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Bush will spend fourth
night in hospital
Tribune News Service
The Hays Daily News
Sunday, Dec. 28, 2014
Former President
George H.W. Bush will
spend a fourth night in a
Texas hospital, his office
announced Friday.
Bush, 90, was taken to
Houston Methodist Hospital
as a precaution Tuesday
after experiencing a shortness of breath.
He has remained at the
hospital for observation
since then, though his office said in a statement that
the 41st president remains
in “high spirits and continues to make progress.”
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• The Hays Police
Department and Community Oriented Policing ask
residents to turn on their
porch lights at night for
neighborhood safety. The
schedule: Homes with
odd-numbered addresses
should turn on lights the
first and third full weeks
of the month. Homes with
even-numbered addresses should turn on lights
the second and fourth
full weeks of the month.
All residents should turn
on lights for any partial
weeks of a month.
• Square dance lessons, 7:30 p.m. at Reed
Center (East Entrance),
317 W. 13th. For more
information call (785)
• Monday night pinochle, 7 to 9 p.m., Hays
Recreation Center, 1105
• Bridge Time, 1 p.m.,
HRC, 1105 Canterbury.
• Shooting Stars
Square dance, 9 p.m.,
Reed Center, 317 W.
13th, use east door.
Caller: Al Braun.
• Free peer group class,
8 a.m. and 4 p.m. at First
Care Clinic, 105 W. 13th.
• Young at Heart Drop-in
Bowling, 1 to 6 p.m., Centennial Lanes, 2400 Vine.
• If you can’t walk
a straight line, dial a
straight line. If you’ve
been drinking tonight, call
Safe Ride at 621-2580 to
get home safely. Service
operates in Hays from 10
p.m. to 3 a.m. Wednesdays to Saturdays.
• New Years Eve party,
7 p.m. at Rose Garden
Steak Haus & Catering,
East Highway 40. Featuring DOC Live Acoustic
Band/DJ. Advanced
tickets, $50.
For a comprehensive
listing of area events,
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Larry McIntosh was born
January 1, 1940 in Hays,
Kansas. He married Connie
Martin of Hope, Arkansas
January 21, 1966. He
retired from Southwestern
Bell in April 2002 after 38
years of service. For Larry’s roles as loving
husband and father, doting grandfather,
loyal confidant and friend, and humble
servant of his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
his children would like to invite you to
help celebrate his 75th birthday January
1st with a card shower held in his honor.
His children are Cindy & Randy Clark of
Great Bend KS, Sandy & Mic Huddleston
of rural Pawnee Rock KS, and Tammi &
Kevin Schreiner of Austin TX. He has five
grandchildren (number six on the way) and
one great-grandchild. Thank you for taking
time to mail your birthday wishes to
2526 20th St, Great Bend KS 67530.
‘The Interview’ collects
$1 million on first day
Saving Winnie-the-Pooh a cause
By Matthew Schofield
Tribune News Service
bear back because he’s been
gone ever so long, and beBERLIN — England
cause Winnie-the-Pooh isn’t
wants its bear back.
just any bear. As the Times
Not just any bear, of
of London noted in a recent
course. The English want
editorial, “Winnie-the-Pooh
Winnie-the-Pooh, the origiis not just a reference to a ficnal stuffed bear, the one from tional bear, but to a national
before the stories and movies concept of a childhood Eden
and millions of plush toys
— an identifiable woodland
made based on his imaginary in which stuffed animals,
belonging to an archetypal
They want the actual
nursery, roam in gentle comstuffed bear whose head
bump, bump, bumped down
And, the editorial went
the stairs behind Christopher on to note, “It is obvious
Robin (again, the real one,
then that Winnie-the-Pooh,
Christopher Robin Milne,
whatever else he is, is not an
son of author A.A. Milne)
as the two prepared to listen
The repatriation of Pooh
to tales from the world of
is hardly a new cause. Former
Pooh, before it became the
British Prime Minister Tony
book “The House at Pooh
Blair is reported to have
raised the issue with former
They want the bear that
President Bill Clinton.
Christopher Robin handed
The Times built a case for
over to the book’s American
the return of Pooh. The edipublisher in 1947, noting he torial noted that Pooh “was
was an adult now and had
apparently not paid for and
left childhood behind for, as
the English people were not
his father’s work explained
consulted on its relocation
growing up, “Kings and
across the ocean.” The newsQueens and Factors and
paper envisioned a specially
islands and Europe and how built museum in East Sussex,
you make a Suction Pump (if near the 100 Acre Wood that
you want to).”
Pooh and Christopher Robin
Pooh stayed in the publish- (and Piglet and Owl and Eeyer’s office until 1987, when
ore and Kanga, the stuffed
he donated it to the New
animal menagerie) roamed.
York Power Authority, which
The Times went on to
handed it over to the New
note that since 1947, “desulYork Public Library. That
tory efforts have been made
bear is now on display “in the to secure the return of this
basement” of the library, as
plundered piece of history.
the British press has sniffed
All have failed in the face of
So the English want their
Happy 60th
American obstinacy. Pooh,
says the library, is happy and
well-looked after where he
is — a formulation carrying the insulting implication
that this country is incapable
of maintaining a valuable
stuffed animal.”
Still, there is irony in the
Times’ position, as the arguments are a mirror image
of a case made recently for
why the British Museum, and
not Athens, was the rightful
resting place for the so-called
Elgin Marbles, statues that
used to adorn the Parthenon but were transferred to
Britain in the early years of
the 19th century. Greece has
wanted the statues back for
200 years, almost as long as
they’ve been gone, and the
arguments are the same:
They weren’t sold by the
Greeks but plundered by
occupiers, who gave them to
the British ambassador, Lord
Elgin; a special museum has
been built for their return,
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The Winnie-the-Pooh exhibit in the New York Public Library in New York City.
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and the statues are much
more than simply works of
art but symbols of the greatness that was Greece.
But those arguments were
brushed aside because such
works belong to the world,
and the British Museum was
the place for the world to see
them. And there they remain.
(TNS) — Sony Pictures’
controversial comedy
“The Interview” began
its atypical release with
about $1 million in ticket
sales from 331 theaters
on Christmas Day, the
studio estimated.
The film, starring Seth
Rogen and James Franco,
also was made available
through video-on-demand
platforms starting Wednesday. The studio released
the movie through digital
rentals and purchases.
Sales figures for the
on-demand video market
were not available.
Some theaters across
the country hosted soldout showings as many
moviegoers trekked to the
cinemas out of a sense
of patriotism and support
for free speech after the
movie’s rocky ride.
The family of Clayton Meyers extend their
sincere appreciation to all who supported our
family during Clayton’s lengthy stay at Hays Med
and KU Med Center.
Thank you for the powerful prayers, masses, visits,
calls, messages, cards, gifts and flowers.
God Bless each and all of you.
Happy Holidays
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the privilege of serving great people like you!
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