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December 2014/January 2015
Commanders Comments
Greetings everyone and welcome to Antarctica. Well maybe not, but it
sure feels like it. It’s mid-November and there is ice and snow on the
ground and the temps are into the single digits. With the polar vortex
earlier this year, and single digit temps in November, I’m not thinking all
the money our government spent on “Global Warming” was really
Things have been fairly quiet around the post since our last newsletter,
but as always, we did have back to back celebrations on November 10th
and 11th. November 10th was the 239th birthday of the United States
Marine Corps, and as always, our beloved jarheads did it up right. With Major Ben leading the way once
again, a grand celebration was had by all in attendance. Having this many Marines in the building at one time
coupled with the shots of rum being shared, and a huge machete unsheathed to cut the cake would normally be
a cause for alarm. I increased our liability insurance for this day, and had the paramedics on stand-by, but
none-the-less, these ladies and gentlemen behaved and had a great time. Of course I joke about this, but I must
say, the camaraderie between you Marines is most impressive. I salute all of you not only for your service, but
for the brother and sisterhood you maintain. From an old Navy Chief, Bravo Zulu to each and every one of
Our celebration on Veterans Day this year, had quite a wonderful turnout as well. We kicked things off at
11AM with our Honor Guard posting colors, and a well-attended ceremony in the main hall. Afterwards, I
received many compliments on my speech, and I am very flattered by this, however; I must say, these words
come easy when I watch the actions of so many of our members. I’ve said this dozens of times, but the
membership of Post 3345 continues to impress me. I would have to write a book to recognize all the work and
efforts the members of our post put forth, but in this newsletter, I want to recognize two.
First of all, our Men’s Auxiliary Sr. Vice President, Frank Zullo. Since I first started getting involved in events
and activities around the post, Frank Zullo has always been there for me. All I need to say is Frank, I have an
idea that involves food and before I can even finish my sentence, he already has the menu planned. Is it just me,
or has anyone else noticed that while at the post, Frank Zullo never sits? He is CONSTANTLY taking care of
someone. It could be 10 PM and all you have to do is say “I’m hungry”, and Frank is out of his seat with a pot
of pasta on the stove. Frank, I sincerely thank you for all you do to support me, and the membership of our
Another person I would like to mention in this article, is someone who works behind the scenes. His relentless
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Sponsored by Ohio VFW Charities
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efforts in helping our Veterans get the benefits they earned, food on their tables, or perhaps a roof over
their heads is beyond belief. I like to refer to him as a Veteran Service Pit Bull because he will bark,
gnaw and perhaps even draw blood from the VA, DAV, VSC, or various other organizations until he
gets the answers he wants. This person is Comrade Bill Overton. Bill is our post Service Officer and I
would like to commend him for all his efforts on helping our men and women.
December 7th, 1941, you are laying in your rack aboard the USS Arizona or one of many other US Navy
vessels, peacefully moored at the pier in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It was a quiet Sunday morning, much
like any other Sunday, on the beautiful tropical island of Oahu until 7:48 AM, when over 350 Japanese
planes changed your life, and the lives of millions of others. As stated by President Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, this truly is “a date that will live in infamy”. The date that forced the United States into
World War II. For the next 4 years, our service men and women were sent into harm’s way throughout
the South Pacific, Asia, Europe, and many other parts of the globe. On this day we remember those that
served and those that sacrificed so much during World War II. These men were dropped from planes,
stormed the beaches of Normandy under intense enemy fire, battled on Mount Suribachi to raise the
flag on Iwo Jima, and fought many other bloody battles throughout the span of this war.
This year, we will honor the World War II members of VFW Post 3345 in a little different manner. On
Sunday, December 7th at 6PM, I will be holding a formal dinner for the WWII members of our post
and their spouses. This dinner is open to all of our WWII Veterans, and I would like to formally invite
each one of you. If for some reason we missed your name on our roster, please contact me at the post so
that we can account for your attendance.
A few days ago, I was driving on I-71 just south of Medina and minding my own business. I was in the
middle lane with no other vehicles around and was driving close to the speed limit. I saw a car
approaching in my lane at a higher rate of speed until it got fairly close to the back of my truck.
Without a turn signal, he swerved into the right lane and proceeded to pass me. With no other cars
around, there really was no reason to pass on the right. As his car approached my window, I quickly
looked right and this middle aged, Middle Eastern looking man was giving me the finger. He stayed
even with my window for a few seconds then sped up. As he passed, it became certain of his Middle
Eastern decent by the Arabic sticker he had on the back of his car. There was no reason for this other
than the fact that my truck has Armed Forces Expeditionary Force license plates and a few military
stickers on it.
Isn't that nice??? They come into OUR country, enjoy the freedoms it provides, then harass the ones
that helped provide it. I’m telling you this story not to create animosity towards other nationalities,
races, or creeds, but to tell you all please always be aware of your surroundings. As with most Veterans,
especially those that belong to VFW Post 3345, we are all proud of our service and proud to display it.
We wear military supportive clothing, display it on our vehicles, and wave Old Glory or our service flag
outside of our homes. However; we must remember, not everyone feels that same way. Not everyone
waves the flag, not everyone appreciates the service and the sacrifices we Veterans and our service men
and women make. As angry as this situation made me, I did the smart thing and did not return the
gesture or respond in any manner. I ask you to do the same. You never know how a person will respond.
Trust me, I know this for a fact. I was an eye witness to a murder just a few years ago over a vehicle
related rage incident, and it was not a pleasant experience. So wear your colors, service supportive
clothing, and wave the flag proudly, but if an incident occurs, respond in a wise manner.
On the topic of America, foreigners, and immigration, I want to share with you the words of President
Theodore Roosevelt from his 1907 speech concerning immigration.
“In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an
American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it
is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is
predicated upon the person's becoming in every facet, an American, and nothing but an American...
Sr. Vice Commander
& House Committee Report
Another year is almost done – has this year flown by or what? By the
time this newsletter is released, Thanksgiving will be in the past and Christmas and New Year’s Day will be looming in the not-too-distant future. We
have spent the year working hard to keep the place running smoothly (I won’t say like a well-oiled machine, since that would imply it’s messy and collects dirt), and making it a place our members want to
be. We’ve had some fun events throughout the year to bring us together to celebrate living in these
United States, where often times, many of our citizens take for granted the liberties that we currently
Like every year, we’ve said good bye to a few of our dear friends, but also made some new ones. With Veterans’ Day still fresh
in my mind (by the way, those of you that weren’t present missed out on hearing what I would consider our Commander’s finest remarks at a Post event to date), I again consider myself so incredibly fortunate to be part of a truly wonderful organization. In the
four years I’ve been a member here at VFW Post 3345, I’ve made some great friends that I don’t think I would have ever met out in
the community had I not joined. What is it about this place that makes it so special?
Honestly, I don’t know if that is a question one can easily answer; however, I would venture to say it has a lot to do with the character of the people we have as members. Between reviewing the recent submissions for Voice Of Democracy and the outstanding
time had on Veterans’ Day, I was driven to reflect on what being a veteran means and what we’ve all done to ensure our way of life
is defended and supported. The level of contribution each of us made/makes in that respect is irrelevant. Everyone here has done
something to support our country and further its institutions of democracy, whether a veteran, family member of a veteran or first
responder. There is a bond here that I have never found outside of my active duty years – and in some respects, this is even greater.
Veterans and their families are special people. For the most part, I believe that’s because we value more than the self. Our country
would be much better off if more people would heed President Kennedy’s advice uttered that cold morning of January 20, 1961: And
so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. I feel confident that our
members do just that.
Every time I come into our Post, I’m actually a little excited about the prospect of running into a friend – or ten. Some of you
may have noticed that Tim and I try to stake out the first two seats at the bar on drawing nights (often times with Cindy’s help!).
That’s not just because we want those seats – but because we enjoy being what we call ‘our Walmart greeters’ and those seats are
prime real estate for that role. We enjoy welcoming all of you to the Post, hopefully by name. If you folks weren’t so special, I don’t
think we would feel the need to do that – but you are, and for that, I’m thankful!
May we always value those things that have made America the greatest country this world has ever seen, and continue to fight to
keep our country special and great. Those things we value transcend political parties or personalities, and unfortunately, there are
some of our citizens who don’t see past those trivial items or the facades of slick talking politicians from either side of the aisle.
Veterans play a critical role in reminding Americans how special this country is and why it’s worth fighting for. We must be, in the
Latin motto of our comrades in the Civil Air Patrol, Semper Vigilans – Always Vigilant! There are those out there who want to
eliminate much of what we hold dear and hallowed, and we must work to always keep our founding fathers’ ideals in front of our
fellow countrymen. Veterans do this better than any other group!
That being said, let me wish each and every one of you and your families the most wonderful Christmas and the happiest of New
Years! May 2015 be our best year yet!
We were finally able to get Ohio Paving to come in and repair and resurface our parking lot – and apparently just in the nick of
time! As I’m writing this, we’ve already had our first snowfall or two, and that resurfacing will help protect the lot through what is
forecast to be another nasty, cold winter!
We renewed our contract with Meehan’s Landscaping for our snow removal needs this winter. They’ve been a very reliable organization over the past two years, and I anticipate that will continue this year. However, I would still encourage all of you to watch
your step as you arrive and depart in the event that ice may have formed up between plowings and salting of the lot/walkways!
We don’t have any big projects looming at the end of the year, so at this point, I would like to point out and recognize those members who actively participate in the House Committee and our biweekly work parties, for it is their efforts that keep our place up and
make it the finest post in the area! House Committee members: Phil Kleinhenz, Roger Kvasager, Rich Hilko, Tutu Danko, Dan Lege
and Greg Denk. Frequent flyers at the Work Parties: Tom Swansiger, Jim Wagner, Dan Dallas and Hua Hanna. Of course, no one
would show up if it weren’t for the outstanding cooking of Joe Bruno for our breakfasts! Thank you all – I greatly appreciate your
efforts in all you do to support the Post! (Note – there are others that have helped periodically as well, I was only mentioning those
that are fairly regular participants. I am always grateful to any and all that take the time out of their Saturdays to help us!)
Sr. Vice Cmdr, Tad Brown
VFW's Congressional Charter Amendment
VFW Resolution 301 moves one step closer to passing. On Thursday, the House Judiciary Committee passed H.R.
5441, a bill to amend the VFW Congressional Charter to replace the word “men” with the word “veterans,” and the
word “widow” with the words “surviving spouses.” This legislation could be voted on by the full House as early as
next week. On the Senate side, there are currently 38 co-sponsors and it appears their version of the bill, S. 2782, will
skip the Committee process and move straight to the Senate floor for a vote. Take action now to ensure quick passage
of this legislation.
Veterans Groups Push for Putting Veterans First Act
In response to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s promise to schedule time for a vote on S. 932, the Putting Veterans Funding First Act, a coalition of Veterans and Military Service Organizations sent a letter thanking him for his
commitment. This act would fund all VA budgetary accounts a year in advance. This continues to be a priority goal for
the VFW, and we will be calling on you to take action once we know when the vote will be held.
House Holds Hearing on VACAA Implementation
On Thursday, the House Veterans Affairs Committee held a hearing to assess the implementation of the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act (VACAA). After his opening remarks, VA Deputy Secretary Sloan Gibson
fielded questions regarding the 1,000 VA employees, including 42 senior executives, who are currently pending termination for poor job performance. Several committee members expressed frustration with the slow speed with which
VA is acting to complete those removals. The other major topic was the rollout of the Choice Program, a VA authority
that gives veterans who live more than 40 miles away from a VA facility or have been waiting longer than 30 days for
an appointment the option to receive care from providers in their communities. Gibson announced that Choice cards
went out to all “40 milers” last week, and those waiting 30 days or more are scheduled to receive theirs by the first
week of December. All other enrollees will receive Choice cards by the end of January. The VFW strongly supported
the VACAA and the establishment of the Choice Program. We will continue to work closely with VA to ensure that
the program implementation continues as planned and that eligible veterans are provided the care they need. Learn
more about the Choice Program. Watch the hearing.
The VFW Pledges to End Sequestration
After representing the national organization at Veterans Day ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, VFW National Commander John Stroud spent the rest of the week inside the Pentagon. He
met with the Army Chief of Staff, the leadership of the Army Reserve, the Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy, and
others. His message was simple: The VFW exists to support veterans, the troops and their families at home and
abroad, and that the organization will work diligently with the new 114th Congress to eliminate sequestration. Now is
not the time to force the Pentagon to reduce its spending by a trillion dollars. Not with the military still fighting a war
in Afghanistan, against a new enemy in the Middle East. And not with the ongoing shift in defense commitments to
Asia and worldwide humanitarian missions that only America’s military is capable of providing upon demand. Congress created the sequester and only Congress can end it, he said, and the VFW will do its part to ensure that happens.
MyVA Reorganization Plans Announced
Bob McDonald, the Secretary of Veterans Affairs, announced his plans to reorganize the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure veterans have a clear understanding of VA’s structure and how to obtain needed care and benefits; to
train and enable employees to solve problems and take action; and to integrate VA products and services. To achieve
these goals, Secretary McDonald plans to establish a VA-wide customer service organization to understand and respond to the expectations of veterans; establish a single regional framework to simplify internal coordination, facilitate
partnering and enhance customer service; establish Community Veteran Advisory Councils to better coordinate with
local, state, and community partners; and develop a shared services model to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase productivity across VA. Secretary McDonald asks that veterans submit their
feedback, ideas and perspective though the MyVA Idea House.
Jr. Vice Commander
Looks like winter has come early this year. Oh well,
let's make the most of it. I don't have much planned,
as of yet, for December or January as far as
entertainment. I've some ideas that I'm still mulling
over. The biggest event for December is the ArmyNavy Game. The game is on the 13th and if you want a
seat at the bar you better plan on getting there a little early. There is some talk
of a actual flag football game at halftime. That will be interesting to watch if
you don't feel the urge yourself to participate. Army MAY have a chance to pull
out a Win that game.
I'd like to take a moment here to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry I still allowed to put that in print?!
February on the other hand, we will have our annual Super Bowl Party and I am putting together
another VFW Bus Hop. The Bus Hop will be on Saturday the 21st. I will be posting an intent sign up
sheet in the Canteen to insure we sell the bus out. I'm still working on the schedule of stops. Keep an eye
out for further details for both events posted on the bulletin boards in the Canteen.
QUEEN of HEARTS Raffle EVERY SUNDAY at 7 P.M.. Your best chance to win is when the game is
new. Good Luck! See you at the Post,
Danny Dallas
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There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also,
isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag... We have room for but one
language here, and that is the English language... and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a
loyalty to the American people."
I share these words with you not to make a political statement nor to force upon you which political
party to follow. I share them with you because this is America! It was founded on the principals of life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness. As President Roosevelt said, “there is room for but one flag”.
Regardless of ridicule from any person, I will proudly wave this flag, display my support for our service
men and women, and I will have zero tolerance for those that do not. All we can hope and pray for is
those that don’t feel the same, will one day wake up and realize the umbrella of freedom that protects
them, has been provided by the millions of those that either risked or gave their lives to provide it.
In closing, I would like to remind everyone that the holiday season is upon us. We have many activities
planned throughout the next two months. With these events, of course the canteen will be busy and the
holiday cheer will be flowing. I ask everyone to please be cautious. Not only during this time of year, but
at all times. Please support our canteen, but know your limits when getting behind the wheel. We would
like for everyone to remain safe and the only way this can happen is to not make bad decisions. We
enjoy your company and would like you around for years to come.
Finally I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. May God bless you and
your family and of course, the United States of America.
As always, I wish you “fair winds and following seas”.
Tim Zvoncheck
Honor Guard
Honor Guard Cmdr. Don Kennett
First of all, I would like to welcome Mr. Frank
Priestly to the Honor guard, Frank is a retired Army
Veteran who served in Somalia. Frank has also
volunteered to assist Dennis Pilney with the monthly
newsletter. Welcome aboard Frank. What was with
all the snow on November 14th. (I know this is Cleveland), Bleu got out of town just in time. I would
like to thank Dave Nesky, Tom Volansky and Paul DeMarco for assisting me in events that came up at
the last minute in November. Our most current project for the Honor Guard has been getting the
Honor Guard Bus wrapped. Bob Griffith and his son have worked diligently to get the Honor Guard
Bus running smoothly and John Hohne has worked on some of our structural issues. It was decided to
look into getting our vehicle presentable for our appropriate events.
We have contacted a company that wrapped the VFW 7th District Trailer, in Berea. We are
attaching pictures of what the Honor Guard Bus will look like after it has been wrapped. Please note
that this depiction is only a preliminary version. For those of you who have supported the Honor Guard
in this this project we truly say THANK YOU!
Calendar for December & January:
December 6th: Honor Guard Meeting/ Annual Breakfast January 3rd: Honor Guard Meeting
January 23rd: VFW Department of Ohio
December 7th: Pearl Harbor Day Remembrance
Mid-Winter Conference
December 18th: Scheduled Cemetery Duty at Rittman
Canteen Manager
Bill Sopko
Shovels, because this IS northern OHIO.
The Post/Canteen has been very busy with the Marine corp.
birthday celebration. Many new faces seems to be getting bigger
every year. Kudos to Major Ben for once again grabbing the helm as
our featured MC, thank Ben for making it short and sweet. There
was plenty of food and camaraderie. OH and last plenty of rum.
Veterans day was also a great tribute to all servicemen. Nice ceremony by cmdr. Tim, officers and Honor Guard, thanks is due also to the Men’s and Ladies Aux. for their always
faithful help. The Ladies Aux. cancer dinner was sold out as usual and enjoyed by all.
Remember to stop into your canteen and check the boards for upcoming events. Don’t miss out on the fun,
they fill up fast. The Army/Navy game is a must attend event for all service personal, That is Dec 13th. We will
visit the geedunk and stock up on pogy-bait.
Hope you all had a happy thanksgiving. the Canteen Team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and wonderful
safe & Happy New year.
Pray for our troops and their families.
GOD bless the U.S.A.
Happy trails
Dave and Billy
Breaking news;
Condoms don’t guarantee safe sex anymore. a friend of mine was wearing one
when he was shot dead by the women's husband
Ladies Auxiliary
Wow! What a great success for our Harvest to Cancer
Research Dinner. Thank you all for coming, donating, and being part of this great success. I would like to thank Teri Cristino , cancer chairperson, Frank Zullo, and all the ladies that
put this on… You all deserve a pat on the back! Also thank you
to “The New Century Beatniks” for providing us great music all
I would like to invite all the Ladies Auxiliary to our next meeting. (December 8th) We
will be having our annual Christmas dinner; if you wish to come we ask that you bring a
dish. We chose to go by your last name and to bring the following: A-I : DESERT SALAD/APPITIZER J-R :
SALAD/DESERT S-Z: VEGTABLE/SIDE DISH so for example …VanBelleghem would bring VEGTABLE/
SIDE DISH. The Ladies will provide turkey and a ham.
We will be raffling off a 1930 poster framed of the banner of the ARMY/NAVY game that was played on November 11th. It will be in the canteen to see and purchase tickets, we will have the drawing at half time during the
game in December. All proceeds will go into the relief fund to help another veteran. We would like to thank
Mike Ellis for donating this wonderful picture.
Start looking for your favorite soup recipe! Once again we will be hosting the “Soup a Thon” in January. Look
for details in the canteen.
If you didn’t pay your dues, please do. December 15 th is the cut off to be in “good standing” and I am sure you
don’t want to not be able to get in or miss the great things we are going to do in 2015. Annual dues are $25.00 or
ask Char Sujeta and become life member.
I wish everyone a beautiful holiday season. My prayers are with you all, God Bless.
President, Michelle VanBelleghem
Men’s Auxiliary
With the holidays fast approaching this is
probably the busiest time of year for most of us. As you
celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas with your
families this year, please remember to keep our troops
and their families in your prayers during this holiday
season and throughout the year. Say an extra prayer for all of them.
We will be raffling off another flat screen TV this year for the holidays. $10 per ticket and only 100
tickets will be sold. We should have it ready to go just in time for our next tailgate party - mark your
calendars for Saturday, November 29th. The Men’s Auxiliary will be putting on another tailgate party
for the Ohio State - Michigan game. So put on your scarlet and gray, and come and join us down at the
post to support your Buckeyes! We’ll have side boards, a 50/50 raffle, prizes, and we’ll be doing our
annual chili cook-off too so sign up and enter your favorite recipe. There will be a signup sheet in the
canteen, and we ask everyone to bring a side dish again.
Remember your dues HAVE to be paid by the end of the year. If you haven’t paid them your cards will
be turned off, so stop down and get paid up before the new year.
I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season, and remember those in need at this and every
time of year. As always, please continue to keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers….
President, Bob DeHart
The Stuff Column!
Oh Boy! It’s not even December yet
and here we go again! UGH!!!!!! Nuff said.
Seeing how this could be my last newsletter, I better
Editor & Past Cmdr.
come up with something intelligent to say. First of all, I
Dennis Pilny
would like to pass along how much I really did enjoy doing
the newsletter for so many years. Since retiring, it not only gave me
something constructive to do, but it was also nice to inter-act with a lot of
our members and officers. The good times far out waived the frustrations
and problems with publishing. I want to thank all of you who expressed your
enjoyment with my work and for your encouragement.
Over the years I’ve been a member here, I’ve seen numerous changes in
both the building itself and also it’s members. When I first joined, our
members were aging, and simply said, worn out from the many, many years
of volunteering and the chores of maintaining this great post. As some of
us, the newer, younger veterans became members, we tried to maintain and
foster the honors due to our “older” members by keeping changes to a
minimum and preserving their heritage. Unfortunately, time waits for no one
and the older ones have for the most part, passed on. When I was
Commander, I had the dubious honor to perform the ceremonies for five
Past Commanders, all from WWII or Korea.
Since I retired as you Post Commander, I’ve seen the average age of
our members drop significantly, and our volunteers expressing a renewed
vigor in support of our Veterans. Having been to a great many VFW Post,
not only in Ohio, but while attending VFW Conventions and other states, I
can assure you we are way ahead of the curve in renewing the strengths of
the VFW by bringing in a whole new batch of “younger” members. The post
is going through another period of change and with change comes uneasiness.
The older members (now us), complain, just like our parents did, that the
music is to loud, the actions might be considered un-appropriate.
(Continued on page 11)
Jacky Cytlak and Carol Woodward
Many thanks to the 304 students who participated in the essay contest entitled
The following schools participated:
Anand Home School, Assumption Academy, Incarnate Word Academy, Kinsner Elementary
St. Bartholomew Academy, Sts. Joseph and John, St.Mary Byzantine
1st Place
2nd Place
3rd Place
Our congratulations to the following winners:
Daniel Anand
Anand Home School
8th grade
Anna Miclau
St. Bartolomew Academy 8th grade
Shay Tanna
Incarnate Word Academy 6th grade
We were allowed to forward 12 additional essays to District 7. In alphabetical order:
Brandon Ballado
St. Mary Byzantine
8th grade
Aileen Bracken
Incarnate Word Academy
6th grade
Cole Butkiewicz
St. Bartholomew Academy
8th grade
Francesca Jablonski
St. Bartholomew Academy
7th grade
Halani Magbag
Sts. Joseph and John
8th grade
Madison Manjura
St. Bartholomew Academy
8th grade
Jake Norwillo
Sts. Joseph and John
8th grade
Natalia Pena
St. Mary Byzantine
8th grade
Hali Piepsny
St. Bartholomew Academy
7th grade
Kayla Powers
Sts. Joseph and John
8th grade
Madison Wagner
St. Bartholomew Academy
8th grade
Miranda Zangara
St. Bartholomew Academy
8th grade
The winners will be acknowledged at an Awards Luncheon in the spring.
A very special “thank you” to the following ladies who helped read and reread these essays!!
Rosalie Bruno, Jackie Keen, Nancy Marbry and Joyce Zapola. We couldn’t have done it without you!
Above is what our Honor Guard van will look like once the prep work being
done by the Honor Guard is completed. What a transformation! It won’t
take long before it is a rolling advertisement for both the Honor Guard and
this Post. It really looks great guys, you’ve outdone yourselves.
October New Members
Nicholas D’Amico, Dennis O’Brian
Gary Luchansky, James Cerny
Robert Johnson, Crosby Kisler
Robert Smith, Cassandra Bennett
October Donations
November New Members
Chris Ryder, Kyle Burkey,
Kyle Hreha, Michael Shannon
November Donations
VFW National Home for Children
Honor Flight Cleveland
Veterans Relief Organization (Gift Cards)
Ohio Flags of Honor for their vehicle fundraiser
VFW National Home for Children
Veterans Relief Organization
319th QM HHD Family Day
Tin Can Sailors
VFW Junior Girls Conference
Wade Park VA Christmas Gift Fund
(Continued from page 8)
Conversely! Our newer members are looking to make their place in the
pecking order. What is very encouraging is the fact that we all realize why
we’re here. That common interest is what grounds us and gives us the
patients to make the evolution possible.
History teaches us many things, and right now I believe it’s trying to
teach us that our Military is in disarray and needs to be strengthened. The
VFW, and our sister military organizations can, and I’m sure, be there to
support our newest military families.
I’ve said it many times before and I still believe it.
No matter where I go, or what ever the future holds for me, I will always
maintain my membership with this Post. It’s also what grounds me!
All that being said………..Don’t forget December 13th is the annual Navy/
Army game (yes, I know). It’s always a good day (mostly for the Navy)
with lots of food, fun and inter-service rivalry. Come on down and root on
you team! It’s a great way to begin the Holiday Season. If nothing else,
it’s the only day of the year the Navy and Marines are cheering for the
same thing.
Also, looking ahead. Don’t forget the Super Bowl Party on February 1st
at the University of Phoenix, that’s always fun, and The Ladies Aux will also
be doing a Soup-A-Thon in early Feb., look for details & sign-up sheets on
the post bulletin boards as the time draws near.
Advanced Group Agency and Russell Insurance
& Investments, LLC
Insurance ¨ Retirement ¨ Employee Benefits
3800 Lakeside Ave., Suite #100
Cleveland, OH 44114 and
P: 216 – 361 – 5495
F: 216 – 431 – 8840
December 2014,
January 2015 Newsletter
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Cleveland, Ohio
Permit No. 3818
POST 3345
17900 Strongsville Blvd.
Strongsville, Ohio 44149-1648
(440) 234-0250
Fax (440) 378-0687
We honor our dead,
by serving the living!
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All American Post
3 consecutive years,
National Outstanding
Community Service Award,
4 consecutive years ,
All State Post
11 consecutive years.
Permanent Floors Carpet One
“We’re the store for your perfect floor”
Veteran owned and operated since 1947
Ceramic Tile
On Ridge Rd.
Buying U.S. & Foreign Coins
North of Snow,
South of Pearl.
Vinyl Flooring
One mile south
of I-480
Wood Refinishing
Post 3345 Member
Ken Kassouf
5620 Ridge Rd. * Parma * 440 884-3300
Top Prices paid!
Post member, L.J. (Ben) Bender
(440) 886-4095