North American Council on Adoptable Children Annual Report 2011

North American
Council on
Adoptable Children
Annual Report 2011
& Services
Founded in 1974, NACAC promotes
and supports permanent families for children and youth in the U.S. and Canada
who have been in care—especially those
in foster care and those with special
needs. This mission statement highlights
NACAC’s core function and guides our
work in four primary areas: adoption
support, parent leadership development,
advocacy and public policy, and education and information sharing. Below are
NACAC’s 2011 accomplishments.
Adoption Support
Adoption Tax Credit
Information Center
For more than a decade, NACAC has
worked to make the adoption tax credit
more accessible to families and to ensure
that families know how to apply for the
benefit. In 2011, however, our adoption
tax credit work grew exponentially once
the credit became refundable for tax
years 2010 and 2011.
With funding from H&R Block, the
Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption,
and our general revenue, NACAC widely disseminated information about the
adoption tax credit and the fact that people who adopted as far back as 2005
could benefit from refundability. In
addition, staff provided information and
in-depth assistance to more than 2,740
parents, prospective parents,
adoption workers, and tax
professionals, helping them
understand and properly
apply for the credit. As one
wrote to us later, “I truly
appreciate your assistance in
this matter. … I never experienced anything like the people at NACAC—always willing to help, and always giving
so much time to answer questions and helping us to
understand the process.
Thank you!!!!”
Staff also helped IRS staff members
establish ways for parents to document
special needs, and worked with IRS staff
to resolve numerous processing problems. State adoption administrators saw
the results of our work: “Thank you so
much for all you are doing to address
this issue. We continue to get calls from
families who are panicked about getting
the information being requested by the
IRS in on time and feeling threatened
by the penalty. NACAC’s assistance has
been invaluable. The information you
have provided to the states has allowed
us to provide better and more accurate
information to our families.”
In addition to one-on-one support,
NACAC offered three webinars on the
adoption tax credit that served more
than 160 parents, adoption workers, and
tax preparers. One tax preparer expressed
gratitude after tax season ended: “... I
am a tax preparer that took the webinar
on the adoption credit last year. All my
adoption credits went through without
a hitch including one extremely large
refund going back to 2005. You even
helped make me successful.”
Adoption Support Network
Since March 2010, NACAC has operated
a statewide program funded by the
Minnesota Department of Human
Services that supports adoptive families
and adopted youth. In 2011 the
Adoption Support Network (ASN) provided one-on-one information and support to at least 900 adoptive parents
through more than 12,000 contacts, and
ran 27 adoption support groups serving
about 600 families. ASN staff develop
strong relationships with many of the
families they serve, connections that help
sustain families through difficult times.
As one adoptive mother explained, “I
would like to thank you at NACAC for
all your support. If I didn't have this
program in my life, I think I would have
given up. Every time I needed assistance
with help and direction, you were there
for us and this meant the world to me. I
have tried other resources and they did
give me information, but that was just it,
it was just information, the end. When I
needed information from NACAC, I
received a kind voice and a supporting
attitude. This I want to thank you all for
making my adoption journey a good
In addition, 119 parents attended ASN
retreats—one for adoptive mothers,
another for families whose children experienced trauma, one for transracial families, and one for families parenting teens.
One parent wrote to us after a retreat to
explain how much the event mattered,
“You were a rock for us both during the
weekend retreat.... It was as if we both
walked in as a great dam holding in so
much pain and excitement and sadness
and love all wrapped together. The
retreat gave us permission to let out the
floodgates and begin to heal.”
NACAC also contracted with Children’s
Home Society & Family Services and
Hope Adoption & Family Services to
support youth who had been adopted.
With this support, a team of 21 youth
ages 14 to 21 formed the Our Own
Words adoption advisory committee. Our Own Words members
shared their experiences and recommendations with adoptive parents,
adoption professionals, schools,
and other community groups in an
effort to improve adoption services.
Adoption Subsidy
Resource Center
NACAC’s Adoption Subsidy
Resource Center, funded in part by
the Dave Thomas Foundation for
Adoption, provides information,
was instrumental for us over and
over again — they helped us
become and remain a family….
Time was never an issue & no
stone was left unturned by
Parent Leadership
Community Champions
support, training, and advocacy related
to adoption assistance in the U.S. and
Canada. In 2011, NACAC staff and volunteers from around the country provided information to more than 15,000
individuals about the benefits available
to children with special needs who are
adopted from foster care. More than
1,000 of these individuals received indepth support and advocacy to ensure
their children received the benefits they
need to grow and thrive.
During the year, NACAC also advocated
for improved adoption assistance policies in several states and trained more
than 1,500 parents and professionals
about adoption assistance. Advocacy
efforts included helping Louisiana
administrators change the state’s definition of special needs with respect to
adoption assistance eligibility, working
with South Carolina staff to explore
ways to provide higher levels of support
to teens who are adopted, and fighting
efforts in Washington State to cut adoption assistance payments.
Parents who receive our support are able
to access benefits to help meet their children’s special needs. One parent reported
how we made a difference: “After
attending a NACAC workshop, I found
out that my son was entitled to receive
adoption subsidy. NACAC staff helped
me gather information and make my
case, and within a short period of time
my son was able to receive a monetary
amount that he should have been
receiving. NACAC worked with me,
helped me, and provided me with information that I would have taken forever
to garner from other sources.”
Another gratefully explained, “When we
thought all hope could be lost, NACAC
“HUGE Thanks to CCN ... and
the support from Jockey International!… That spark from an outside
sensitive, supportive and committed
facilitator has moved this concept into
real support for families and children.… Have no doubt that Community Champions is making a huge difference in the lives of children and their
families throughout North America.”
That’s how one adoption professional
expressed her gratitude for the support
she received from NACAC’s Community Champions Network (CCN) to
establish a parent-to-parent adoption
support program in New Brunswick.
With a grant from Jockey Being
Family®, CCN has established 18 coalitions—in California, Colorado, Florida,
Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri,
New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario,
Rhode Island, Virginia, Washington,
D.C., and Wisconsin. In these communities, more than 1,500 adoptive parents
and adoption professionals have banded
together to advocate for increased investments in key post-adoption services.
Coalitions in Florida, Michigan, Missouri, Ontario, New Brunswick, and
Nova Scotia have already succeeded in
raising funds to support adoptive families. In Ontario, for example, Bill 179 is
slated to provide $9.5 million in adoption subsidy benefits for sibling groups
and children 10 and older. Nova Scotia
will be funding a new adoptive parent
mentoring program.
In addition to supporting the advocacy
coalitions, CCN staff and consultants
help local communities start and expand
adoption support groups. In April 2011,
NACAC hosted a legislative advocacy
conference for 30 experienced parent
group leaders from Colorado, Florida,
Maryland, Michigan, Texas, Virginia,
and Washington, D.C. This conference
was followed by a parent leadership
training, funded by the Embrace parent
group, for 38 new and experienced
group leaders from Texas.
In the fall, CCN trained 60 parent group
leaders on how to start and improve
their support services. With our help,
leaders in our target cities of Chicago,
Baltimore, Miami, Detroit, Dallas, and
Austin have started 21 groups and are
improving services in 26 other groups
that serve hundreds of adoptive, foster,
and kinship families. One new leader
reported, “I have become a stronger
more confident advocate for Kinship
Families and I have also been hired in a
leadership position of my support
group based on the training I had
through NACAC’s Train the Trainer.”
AdoptUSKids’ Respite
AdoptUSKids, a service of the Children’s
Bureau, contracts with NACAC to create,
develop, and enhance respite services for
adoptive, foster, and kinship families. In
2011, AdoptUSKids provided 28 parent
groups and associations from 21 states
with $5,000 grants to create respite programs in their community.
Under the AdoptUSKids contract,
NACAC staff planned a respite conference in September where 56 group grant
recipients and their public agency partners learned about how to implement
new respite programs. Training covered
needs assessment, fundraising, collaboration, and a variety of respite program
models. In addition, staff also provided
ongoing technical assistance to grantees
Education and
to help them implement
respite programs and overcome barriers.
During 2011, AdoptUSKids
also funded four mini-grants
to help start support groups
for adoptive parents in the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community.
Annual NACAC
Advocacy and
Public Policy
Child Welfare System Reform
Shared Learning Collaborative
During 2011, NACAC staff served as
consultants to the Annie E. Casey
Foundation’s Child Welfare Strategy
Group, researching effective programs
and practices for older youth in foster
care. Staff identified programs in a number of domains—health care, mental
health care, youth development, education, and transitioning to adulthood—
and identified how to best serve youth
who are involved in both the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.
In 2011, NACAC also supported Casey
Family Programs’ Shared Learning
Collaborative (SLC). Staff handled logistics for three SLC meetings, each of which
brought together teams from around the
U.S. to learn how to build resources, skills,
capacities, and connections to achieve designated child welfare reform goals.
Early in 2011, staff completed work on
several literature reviews for the Child
Welfare Strategy Group, summarizing
key articles on team decision-making,
family preservation, family reunification,
foster care reentry, adoption, guardianship, kinship care, and home visiting.
State Policy Advocacy and
Reform Center
In December 2011, NACAC entered
into a contract with First Focus to provide expertise and guidance related to
adoption and permanency issues for the
State Policy Advocacy and Reform
Center (SPARC). SPARC, created with
funds from the Annie E. Casey
Foundation, will support the work of
state advocates who are pursuing child
welfare reform.
Special Events
The eighth annual AdoptWalk, presented by Target, was held in midMay at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis. Enjoyed by over 250 walkers,
the fundraising and friend-raising
event raised more than $17,000 to
support NACAC’s programs. Thanks
to the ongoing support of corporate
team sponsor Walling, Berg &
Debele, P. A. and to the 13 teams of
walkers, the event was a great success.
Voices from the Heart Gala
NACAC’s annual gala was held on
Saturday, November 12 as a celebration
of adoptive families everywhere. About
200 guests enjoyed a reception, silent
and live auctions, a gourmet dinner,
and a jazz trio. The event raised more
than $25,000 to support NACAC.
Honorees were U.S. Senator Amy
Klobuchar (D-MN), who was
honored for her efforts to raise
awareness about adoption;
Alexis Oberdorfer, vice president of adoption for Children’s
Home Society & Family
Services; and the University of
Advanced Studies in Child
Welfare for creating the Permanency and Adoption Competency Certificate (PACC)
“Came with no expectations but
in DIRE need of help. Going
away with a complete heart
transformation and the knowledge I need to parent completely differently to allow connection!” is how one adoptive parent explained the importance of
the NACAC conference.
The 2011 conference in Denver, Colorado served roughly 808 adoptive parents, adoption professionals, and others
committed to achieving permanence for
children in foster care. Among other
things, participants learned how to better support children with special needs,
recruit and prepare permanent families,
and change the system to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and their
families. Another attendee wrote, “This
has been a phenomenal training. All
professionals, parents and youth can
benefit from learning and educating
others with their expertise.... I love that
most of the trainers are part of the
adoption triad!!”
The Colorado Department of Human
Services funded conference registrations
for 200 adoption professionals and adop-
program. Ann Jacobs shared the heartwarming story of how she and her husband Steve parent 16 adopted children.
A gala sponsor raved, “The evening
was the BEST!!!, it always is!!! Thank
you for all you do!!!”
tive parents. Thirty-two adoption support group leaders received scholarships
funded by the Debra Steigerwaldt Waller
Foundation to attend their first NACAC
conference. This investment serves far
more than just one person, as one group
leader noted: “The scholarship made it
possible for me to attend the conference
and obtain a wealth of knowledge to
take back to my quickly growing support groups.”
Other conference sponsors included
AdoptUSKids, Behavioral Healthcare,
Inc., Dave Thomas Foundation for
Adoption, Human Rights Campaign,
MillerCoors, and Barbara Orlik for the
Sara Berman Memorial Children’s Fund.
Adoption Information
In 2011, NACAC launched a free enewsletter called News from NACAC.
Reaching about 8,000 members of the
adoption community, News from
NACAC included
information on the
adoption tax credit,
resources for adoptive parents and
professionals, and
important policy
issues. One recipient wrote: “Just
wanted to say
thank you so much
for your e-newsletter that I just started receiving! I am
a foster/adopt parent in Maryland,
and we are starting
an adoption support group in our county, and this
resource will be very helpful!”
NACAC’s quarterly newsletter Adoptalk
continued to provide its 3,000 recipients
with accurate, in-depth articles on key
adoption topics. Each issue also features
a number of children waiting to be
adopted, and one recruiter let us know
that these features make a difference: “I
just wanted to let you know that I am
receiving inquiries on Sierra because of
the Adoptalk feature. I think it’s important you know your efforts are fruitful!”
In addition, staff helped prospective
adopters find information about how to
adopt or how to find supportive services
to meet their children’s needs. Our team
of 108 volunteer representatives around
North America provided locally specific
information to many current and
prospective adopters. NACAC’s web site
also offered in-depth information on
adoption issues to thousands of visitors.
One visitor said, “You guys offer a
tremendous resource. As an adoptions
attorney (as well as adoptive/foster parent) I speak often at support groups for
foster-adoptive families. I look forward
to pointing them towards your website
and resources!”
Training on Adoption Issues
The photos in this report were taken
in 2011 by Colby Brown at the
NACAC conference in Denver or by
Christina Romo at AdoptWalk.
During 2011, NACAC trained more
than 2,500 adoption community members on parent group development,
adoption assistance, transracial parenting, core issues in adoption, adoption
competence, and other adoption issues.
NACAC’s 2011
at a Glance
parents, tax preparers, and adoption
professionals received specific advice
about how to claim the
adoption tax credit
Minnesota adoptive families were
served through the Adoption
Support Network
parents and workers received
information about adoption
assistance available to adopted
children with special needs
parents and adoption professionals
were trained about post-adoption
support, transracial parenting, and
other adoption-related topics
adoptive parent group leaders
received scholarships to attend the
NACAC conference
communities in the U.S. and
Canada had NACAC-supported
coalitions advocating for postadoption services
individuals received the
News from NACAC e-newsletter
unique visitors (on average) went
to each month
of funds were
spent on program services
Donors &
In 2011, many individuals
and organizations in the U.S.
and Canada helped NACAC
achieve our goals of helping
families and children. In
addition to the donors below,
we thank the people who
supported NACAC through
federal, state, and other
workplace campaigns.
Visionaries ($5,000–$9,999)
Joe & Becky Kroll, MN
Tom & Sue Schade, MA
Partners ($1,000–$4,999)
Cari Avey, WA
Blake Financial Group, MN
Joseph Dosch & Nancy
Evangelista, NY
Lamar Frost, OH
Ruth G. McRoy, CA
Marion Pohlman Reynolds, AZ
Mary & Tim Sheehan, MN
Nancy & Bob Viking, MN
Wright & Patricia Walling, MN
Walling, Berg & Debele, P.A., MN
Joy & John Wetzel, MN
Guardians ($500–$999)
Susan Badeau, PA, in honor of Dylan
& Adam Badeau
Mary Boo, MN
Terry Cross, OR
Denise Goodman, OH
Harold Grotevant, MA
Julie Koch, MN
Regina Kupecky, OH, in memory of
Donald Kupecky
John Levesque, ME
Reid MacDonald, MN
Michael Majid, CA
Laurie Pohlman, MN
Sandra Scarth, BC
Michelle & Steven Schumacher, FL,
in honor of Kim Stevens
Kim Stevens, MA
Dolly Swanson, MN
Wheelock Whitney & Kathleen
Blatz, MN
Builders ($250–$499)
MaryLee & Frank Allen, DC
Rebecca Allen, MN, in honor of Mary
Boo & Josh Kroll
Gaelan J. Armstrong, NY
Michael & Michelle Bawek, MN
in honor of Mary Boo of NACAC
Frank & Carla Bennett, CO,
in honor of Eddie Bennett
Anita Cohernour, CO, in
honor of Josh, Mary & Joe, NACAC’s
Adoption Tax Credit Team
Janice Higgins, MN, in
memory of Michael T. Higgins
Maria Jameson, MD, in honor of Joe
& Josh Kroll
Josh Kroll, MN
Ray & Carol Kroll, MN, in honor of
Raymond & Gertrude Kroll
Latino Family Institute, CA
Nancy Le, MN
Mrs. Mary Miller, NM
Valerie Miller, NC
Jennifer Perry, CA
Jean Schroedel Peretz, CA,
in honor of Genevieve Schroedel
Deborah Ann Schwinger, PA,
in honor of NACAC’s help with
adoption subsidy and IRS
Mitchell Thompson, IA
Grant Woodley, IA
Friends ($100–$249)
Adoptions From The Heart, PA
Gail Albergottie, WI
Judith & Kenneth Anderson, MN
Jeanne Andre & Dennis
Schapiro, MN
Susan Aucoin-Krupa & Joseph
Krupa, MD
Ginny Blade, MN
Larry Bohannon, TX
Mary Richardson Boo, VA
Nicole R. Broe, MN
CAFAC Adoption Agency, MB
Tyler Candee & Jessica Intermill, MN
Sarah T. & John Casken, HI
Linda Causey, GA, in honor of
Hannah & Jared Causey
Deborah Cave, CO
Dorothy Cleveland, MN
Astrid Dabbeni, OR
Milissa Danceur, AZ
Marie & Robert Dolfi, NY
John Dubicki, PA, in honor of
Stephanie Dubicki
Judge Leonard Edwards, CA
Laura Eggertson, ON
Family Design Resources, Inc., PA
Anne Feldman, NY, in honor of her
three adopted children
Deborah & Nathan Fjeld, MN
Kari Fletcher, MN
Kathy & Bill Franz, OH
L. Lloys Frates, CA
Dennis & Christine Gareis, CA
Melvin J. Gravely, OH
Donald & Shirley Grindstaff, MN
Luanna & Steve Hacker, MN
Hyun Sook Han, MN
Jerri Jenista, MI
Jesse L. Johnson, IL
Michelle Johnson, MN
Dina Khaled & Andrew Tesch, MN
Merryl Klein, NY
Dottie Klemm, OH
Jolene Koester, CA
Pat & Ken Krippner, MO
Alexandra Lafaye, IL
Traci Laliberte, MN
Lisa Levin, MN
William & Barbara Mains, WI
Vanessa Martin, MA, in honor of her
son Isaiah
Diane Martin-Hushman & John
Hushman, MN
Lisa Mathey, VA
Terence & Leann McAllister, MA
Lois McDonald, MO
Mary M. & Mary Beth
McGowan, MN
Gail McLaughlin, MN
Jennifer Miller, RI
Nina & Gordon Mosser, MN
Leora Neal, NY
Elizabeth & Donald Oberdorfer, MN
Dan Olson, MN
Adam Pertman, NY
Stephanie Johnson Pettaway, MD
Jay Pettis & Allyson Candee, MN
Urvix Pithawala, NV
Rebecca Planer, MN
Sally D. & Lewis M. Popper, MA
Phyllis Priest, MI, in honor of everyone who worked on the tax credit
Helen Ramirez, CA
Daniel & Erik Renk-Grant, MN
Lynn & Kevin Riley, MA, in honor
of NACAC as a resource
Elspeth Ross, ON
Lori & Randy Ross, MO
Beth & Peter Rozga, MN
Stacey Saffold, IL
Susan Sammis, NM
Esther Sanchez, CA
Tonda Shaw, FL
Sandra R. Smith-Ford, IL
Janet Souza, HI
Jason & Brenda Stiller, MN
Lynhon & David Stout, IA
John Strait & Amy Blackmond, PA
Susan Thompson, MN
Maria & Mac Tripeny, MN
Vicki Vossen, MN
Paul Waytz & Susan Gray, MN
Addie Williams, MI
David & Elizabeth Woodland, MN
Tina M. Woods, MI
Toni Wren, NY
Stephen Wright, TX
Ryan Zapko, PA, in honor of
Jacqueline M. Zapko
Ted & Kathy Zwieg, MN
Donors (up to $99)
Connie & Lawrence Ackert, OH
Sue Adie, NH
Jenifer Agosti, MA, in honor of
Sophie & Grandpa Joe
Janet Alston Jackson & Walter
Jackson, CA
Randa Anabtawi, AZ
Earl Anderson, MN
Sherry & Mike Anderson, PA
Dina D. Angress, CA
Beverly Ankerfelt, MN
Gloria & Randy Baer, VA
Suzanne Barclay, CA
Walter Bardell, MN
Thomas & Kathryn Bawek, MN
Luann Berg, MN
David & Elaine Billmire, OH
Juanita & Mark Bishop, OH
Laurel Therese Boerger, MN
Jim Boitnott, CA
Wendy Bouchard-Nelson, MN
Ardell Brackley, MA
Jo Marie Bruss, MN
Carol Bungert & Terry Meland, MN
Michele Burnette, MD
Carole Butchart, CA
Helga Butler, MD
Margie Chalofsky, MD, in honor of
the great work by Kim Stevens and
the rest of the NACAC team!
The Clark Family, MA
Kent & Lee Coffman, IL
Ben Coonce, MN
Twila Costigan, MT
Heather Craig-Oldsen, NE
Mary Cushen, MN
Shannon Damlo, MN
Rita Davern, MN
David DeBrosse, NC
Kelly DeLany, OR
Planned Giving
One sentence in your will can make a significant
difference for waiting children and adoptive families:
“I give and bequeath to the
North American Council on Adoptable Children,
970 Raymond Avenue, Suite 106, St. Paul, MN 55114,
the sum of ____ dollars (or ____ percent of my estate) to
be used for its general purposes.”
Doris Dick & Sharon Geibel, PA
Candy & Steven Dickhudt, MN
Lorry F. Dinsel, PA
Michelle Duncan, NY
Sydney Duncan, MI
Deborah L. Dunklee, MA
Jeanette Dunning, NV
Vicki Evans, NC
Sharon Fields, MN
Jamie & Terry Fisher, IL, in memory
of Collette & Walter Breen
Patrick & Madeline Fitzsimmons, OR
Karen & Doug Fuller, OH
Jim Gabler, MN, in memory of
Clinton R. Boo, Jr.
William Gabler, MN, in memory of
Clinton R. Boo, Jr.
Sherril Garahan, MN
Peter Gasparik, NY
Joy & Michael Goldstein, NY
Barb Goltz, MN
Kimya Green, CA
Sue Gregory, OH, in honor of foster
& adoptive children
Mary Hallahan, NJ
Lola Hanna, MN
Maureen & Jim Heffernan, OH,
in honor of Sophie
Kimberly Herman, MN
Kathryn & Craig Holden, IN
Jeanne A. Howard, IL
Christopher Iverson, MN
Kevin Johanson, MN
Kjel Johnson & Emily Palmer, MN
Mei Lin Chang Hee Jung, MN
Marsha Kamletz, ND, in honor of
future children she hopes to adopt
Lynne Kazama, HI
Shirley Klitzke, MN
Vicky Knickerbocker, MN
Susan Kowalke, MN
Terri Kramar, MN
Laura Kriegisch, CA
Lee A. Langhurst, PA, in honor of his
sister Ruby
Eugene Lee, NJ
Mary LeFebvre, MO
Alvin Leung, WA, in honor of
Caroline Leung
Leah Lowery, IL, in honor of the
Lowery family
Allison Lunde, MN
Martha Lunde, MN, in memory of
Clinton R. Boo, Jr.
Kari Lyons, CA
Myra Magee, LA
John Magruder, CA
Katharine Mann, IL
Norma Martinez, CA
Kristi Maschal, TX, in honor of her
adopted sons Andrew, Robert, &
Kesney McCarthy, MN
Jewell McCliment, PA
James & Kathy Mercier, MN
Rhonda Meyer, WY, in honor of
Audrey Miller’s fifth birthday
Mary Jo Michalik, MN
Katherine & David Miller, CA
Jesse & Kelly Mitchell, ND, in honor
of the waiting children
Amanda Moecker, MN
Ahavat Moore, FL
C.L. Moore, MN
Kenneth Morris, MN
Kathleen Hogan Morrison, IL
Fran Murnane, MN
Nicholas Nownes, MN
Michael O’Brien, MN, in memory of
Clinton R. Boo, Jr.
Mary Elizabeth O’Malley, MA
Gregg Oberlander, OH
Patricia Olson, MN
David & Nora Osendorf, MN, in
memory of Clinton R. Boo, Jr.
Marlys Pemble, MN
Cindy Perusse, MN
Susan Peters & Lisa Durose, MN
Robert Peterson, MN
Lynette S. Popejoy, M.A., AZ
Shane Prevost, MN
Joseph & Denise Quinn, PA
Phyllis Reames, ME
Mary Regan, MN
Nicole Rice, MN
Keith Richter, MN
Beverly A. Ringsak, MN
Tom & Mary Jo Rogalski, MN,
in memory of Clinton R. Boo, Jr.
Amy Rogers, MN
Mary Roles, MN
Jayne Rovianek, CA
Karen Rusthoven, MN
Nick & Susanne Salcido, England
Deanna Sande, MN
Dave Santos, CA
Dean Schrimpf & Lori DuroseSchrimpf, MN
Ann Schroder & Nicholas
Marcucci, MN
A Second Chance Charitable
Foundation, PA
Dardanella Shenefelt, MS
Terri Sik, MN
Richard Smith, MN
Cathy Soldner, MN
Frederick & Avis Somers, MN
Peggy & David Soule, NY
Emily Srock, VA
Cady Stanton, WA
Sonja Starnes, MN
Thomas Stiller, ND
June Stoltz, IL
Carol Swanson, MN
Daniel & Carol Swenson, MN
Colleen Tarket, CO
Mary Thomas, MN
Tabatha Trahan & Nitara Frost, MN
Mary Tryggeseth, WI, in memory of
Greg Schrimpf
Gene & Kurt Tweraser, AR
Brenda Ursel, AK
Debbie Wallace, MN, in honor of
Isaac, Morgan, & Greg Wallace
Jill Waterman, CA
Bryan Waugh, VA, in honor of Alexia
& Bryan Waugh
Colleen Webber, MN
Paul & Janelle Wegner, MN
Kenneth & Linda Wendling, FL
Linda West, MS
Chris & Tracey Westendorp, MN
Sally Wildman, IL, in honor of clients,
colleagues, & friends
Judith Wilhoite, HI
Scott Williams & Sharon
Vandivere, MD
Les Wilmot, CO
Kimberley Zahradka, WI
Major Funders
AdoptUSKids, a service of the Children’s Bureau
Annie E. Casey Foundation
Casey Family Programs
Colorado Department of Human Services
The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption
Debra Steigerwaldt Waller Foundation
H&R Block
Jockey International, Inc./Jockey Being Family®
Minnesota Department of Human Services
2011 Finances
Foundation Funding and Contributions. . . . . . . . . . $565,582
Government Grants and Contracts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $420,004
Other Contracts and Training Fees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . $320,285
Conference Income . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $234,823
Membership Fees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $63,037
Special Events (net) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $38,671
Interest/Investment Income. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $-6,264
Sales of Goods/Publications (net) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,600
Miscellaneous . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,803
TOTAL INCOME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,639,541
Public Education (includes conference) . . . . . . . . . . $292,071
Adoption Support Network . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $394,960
Public Policy Education and Advocacy . . . . . . . . . . . $102,360
Shared Learning Collaboratives . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $163,959
Parent Group Support . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $118,478
Community Champions Network . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $218,047
Adoption Subsidy Resource Center . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $76,227
Tax Credit Information Center. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $81,227
Management . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $136,140
Fundraising . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $133,725
TOTAL EXPENSES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,717,194
& Fundraising
Balance Sheet
Excess of Income over Expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $-77,653
Total Assets—January 1, 2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $541,930
Total Assets—December 31, 2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $393,672
Net Assets—December 31, 2011 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $191,304
Board, Staff,
Executive Commitee
Ruth McRoy, CA, President
Félix Correa-Romero, PR,
Vice President
Sandra Scarth, BC, Vice
John Levesque, ME, Secretary
Wright Walling, MN, Treasurer
Sue Badeau, PA
Donsetta Blakely, NV
Kelly Cates, MD
Deborah Cave, CO
Wendy Conforzi, ON
Terry Cross, OR
Astrid Dabbeni, OR
Hal Grotevant, MA
Patricia Macias, TX
Oronde Miller, MD
Jennifer Perry, CA
Maria Quintanilla, CA
Rod Simons, MN
Wendy Wiegmann, CA
Addie Williams, MI
Amy Ames, Parent Support
Marvaleen Atlas, Program
Ginny Blade, Adoption Support
Network Coordinator
Mary Boo, Assistant Director
Sarah Coumbe-Guida, Parent
Support Specialist
Deb Fjeld, Parent Support
Kari Fletcher, Parent Support
Marilyn Gow, Parent Support
Alicia Griffin, Parent Support
John Hays, Parent Support
Dawn Johnson, Parent Support
Joe Kroll, Executive Director
Josh Kroll, Adoption
Subsidy Resource Center
Diane Martin-Hushman,
AdoptUSKids Respite
Mary Lyons, Parent Support
Mary McGowan, Conference
Coordinator/Parent Support
Fintan Moore, Parent Support
Diane Riggs, Communications
Christina Romo, Conference
Nicole Skaro, Administrative
Kim Stevens, Community
Champions Network Manager
Rebekah Tempest,
Administrative Assistant
Nancy Viking, Director of
United States
Linda Gonzales, AK
Sue White, AK
Buddy Hooper, AL
Mary Smith, AL
Lori & Willie Johnson, AR
Nancy Williams, AZ
Rauline Atkins, CA
Jayne Rovianek, CA
Sharon Selby, CA
Lansing Wood, CA
Deborah Cave, CO
Violet Pierce, CO
Colleen Tarket, CO
Lynn Gabbard, CT
Deborah Byrd, DC
Mary Lou Edgar, DE
Mary Jo Wolfe, DE
Nancy Ellison, FL
Trudie Poole, FL
Bob Rooks, FL
Sandra Santiago, FL
Suzette Brown, GA
Jymme Reed, GA
Judith Wilhoite, HI
Karen E. Combs, IA
Jean Hess, IA
Angela Stark, IA
Marjorie McNarie, ID
Judith Pence, IL
Dawn Cooper, IN
Jaye Domer, IN
Debbie Dunlap, KS
Ruth Porisch, KS
Pamela Robbins, KS
Carol Cecil, KY
Carrie Saunders, KY
Virginia Sturgeon, KY
Carrie Hicks, LA
Myra Magee, LA
Theresa McNulty, MA
Jennifer Kelman, MD
Bette Hoxie, ME
Gail L. Neher, ME
Marylou Bax, MI
Benita Fyan, MI
Veda D. Thompkins, MI
Denise Kelley, MO
Mary LeFebvre, MO
Lori Ross, MO
Janice Huff, MS
April Horvath, MT
Pat Llewellyn, MT
Paige Gunter, NC
Leanne Johnson, ND
Keatha McLeod, ND
Pamela Allen, NE
Margarita Flores, NE
Linda & David Rehovsky, NE
Mariellen J. MacKay, NH
Bernette Berman, NJ
Irene Lando, NJ
Jennifer Mullen, NM
Pamela Kurcz, NV
Sarah Gerstenzang, NY
Jody Hansen-Walker, NY
Timothy O’Hanlon, OH
Rita Laws, OK
Dwe Williams, OK
Kathie G. Stocker, OR
Danielle Vander Kooy, OR
Sherry Anderson, PA
Phyllis Stevens, PA
Félix Correa-Romero & Rosana
Alvarez-Blasco, PR
Carmen Lourdes Rodriguez, PR
Bernie Hicks, RI
Patti Nenna, RI
Gail Groomster, SC
Coleen Globke, SD
Patty Hjermstad, SD
Marsha Boren, TN
Betty Hastings, TN
Joyce Van Der Wiele, TN
Bruce Edwards, TX
Clara C. Flores, TX
Daphine Reeves, TX
Shelley Horel, UT
Suzanne Stott, UT
Gwendolyn Ricks-Haskett, VA
Kathleen Sauter, VA
Margie Leon-Gaitan, WA
Gwendolyn E. Lawson
Townsend, WA
Leann Meiners, WI
Judith Dyer, WV
Mildred Mairs, WV
Patty Stem, WV
Karen Madeiros, BC
Margaret Warner, MB
Brenda Melanson, NB
Lynn Haire, NF
Mary Miller, NS
Rose Marie Smith, NS
Gloria Blacklock, ON
Wendy Conforzi, ON
Laura Eggertson, ON
Kathleen Neault, QC
Cindy Xavier, SK
Minerva Villavicencio & Luis
970 Raymond Avenue
Suite 106
St. Paul, MN 55114
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