment”… “Entertaining Oz” is a time capsule traveling through the history of
entertainment in Australia.
All shows run for between 45 and 60 minutes.
All involve audience participation as well as music, magic, juggling, and educational concepts.
CONTACT : Cathy Kirkpatrick : 0429 633 286 : [email protected] : http://www.micconway.com
CONTACT : Cathy Kirkpatrick : 0429 633 286 : [email protected] : http://www.micconway.com