Stories of Hope Fall 2008

Fall 2008
Stories of Hope
None of the children served at
St. Vincent Home for Children
have chosen to be here. They are
here because they have been placed
in especially difficult situations that
require serious professional
support and therapeutic
intervention – and love. While
each of us face uncertainty and
struggles in our lives, these
children are forced to face issues
far beyond their capacity to
understand or manage.
to our special education program have
been unsuccessful in school – most of
them because of behavioral disorders
that cause them to be disruptive in
class, making it very difficult for general
In our residential treatment
program at St. Vincent’s, we
know that the children in our
care have come from desperate
situations. We know that
St. Vincent’s offers children reason
regardless of how desperate those
for hope!
situations were, however, their
classroom instructors to teach the
deepest desire is to be reunited with
balance of the children in the class.
their families – which often includes
siblings in other programs or in foster
When children come to St. Vincent’s,
care. This would be a reasonable
they are often angry and resentful. Life
expectation on their part, except that
has not been good for them and they
many of their families are struggling
can see clearly how disadvantaged they
with mental illness, drug addiction,
are. Without good adult role models
poverty and even incarceration.
in their lives, they don’t know that they
Children in our emergency shelter
have options as adults.
program are on the brink of potentially
life-changing disasters that can include
Robert, a 12-year-old in our residential
juvenile detention or removal from
program, stated in a very matter of fact
their homes. The students who come
manner when he arrived at St. Vincent’s
In This Issue...
Message from the
Executive Director Golf for Children
Sharing our Kids’ Talents!
Message from the
Development Director
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Christmas Wishes
Book Signing Event
Kookin for Kids
Calendar of Events
YOP Tax Credits Available 8
Greetings from the Executive Director
Lee Ann Taylor
It has been an exciting year! The school has increased enrollment and is making a tremendous impact with
children from the bi-state area that need a specialized educational and therapeutic approach giving them
a safe place to heal and learn. Our Emergency Shelter has exceeded all expectations by keeping at-risk
children at home and out of the child welfare or juvenile justice system. Residential services continues to
achieve very high marks helping youth make changes which allow them to become part of a family or make
the transition to independence.
Like most of you, the economy has provided us with an unexpected challenge. However, because of the
faithful support of our many wonderful friends, we have been able to continue making a difference. We know that even in
tough economic times we can count on so many to continue to think about the needs of the children that we serve — and we
truly thank you!
As the holiday season approaches, most of us look forward to special times with family and friends. Unfortunately for many of
the children at St. Vincent’s, there is no family to support their growth and give them hope for the future. Our job is to help
our kids along the journey to reach their full potential. We are up to the challenge and, with your help, are giving the gift of
hope, which may be the most important gift of all.
My best wishes to each of you for a blessed and peaceful holiday season filled with all the things that you cherish!
In Honor of:
Golf for Children - 2008
Natalie Alberici
Marsha J. Feldman
Don and Marianne Burnes’
50th Anniversary
Vincent and Joanne Kertz
Jo Curran
Jessica Faltus
Jeff Dickhens
Bopsy Miller
Jill and John Farmer
Daniel Plax and Alison Oswald
Claire Kimberlin
Jeff and Brenda Kimberlin
Rich LoRusso
Susan M. Burke
John and Laura Noce’s
Wedding Anniversary
Dan and Kate Kaminski
Tributes April 1, 2008 –
September 30, 2008
Executive Director Lee Ann Taylor,
Volunteers Megan and Pamela Dern and
Board Chair John Chickey helped out on
the course.
This year’s Golf for
Children event was
again a huge success!
Co-Chairs (and new
board members) Natalie
Alberici and Dan Ryan
and their committee
pulled out all the stops
to ensure yet another
successful event. The
successes ranged from
the location (Glen Echo
Country Club) to the
weather (perfect!) and the
fundraising (more than
$60,000 raised!) to the
good time that was had
by all.
Each year since we’ve
returned to Glen Echo, they have hosted a swim party for the children in our care
while our players are out on the course. Each year, the Club makes this a very
special treat for the kids – one that they talk about for weeks and one that will live
in their memories. We are grateful for all who participated in the golf event and we
thank Glen Echo for this wonderful gift to our kids.
Christmas Wishes
The students and residents we serve at St. Vincent’s are much like other
teens and pre-teens at Christmas time. They hope to give – and to receive
– gifts to help celebrate the season. There is one significant difference,
however. In the case of our residents, they often have no family with
whom to exchange gifts. For the students who attend the school, poverty
keeps them from having the kind of Christmas that most of us take for
Your donations of gift cards and cash help us to create a brighter
Christmas for them – tidings of comfort and joy! …And donating online
is easy. For more details on specific Christmas wishes or to make online
donations, please visit our website: after
November 15.
If your company or work group would like to coordinate
a giving tree for our kids and families, you may
contact Candice Nenninger
at 314-261-6011, ext. 124 or
[email protected]
for more information.
Sharing our Kids’
Our children all have talents and gifts. During
this special time of year, we thought you’d
enjoy this poem written by one of the students
at St. Vincent’s.
Giving comes from the heart.
It helps people come together instead of apart.
Giving lets you make new friends.
It’s the beginning of a friendship
that may never end.
Join in the spirit of giving.
- Angel
Special Thanks!
“When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully,
everyone is blessed.” – Maya Angelou
Our children are blessed by a group of volunteers
who provide a birthday cake for each of the
children in our residential treatment program
on their birthday. Recently, a young girl was
brought to our care on her 16th birthday. Before
the end of that day, she had a birthday cake and a
birthday party with her new “family”. Thanks to
Betsy Sweeney, Joan Marentette and Lisa Sweeney
for this blessing for our kids!
Message from the Development Director
“Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds
occupied by the needs of others.” ~ Barbara Bush
As this newsletter is written, the world seems to be in turmoil. Candidates are vying for office and the
opportunity to make important policy decisions that will affect all of us. Economic uncertainty prevails.
Jo Curran
In the midst of all of this chaos, most of us rely on the embrace of our families and friends for comfort.
At St. Vincent Home for Children, those families and friends are our amazing donors and volunteers
– the village that surrounds us and our kids. They’re the supporters of our golf and Kookin’ for Kids events. They’re the
visiting resources for our children, the volunteers who make birthday cakes for our children and help with maintenance on the
grounds. They’re the workplace teams who help out at the Home, or conduct a back-to-school drive, or create a Christmas
giving tree. And they’re our wonderful donors.
More than ever, we and the kids in our care appreciate and value the gifts that you share with us. With your help, we continue
to provide them with hope and healing and a brighter future.
Thank you – and may love and joy truly come to you this holiday season!
Mariellis Bauer
Carl M. Bauer
Joyce Belrose
Ruth Ann Dolan
A. Robert Belscher
Peter and Teryl Percich
Robert Brennan, Sr.
Lorraine C. Brennan
Charles R. Broeker
Barbara A. Broeker
Dr. Robert Bunnan, Sr.
Lorraine C. Brennan
Katherine Deihl
Sheet Metal Workers #36
Arthur and Virginia
Wayne Eultgen
Leo Fuegner
Lucille F. Fuegner
Cyril J. Furrer, Sr. and
Cyril J. Furrer, Jr.
Anthony and Carol Ann
Stephen M. Gantner, Sr.
Joseph W. Leible
Rev. John Gawly, M.M.
James and Mary Borzillo
William W. Hall
William and Rose Marie
Wanda Sue Hoette
Joseph W. Leible
Barbara Holtman
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar
Hampton, III
Slobo Ilijevski
Patricia A. Angelly
John and Betty Burke
Susan M. Burke
Jerry and Jeanne Clerc
David and Susan Ferman
Marty and Reva Ferman
Robert and Grace Ferrando
Hickey College
Vickie D. Jennings
Vaso and Nancy Jovcevski
Chris B. Kenny
Robert and Denise Klingler
Robert and Patricia Ludwig
Stevan and Kathryn Mayes
David J. Mackenzie
Donald and Judy Merz
James and Roseann Miller
Terence and Sally Nolan
Joseph and Janet Palermo
Randall R. Odem
Joseph and Janet Reiss
Joy Richards
Barak and Diane Romanek
Steven and Belinda Ryan
Thomas and Patricia Ryan
Michael and Adrianne Smith
St. Louis Soccer Hall of Fame
Joseph and Kathleen Vitale
Margaret A. Kenney and
Estella Watkins
Patrick and Patricia Weir
Sr. Joann Kelser
Richard and Sandy Ryan
Ben Kuenneken
Ted and Judy Esswein
Jonathon Henderson
Jill Graham Morena
Ed and Marie Lang
Jeffrey C. Hake
Mary and Raymond
Edward and Joan Schaeffer
Marcella Leible
Joseph W. Leible
James O. Lynch
Jane M. Lynch
J. Robert Mudd
Earl J. Wehrheim
Magi Mueller
Francis V. Mueller
Frances Noce
James and Colleen
Steven and Carmela
Mary Spillman
Joseph W. Leible
Thomas Scott Struckhoff
Joseph Struckhoff
Barbara T. Tepe
Robert A. Tepe
Sr. Margaret Mary
Theissen, SSC
Bob and Betty Hartman
Cornelius and Vera
Kathleen Weeks
Edward J. Walsh
Jim O’Connell
Daniel and Sandra Doherty
Josephine Prebil
Donald and Rosemarie
James and Colleen
Herbert Wibbenmeyer
Joseph W. Leible
Mr. Edward Wieners
Gloria Preis
Fred Preis
Earl J. Wehrheim
Dorothy Windisch
Raymond T. Percich
Madelyn Percich
Petrina A. Schorman
James and Colleen
Chuck Schuler
Robert Rosch
Mary Ellen Seifried
Rev. Mark R. Seifried
Memorials April 1, 2008 – September 30, 2008
Rosamond Alexander and
Robert Slenker
Anthony J. Windisch
Corporate & Foundation Giving Over $1,000
Alberici Foundation
Alliance Data
Frank A. and Alpha H. Ruf
Hauck Charitable Foundation
Herman T. and Phenie R.
Pott Foundation
(4/1/08 - 9/30/08)
Hope Educational & Research
Pershing Charitable Trust
Stifel, Nicolaus & Co., Inc.
Saleeby & Associates
Laclede Gas Co.
Sheet Metal Workers
Local #36
Suburban Journals Old
Missouri Foundation for
Plancorp, Inc.
Pelopidas, LLC
Siemens UGS PLM Software
St. Louis Mental Health
United Way of Greater
St. Louis
Vatterott Foundation
Join us for a Book Signing Event
Long-time friend of St. Vincent Home for Children and highly successful author, Elaine Viets, will participate in a
book-signing event at Barnes & Noble with a portion of the sales of her latest book to benefit the Home. Be sure to bring
this voucher with you to ensure that St. Vincent Home for Children can benefit from your purchase. Her book would make
wonderful Christmas presents!!!
continued from page 1
John Chickey
Vice Chair
Marie Dargan
Byron A. Marshall
Recording Secretary
Dennis Vago
Board Members
Natalie Alberici
Rodney J. Boyd
Matthew G. Darrah
Mary Ann Eultgen, SCC
Jill Farmer
Edward K. Fehlig, Jr.
Marie Furrer
Linda A. Garcia
Thomas J. Lovinguth
Ellen O’Sullivan
Tasha Pettis-Bonds
Richard Poehling
Louise Reeves
Daniel F. Ryan
Leon Sharpe
Tina Smith
Michael Taylor
Maria Torrez
Association President
John M. Noce
Association Vice-President
Terry Signorelli
Executive Director
Lee Ann Taylor
Our Mission is to provide
love, security and professional
treatment for troubled
children and their families
through a fully integrated
program of services.
Serving St. Louis children
in need since 1850.
that no matter what he did now “when I grow
up, I’ll either be dead or in jail.” His parents
had lost parental rights a year earlier, on his
11th birthday. Now 15, he’s living with a foster
family and attending a community school –
seeing opportunities and hope!
time in the program and since then, she has
been given the tools to deal with her emotions
and think things through instead of becoming
aggressive. Her relationships with her family
have improved and she’s had no suspensions
since entering the program!
Dawn came to St. Vincent School at the age of
14, after being removed from her community
school because of her outbursts in class. She
was below grade level in all of her studies.
With the help of teachers and counselors, she
learned to manage her emotions and return to
her community classroom and is now a student
at St. Louis Community College with a bright
future ahead of her.
In our day-to-day activities, working with
children and families in their most difficult
circumstances, it would be easy to become
discouraged about whether or not we are
making a difference. The entire staff, but
especially therapists and child care workers and
teachers, provide the children with structure,
treatment and hugs and help them to overcome
the many challenges in their lives. These
children and many others like them, on their
way to becoming adults and making good
decisions along the way, demonstrate exactly
why we are here and are the proof that we
continue to fulfill our mission. Their hope and
healing gives all of us hope for the future!
In December of 2007, Carol was referred to
our emergency shelter program because of
frequent suspensions in school – usually related
to fighting. She fought with teachers, with
other students and with her family. Without
intervention, she was on a path to dropping
out of school and a dismal future. During her
Buy Christmas
Cards and Help
St. Vincent’s
Purchase your Christmas cards from Christian
Christmas Cards and a portion of the proceeds
will benefit the children at St. Vincent’s.
There are numerous designs to choose from
illustrated by local artist and St. Vincent friend,
Megan O’Brien.
Corporate orders with a custom message, logo
or employee signatures printed on the inside
are available for quantities above 500.
To place your order, visit
or call 314.322.9294
Kookin’ for Kids What a Feast!
The 2008 Kookin’ for Kids event once again broke all previous
fundraising records! The Kookin’ for Kids Committee, headed by John
& Jennifer Chickey and Sister Mary Ann Eultgen, did a fantastic job of
planning a very special evening for our friends! We are so very grateful
to our guests and sponsors who provided generous financial support for
the event. We are grateful to all who provided live and silent auction
items and in-kind donations. We are grateful to the celebrity servers,
MC Mandy Murphey, and the Dave Venn Quartet, who gave of their
time to bring joy and smiles to our guests. The most important aspect of
this event each year, however, is the food! Please remember our special
restaurant partners when choosing a place to dine out! Alaska Klondike
Coffee, Broadway Oyster Bar, Carolyn’s, Fitz’s American Grill & Bottling
Works, French Gourmet Bakery & Café, Glen Echo Country Club, Joanie’s
Pizzeria, Lenny’s Sub Shop, LoRusso’s Cucina, Maggiano’s Little Italy,
Missouri Athletic Club, Oceano Bistro, Oscar’s Café, P.F. Chang’s China
Bistro (Brentwood), Paciugo Gran Café, Paul’s Market, Plush Pig BBQ, Seki
Japanese Bistro, Sportsman’s Park, The Caterer, The Dubliner/Guinness, The
Melting Pot (Delmar), Thyme Table Café, Vin De Set, Vivian’s Vineyards,
Wine Necessities.
With the help of a generous matching gift from Rex & Jeanne
Sinquefield for Fund-A-Need donations, the event netted more than
$150,000 – funds desperately needed to help our kids begin to hope so
that they can survive and thrive as adults in our community.
Calendar of Events
Elaine Viets Book Signing
Friday, November 14 - 7:00 p.m.
Barnes & Noble - 8871 Ladue Road
Stop by to see St. Louis author, Elaine Viets,
who will be autographing copies of her new
book Murder with all the Trimmings! Bring
the voucher provided in this newsletter so that
St. Vincent’s will receive a percentage of your
book purchase.
Christmas Party to Benefit the Kids
at St. Vincent Home for Children
Thursday, December 11 5:00 - 8:00 p.m.
Chase-Park Plaza - Starlight Room
Hosted by Rex & Jeanne Sinquefield,
Rachel & Travis Brown, and Laura Slay
Visit website
for more information and reservations
German St. Vincent Orphan
Association Annual Meeting
Thursday, December 18 - 5:30 p.m.
St. Vincent Home for Children
Mass at Sacred Heart Chapel
St. Vincent Home for Children
Christmas Eve - Wednesday,
December 24 - 6:00 p.m.
All are invited - bring your families to our
beautiful chapel!
Refreshments in the auditorium following Mass
Celebrity Server Elliott Davis with Joanie Thomas
and Doug Spurgeon of Joanie’s Pizzeria
Youth Opportunity Program Tax Credits Available
We are pleased to announce that St. Vincent’s has again been chosen to
receive Youth Opportunity Tax Credits through the Missouri Department of
Economic Development. These tax credits serve a dual purpose – they create
a special tax benefit for those who make donations to support the program
and they directly help us in our fundraising efforts to meet the crucial needs
of the youth we serve.
The two-year project approved for these tax credits is school-based and
promises to make a significant difference in the lives of the students we serve.
The Job Preparation and Job Placement Program will prepare our students
– both those who are residents of the Home and day students from the
community – for the world of work.
Most of us learn these skills from our parents; however, the students participating in this program will often not have these
role models in their lives. With your help, the students in this program will become positive and productive adults in
our community!
Donations of $250 or more are eligible to receive this tax credit of 50% of the donated amount. If you have questions or
need additional information, please contact Jo Curran at 314-261-6011, ext. 123 or [email protected]
On-line donations are an easy way for you to help us help our kids! To make an on-line credit card donation,
through our secure server, visit
St. Vincent Home for Children
7401 Florissant Road
St. Louis, MO 63121-4835
Address service requested
Non-Profit Org.
U.S. Postage
St. Louis, MO
Permit No. 6412
Please deliver by
November 7, 2008