Company Search Mobile Service

公 司 註 冊 處
Company Search
Mobile Service
1. What is
Service ?
Company Search Mobile Service is
provided as an alternative and convenient
means for you to search key company
information using your smartphone and
mobile devices anytime and anywhere to
facilitate business. You can access the
Company Search Mobile Service at
For information on the search services
available at the Companies Registry’s
Cyber Search Centre, please visit (Note 1).
2. What services are available ?
Free Search Services
 Company Name Search (Note 2)
You can search the current and
previous names of all companies in the
Companies Register using the exact
name search or left partial search (i.e.
by entering the initial characters of a
company name).
Address : 14th floor, Queensway Government Offices, 66 Queensway, Hong Kong.
Website :
e-Registry :
Cyber Search Centre :
Company Search Mobile Service :
Email : [email protected]
Enquiry Hotline (IVRS) : (852) 2234 9933
December 2014
 Document Index Search (Note 2)
You can obtain a list of documents
filed by a company showing the names,
filing dates of documents and their
processing status.
 Disqualification Orders Index Search
You can obtain a list of the names of
all individuals and corporate bodies
who/which are currently disqualified
by the court from acting as directors or
taking up other specified offices.
Payable Search Services
 Company Particulars Search
(HK$22 per company)
You can obtain a summary of the key
particulars of a selected company.
In addition to the basic company
information (Note 2), the Report
provides information on the company’s
registered office address (for local
companies), address of principal place
of business in Hong Kong and
non-Hong Kong companies), share
capital structure, name(s) of current
director(s) and reserve director (if any),
particulars of company secretary,
particulars of receivers and managers
(if any) and particulars of liquidators (if
 Directors Index Search
Company-based Search
(HK$11 per company)
You can obtain a list of all current
director(s) and reserve director (if any)
of a company.
Director-based Search
(HK$22 per director / reserve director)
You can obtain a list of companies of
which a person is currently a director
or reserve director.
Director Particulars Search
(HK$11 per search)
You can obtain the particulars of a
specified current director or reserve
director of a company with the date of
3. Can I use any smartphones or mobile
devices to access the mobile website ?
Yes. You can use any smartphones or
mobile devices which can access the
internet to log in the Company Search
Mobile Service.
The web pages and search results have
been customised and they are best
viewed on smartphones and mobile
devices running on iOS and Android
4. Is there any time limit for viewing the
search results through the Company
Search Mobile Service ?
Where can I obtain further information ?
You can contact the 24-hour Help Desk
Support Service Team:
No. However, the system will log out
your connection in 20 minutes if you do
not conduct another search. You may
log in the Company Search Mobile
Service again anytime.
5. Can I save the search results, Company
Particulars Reports, Directors Index
Reports or Director Particulars
Reports ?
Yes. You can save any screens using
the screen capture function of your
smartphone or mobile devices.
6. How can I pay?
You can pay the fee of a payable search
service online by VISA or Master Card.
7. What can I do if I need to obtain the
image records of registered documents
or the particulars of disqualification
orders ?
You can place orders to obtain the image
records of registered documents or
particulars of disqualification orders at
the Registry’s Cyber Search Centre
( (Note 1)
Telephone: (852) 8201 8273
[email protected]
1. You can conduct company searches (24x7)
on the current data of registered
companies and image records of
documents registered and kept by the
Registrar of Companies at the Companies
( You may log in
the Cyber Search Centre or refer to the
information pamphlet “How to Obtain
Company Information” (Note 3) for
details of the search services available.
2. Basic company information such as the
date of incorporation / registration /
dissolution, company type, mode of
winding up, places of incorporation for
registered non-Hong Kong companies and
history of company name changes will be
provided upon a company name search or
a document index search.
3. You can download information pamphlets
at; obtain hard copies at
the Companies Registry or by fax through
the 24-hour enquiry hotline (IVRS) (852)
2234 9933.