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Treynor State Bank
Ashley Parker
reasure is defined as accumulated or stored wealth
in the form of money, jewels, or other valuables, and
may be considered lost or forgotten until being rediscovered.
During this troubled economy it is important now more than
ever for individuals and businesses to make prudent financial
choices and protect their
Many individuals need
guidance so they can make
better decisions with their
money. The individuals
at TS Bank, Treynor State
Bank are driven by an
underlying commitment
to quality service, trust,
and the rediscovery
for the importance of
financial literacy!
Bank understands the
importance of making
smart financial choices
and has embraced the mission to improve financial literacy
so everyone can make the best decisions for themselves, their
families, and their businesses.
on the future of the bank.” Guttau has continued to develop
strategies to keep the bank thriving.
TS Bank is dedicated to being the first place you turn to for
all your financial needs. They offer a wide variety of financial
options as well as
insurance, trust and
investment products.
Whether it is for you,
your family or your
business, you can
find all your financial
answers at TS Bank.
From checking and
savings to a variety
of financing options,
including consumer,
mortgage lending, TS
Bank has the tools to help you achieve your goals. TS Bank
as also offers KASASA, which is a suite of free high interest
checking and savings accounts. With high-quality products,
top-of-the-line convenient services and now a new smartphone
app, banking with TS Bank is fast, easy and safe.
They offer a number of coverage’s to help you meet today’s
changing risk management needs. “The bank serves consumer
and commercial clients, with a focus on small businesses
and agricultural-based clients, and we also provide wealth
management services,” added Guttau, “Our niche is in trust
management, small business, and agriculture. We provide
banking services at the community level with knowledge of the
whole community in mind. Mick, in particular, strives to bridge
gaps when it comes to economic development.
Chartered in 1923, then purchased in 1978 by Michael
(Mick) Guttau, TS Bank, is a symbol of strength and growth
in the communities it serves. Mick was 31 at the time and with
support from his father, he was able to turn in what was then
a $7 million bank with five employees to what is now; over
$250 million in assets and over 65 employees while maintaining
the unique company culture. With branches in Treynor,
Macedonia, and Council Bluffs, the family-owned bank draws
clients from neighboring cities with its hallmark “hometown
service.” Current President and CFO Josh Guttau notes, “Our
family proudly has 30 plus years of experience and 90% of the
company is family owned. It is my objective to continually work
Seven years ago TS Bank branched to Council Bluffs, Iowa.
Currently they have one location in Council Bluffs: 1745
Madison Avenue Suite #1002/Hy-Vee In-store Branch and are
in the process of opening a branch in March of 2013 at 3201
W. Broadway. “This new branch opening is part of TS Bank’s
commitment to the community of providing excellence in client
service and convenience to our clients’ lifestyles.”
While keeping clients happy has been a pinnacle of business
success for years, ensuring employee happiness has never been
more of a priority, than it is today. Att TS Bank they realize
that happy employees mean more efficient employees and an
enhanced work culture, which, in turn, result in happier clients.
Guttau has allotted much of the success of his bank to the
employees. With over 65 employees Guttau expressed, “oOur
employees have great intellectual capital and each has his/her
own specialty. We encourage our employees to be a CEO of
their own area. We want employees to find passion in what
they do and be happy in their line of work.”
As with any business there are challenges. Regulatory
changes and pressures as well as national politics can certainly
be trying. There are also fun parts when facing trying times....
just when you get one thing in place then something else comes
up,” said Guttau. Through the ups and downs of the economy
and regulatory changes, TS Bank continues to be dedicated to
its’ team and clients.
“We are celebrating our 90th anniversary in 2013 and we
encourage you to become a part of our winning team.,” stated
Guttau. TS Bank’s management philosophy and core values
are driven by an underlying commitment to quality service
and trust. Their style is to be proactive rather than reactive,
and is centered on an attitude
of entrepreneurship rather than
Because their
clients really do come first, they
promise to stand behind their
words. A noteworthy 93% of
TS Bank employees volunteer
in their communities and has a
unique culture that keeps them
in step to remain one of the top
workplace leaders.
TS Bank’s continued focus on community banking and
community service is a defining
element in their vision for the
bank. They have always been,
and continue to be, dedicated
to producing a broad range of
financial products, delivering
superior client service, and
giving back to their local
community. .
“From an
early age, Mick and Judy, my
fatherparents, engrained in
my sister and I the importance
of community, community,
Several years
ago, we sat down as a family
to determine how much we would like to contribute toward
charitable giving. Each of us wrote down on a napkin the same
amount 10 percent. Since then, when have given 10 percent of
net income before taxes to charity and to the community. It’s
the shortest meeting we ever had!” exclaimed Guttau.
For Guttau there is no
“typical” day. “I have the fortune
of working on the business and
not just in the business. I have a great management team and I
make sure they have what they need,” explained Guttau. Like
with any business there are certain qualities that one must
possess. Guttau asserts, “There is an endless amount of energy
that goes into running a business. You most certainly have to
have a passion for what you’re doing and be able to look into the
future and see opportunities and be willing to make changes.
Lastly, there has to be a realization that you can’t be the best
at everything. We make it a point to hire people that are more
intelligent in certain areas than ourselves. Many business
owners or managers struggle with this and it is imperative
to not let one’s self feel threatened in doing so. Being able to
delegate is of equal importance, and having those intelligent
people around you helps.
TS Bank has donated $250,000 towards financial literacy!
The goal is to improve financial intelligence for Southwest
In order to maintain a successful business Guttau looks
at a few key ingredients. These include community focus,
employees, technological advances (currently TS Bank is on
the leading edge of banking technology), and analytics from a
risk management standpoint. “A combination of attributes sets
us apart from our competitors. Most importantly we give a
local feel to service and aAs my father Mick states, “We don’t
make decisions for the next quarter, we make them for the
next generation!” Starting in 2009, TS Bank won the National
Championship for #1 Bank in performance and has been named
the top performing bank in the State of Iowa three years in a
row. In 2011 it was also named one of Iowa’s Top Workplaces,
and received the top spot among small businesses in 2012 !
Iowa students by providing a comprehensive K-12 financial
education program. They are taking a long-term approach to
solving financial pain while helping create a more financially
savvy future generation. Locally, September 4, 2012 a ribbon
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Treynor State Bank
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She is married to her husband Rick Fox and they have three
children. TS Bank is a family-owned business and they have a
shared set of traditions and values that are rooted in the history
of the bank
So, if you are looking to secure your monetary treasures , TS
Bank can meet your needs!
cutting ceremony was held at Thomas Jefferson High School
to announce the opening of the TS Bank Yellowjacket Branch.
Whether interacting with employees or the community, this
family-owned bank is dedicated to paying it forward. Guttau’s
mother, Board Secretary, Judy, leads the bank’s charitable giving
program, which has upped the commitment to financial literacy
by donating another significant amount to start financial
literacy programs in the local school districts surrounding
iesthroughout Pottawattamie County.
• Named #1 Bank in the State of Iowa * 2009, 2010, 2012
“We look to double in asset size in the next five to seven
years which means the need for more employees. Additionally,
we launched our online branch which ultimately allows TS
Bank to bring money, from outside the local area, into the local
economy,” added Guttau. The bank continues to be dedicated
to producing a broad range of financial products and superior
client service to businesses and consumers in the community.
• Top Iowa Workplaces **2011, 2012
Sitting with his family at the kitchen table Josh never
envisioned becoming President and CFO of TS Bank, “It was
never really intentional. For years I had no interest in banking,
nor did my sister. Then one semester in graduate school I
took a finance class and I loved it. I eventually obtained my
MBA in Finance. From that moment on I became invested in
numbers and management. It was my educational experience
and an unlimited amount of resources from my family that has
paved the way. I spend 20 percent of my time in peer groups,
conferences and continuing education. I need to continue to be
at the front of the ship looking at where we are going and what
lies ahead!”
• IBA Community Betterment Award 2010, 2011
• IBA Community Banking Award *** 2010, 2011
• S&B Total Risk Performance Index: Top 2.5% of all banks
• 5 Star Rated Bank: Bauer Financial & Bankrate.com
• Celent Model Technology Bank Award
• Best of Iowa Marketing Award
• ABA & ICBA: Nation’s <$250M # Performing Bank
• IBA Jim Leach Legacy in Banking Award (Mick Guttau)
* according to the Iowa Banking Magazine among C-Corporation banks in Iowa and in
the asset size of $100-250M.
**according to the Des Moines Register
***according to the Iowa Bankers Association
Josh is married to his wife Shelly and they have four
children. They enjoy an eight and five year old, as well as, two
teenage daughters. Josh’s father, Mick Guttau is Chairman and
Chief Executive Officer and is married to Judy who is the Board
Secretary and Director of Charitable Giving. Josh has one
sister, Heidi Guttau-Fox who is an Attorney at Baird Holm.