Endless Range and Possibility Arts High School. Newark. New Jersey Vol-

Endless Range and Possibility
Arts High School. Newark. New Jersey
ume 2—Issue 1
On Top of the World
Welcome Principal Lynn Irby-Jackson
By Ashley Walker-Koonce
The kids here are just wonderful, I learn something new
from them every day and it makes me want to push them
harder and harder.
Walker-Koonce: Will the class of 2017 (the 7 graders)
This new school year brought new opportunities, new
freshmen, and a brand new principal! A lot of the stube privileged enough to have a graduation?
Irby-Jackson: I don‟t know that they need a graduation
dent body hasn‟t had the pleasure to meet her yet so
here is your chance to see just what the head of Arts
as opposed to a “moving on” ceremony. I don‟t like giving
High is all about. And you will be surprise to see that
the impression that you‟re graduating from 8 th grade
she is just as excited to see what we‟re about.
when you‟re moving on to high school. Hopefully all of
them will want to remain at Arts High. I want them to look
Walker-Koonce: What‟s your background educationforward to their high school graduation, their college
ally and Artistic?
graduation and their graduate school graduation. Those
Irby-Jackson: Educationally I am a graduate of Dougare things I want them to keep in their sight.
Walker-Koonce: What are your views on Arts and
las College, Rutgers University. I am a graduate of
Fordham University where I got my Masters‟ degree in
Irby-Jackson: They are intermingled. Artists are athEducational Leadership. I have held the position of a
middle school literacy teacher, and then I became a
letes, in their craft. There is nothing wrong with being
Resource Teacher Coordinator for the Literary Departgood at two things. There is nothing wrong with a vocal
ment. This meant I went out to train middle school litermusic major being on the basketball team, if that‟s
acy teachers on how to become better teachers. I was
something that they also like to do. I also think sports are
then Project Manager for our 14 million dollar “Stride
important because right now in our society my kids may
and Readers” Grant which was a grant to study middle
have a better chance of getting more money for college
school readers. I then became special assistant to the
with a sport scholarship than an acting scholarship beAssistant Superintendent, Dr. Marino. At that time it
cause they are few and far between: they‟re out there at
was called SLT 5. Then I became principle of 13th Ave
the right schools. And whatever my kids need to do to get
School and now I have landed my dream job of being
their foot in the door to make sure they can get in college.
principal of Arts High School.
I don‟t want finances to be the thing to hold them back
As far as the Arts are concerned, I‟ve danced all my
and if that basketball scholarship/track scholarship is
life. I was dance major at Suny Purchase but left when
what‟s going to get you in school, then go for it. I don‟t‟
my mother past away to come home and be closer to
want sports to replace my Arts program because this is
my father. That‟s how I ended up at Rutgers University.
an Arts‟ school so although my main focus isn‟t going to
I did theater when I was down I Rutgers. I started my
be on sports I am a major supporter of the sports proown theater company. I was the artistic director and we
grams that are here.
Walker-Koonce: Final Question, what are your views
did plays and took it on the road. We traveled throughout the East Cost to different colleges performing “For
on Arts High Alumni?
Colored Girls”, which I directed and choreographed. As far as cated in their craft. I want them to have a working knowledge
Irby-Jackson: I believe the Alumni are crucial. In reaching
dancing is concerned, I started out training at Garden State
of the entertainment business. I want them to realize that they back, pulling somebody, helping them; let‟s say if I graduate
Ballet. I‟ve trained with Alfred Gallman of Gallman‟s Newark
can turn their craft, their passion into a college education and a from Arts and become a famous actress, I need to come back
Dance Theater. I‟ve trained with the New Jersey Dance Thea- career goal. Everyone is not going to end up in front of the
and pick that person out and give them a shot. We‟ve already
ter Gill which was a ballet company. After I left Rutgers, I
camera and some of the most important positions are behind
brought back two Alumni; Melba Moore and Tisha Campbell.
danced with a company, “Forces of Nature” in New York with
the camera. I want my children to know that, I want my visual They inspired the kids without throwing out a lot of money. I
Dianne Harvey and Adele Slalom which was a phenomenal
artists to know there‟s such thing called a United Scenic Artist need my babies to know it‟s possible. We have so many
Union where they can become scenic artists. Because everydreams killers in our lives, in our society, in our world. My kids
Walker-Koonce: How long have you been in NPS?
thing you see in the movies and on television is something an
don‟t need to be their own dream killers; I need them to know
Irby-Jackson: Twenty years exactly .
artist has made.
it‟s possible. I need them to dream and dream big and come
Walker-Koonce: What‟s your vision for Arts High?
Walker-Koonce: Do you feel welcomed by the staff and stuback and tell me how their life is and just knowing that I had an
Irby-Jackson: My vision for Arts High is for this school to take dents?
itty-bitty part in their lives is great to me. And I say, you know
back its number one spot as the premiere high school of Visual Irby-Jackson: Oh yes! very welcomed since day one; there
what, I had that student and look at him/her now. And no I‟m
and Performing Arts. My goal here is that every child that walks were two track stars that introduce themselves to me. Actually not the one who taught her dance or showed her how to hold a
through this door will develop their craft because they have a
before I actually started, I don‟t think I was official in the build- camera but I may have a conversation with him/her that may
passion for it. My goal is that I will have my children dream big ing when they came and sat and talked to me and from that
have changed the way she thought about something in a posiand fuel their dreams and let them know that it‟s possible. My
moment on they continued to give me hugs and kisses every
tive way. That‟s the greatest reward I could ever get. See you
goal is to open up as many doors for them as I can, bringing in morning. I love the staff, they‟re very professional. They are
got me getting all emotional. My babies here are wonderful, I
resources, increasing partnerships and creating opportunities
warm and they want to be here. And the kids are just incredilove my job.
for my children. I also want them to walk out this building edu- ble. As I said, I don‟t consider this a job. I love coming here.
Melba Moore and Tisha Campbell-Martin
Return to Arts High School
Principal Irby-Jackson, Melba Moore flanked by guests
Melba Moore Class of 1958
Eleta Caldwell principal 1992-2003
Tisha Campbell –Martin Class of 1986
Melba Moore How much potential can a women from Newark have, Melba Moore was Born in Beatrice Hill, October 29, 1945, in New York City; daughter of Melba Smith Hill (a singer)
and Teddy Hill (a jazz saxophonist).Recently we have had a wonderful visit from Melba Moore, she spoke about her achievements in life and goals. Moore found early that academics were a
good venue in which to pursue her musical interests. She attended Waverly Avenue Elementary School and Cleveland Junior High School in Newark, New Jersey. She told Essence, "I went
to Catholic school, and even that I liked. It was cold and mechanical exactly what I knew and felt comfortable with...The only way I communicated was through music." Moore majored in music at Arts High School in Newark, and then went to Montclair State Teacher's College with a major in music education. After graduation she went back to Newark Public Schools and taught
music for a year at Peshine Avenue Elementary School, a job she found frustrating because of poor facilities and curriculum in the school system. During the visit of Melba Moore we had a
couple of arguments and concerns with the grades because not all grades went to see Melba Moore in the auditorium. Ms.Kellenbenz, history teacher agreed that Melba Moore did a fabulous performance and that freshman couldn‟t get to be present in Melba Moore performance but there will be more opportunities. However, Conrad McCutcheon, freshman totally disagrees; he feels that it was unfair because upcoming freshman should have had the opportunity to feel part of the school. Anyhow, Melba Moore performance was amazing she gave a
speech about being a student and teen in Newark and that you don‟t have to live in a “nice” neighborhood to succeed. I believe her visit wasn‟t any visit; she left us a word that was significant
to all of us. By Arleen Frias Arias
Tisha Campbell –Martin Though most commonly associated with her multi-season portrayal of marketing executive Gina Waters-Payne, significant other of Martin Payne (Martin
Lawrence) on the Fox sitcom Martin (1992-97), Tisha Campbell began her lengthy Hollywood career with a role that film buffs will have little difficulty remembering. Tisha made her feature
debut as Chiffon, a member of the black female doo-wop group that acts as a Greek chorus, in the 1986 Frank Oz musical comedy Little Shop of Horrors (1986). An Oklahoma City native,
born to a coat factory employee father and a gospel singer mother, Tisha moved with her family to Newark, New Jersey at the age of three, At age 6, Campbell won a talent contest, and the
following year landed a turn in an ABC Afterschool Special entitled Unicorn Tales, as well as a supporting role in the off-Broadway musical +Really Rosie. Tisha attended and graduated from
Arts High School, then made the ambitious trek out to Los Angeles (with her family's encouragement) and spent several years surviving numerous television pilots. My Wife and Kids still
draws numerous viewers because of the high quality and humorous material.
Tisha‟s visit home was so inspirational to the students as well as the staff. Her warm down-to-earth personality impressed the students. Students left the auditorium with a new sense of hope
feeling that „they‟ can make it in whatever field they choose to pursue. Faculty shared that they also felt inspired to follow their dreams. Tisha we love you and are so PROUD of you!
I have often wondered if dreams really do come true and now I
know the answer is undoubtedly YES! I am delighted beyond measure to be at a part of the greatest institution in the world. I join the
ranks of some of the most exceptional administrators I have ever
known, and the most talented group of teachers and staff. Now let’s
talk about my sole purpose for being here and that is the students.
Each and every day I walk the halls of this building I am confronted
with the amazing gifts and talents of our students. They leave me
breathless at the end of each day and excited and eager for the next
one to begin. As Melba Moore stated when she came back to visit
her alma mater I am “committed” to doing the best for our students.
That means helping to keep that fire of passion burning strong within
them, creating possibilities and opportunities so they believe in their dreams. It is my mission that Arts High
School will reclaim its spot as the Number One High School in the country for the Visual and Performing Arts!
Covenant House Tree Trimming Celebration
Since 1989 the covenant house have been providing services to homeless youth in New Jersey. Arts High has
established a warm relationship with the administration and youth of the Covenant House.
Our Mixed Choir has performed at the NJPAC with the stars of Broadway for the Night of Broadway Stars to a
packed audience, and this year our Gospel Choir under the direction of Mr. Scott Cumberbatch, volunteered
their time, spirit and voices to make their tree-trimming event special.
Don’t Worry Mrs. Green-Foote it’s only Mr. Waldron trying to get a scream out of you
“Can-struction” is using one can of food as a catalyst for change. One Can® to represent the building blocks of massive
sculptures. One Can® to prove that every act of kindness makes a difference. Since 1992, Canstruction has contributed
over 17.5 million pounds of food to community food banks demonstrating that we can win the fight against hunger.
November 27, 2011, 30.000 pounds of food was deconstructed and brought back to the NJ Foodbank by our basketball team under the guidance
and direction of Mr. Derrick Butler. Our young men earned valuable community service credit as well as discovered how rewarding it is to be
apart of a project that directly helped people in need get food.
Major News...Major News...Major News...Major News...Major News
Eric Mathis (Young Dapper)
By Julie Quirenga
Arts High School got the chance to meet another artist on the move on Friday, but this time it was only the TV production class. Eric Mathis
who likes to be referred as Young Dapper came to Arts High School to talk to the 7 th graders. While all TV majors had to take pictures, report, and do a private interview with the young artist. As a reporter I had got the chance to interview and take notes on Young Dapper. I got
to find out that Young Dapper first song that he recorded in the music business was “My Ringtone Girl” which the song was written and recorded by him. As most people would think that Young Dapper had his own private teacher to teach him all of the work he needs to know to
get an education, Right? But the truth is Young Dapper goes to regular school and tells all of his young fans to go to school because education is the key in life to succeed. Now the question that I had to ask, how did his friends treat him? But Young Dapper has very supportive
and non-jealous friends that wish him the best and that are always there for him. Young Dapper had always wanted to be an artist and an
actor he was featured on “Louie” on FX second season shot in New York City as a speaking role. He was also featured as an extra on
“What‟s your Number?” and “Law and Order” fourth season. Young Dapper had also go the chance to play a leading role in a play called
“When You‟re Down to Nothing, God is up to Something.” How does Young Dapper do it only at the age of 12? That is a question that will
never be solved. Young Dapper is taking the world by storm just like his inspiration Trey Songs.
Last week string students from Thailand visited Arts High School to perform in a collaborative concert with Arts High School String Majors. The event was coordinated by Arts High‟s String Music Teacher Christine Sweet and String Teacher from Thailand Miss Larisa Spitzer
via internet.
Students learned program repertoire at their respective locations and rehearsed as a group for two days, at Arts High, before presenting a
wonderful finely tuned concert.
Some of the program selections were The Star Spangled Banner, Concerto for 4 Violins by Telemann, King‟s Anthem (Thai National Anthem) and West Side Story Medley. The day ended with a luncheon where all celebrated the success of this concert partnership event.
Special thanks to all who assisted in making it a great event including supporting
Mr. Crowell, Mr. Warner and parents, Linda Burrus & Martha Nin, of students who helped coordinate the luncheon.
s...Major News...Major News...Major News...Major News...
Are you ready for an early Christmas? Well, it‟s snowing in Arts High School. The drama department is
bringing Christmas sooner than you might think. Uh-Oh Here Comes Christmas is a play broadcasting the
ends and outs of family and Christmas. Many students have been anticipating the show ever since the
cast took its talents to the auditorium. Students walk pass the auditorium and peer through the glass windows in excitement “Wow!” echoes throughout the hall as students and teachers stare in awe of the elaborate set. Finally students, staff and parents have the chance to experience this very special Christmas. As,
I walked into the packed auditorium I felt like I was in a winter wonderland with light poles that lined the
walls, burning fire places, gifts, illuminating Christmas lights, and glowing Christmas trees. The show
opened with a vibrant dance routine performed but drama, vocal, and art majors. This warmed the crowd
up and put smiles on everyone‟s face. After many monologues and stories performed by the students of
Arts High School the play came to a close with a warm and interesting story. This was one play that was
not to be missed! With all of captivating scenes, intriguing dancing and power vocals that are shared in the
play, Arts High School became a winter wonderland sharing the Christmas cheer.
Written By: Sahir Watson
Drama Major
The Scoop On Actorfest
Written by Senior Arts High Drama Student Leonel Valerio.
Actorfest, held in New York City, was an event for actors from around the
Tri-State area to receive extraordinary opportunities. Thousands of aspiring
actors packed into this multi-level building to audition, distribute headshots
and gather information on performing arts schools, audition opportunities and
On Sunday, October 23, 2011, fifteen drama students went on the field trip to
Actorsfest in seeking openings in the acting field. Sponsored by the Arts
High Drama Department, the senior drama class was preregistered for this
event, and received full access to its perks. Some people sought out to audition for Nickelodeon where others went gather information on acting, all having one thing in common, the passion to act.
The line for the entrance wrapped around the street corner with a wait over
an hour.
Being pre-registered meant no wait for Arts High students!
Once inside, Arts High students took advantage of all that Backstage had to
offer including informational pamphlets, flyers and more. We auditioned for
Nickelodeon, Telemundo, and meet casting agents and we were allowed to
give our headshots to casting directors directly.
Almost immediately Arts High Drama student Ebrima En‟dure caught the
attention of a casting agent and helped his follow classmates communicate
with her as well. Ebrima landed a role in the television show “PanAm” and
was on TV last night! (Sunday, Nov. 13th).
Students Ana Populim and Shakill Kornegay also benefited from this experience greatly because they got they audition and got a call back for Telemundo and Nickelodeon.
Classes at Actorfest focused on teaching us how to market ourselves, cold
reading tips, and much more.
By the end of the day we left the
event with bags and brains full of
knowledge!Actorfest, hosted by
Backstage NY 2011 video:
v=E8Mgpdcq9zk (keep an eye out
for Arts High students)
Mr. Carter escorted Israel Hernandez to the Hall of Records to sing
the national anthem for the celebration of Italian Heritage Month
Arts High Senior Vocal Majors visit Westminster Choir College
By Maria McAllister (senior vocal major)
The senior vocal class partook in a trip to Westminster College, located in Princeton,
NJ. The experience was inspirational, informative and over all eye-opening.
One of the most memorable moments was watching the Westminster Symphonic
Choir rehearse. This ensemble consists of juniors, seniors and first year graduates.
The professionalism and focus they displayed in rehearsal was a real eye-opening
experience for Arts High Vocal Majors to witness.
First of all, they arrived ten minutes early to their class. Once the conductor called for
rehearsal to begin, they all focused their lively energy and committed to singing their
music and taking the conductor‟s instructions. I also noticed that they actually knew
their music very well. Some had memorized parts already.
This set a new bar for the Arts High Advanced Choir. We thought being in the Arts
High Advanced Choir was stressful but compared to the level of excellence we saw
at Westminster we all understood that we still have a lot to learn. We the students
need to research our music like we‟re asked to and get on point in learning our parts
and in the way we approach a rehearsal. These types of changes will help us to
reach our full potential.
Overall I can say that I truly enjoyed visiting Westminster College. It was a wonderful
experience that I felt all vocal majors enjoyed. Now it‟s time for us to step up our
game and bring real honor and pride to the Arts High name.
Arts High String Students
Side-By-Side with NJSO
Written by Arts High String Major, Giovanna Armilla
I kept thinking, “WOW is this really happening?! Am I
really performing with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra?!” It was an absolute privilege and honor that I
will never forget.
Last June our String Teacher at Arts High, Mrs. Sweet,
explained that we‟d be performing with NJSO in the Fall
of 2011 and she gave special instructions to practice the
music, Night On Bald Mountain by Mussorgsky, during
the summer. It was a challenge for me because I was
transitioning from violin to viola I learned how differently
the music looked for a violist.
When I first walked out on to stage I could feel the emotion of the crowd in anticipation of our performance and it
overwhelmed me with excitement. The audience was
cheering and applauding both for us, Arts High School
String Majors, and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra
Then it happened.
Conductor Jeff Grogan raised his arms and the down
beat sent us out of the starting gates like horses in the
Kentucky Derby.
My blood was rushing, my palms were sweating and I
totally got lost in the moment of the music.
All the hours of practicing Night On Bald Mountain allowed me to let go and enjoy the moment of being a
young artist.
This was the best concert of my musical career so far
Thankfully in Fall of 2011, NJSO sent wonderful coaches and it was not one to forget.
to help all of us prepare. Both coaches, Mr. Stewart and I can proudly say that I performed well and I‟d also like to
Mrs. Youngstein, are members of NJSO and working with congratulate and commend my fellow classmates who, in
such a short amount of time, pushed themselves and
them these past two months has been amazing. Their
exceeded expectations.
contributions were immense and I would like to thank
them very much for their time and support.
I‟d like to express sincere gratitude to Mrs. Sweet, Mr.
Itkor, and Mr. Liggins, the teachers who made this experiWhen the days came for our rehearsal and concert with
ence possible. This experience is one I shall never forNJSO every one of us was nervous and excited at the
same time.
Many of us felt that it was our time to show the symphony
members the results of our hard work, and that‟s exactly
what we did.
Night On Bald Mountain is an incredible piece of music
and it really forced all of us to step up to the plate and
increase our level of musicianship.
I‟ve played difficult music before, but never have I played
music like this.
Being on the main stage in NJPAC was remarkable!
Arts High Students Travel to Berklee College of Music in Boston
October 29th, 2011
Neither rain, nor hail, nor sleet or
snow…..did I say snow?!....yes October snow
could not keep Arts High students from boarding the bus, with students from Cicely Tyson
High School in East Orange, to travel to Berklee College of Music in Boston on October 29th,
2011 to be a part of the Annual National Out
Reach Tour Event.
mental Berklee students and they were amazing performers! Their performance was inspiring and we all marveled at how great they
Professor Skip Smith then invited all students
to come up to the stage for a JAM Session. Arts High students were all over that invitation and jumped at the chance to have some
fun and showcase our talents.
After the JAM we viewed presentations from
Berklee Staff on application process, financial
aid and audition requirements. Berklee Staff
members answered all of our questions and
made us feel right at home.
Unfortunately, our facilities tour got cut short
due to the fact that it was already snowing in
New Jersey and we were getting reports of loss
of power from many parents. We were all disappointed that we had to leave early but Mr.
Cameron gave us an open invitation to visit any
time AND gave us really cool T-Shirts.
Due to falling snow and heavy traffic, the ride
home from Boston was twice the length, timewise, of the ride to Boston but well worth the
trouble. It was a great experience!
The drive up to Boston was smooth sailing,
only 3 hours and change. All of us were very
excited stepping off the bus onto the streets of
Boston and into the halls of Berklee College of
Music where we knew artists like John Mayer,
Esperanza Spalding and many other greats
had walked. When we entered the performance
space, we were treated to a very warm and
welcoming lunch meal, compliments of Berklee.
Our tour guide Maurice Cameron, Assistant
Director of Admissions, greeted us and explained we were about to be treated to a special performance from one of the best ensembles in Berklee led by Associate Professor Skip We thank you Mr. Cameron and Berklee ColSmith. Professor Smith has played with Dizzy lege of Music.
Gillespie, Marlena Shaw, B.B. King and others,
and knowing this, our levels of excitement
Written by Arts High Instrumental Music
jumped even higher.
Major, Kimberly Garcia
The ensemble consisted of vocal and instru-
Ericka Hernandez
I Can’t Believe It …. Junior Year
Once it comes to the third year of high school
many students seem to panic. As a junior, my
experience of how I see the future might be different from those of other juniors. This year I plan
to depend on my guidance counselor and my
math teacher because I really need help with
math. This year I plan to work harder to improve
my math skills because I am terrible when it
comes to math and I need to pass the HSPA. The
schools I plan to apply to are Penn State, NYU,
UCLA and Full Sail.
Of course, junior year is a very important year
because of the HSPA, PSAT and there are many
things that need to be done before becoming a
senior. I will be taking the PSAT on Wednesday
the 12th. You may ask how do I feel about this
What Does It Take?
The Evils Of Social Networking...
By Kevin Abreu
What does it take to be a
class president? Well, that‟s
a good question. The answer isn‟t simple, but what is
certain is that time and dedication is really much needed. In order to be class
president, one must make sure that they really want
the job. A lot of the time people just want to run just
for the fun of it, but it isn‟t that simple. Being class
president can be a lot of work, so it‟s up to one to
think about it. One definitely has to be dedicated,
equipped, and able to be on their feet at all times.
One can‟t expect to be a slacker and do nothing at
all. Once you have signed up to be the representative of your class you must respect and be kind to
ALL of your classmates not just your friends.
What is expected when running for student
council positions? The answer to that is “A lot.” One
has to be prepared for everything and anything.
One has to be strong, yet not too forceful. One has
to have confidence and prowess. One can‟t be shy
and expect to win. The primary duties of the class
president usually include working with students to
resolve problems, and informing school leaders and
the student council of ideas emanating from the
When running for president, the president
also has the responsibility of leading class cabinet
meetings and organizing student activities and
events. Although this may seem overwhelming, it
isn‟t. Just remember one step at a time is the key. If
you‟re running for any position in student council
just be prepared to work hard for your class. Last
but not least, good luck!
year? Fantastic, I know I will do great.
Junior year will be a piece of cake and before
you know it, summer of 2012 will be here. I can’t
advise you readers about the junior experience,
but I can say, once you step into the 3rd year of
high school, you can actually envision what is
coming towards you in the future. Something that
is amazing and unbelievable to me is I’ve been in
Arts High for three years already. Just yesterday,
I was dancing at my elementary school prom.
Now here I am looking for colleges that will
benefit me and strategies that will help me while
taking the HSPA. I cannot believe I am junior.
By Kayla Harris
“Kcasey Nicole from the book likeee!”
This is one of the phrases that are commonly
repeated out a teenager‟s mouth. In a recent
study by Dr. Brown, 92% of teenagers said that
they would get on social network before they
started their homework. Even though social
networks can be good in some cases, they also
have an evil side. Now-a-days social networks
are taking over the mind of teenagers.
There are many effects that this social
networking world is putting on teenagers. In the
New Era study, Dr. Williams discovered that
ever since Facebook has become popular,
teenagers grades started slipping due to the
fact that they spend an excessive amount of
time on Facebook. After asking 15 year old
Newark teenager, Quadir Rollins, his opinion
on social networking websites he replied,
“Social networks are good because they help
you meet new people but these websites are
making people immature, out of control, conceited and that it makes everybody think that
these websites are competition.” After hearing
this statement, it made me think why do social
networks have this effect on others? Another
effect social networks has on teenagers today
is making kids think that their bigger than one
another. For example, if a person has a certain
amount of friends of Facebook or a certain
amount of followers on Twitter then it makes
that person think that they are popular and that
everybody likes them, but in reality they are
just regular people that has no life and is addicted to social networks. One last major effect
that these social networks are putting on teenagers is a lot of social pressure. For instance, if
you don‟t have the right piece of clothing brand
on your picture or your picture doesn‟t get a
certain amount of likes then your considered
“whack” or “un-liked”, this is when cyber-bulling
comes into play on social networks. This is also
a huge problem because social networks are
where most of the cyber-bullying occurs. Teenagers are making fun of people on their status
knowing that other people will see it and laugh,
this hurts their feelings and it decreases their
In conclusion, social networks are
very evil and harmful in many different ways. In
my opinion I believe that social networks sites
are very addictive. From the different status to
picture liking and sharing and even video chatting with people you meet on these sites.
Whenever I‟m on a social network website I
can stay on it for numerous hours at a time just
liking statuses and posting on peoples walls.
On the other hand, after learning about this
topic it has made me really think about how
teenagers are adapting to this social networking world. It also answers my question why so
many teenagers act the way they do now.
Our Voices
‘the students speak’
The Parent View
Parents were invited to attend a Parent Rama Saturday November 19, 2011. This special series of workshops were designed to share with parents some fundamentals of parenting children in the „arts‟. WE offered the following workshops
The Business of the ARTS-Mrs Jordan and Ms. Holt
Graduation Requirements Ms. Pettiford
Sports to Life—Ian Scott
The 7th grade Experience—Mrs. Bennett
Bullying, Harassment & Intimidation—Ms. Capello
Time Management—Mr. Denard
We had an overwhelming positive response to our Saturday program. Parents requested more events of the same caliber
to be presented in the near future.
Please look forward to attending and participating in our 5th Annual Black History Month Celebration. February 28, 2011
at 6:00 pm
Activities News
Entertainment Announcements
Bill Phipps
(Dec. 25th, 1931 - Dec. 4th,
Arts High morns the loss of
dear friend and colleague Bill
Mr. Phipps was a valued
member of our community
who donated countless hours
Season of Concerts, Stage Productions, and Art Exhibits
October 21December16,2011,
November 30, 2011 (W)
Connecting-Newark Open Doors & Studio Tours, Eleta J. Caldwell Gallery,
Dec. 1,2, 8, 9 2011 (TH/F,
Drama Production, 7:00pm Arts High Auditorium
December 14, 2011(W)
Piano Winter Recital, 7:00pm Arts High Auditorium
December 15, 2011 (TH)
Winter Fair, 5:00-9:00 Arts High Atrium
December 15, 2011(TH)
Guitar Winter Recital, 7:00pm Arts High Auditorium
December 20, 2011(TH)
Choral Winter Concert and Winter Fair Part II, (Winter Fair begins at 5:00pm, Concert 7:00pm) Arts High Auditorium
Junior Art Exhibit, Eleta J. Caldwell Gallery, Opening Reception 3:00-5:00pm
January 5 - January 20,
January 12, 2012 (TH)
Drama Production, 10am Matinee Arts High Auditorium
Winter String Music Concert, 7:00pm Arts High Auditorium
January 19, 2012 (TH)
Winter Band Music Concert, 7:00pm Arts High Auditorium
February 2-February 17,
February 2, 2012 (TH)
Sophomore Art Exhibit, Eleta J. Caldwell Gallery, Opening Reception 3:00-5:00pm
February 16, 2012 (TH)
Dance Department Solo Rep Concert, 7:00pm Arts High Auditorium
February 24, 2012 (Friday)
Black History Month 6:00pm Keynote- ESTER ARMAH from WBAI FM Feast
March 1-March 16, 2012
Freshmen Art Exhibit, Eleta J. Caldwell Gallery, Opening Reception 3:00-5:00pm
March 14, 2012 (W)
Drama Production, 10am Matinee Arts High Auditorium
March 15,16, 22,23, 2012
March 29-April 19, 2012
Drama Production, 7:00pm Arts High Auditorium
March 29, 2012 (TH)
April 26-May 10, 2012
Winter 7th Grade Arts Concert and Exhibit, 6:00pm Arts High Auditorium
Senior Fashion Exhibit, Eleta J. Caldwell Gallery, Opening Reception 3:00-5:00pm
Juried Show
Contemporary & Chamber Music Night, 7:00pm Arts High Auditorium
April 26 & 27, 2012 (TH/F)
Senior Graphics Exhibit, Eleta J. Caldwell Gallery, Opening Reception 3:00-5:00pm
Juried Show
Dance Concert, Arts High School 7:00pm Arts High Auditorium
May 5, 2012 (SAT)
Arts High Television Broadcast Gala, 6:00-9:00pm Arts High Auditorium
May 10, 2012 (TH)
String Music Spring Concert, 7:00 pm Arts High Auditorium
May 17-June 1, 2012
May 17, 2012 (TH)
Senior Fine Arts Exhibit, Eleta J. Caldwell Gallery, Opening Reception 3:00-5:00pm
Juried Show
Band Music Spring Concert, 7:00 pm Arts High Auditorium
May 24, 2012 (TH)
Spring 7th Grade Arts Concert and Exhibit, 7:00pm Arts High Auditorium
May 31, 2012 (TH)
Arts High School Spring Vocal Concert, 7:00 pm Arts High Auditorium
June 6, 2012 (W)
Arts High School Piano Recital, 7:00 pm Arts High Auditorium
June 7, 2012 (TH)
Arts High School Guitar Recital, 7:00pm
Location: Newark School Of Arts, 89 Lincoln Park, Newark, NJ
Senior Solo Vocal Recital, 7:00 pm, Arts High Auditorium
June 8, 2012 (F)
Kwanzaa is an African American and Pan-African holiday which celebrates family, community and culture. Celebrated from 26 December thru 1 January, its origins are in the first harvest celebrations of Africa from which it takes its name. The name Kwanzaa is derived from the phrase "matunda ya kwanza"
which means "first fruits" in Swahili, a Pan-African language which is the most widely spoken African
The first-fruits celebrations are recorded in African history as far back as ancient Egypt and Nubia and
appear in ancient and modern times in other classical African civilizations such as Ashantiland and
Yorubaland. These celebrations are also found in ancient and modern times among societies as large as
empires (the Zulu or kingdoms (Swaziland) or smaller societies and groups like the Matabele, Thonga
Dr. Maulana Karenga
and Lovedu, all of southeastern Africa. Kwanzaa builds on the five fundamental activities of Continental
Creator of Kwanzaa
African "first fruit" celebrations: ingathering; reverence; commemoration; recommitment; and celebration. Kwanzaa, then, is...
a time of ingathering of the people to reaffirm the bonds between them;
a time of special reverence for the creator and creation in thanks and respect for the blessings, bountifulness and beauty of creation;
a time for commemoration of the past in pursuit of its lessons and in honor of its models of human excellence, our ancestors;
a time of recommitment to our highest cultural ideals in our ongoing effort to always bring forth the best of
African cultural thought and practice; and a time for celebration of the Good, the good of life and of existence
itself, the good of family, community and culture, the good of the awesome and the ordinary, in a word the good
of the divine, natural and social.
My family and friends have been celebrating Kwanzaa for over thirty years and it has evolved into the
single most enjoyable holiday that we celebrate. Drummers , dancers and gifts, spirited conversations
and good times...that what Kwanzaa means to me. When the children were younger we would have choreographed performances for the group as well as an array of dishes prepared with love from the motherland as well as traditional African American fare. Submitted by Donna Jordan