JUN 2015 - Mosman Art Gallery

Until 22 FEBRUARY 2015
Bungaree: the First Australian returns to Mosman Art
Gallery as part of the bicentennial celebrations associated
with the establishment of Bungaree's Farm, the first land
grant by colonial authorities to an Aboriginal person in
Bungaree is an exhibition by sixteen emerging and
established contemporary NSW Aboriginal artists who
have created works that acknowledge and critically reinterpret the story of Bungaree, known as the Chief of the
Broken Bay Aborigines, who was a central figure in early
colonial Sydney.
Curated by renowned Aboriginal curator Djon Mundine, the
exhibition features artworks by Frances Belle-Parker,
Mervyn Bishop, Daniel Boyd, Karla Dickens, Fiona Foley,
Adam Hill, Warwick Keen, Gary Lee, Peter McKenzie,
Danie Mellor, Caroline Oakley, Rea, Lynette Riley, Gordon
Syron, Leanne Tobin and Jason Wing.
Jason Wing, Getting away with murder, 2012
Digital print on paper, variable dimensions
Bungaree's Farm is a site specific exhibition, responding
to and interpreting the site of the first Aboriginal land grant
in Australia located at Georges Heights/Middle Head,
The exhibition has been timed to co-incide with the 200th
anniversary of the land grant made by Governor Lachlan
Macquarie to Bungaree on 31 January 1815.
Exhibition curator Djon Mundine has continued the
process of working with a range of emerging and
established Aboriginal artists, exploring Bungaree's legacy
and pushing the boundaries of contemporary art making.
Works will be showcased in the Camouflage Fuel Tanks T5 at Headland Park, Georges Heights. Open 10am to
Caption: Daniel Boyd and Djon Mundine participating in a
Bungaree: The First Australian workshop at Middle Head,
Mosman in 2012.
Photograph courtesy Peter McKenzie
7 - 29 MARCH
This exhibition features the diverse talents of our region’s
young, aspiring and emerging artists and offers them the
opportunity to exhibit their work in a public art gallery. This
is a popular competition with close to 400 entries received
annually with entrants from all over Sydney. Young artists
aged between 12 – 21 submit artworks in a variety of media
including: painting, sculpture, drawing, printmaking, video,
photography and ceramics to win over $8,000 in cash
prizes, scholarships and art materials.
George Butler, Self Portrait 2
Driven by
11 APRIL - 3 MAY
Mosman has long been a source of inspiration for artists
since the late 19th century's Impressionist Artists Camps
at Balmoral and Sirius Cove. Following in this rich
tradition, the Artists of Mosman exhibition brings together
the best of contemporary art practices by local resident
artists in Mosman and the Friends of the Mosman Art
Gallery. This eagerly anticipated exhibition is a highlight of
the community's cultural calendar.
June Spiers, Landscape Diptych,Oil
9 MAY - 12 JULY
ART - maker, patron, lover
Photographs by Gary Grealy
In this series of portraits, professional photographer Gary
Grealy captures some of the most unique characters of
Australia’s art world. This world inhabited by the talented,
strong, generous and at times eccentric characters of art
patrons, gallery directors, art lovers and artists is
portrayed as a carefully constructed and realised universe
with film noir overtones.
In this exhibition, the sitters await the gaze of the viewer in
much the same way as their curated, purchased or
created artworks. From the doyens of public and private
galleries such as Edmund Capon, Frank Watters and
Geoffrey Legge, art patrons and collectors, Gene
Sherman, John Kaldor and Dr John Yu to renowned artists
Adam Cullen, Jenny Sages, Robert Klippel and Jia Wei
Shen, Grealy has followed his passion for recording these
important contributors to Australia’s cultural heritage.
Gary Grealy, McLean Edwards, Artist 2007
Gary Grealy has been a frequent finalist in the National
Photographic Portrait Prize at the National Portrait Gallery
and his work has been collected by the NPG and National
Gallery of Australia.
9 MAY - 12 JULY
INTERCHANGE: Contemporary printmaking
from Australia and Thailand
This exhibition features thirty artists from Thailand and
Australia, selected to showcase the diversity of print as a
contemporary art discipline. All artists work within the
traditions of printmaking such as etching, lithography,
screen printing, relief printing with many artists extending
their work to create non-conventional pieces with an
emphasis on innovation.
The exhibition features artworks by Vernon Ah Kee, Alison
Alder, Surya Bajracharya, G W Bot, Opus Chomchuen,
Elisabeth Cummings, Fiona Hall, Rew Hanks, Ingeborg
Hansen, Nicci Haynes, Kade Javanalikikorn, Michael
Kempson, Vimonman Khanthachavana, Sutee
Kunavichayanont, Srijai Kuntawang, Yanawit
Kunchaethong, Ammarin Kuntawong, Alex Lewis, John
Loane, Euan Macleod, Martha MacDonald Napaltjarri,
Amorntep Mahamart, Wittamon Niwattichai, Joshua Parry,
Patsy Payne, John Pratt, Ben Rak, Bernie Slater, Kitikong
Tilokwattanotai, Adeel uz Zafar.
G W Bot, Glyphs - Between worlds, 2012
The Cube is a contemporary exhibition space featuring installation and new media works.
18 OCTOBER 2014 - 1 FEBRUARY 2015
GREG FERRIS: Every time I leave the room
Every Time I Leave the Room is a scalable, immersive
installation that uses gestural movements to move in and
around a cinematic spatiality inspired by Deleuze's
concepts of the relative and absolute ‘out-of-field’. Words
and actions are repeated and echoed across a number of
scenarios situated in a series of hotel rooms.
Greg Ferris (2014), Every Time I
Leave the Room
Artist Mai Nguyen-Long explores place, memory and
beyond as she questions constructs of identity and the
irreconcilable tension across layered and fractured
realities. Inspired by the music her father listened to when
she was growing up, Mai’s charcoal drawing installation
Beyogmos considers life, love, death, and a diffused
Mai Nguyen-Long, Beyogmos, 2014
Mai Nguyen-Long is represented by NG
30 MAY - 23 AUGUST
THE CLOUD: Biljana Jancic + Alex Munt
The vapour cloud is entrenched in art history, in the
painting, sculpture, photography, cinema and architecture
from both Eastern and Western traditions. Any talk of
clouds today, is less likely to be in reference to those
amorphous vapour structures drifting high above us, and
more towards cloud computing, and in particular the
infamous 'iCloud'. These data clouds on remote servers,
form the site of our rapidly expanding dataverse. While the
information ‘cloud’ allows users to access their information
from anywhere, they are inherently fragile with the
potential of leaks from a ‘secure’ system. This Biljana Jancic + Alex Munt, The Cloud
collaborative new media and installation work by artists The artists are represented by Alaska Projects
Biljana Jancic and Alex Munt questions our contemporary
interactions with the physical, metaphorical, virtual and
omnipresent cloudscapes.
In Profile is an exhibition space featuring works by selected local artists working in a variety of art media.
PAMELA BELL: Drawings from the shed Carcoar
18 OCTOBER 2014 - 1 FEBRUARY 2015
In this series of drawings, Pamela Bell reveals the
hidden remnants of convict labourers, bushrangers and
farmers found in the sheds of a mid-nineteenth century
property near Carcoar NSW. These carefully observed
drawings are a memory of that place and time.
Pamela Bell, Wheels, 2014
ERIKA BECK: Forces of Nature
This recent series of paintings were made in response to the wild terrain of South Australia’s beautiful
Kangaroo Island. Beck captures the particular moods and amazing light of this unique landscape in highly
expressive and gestural works.
Local artist Gerald Christmas lives near the beach paradise that is Balmoral Beach and it has become central
to his work. This series of paintings explore his close ties with this special part of Sydney - its people, culture,
environs and strong sense of place.
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