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The Bells of
St. Mary’s Cathedral
Weekly Bulletin
December 28, 2014
Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph Sunday
The child grew and became strong, filled
with wisdom (Luke 2:22-40)
St. Mary’s Cathedral • 112 S . Cedar • P.O. Box 936 • Grand Island, NE
•(308) 384-2523 •
• Facebook: St. Mary’s Cathedral Grand Island Ne
Mass & Calendar
December 28, 2014
Mass Schedule & Intentions
Name of Intention
Mo. 12/29
7:00 am
DeVon Irvine †
Tu. 12/30
7:00 am
Carol Ann Smith †
We. 12/31
7:00 am
Norm Buck †
5:15 pm Vigil
The Intention of the Priest
Th. 12/31(E)
7:00 am
Carol Ann Smith †
Th. 1/1(E)
12:05 pm
Edward J. Hanzel †
Th. 1/1(E)
5:15 pm
Joe Toczek †
Fr. 1/2
7:00 am
Doug Zastrow †
Fr. 1/2
5:15 pm
Joseph & Florence Dubas †
Sa. 1/3
7:00 am
The Intention of the Priest
Sa. 1/3
5:00 pm - Fr. JC
Rachel & Angela Smith
Su. 1/4
7:00 am - Fr. TP
Pro Populo
Su. 1/4(Sp)
8:15 am -Fr. JC
The Intention of the Priest
Su. 1/4
10:00 am - Fr. TP
The Intention of the Priest
Su. 1/4(Sp)
Noon— Fr. JC
The Intention of the Priest
Su. 1/4
5:00 pm - Fr. TP
The Intention of the Priest
We. 12/31 (Sp)
Please note only on Sunday Masses you will notice initials of the
priest that will be saying Mass by that time . The initials for
Fr. Richard-Fr. RP, Fr. Thomas-Fr. TP, Fr. Jose- Fr. JC
Subject to change.
Yellow means change of Mass times or Services
Sunday December 14th Collection
Regular Collection
Parish Debt Collection
Christmas Flowers
Retirement Fund for Religious
Due to the deadline of the printing of the bulletin
December 21st collection. Sunday, January 11th we will have
collections to report. Thank you.
The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary,
and Joseph
December 28, 2014
My eyes have seen your salvation,
which you have prepared
in the sight of all the peoples.
— Luke 2:30-31
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Upcoming Events
Monday, December 29
7 am Mass (English)
7 pm Youth Group leaders (Sp)
1 pm Quilters
Tuesday, December 30
7 am Mass (English)
10 am EP Bible Study CS Basement
7 pm EP Bible Study
Wednesday, December 31
7 am Mass (English)
No Confession
5:15 pm Mass (Español) Vigil
No Rel Ed Class
No Confirmation Class
Thursday, January 1
7 am Mass (English)
New Years Day
12:05 pm Mass (English)
Mary Mother of God
No Confession
5:15 pm Mass (English)
Office/Daycare/SMIP –Closed
Friday, January 2
7 am Mass (English)
4:45 –5:10 pm Confession
5:15 pm Mass (English)
7pm Sp Young Adult Gp
Saturday, January 3
7 am Mass (English)
11am—Noon Confession
5 pm Mass (English)
6pm YG (Sp)
7 pm Hora Santa
Sunday, January 4
7 am Mass (English)
8:15 am Mass (Español)
10:00 am Mass (English)
Noon Mass (Español)
5 pm Mass (English)
No Sunday Rel Ed
4 pm EP
7pm Bingo
Eucharistic Adoration 2nd and
4th Tuesdays of each month
Bulletin Deadlines
All articles must be e-mailed to:
[email protected]
January 2nd for Sunday, January 11th
For more information call Barbara at 384-2523 ext 233
Ramblings/Ministry Schedule
Page 3
Ah the happy times of family growing up! Every family has a favorite word or phrase
that seems to permeate their existence with one another in the formative years; ours was “shut up.” Don’t ask me the
whys or wherefores of such witty repartee; it was just something we said to one another all the time. It wasn’t meant,
necessarily, in a mean or nasty way, it was just communicating to a beloved brother or sister that you didn’t want to hear
their voice at that moment. Apparently we were preparing to join a Trappist monastery where all speech is forbidden,
except the essential stuff like—prayer, greeting visitors and “where’s the toilet paper?” The good part about the phrase
shut up is that it shut up; in other words, as kids we used it a lot, but as adults it fell into desuetude (found this word in a
book from 1940; couldn’t wait to use it).
Now perhaps you’re thinking that we would be foolish enough to say the shut up phrase to our parents; the answer
is no, the fact that we all lived into adulthood proves that. My mother did once say we had a couple of other siblings that
were buried in the backyard; according to her they “talked back.” Even though my name may not suggest it, our mother
was Irish therefore prone to great rage when another child, adult or creature crossed her path. There was a rumor about
her being a member of the Irish Republican Army but that was untrue; I found the rejection letter from them after her
funeral, she was deemed “too easy to anger for our organization.” But she and dad must have done something right, we
all turned out well, attend Mass and can talk to each other without saying shut up.
Our Holy Father Pope Francis is fond of saying that the words that make families successful are: please, thank
you, I’m sorry and I love you. Shut up didn’t make the list. When we use the words and phrases that the Holy Father
suggests we become stronger families and stronger families lead to a better society. The family and the Church are
reflections of one another; the Catechism calls the family the domestic Church. Is it possible to be a Holy Church without
strong families? The answer today and always is no. Father Rector
Next Sunday’s Ministry Schedule (January 3rd and January 4th)
5:00 pm
7:00 am
8:15 am (Español)
10:00 am
Noon (Español)
5:00 pm
* Beginner
J. Ramos
A. Ramos
J. N. Tomas
G. Nicolas
M. F. Erives
P. P. Pacheco
C. Diaz
S. Diaz
D. Romero
A. Ramirez
J. Mejia
R. M. Ramirez R
F. C. Pacheco
A. Canela
C. Fitzgerald
K. Douglas
R. O’Conner
M. Carreon
J. O’Conner
E. Ramos
M. Hernandez
C. Hernandez
R. Erives
A. Cifuentes
I. Torres
D. Villegas
A. Diaz
M. Kube
L. Kube
P. McHugh
B. Erives
J.N. Montejo
M. Romero
E. Gaspar M.
G. Torres
O. Torres
E. Mendoza
E. Fierro
J. L. Fierro
Y. Nuncio
D. Nordhues
G. Meyers
M. Carpio
D. Lopez
O. Nolasco
S. Dolton
E. Gomez
W. Gomez
L. Erives
J. Alms
P. Mulligan
M. Carreon
S. Torres
J. Mateo N.
C. Pedro
J. Ramirez
H. Castellanos
J. O. Abarca
L. Cornelius
J. Calmo
P. McPhillips
A. Nicolas
C. Egnoske
G. Morales
L. Bradley
M. Cejia
G. Abarca
If you cannot serve your scheduled time, please find a substitute, thank you.
Parish News
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Prayer Requests
Director of Religious Education
As we celebrate the Feast of the Holy Family of
Jesus, Mary and Joseph this is a good
time to start the New Year looking to the Holy
Family to shape, model and seek protection of
our own families. After the Christmas gifts are already
unwrapped, the most important gift we can give our children is to
pass our faith on to them and help them to develop their own
foundation in faith as to sustain them with all that life has yet
unfold for them. There is no gift as important or worthy as
sharing our faith and love for Jesus with our children.
Please remain active in sharing your faith with your family and
Military Names
making it the most important thing in life by giving it all it needs to
We pray for the following parishioners family and friends continue to grow like, Mass attendance, scripture/Bible sharing
who are currently serving in the military: New names in blue and daily praying as a family. We have been gifted with children/
Lance Corporal Ryan Twehous
2nd Lt. Jordan Hughes grandchildren and children in our community to mold and help
USMC LCpl John G. Frankenberg
SPC Kevin Donovan shape their faith. Let us all heed the calling to take the time and
STG2/ E5 Cesar Soria
SPC. Jessica Paup effort to keep our faith growing and our families holy & sacred.
SP Force Gunner SSgt. Ron Cameron II
WO TJ Cameron
HM2 Andrew Dodendorf
LTC Chad Sekutera God Bless, Mary Rose
Major Sam Schneider
Sgt. Christopher Donner
No classes until Wednesday, January 7th and
Specialist Chad Holmes
Sgt. Noel Jones
Sunday January 11th
Commander Douglas E. Kennedy
Sgt. Jeffrey D. Michalski
Lt. Col. Brian Jovag
Msgt. Timothy Mahoney
Director of Religious ED Office Hours
USMC Sgt. Brandon T. Russell
If you know someone who is in the military and would like to have
Mary Rose office hours are: Tuesday 9 am– 2 pm, Wednesday
their name included in this space please email the information to
1 pm -9 pm, Thursday 9 am -2pm, and Sunday 8 am-11am
[email protected] with name and rank. Thank you.
You can email Mary at [email protected]
Hours subject to change.
Mary’s Closet Weekly Special
Please remember the following in your prayers:
* Linda Meyers, Virginia Bedner, Jerome Kosmicki,
Susan Puhalla, Gretchen Eakes, Dawn Pirkey,
Lynne Peterson. New additions to the prayer list.
Names remain on the prayer list for two months.
Names may be resubmitted upon request. To request daily
prayers, call the Parish Prayer Chain:
Phyllis at 382-0306 or Joy at 379-4741.
To add or remove a name from this list, please call the
Parish office 384-2523 ext 233
Mary’s Closet
Thrift Store December 29th– January 3rd
Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
Bag Sale $4 each
In Memory
Please remember in your prayers
all the faithful departed
members of St. Mary’s Cathedral:
Dick Dowd
May he rest in Peace.
Mass Schedule for Holy Day
Still need Teachers, please consider?
Still need teachers for 3rd & 6th grade on
Wednesday and 6th grade on Sunday. Also
helpers in the classroom or help with a special
projects. Contact Mary Rose 384-2523 Ext 213
[email protected]
Office/Daycare New Year Day
The office will be open until Wednesday,
December 31st till noon.
The Parish Office, Daycare and SMIP will be
closed Thursday, New Years Day
Wednesday , December 31st, 5:15 pm vigil (Spanish)
Wednesday January 1st- 7 am (English), 12:05 pm (English)
and 5:15 pm (English)
Do not squander time, for that is the stuff life
is made of.
—Benjamin Franklin
2015 Calendars
Our St. Mary’s Cathedral 2015 calendars are
here. They are in English and Spanish.
One per family
Again thank you to our sponsors of 2015
calendar. Curran Funeral Home and 5 Points
Bank of Grand Island.
Parish Information
2015 Weekly Envelopes Are Here!
Please stop by and pick up yours in the
back of the church. We do not send our
weekly envelopes by mail. They are in ABC
order. Thank you!
Did you know?
Did you know that St. Mary’s Facebook page has
the Saint of the day and mediation of the day?
Check us out on Facebook:
St. Mary’s Cathedral Grand Island Ne
Thank you
I would like to thank the Knights of Columbus and the El
Pescadores for each of them donating one thousand dollars
towards the purchase of a Saber Micro 16. Hard floor scrubber
with a brush or a pad for cleaning. And I need to thank Fr Richard
for approving the final cost. My hope is it will allow us to clean our
restrooms and all hard floors cleaner in less time than with the
conventional mop. It is like all purchases we try to buy only what
we think we will use and what will make our beautiful Cathedral &
the square even more appealing by how clean we can keep it.
This is a 100% participation on all members here of our church.
We all need to do what we can to keep the gum off the pews and
the carpet. When we have our spring clean up we get a bucketful
of gum from the bottom of the pews. When Central Catholic has
their community service day and the lay on their back for hours
cleaning gum off the bottoms of our pews they have a lot different
attitude about their disposition of Gum. All members who clean this
have a bad attitude towards the gum.
Also I hope to strip different areas of the old wax off of the terrazzo
in the church and square and this will be a great asset for this job.
Again I want to thank The Knights of Columbus and our El
Pescadores for their generous gift. And warn them. We will need to
set up different dates in the future for clean up days.
Thank you and May God bless you for your generosity
Deacon John Farlee
Maintenance director
Page 5
Not to late for this?
Are you over age 70 ½ and would you like to leave a gift to St.
Mary’s with your IRA? Did you know that there could be many
tax advantages? If you want to leave a $5,000 gift from your IRA
and the check is written to St. Mary’s, you can have this count as
a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) and NOT PAY TAXES
$5,000 and have the check written to you, YOU will pay taxes
and your gift will be 20% to 30% smaller depending on your tax
bracket. Please call your tax advisor before considering this
option before December 31st. For general information you may
contact Deacon Bill Buchta of K of C 308-381-2700
Send a note to our Seminarian
Matthew Nash
Pontifical North American College
00120 Vatican City
State Europe
Birthday November 23rd
If you want to send money to
Matthew Nash please send it to his parents. Dave Nash
1545 Buckskin Ct. Gering, NE 69341
Thank you
The St. Mary’s Quilting Ladies has donated $150 to St. Mary’s
Cathedral. The ladies finish the quilts by hand and the proceeds
from those quilts come to the St. Mary’s.
Come join the quilting ladies on any Mondays or Thursdays,
1–3:30 pm in Cathedral Square. We will share how to set up
the quilt, turn corners, hiding the knot and answer your questions
regarding quilting.
FaithStreet-Online Giving
Online giving allows you to make contributions to our church
without writing checks or worrying about cash donations. FaithStreet lets you set up automatic contributions whether it's a onetime donation or a recurring donation.
• It's the Modern Way to Give
• It's Safe & Secure
Weekly donation—more than one way
• It Creates Faithful Giving
Thank you for your weekly donations. We want to make sure
you’re getting credit for your contributions. By using your church • It Saves Time
envelopes it benefits you, the office and the Cathedral. If you have It Creates Lifelong Givers
any updates to report, such as change of address or parish, please To Donate simply go to our website and
notify the office. This helps keep our records current and postage click the Give Online button.
costs down.
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) or FaithStreet is always
welcome too! Forms are in the back of church or call the office
384-2523 for more information.
You are children of eternity. Your immortal crown awaits you,
to reward your duty and love. You may indeed sow here in tears,
but you may be sure there to reap in joy.—St. Elizabeth Ann Seton
Youth/Parish News
Page 6
Cathedral Daycare
Central Catholic
Saturday, January 10th, 2015
During the GICC v. Doniphan-Trumbull Basketball Games
5:00 – 8:00 p.m. in the Cafeteria
Meal (Soup & Sandwich, Drink & Dessert) $6.00
Soup (Chicken Noodle or Chili)….............. $3.00
Sandwich…………………………………… $2.00
Dessert……………………………………… $1.00
Tea, Lemonade, Water…………………… $ .75
All proceeds go to the GICC Fine Arts Guild
Thank you for your support!!!
MISSION: The mission of Grand Island Central Catholic Schools is to
teach as Jesus did, calling young adults to an atmosphere of academic
excellence and physical, emotional and spiritual maturity whereby every
student grows in awareness as a contributing and responsible member
of the church and society
Page 7
Today Readings
St. Mary’s Cathedral Eucharistic Adoration Prayer Intentions
First Reading — Those who honor their parents will be greatly
Vocations. That many people may hear the call of Christ and
blessed and will atone for sins (Sirach 3:2-6,12-14) or Genesis
follow Him in the priesthood and religious life.
15:1-6; 21:1-3.
Pro Life. That all people will come to value human life as God’s
Second Reading — Be thankful; do everything in the name of the
precious gift to be accepted and loved rather
Lord Jesus (Colossians 3:12-21 [12-17]) or Hebrews 11:8, 11-12,
than a burden to be destroyed.
the birth of the Redeemer may bring peace
Gospel — The child grew and became strong, filled with wisdom
and hope to all people of good will.
(Luke 2:22-40 [22, 39-40]).
Gift of faith: That parents may be true evangelizers, passing
on to their children the precious gift of faith.
The scriptures of Israel are filled with many stories of
barren couples who were miraculously granted the gift of children
Holy Father’s Prayer December 2015
by God. Surely the best known among these is the first reading
from diverse religious traditions and all people
from today, from which Luke took inspiration when he recounted the
together for peace.
miraculous birth of John the Baptist to Zechariah and Elizabeth, and
Consecrated life: That in this year dedicated to consecrated life,
the more miraculous birth of Jesus to Mary and Joseph. In each
religious men and women may rediscover the joy of following
instance, we are given examples or role models of those who
Christ and strive to serve the poor with zeal.
trusted in God. More than examples of those who trust, they are
models of self-surrender. They abandoned their own
presuppositions and prejudices about the workings of the world and TREASURES FROM OUR TRADITION
In the last century, a few new feasts were blended into the
turned their lives over to belief in a God who can make life grow
year, including today’s. After World War I, the chaos of
where none ought to; a God who can turn death around into a new
daily life in Europe made its impact felt on the family structure.
and unimagined life; a God who can, today, take a tiny child of
humble parents in an insignificant town and make him into a light for Partly to offer Christians an image of hope and holiness in marall the world. This is what we, as God’s holy family, are called to do ried family life, and also to promote the welfare of children, today’s feast was “invented” in 1921. In 1969, it became a feast of
each day: to trust not in ourselves and the way we think things
should be, but to open ourselves and surrender ourselves in faith to Christmas.
The prayers today remind us not only of family life, but of life
a God of endless promise
in the community of faith. We ponder the mystery of a God who
Saints and Special Observances
loves us dearly enough to embrace the struggles, joys, and daily
The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
Fifth Day within the Octave of the Nativity
of the Lord; St. Thomas Becket
Sixth Day within the Octave of the Nativity
of the Lord
Wednesday: Seventh Day within the Octave of the
Nativity of the Lord; St. Sylvester I;
New Year’s Eve
The Octave of the Nativity of the Lord;
Mary, the Holy Mother of God;
World Day of Prayer for Peace;
New Year’s Day
Ss. Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen;
First Friday
The Most Holy Name of Jesus; First Saturday
Word of Life
“[W]e are facing an enormous and dramatic clash between good
and evil, death and life, the ‘culture of death’ and the ‘culture of
life’. We find ourselves not only ‘faced with’ but necessarily ‘in the
midst of’ this conflict: we are all involved and we all share in it,
with the inescapable responsibility of choosing to be
unconditionally pro-life.” Pope John Paul II, Evangelium Vitae, 28
© 1995 Libreria Editrice Vaticana. Used with permission.
sorrows of family life. The message of Christmas shines through:
God-with-us is available to us in the ordinary patterns of our lives
and commitments. The lives of people who raise their children in
difficult circumstances, and of people who remain faithful to life in
the Church in spite of some of their own family struggles, occupy
a special place in our hearts today in prayer.
—Rev. James Field, Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
Parish Information
Weekend Masses–English
Saturday 5:00 pm Sunday 7 am ,10 am & 5pm
Daily Masses–English
Mon - Sat 7am Thu - Fri 5:15 pm
Horario de Misas-Español
Domingo 8:15 am & Noon
Miércoles 5:15 pm
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Wed - Fri - 4:45 - 5:10 pm & Thursday 9 – 10 am
Saturday 11:00 - 12:00 pm or by appointment.
Adoration, Healing Mass,
Chaplet, and Rosary
Hora Santa: Primer Sábado de cada mes a las 7pm
First Friday Rosary– 4:50 pm before 5:15 pm Mass
24 Hour Eucharistic Adoration – 2nd/4th Tuesday
Chaplet of Divine Mercy – Second Tuesday-2:50 pm
Healing Mass- (English) – Second Thursday- 11 am
Rosary for Pro Life– Every Thursday 4:45 pm
El Pescador Rosary – Every Tuesday -6 pm
El Pescador Rosary –Every Thursday -10 am
Daily Rosary—After every 7 am Mass
Religious Ed Class Times (September– April)
6:30 pm– 730 pm Wednesday, 8:45 am-9:45 am Sunday
Confirmation 7– 8:30 pm Wednesday
Marriage: Contact a priest directly at least 4
months in advance of proposed wedding date.
Deposited required.
Children's Baptism: parents are required to
attend a Baptism Preparation class.
Pre-Registration is required.
English class: 2nd Monday of
each month.
Spanish class: 4th Sunday of each month, 2 pm
Deadline for pre-registration is the Thursday before the
class. Please bring: proof of address and your child’s
Birth Certificate. The Godparent (s) must provide
a letter of good standing. Questions? 384-2523.
Mary’s Closet
Mary’s Closet open 3 days a week:
Mondays and Wednesdays 1-4 pm &
Saturdays 10 am– 3 pm
Donations of clothing, small appliances,
toys, home decorations and kitchenware,
but furniture and large electronic will be accepted only
by Ann Baker. Volunteers are welcome to come and
help any time. Questions or to volunteer please contact
Ann Baker at 391-1527 or [email protected]
Mary’s Closet
Page 8
(308) 384-2523/ (308) 384-2527 (fax)
[email protected]
Facebook: St. Mary’s Cathedral Grand Island Ne
Associate Pastor:
Rev. Richard Piontkowski Jr.,ext 201 Rev. Thomas Pasala, ext 204
[email protected]
[email protected]
Episcopal Vicar for Hispanic Ministry in the
Diocese of Grand Island, in residence:
Rev. Jose Chavez, ext 211 [email protected]
Director of Religious Education
Parish Activities Coordinator:
Mrs. Mary Rose ext 213
Bulletin Editor:
[email protected]
Mrs. Barbara Bosak, ext 233
[email protected]
Director of Music:
Mr. Scott Rieker ext 219
Angelica Calderon ext. 220
[email protected]
[email protected]
Hispanic Ministry:
Bi-Lingual Secretary/Secretaria:
Mrs. Esther Gomez, ext 300
Mrs. Patty Zuniga, ext 221
[email protected]
[email protected]
Parish Nurse:
Maintenance Director:
Mrs. Kena Zebert RN, ext 235
John Farlee, ext 226
[email protected]
[email protected]
Cathedral Daycare: Director:
Mrs. Judy Priess, 398-4047
[email protected] or
[email protected]
Assistant Director
Mrs. Misty Uhrich, 398-4047
[email protected]
Mary’s Closet
Ms. Ann Baker, 391–1527
[email protected]
Immigration Office
Carmen & Jacinto Corona /
Yolanda Chavez Nuncio
308-381-2855 Ext. 301
The Parish Office Hours are Monday—Thursday
8:30 am– 4:30 pm
St. Mary’s Immigration Office– 308-381-2855
Monday~ Closed -Tuesday - Friday: 9:00am –Noon and 1-5:30pm
Saturday: By Appointment Only
Sunday ~ Closed
Bilingual NFP- - - Planificación Natural Familiar
Mr. & Mrs. Chávez (308) 383-1199/ (308)383-1474
Cathedral Daycare
NOW ENROLLING Combined Child Care/ Preschool Program
No need to worry about how to get your preschooler to daycare. Our
year-round preschool program for ages 2 to 5provides the best of both
worlds. Stop by for a tour!
We have transportation for school age
students of Wasmer, Gates and Dodge for
5:30am-6:00pm Monday-Friday
6 weeks to 12 years ~ Call for availability
All Faiths Welcome!
Anuncios en Español
Mientras celebramos la fiesta de la
Sagrada Familia de Jesús, María y José
que es un buen momento para empezar el
año nuevo en busca de la Sagrada Familia
para dar forma, y buscar la protección de
nuestras propias familias. Después de que
los regalos de Navidad ya se desenvuelven, el regalo más
importante que podemos dar a nuestros hijos es pasar nuestra fe
a ellos y ayudarles a desarrollar su propio fundamento en la fe
como para sostenerlos con todo lo que la vida todavía se
despliega para ellos. No hay regalo tan importante o digno como
compartir nuestra fe y amor a Jesús con nuestros hijos. Por
favor, permanezcan activos en compartir su fe con su familia y lo
que es la cosa más importante en la vida, dándole todo lo que
necesita para seguir creciendo como, la asistencia a misa, de la
escritura / compartir la Biblia y la oración diaria en familia. Se nos
ha regalado con hijos / nietos y los niños en nuestra comunidad
para moldear y dar forma a su fe. Vamos todos a prestar
atención a la llamada de Dios y tomar el tiempo y esfuerzo para
mantener nuestra fe creciente y nuestras familias algo santo y
sagrado. Dios los bendiga, Mary Rose
No hay clases de Catecismo hasta el Miércoles
7 & Domingo 11 de Enero.
Page 9
Renovación del TPS Hondureños con el TPS, ya pueden enviar
sus aplicaciones para la renovación del TPS. Para más detalles
hablen con Carmen Corona en la oficina de inmigración 308381-2855 por favor dejen sus mensajes si no contestamos.
Próxima Platica Pre-Bautismal La próxima platica será el
domingo 25 de Enero del 2015. Las personas interesadas en
tomarla pueden llamar a la oficina para registrarse y obtener más
detalles. 384-2523 de lunes a jueves 8:30am-4:30pm.
Horarios de Oficina de Mary Rose-Directora de Educación
Religiosa Mary Rose es la nueva persona encargada del programa de Educación Religiosa para los grados Kínder-al 12.
Esto incluye todo relacionado a las Primeras Comuniones y Confirmaciones. Usted puede encontrar a Mary Rose en su oficina los
Martes y Jueves de 9am-2pm, los miércoles de 1-9pm, Domingos
8am-11am. Por teléfono al 384-2523 ext. 213 correo electrónico
[email protected]
Una tarjeta De Apoyo A Nuestro Seminarista
Matthew Nash es un seminarista de nuestra Diócesis. Se nos pide que lo recordemos en
nuestras oraciones y si es posible mandarle una
tarjeta de apoyo en este tiempo de festividades. Por
favor de hacer al: Matthew Nash
Pontifical North American College
00120 Vatican City
State Europe
su cumpleaños fue el 23 de Nov.
Si alguien le desea mandar un regalo monetario por favor hágalo
a la dirección de sus padres.
Dave Nash 1545 Buckskin Ct. Gering, Nebraska 69341.
Ya están aquí Ya recibimos las cajitas con los sobres para que
demos nuestras contribuciones en el 2015. Las cajitas están en la
parte de atrás de la parroquia. Se les pide a todas las familias
que usaron sobres en el 2014 que busquen sus sobres para el
2015. Buscarlos bajo el apellido de la esposa primero, si no los
encuentra busque bajo el apellido del esposo. Recuerden que si
estos sobres no se recogen usted será quitado de la lista de
La Oficina Parroquial Cerrada:
miembros registrados. Gracias a todos por su cooperación.
La oficina parroquial estará cerrando sus puertas el
Cualquier pregunta por favor llame a la oficina parroquial 384miércoles 31 de Diciembre a las 12 del medio día y
todo el día el 1ero de Enero. Regresamos al horario
El Especial de la semana en Mary’s Closet:
regular el lunes 5 de Enero. Deseamos que todos pasen un muy
Ven a comprar la semana de Dic. 29-Enero 3 --- La bolsa de
Feliz Año Nuevo y esperamos que en el 2015 se nos cumplan
ropa $4. La tienda está abierta los Lunes, Miércoles de 1-4pm y
todos nuestros sueños. Que con la misericordia de Nuestro
los sábados de 10am-3pm. La tienda esta en necesidad de
Señor Jesucristo tengamos muchas bendiciones y felicidad
abrigos, chamarras, suéteres. Ropa de invierno. Si usted tiene
durante este nuevo año que comenzamos.
ropa que ya no necesita y desea donarla por favor de traerla duEn Memoria Amorosa….
rante las horas de operación. Gracias por su consideración.
Recordemos en nuestras oraciones a los
siguientes finados y a sus familias:
Calendarios del 2015 Por favor de tomar un
Richard “Dick” Dowd
calendario por familia. Gracias por su
Quien falleció esta semana,
generosidad en el 2014. Dios los bendiga
Que descanse en Paz.
Flores Para Navidad Durante todo el mes de Diciembre seguireDía de Obligación
mos aceptando sus donaciones para las flores que se compran
para decorar nuestra parroquia en la Navidad. Pueden usar el
1◦ de Enero~ Octava de la Navidad Santa Maria,
sobre que viene en su cajita de sobres de este año o pueden
Madre De Dios~ Día de Precepto~ Las misas son las
tomar un sobre de la parte de atrás de la parroquia. Marcar cada
siguientes: Miércoles 31 de Dic. 5:15pm vigilia en
sobre con el nombre de una persona/apellido de la familia y si es
Español. Jueves 1◦ de Enero 7am, 12:05pm &
en su honor o en su memoria. También apuntar el nombre del
5:15pm todas en Inglés.
donante para las flores
Anuncios en Español
Nota de Agradecimiento: De La Oficina De Mantenimiento
Me gustaría dar las gracias a los Caballeros de
Colon y al Ministerio El Pescador por la donación de mil dólares
que dieron cada uno, para ayudar con la compra de la maquita
Saber Micro 16 para lavar los pisos. Agradezco al padre Ricardo
por aprobar esta comprar y los costos totales. Mi deseo es
limpiar los pisos en menos tiempo que con el trapeador. Como
todo se necesita la participación al 100% de todos para que
lograr lo que proponemos. Necesitamos hacer lo que podamos
para mantener nuestras bancas y carpetas libres de chicles.
Cuando tenemos la limpieza anual de primavera, casi se llena
un balde de chicles que se quitan de debajo de las bancas y
carpetas. Cuando los jóvenes estudiantes de la escuela católica
central hacen sus horas de servicio comunitario aquí, después
de pasar casi todo un día completo con sus espaldas en el piso
quitando los chicles de las bancas, se van con una actitud
diferente en como despojar el chicle que ya no quieren mascar.
Todos los miembros que han ayudado con esto les puedo decir
que tienen otra actitud sobre los chicles, especialmente en venir
mascando chicle a nuestro Templo Sagrado. También espero
abarcar diferentes aéreas de la iglesia y el centro y remover
capas de cera vieja. Otra vez agradezco a los Caballeros de
Colon y al Ministerio
El Pescador por su generosidad. Y al mismo tiempo avisarles
que vamos a programar diferentes fechas en el futuro
cercano para hacer limpieza.
Gracias y Que nuestro Señor los bendiga por su generosidad
Diacono John Farlee
Director de Mantenimiento
“[E]stamos ante un enorme y dramático choque entre el bien y el mal,
la muerte y la vida, la ‘cultura de la muerte’ y la ‘cultura de la vida’.
Estamos no sólo ‘ante’, sino necesariamente ‘en medio’ de este
conflicto: todos nos vemos implicados y obligados a participar, con la
responsabilidad ineludible de elegir incondicionalmente en favor de la
vida”.Papa Juan Pablo II, Evangelium Vitae, 28 © 1995 Libreria
Editrice Vaticana. Se utiliza con permiso.
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Una Nueva Forma Para Donar
Donaciones en línea por
es una manera sencilla y segura
para los miembros y
seguidores de la iglesia
para dar donaciones a
nuestra iglesia
ya sea una donación
de una sola vez
o una donación recurrente.
Y al crear una cuenta con
le da más control sobre sus
y le da acceso fácil a su cuenta
a cualquier hora del día.
Si usted está usando sobres
y desea cambiar a FaithStreet
simplemente puede pasar por la
oficina parroquial para descontinuar el uso de sobres y
registrarse para FaithStreet.
Para hacer una donación,
simplemente visite
nuestro sitio web y
haga clic al botón
“Give Online”
Space is limited. Thanks and God Bless,
Brian or Sally, coordinators 860.399.1785
Ceramic Tile • Granite, Wood
Cultured Stone • Brick
Commercial & Residential
318 North Madison, GI
Come Sail Away on a 7-night Catholic Exotic Cruise
starting as low as $1045 per couple. Daily Mass and
Rosary offered. Deposit of only $100 per person
will reserve your cabin.
384-N. Walnut
Pan Centroamerico: Pasteles
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Castillo’s Cleaning Co. LLC
By Us!
Wood, Fiberglass and Vinyl windows.
Replacement, Remodel, New Construction
Windows and Doors to fit
every project and every budget.
2224 North Broadwell Avenue
Grand Island, NE 68803-2152
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Certified Residential &
Kerry Chiropractic
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Laura Sweley, D.C.
By State of Nebraska
Office: 308-384-5838
United Food and
Commercial Workers
Terry Mostek
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Business Office:
2410 N. Colorado • Fremont, NE 68025
(402) 721 - 0429
2308 S. Locust • Grand Island, NE
(308) 384-3178
(308) 384-0800
“because the memory will live forever”
Owner / Parishioner
3005 S. Locust Street
Grand Island, NE 68801
(308) 382-5868 • 384-1359
Livingston-Sondermann Funeral Home
Joint Replacement, Carpal Tunnel Surgery,
Rotator Cuff Injuries, Knee Arthroscopy
& Cremation Services
and Work-Related Injuries.
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Grand Island, NE
620 North Diers Avenue Suite 200 • Grand Island, NE 68803
West Faidley Medical Center
All Faiths
Funeral Home
Dan Naranjo
Grand Island, NE 68801
Funeral Director / Owner
Serving Grand Island and the
Surrounding Area Since 1890
Kevin Wood, Chris McCoy & Jerry Quandt-Funeral Directors
2929 South Locust
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• 14k Religious Pendants
• Repairs • Design & Manufactures
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Senior Citizen Discounts
406 W. 3rd
Grand Island, NE 68801
Tel. 308-384-7191
Short-Term Rehabilitation
and Skilled Nursing Center
Serving Grand Island For
Over 20 yrs.
3119 West Faidley Avenue
Grand Island, NE 68803
Knights of
Council 1159
A Catholic men’s organization
meets the 3rd Monday of the month
719 W. 3rd Street - Grand Island, NE 68801
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Parish News
Page 12
December 31st
5:15 pm Mass
(Sp) Vigil
4 The Epiphany
of the Lord
1 pm Quilters
10 am EP Bible
Mary’s Table
4 pm EP
7 pm Bingo
6:30 pm CDA
7 pm EP Bible
6:30 pm Rel Ed
7pm Confirmation
11 The Baptism
of the Lord
8:45 Rel Ed Class
10 am RICA
4 pm EP
7pm Bingo
13 Adoration
10 am EP Bible
2:50 pm Chaplet
Of Mercy
3:30 pm Christian
6:30 pm Parish
7 pm EP Bible
1 pm Quilters
6:30 pm English
Pre Baptism Class
7 pm Cathedral
7 pm 4th Degree
1 pm Quilters
10 am EP Bible
7 pm Young
Adults (Sp)
10 am EP Rosary
11 am Healing
Mass (E)
11:30 pm
Friendship Luncheon
1 pm Quilters
6:30 pm RCIA
7 pm EP Bible
7pm Stephen
7 pm Young
Adults (Sp
3 Mary’s Table
6pm (Sp) Youth
7 pm Hora Santa
6pm (Sp) Youth
7 pm Young
Adults (Sp
6pm (Sp) Youth
7pm Stephen
7 pm Young
Adults (Sp
6pm (Sp) Youth
1 pm Quilters
6:30 pm Rel Ed
7pm Confirmation
10 am EP Rosary
6:30 pm Rel Ed
7pm Confirmation
7 pm EP Bible
27 Adoration
8:45 Rel Ed Class
10 am RICA
1 pm Quilters
10 am EP Bible
4 pm EP
2 First Friday
Mary Mother
of God
7 am Mass (E)
12:05 pm (E)
5:15 pm Mass (E)
1 pm Quilters
Daycare Carnival
7 pm KC
2 pm Spanish
Pre Baptism class
1 New Years Day
10 am EP Rosary
8:45 Rel Ed Class
10 am RICA
4 pm EP
7 pm EP Bible
10 am EP Rosary
6:30 pm Rel Ed
7pm Confirmation
8:30 am Altar
Server Training
1 pm Quilters
7 pm Young
Adults (Sp
6pm (Sp) Youth