The Nativity of the Lord

The Nativity of the Lord - Christmas
December 25, 2014
St. Margaret Parish
374 Stevens Street Lowell, Massachusetts 01851
Nativity of the Lord / Christmas
December 25, 2014
Merry Christmas from all the priests of the Archdiocese of Boston!!
Each year at Christmas we ask parishioners across the Archdiocese of Boston to
look deep within their hearts as they offer support for our priests’ retirement, medical and financial needs. This will be the only collection taken up on Christmas Eve
and Christmas Day throughout the Archdiocese. Please, consider what you can afford to give to meet this important need. All of the priests of the Archdiocese of
Boston thank you for your support and prayers. God Bless you!
St. Margaret Parish - Lowell, MA
The Nativity of the Lord - Christmas
December 25, 2014
Scripture Readings for all Christmas Masses
from Mass at Midnight
Catholic Community Hymnal # 490
First Reading: (Isaiah 9:1-6) The prophet Isaiah looked forward to the time when the
curtain of darkness and the yoke of slavery would be lifted from God’s people. That great day
would begin with the birth of a mere child. But in time that child would become this world’s
Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, Father-Forever, Prince of Peace!
Second Reading: (Titus 2:11-14) The apostle Paul’s letter to Titus reminds us that the
Christ Event is surprising from start to finish. Neither a peasant child nor a crucified felon
seems to be a likely Savior of the world. But such are the mysterious ways of God– he hides
himself in the stable of human history; he reveals himself through an instrument of torture.
Gospel: (Luke 2:1-14) Seen from the outside, the birth of Jesus was perfectly ordinary. A
baby is born to a poor couple away from home. They “make do” by finding shelter in a stable
and laying their baby in a manger. But to the eyes of faith, this birth was celebrated in the
highest heaven. The Messiah had come to bring peace on earth.
♫ Hymns ♫
O Come, All Ye Faithful
O Little Town of Bethlehem
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear
Joy to the World
Priests are at the heart of our parish families. They baptize us, confirm us, hear our confessions, marry us, anoint the sick and dying, and most important, bring us the Body of Christ
in the Eucharist. Without our priests, we could not fully live our faith.
As Catholics, we promise to care for our priests in their time of need, especially when age
or health dictates. Many priests do not have the resources to pay for healthcare and living expenses in their senior years. The Clergy Funds help to ensure that their health, welfare, and
retirement needs will be cared for.
Every Christmas, we join together to celebrate our priests. They have dedicated their lives
to serving the Catholic faithful in the Archdiocese of Boston. Now it is our turn to fulfill the
promises made to care for them in their time of need. Please, give generously to the Christmas
collection, which will directly benefit the 628 active and senior diocesan priests who are cared
for through the Clergy Funds. Your Christmas gift offering allows the Church to help priests
with these important services:
• Retirement Benefits
• Housing Assistance
• Medical and Dental Care
• Regina Cleri Residence
• Wellness education and support programs
The Christmas Collection for the Clergy Funds is the only collection that will be taken up
at all Christmas Masses. On behalf of myself and all priests of the archdiocese who will benefit
from your generosity this Christmas, I thank you for your generous and prayerful support of
our priests..
~ With a grateful heart, Father Ray
St. Margaret Parish - Lowell, MA
The Nativity of the Lord - Christmas
December 25, 2014
With Jesus, We Always Walk in The Light, Even in Our Darkest Moments
In the midst of darkness, a light shines out. It is a strong, yet gentle and calming, light that
humankind has heard about from the prophet Isaiah. This light that burns very brightly in the
dark hours of night is a beacon of hope leading to salvation. This Light is Jesus Christ, the Son
of God! He is the long expected Savior of the world.
Isaiah speaks of the coming of the “Wonder-Counselor, God-Hero, Father-Forever, Prince
of Peace.” Jesus is all of these things and more. The birth of Jesus was the beginning of our
hope to enter into eternal life with God. Even if Isaiah is not speaking directly about Jesus,
everything Isaiah talks about points to the coming of the Savior of the world.
It is on this Silent Night/Holy Night that we remember the humble beginnings of the Lord
Jesus. Could you imagine what it was like at that time not being able to find any place to stay?
Jesus was born in the most difficult of situations. Yet, the Son of God humbly came to this
most complex world to rule the earth with justice and mercy. He ultimately came to teach each
of us about a gentle, compassionate God who is full of love for us. It is this humble beginning
that inspires us to be hopeful.
Today, the world is truly in need of hope! In this time of global unrest, the world looks for
a savior in much the same way that the people in the time of Jesus did. We look for someone to
bring us peace and freedom from our enemies. Jesus is the only answer in these turbulent
times, the one source of light for a world still in much darkness. With Jesus we can see the
light of salvation and know that we are truly on our way to a world without suffering.
We hear in the Gospel how the shepherds were greatly afraid as the angel appeared to
bring them the good news of the birth of the Savior. As we reflect on the sacred mysteries surrounding the birth of Jesus, we can be assured that he will be with us during all the aspects of
our lives here on earth. Knowing that God sent His Son for us should cause us to say: “Glory
to God in the highest and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”
St. Margaret Parish - Lowell, MA
The Nativity of the Lord - Christmas
December 25, 2014
Christmas Flower Donations
In Memory Of
In Memory Of
M/M John Abraham
M/M Dave Barbera
Kimberly Barnes
Viola Barnes
John F. Abraham, Jr.
Claire & Helen
Deacon Ronald Chapman
Raymond Barnes & Family;
Chase & Kolesnik Families
Watson Family; Ronnie Fells;
Al Tourville
Clint Barter, Eileen & Roland Doucette
Thomas & Mary Basnett
Mr. & Mrs. James Beshara;
Mrs. Jennie Beshara
Mary Boehm
David Robertson
Rochelle Boutet
John J. Bowers, Jr.
Thomas E. Bragan
Margaret Brown
Frederick Buckley
Mildred Burcham
Leo J. Carbonneau, Sr.
Robert K. McCauley
Special Intention
Jim Cawley & Edward Thibault
Special Intention
M/M Leo Charette; M/M John Janowski
Charles "Chick" Loucraft
M/M Francis Cignoli
Becht & Cote Families
Theresa Lally
Joseph C. Craven; Shirley A. Hanson
Paul F. Creegan, Sr.
Steve & Mary Botto;
Cruckshank Family; Botto Family
Sophie & Mary Serptowski;
Brooks Family; Hovey Family
Langan Family; Paul Feeley
Special Intention
R.J. Daley Family
William & Vera Daly;
George & Cecile McGown
Donna Daly; John Daly;
Paul & Flo Daigle; Tony Panneton
John Faias & Roland D'Amour
"Peps" - Leo B. Teague
Henry & Lucille Denomme
Gerimanus/ Joana
Amy Descoteaux
Special Intention
William Desmond, Jr.;
Desmond & Stevens Families
Diette & Heffernan Families
James & Patricia Danas
Donaghey Family
Irene Fuller & Charles Dowling
George C. Quirbach, Sr.
Michael Dubois
Special Intention
Michael Eagan
Philip T. & Margaret Elias
M/M Bryan Ewing
Mr. James Fagan
Ms. Mary Farias
Special Intention
Peach Fagan
Antonio & William Farias;
Blanche Caron
Antonio & William Farias
Blanche Caron;
Antonio & William Farias
Peg Cunha
Fenlon & Horan Families
Special Intention
James & Josephine Fitzgerald
Elinor M. Foley
Franciose & Miller Families
Gerald J. Durkin
Albert & Claire Roy;
Charles & Cecile Freitas
Josephine Hall
McMahon & Gagnon Families
Frederic Gallagher; Ronnie Wetmore;
Justin Campbell
O'Brien & Gattenby Families
Leda Gaillarder & Pearl Peladeau
Mr. & Mrs. Lionel Isabelle
Ray & Mary Gendron
Norman & Mary McLean;
Richard C. Gill
Edith Gill & Donohoe Family;
Thomas A. Golden, Sr.
Nora & Margaret Stack & Family
Special Intention
Special Intention
Mr. & Mrs. Isidore Goyette
Grady & Paradis Families
Bill Gray; Tony Colombo;
Joe & Josie Colombo
Florence T. & John T. Mahoney
All Veterans & their Families
Carl, Barbara & Edward Gross
Maurice Bergeron
Frances O'Toole
Gail Prescott
Charles Heslin
Bernard F. & Margaret E. Murphy
Hogan, Yeats, Cote
& Reynolds Families
Robert A. Howe
M/M Walter B. Durkin
Special Intention
Walter & Jeanne Gauthier
Leo Jacques & Baby Sarah
Cote, Frechette & Jacques Families
Dorothy & Joseph Janocha
Jeffreys & Plourde Families
Walter Judge; Frank & Eileen Sargent
Mariea & Edward Quigley
Keefe, Hunter & McBride Families
Special Intention
Mr. & Mrs. R. J. Kelley
Mary T. King
Viola Barnes
M/M Edward Barter
M/M Michael Basnett
Linda Beshara
Mr. Edward Boehm
Mr. John Bomil
Mr. Clayton Boutet
Mrs. Joan Bowers
Mr. Timothy Bragan
Mr. Neal Brown
Marguerite Buckley
M/M Robert Burcham
Mrs. Sylvia Carbonneau
M/M Timothy Carpenter
Mrs. Iris Carr
Mrs. Barbara Cawley
M/M Richard Cesarz
M/M Norman L. Charette
M/M Anthony Cigliano
Ms. Micheline Cignoli
M/M Daniel Cote
M/M Glenn Cote
M/M Joseph Craven
Mrs. Jean Creegan
Ms. MaryEllen Cruckshank
Ms. MaryEllen Cruckshank
Ms. MaryEllen Cruckshank
M/M Alfred Daigneault
Mr. Peter Daley
M/M Michael Daly
Mr. Thomas Daly
M/M Maurice D'Amour
M/M John DeAngelis
M/M Donald Denomme
Ms. Mary Dery
M/M Leon Descoteaux
Mrs. Louise Deslauriers
Mrs. William Desmond, Jr.
Mrs. Sara Diette
Mrs. Georgia Dodge
Elizabeth Donaghey
Mrs. Clare Dowling
M/M Kevin Downing
M/M David Driscoll
M/M Joseph Duah
M/M Thomas Eagan
M/M James Elias
Mr. Richard Farias
Mr. Robert Farias
M/M Anthony Farino
M/M Gerald Fenlon
M/M Leonard Fitzgerald
Ms. Virginia Fitzgerald
Mr. Leo Foley
Mrs. Joseph Franciose
M/M Paul Francoeur
M/M Ronald Freitas
M/M George Gagan
M/M Leonard Gagnon
Mrs. Florence Gallagher
Mrs. Virginia Gattenby
M/M Arthur Gaudette
Ms. Nancy Gendron
M/M Raymond Gendron
Ms. Louise Gill
Ms. Louise Gill
Ms. Louise Gill
M/M Robert Gilman, Sr.
Mr. Julien Goupil
Ms. Pauline Goyette
M/M George Grady
Mrs. William Gray
Gregoire Family
M/M Daniel Gregory
Miss Barbara Gross
M/M Michael Guilmette
M/M Wendell Hanna
Mr. Joseph Healy
Gloria Heslin
M/M Dennis Hnatowicz
Mr. Thomas Hogan
Ms. Patricia Howe
M/M Peter Howe, Sr.
M/M Richard Howe
M/M Albert Huard
Denise Jacques
Madeleine Jacques
Mr. Paul Janocha
M/M James Jeffreys
Ms. Jeannie Judge
Ms. Jeannie Judge
M/M Francis Keefe
M/M Raymond Keefe
Mr. John Kelley
Ms. Claire King
St. Margaret Parish - Lowell, MA
The Nativity of the Lord - Christmas
December 25, 2014
Christmas Flower Donations
In Memory Of
In Memory Of
Thomas Kirwin
M/M James Krystof
M/M John Kuczek
Ms. Mary Patricia Laflamme
M/M Lewis Langathianos
Ms. Claudine Langlois
M/M Robert Langlois
M/M Francis LaPan
Special Intention
Bacon & Krystof Families
Special Intention
Chester & Christine Laflamme
Boyd Family
Richard Langlois; John Faias
O'Connell & Langlois Families
James LaPan Sr.; Jimmy LaPan Jr.;
Octavie Chevalier
Special Intention
Hogan & Laurent Families
James B. Laverty
Richard Lawrenson
Robert C. Lemire
John Brendan Leonard
Mr. & Mrs. R. Lorenzo
Adele Luhrs
John & Teresa Machado
Dianne Maille
Malavich, Ryan & Szuksta Families
Anne McAndrews; Caroline Burnham
Patrick McCabe
Janice Couture
Robert K. McCauley
Andrew McLaughlin Family
Joseph McNamara
Joseph McNamara
McQuade & Perry Families
Special Intention
E. J. Morin
Mary M. & James T. Murphy
Collins, Cudworth & Nangle Families
Daniel Neveux
Tom Neylon, Jr.; Joey & Anne Neylon
Maria & Paul
M/M Longtin; M/M O'Brien
Ramon A. Ortiz; James O'Connor
Thomas L. O'Hagan
Arduina Oliveri
Osborn & Leonard Families
William & Mark Palermo
Ed & Carole Pender
Special Intention
Robert C. Lemire
Albert & Helen Frawley;
Anthony & Rita Picanso
Jarek Family
Special Intention
Stephen J. Gilbride
Michael J. Prestipino, Jr.
Normand & Rejeanne Dubois;
Michael Dubois
Joseph Primeau
Mrs. Evangeline Quattrochi
Mrs. Mary Quinlan
M/M David Quinn
M/M Thomas Quinn, Sr.
Janice R. Quirbach
Mrs. Mary Rourke
M/M James Ryan
Mrs. Mary Ryan
Ms. Mary Santos
Mrs. Theresa Santos
M/M James Scanlon
Albert Quattrochi
Garrett Quinlan
M/M William Gallagher
Vermette & Quinn Families
George C. Quirbach, Sr.
Henry J. Rourke
Ryan & Regan Families
Richard T. Ryan
Gabriella & Joseph Santos
Roger R. Santos
Our Deceased Family Members
& Friends
Schwamb & McLaughlin Families
Special Intention
Shanley & Newell Families
Shugrue Family
Funaro & Silk Families
Gail Ann Simoneau
Stephen S. Skaff
Joseph & Rita Puls;
Robert & Helen Reams
Roberta Babineau
Raymond St. Hilaire
Tom Johnson
Charles & Helen McCarthy
Roy J. Stewart
Stoodley & Costa Families
Special Intention
Daniel F. Sullivan, Jr.;
Patricia & Marguerite Royal
Daniel Boehm Sullivan
Crane & Sweeney Families
Leo B. Teague
Lyle G. Wheeler;
Rose & Henry L'Heureux
Ray, Ellen & Roger Thuillier;
James & Eileen Codair
Francis & Helen Sakalinski;
Carla T. Espinola
William & Florence Tobin
Trudel & Geoffroy Families
Trudel Family
Special Intention
Boehm & McGuirk Families
Ducharme & Walker Families
Titdara Leap; Anna Sacramone
Special Intention
Miskell & White Families
James B. Shugrue, Sr.;
Harry E. Woelfel
Edward "Teddy" Dillon, III
M/M Melvin T. Worley
John. J. .Zupkosky
M/M John Larocque
Mrs. Patricia Laurent
Mrs. James Laverty
Mrs. Antoinette Lawrenson
Mrs. Rita Lemire
Miss Patricia Leonard
M/M Francis Lorenzo
Mr. Richard Luhrs
Ms. Ann Machado
Mr. David Maille
Mrs. William Malavich
M/M Walter McAndrews
M/M James McCabe
M/M Matthew McCafferty
Mrs. Doris McCauley
Ms. Marguerite McLaughlin
Mrs. Margaret McNamara
Miss Mary Ellen McNamara
Mrs. Rita McQuade
Dianne Morin
M/M Normand Morin
Mrs. Mary Murphy-Porkola
M/M Kevin Nangle
M/M Roland Neveux
Mrs. Mary Neylon
Lang Nguyen
M/M James O'Brien
M/M Stephen O'Connor
Mrs. Ruth O'Hagan
Mr. Edward Oliveri
M/M George Osborn
Mrs. Gloria Palermo
M/M Michael Pender
Mr. John Perry
M/M Gary Persichetti
M/M Francis Picanso
Mrs. Nancy Picanso
M/M Robert Pierzynski
M/M Randy Posey
Mrs. Diane Dubois Prestipino
Mrs. Diane Dubois Prestipino
Mrs. Lorraine Primeau
M/M John Schwamb
Ms. Joanne Serwatka
Mrs. Joyce Shanley
Mrs. D. Claire Shugrue
M/M William Silk
Dennis Simoneau
Lisa, Lily & Sara Skaff
Mrs. Stephen Skaff
Mrs. Stephen Skaff
Ms. Linda St. Hilaire
M/M Roger St. Louis
M. Joan Stackpole
Mrs. Ann Stewart
M/M Thomas J. Stoodley, III
Clara Stupakewicz
Mrs. K. Eleanor Sullivan
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sullivan
Mrs. Sheila Sweeney
Mrs. Jeannine Teague
Ms. Laura Thuillier
Ms. Laura Thuillier
M/M William Tobin
M/M William Tobin
M/M Marc Trudel
Ms. Suzanne Trudel
M/M Gary Vaillancourt
M/M Robert Wakeham
M/M Reginald Walker
Lyle Wheeler
Sheila Wheeler
M/M Gerald White
M/M Timothy Woelfel
M/M Timothy Woelfel
M/M Emile Worley
Mrs. Helen Zupkosky
Christmas Flower Donations received after December 15th will be acknowledged in the bulletin of
January 4, 2015. To all who have made Christmas Flower Donations, thank you for your kindness and
generosity. You truly are quite special!
~ ~ Gratefully, Father Ray
St. Margaret Parish - Lowell, MA
The Nativity of the Lord - Christmas
December 25, 2014
John Abraham
Mary Abraham
Serwa Addae-Adoo
Ann Allen
Eric Allen
Allyson Alvarez-Desotomayor
Sharon Anzivino
Joan Arena
Eileen Ashe
Abena Awuah
Akia Awuah
Kimberly Barnes
Dan Barrett
Judy Barrett
Edward Barter
Margaret Barter
Paula Basnett
Alyssa-Marie Bazzinotti
Anthony Bazzinotti
Emilie-Rose Bazzinotti
Joanna Bazzinotti
Thomas Bellegarde
Fr. Ray Benoit
Alicia Bibeault
Jill Boisseau
Curtis Boissonneault
John Bomil
Virginia Borrelli
Alexa Bostwick
Bradley Bostwick
Carley Bostwick
Clayton Boutet
Joan Bowers
Timothy Bragan
Erica Bussey
Joan Butler
Elizabeth Butz
Paula Canty
Daniel Capra
Paula Carbone
William Carbone
Sylvia Carbonneau
Tracy Carney
Danielle Caron
Linda Carpenter
Timothy Carpenter
Barbara Cawley
Charlene Cesarz
Richard Cesarz
Julie Chachus
Indiana Chalsen
Michael Chalsen
Julie Charette
Norman L. Charette
Janessa Chateauneuf
Robin Clayton
Michelle Cloutier
Richard Coffey
Thomas Conlon
Heather Cook
Daniel Cote
Judith Cote
Linda Cowan
Robert Cowan
Suzanne Croteau
Chris Cullen
Sheila Curran
Susan Curran
Emily Cushion
Eric Cushion
Lucien Dagenais
Alfred Daigneault
Anthony Daigneault
Michael Daly
Brenda D'Amour
Moe D'Amour
Betty Decker
Brian Delaney
Nancy Delaney
Susan Delisle
Pam DeMeo
Catherine Denomme
Donald Denomme
Andre Descoteaux
Leon Descoteaux
Christine DiPietro
Georgia Dodge
Mary Gail Doiron
Elizabeth Donaghey
William Donaghey
Diane Donaldson
Todd Donaldson
Pamela Donoghue
Ann Donovan
Brian Donovan
Maura Donovan
Michael Donovan
Jesse Doole
Clare Dowling
Cynthia Downing
Kevin Downing
Shea Downing
Don Drew
Laurette Driscoll
Lisa Driscoll
Timothy Driscoll
Audra Durkin
Christine Durkin
Gerry Durkin
James Durkin
Kathleen Durkin
Michael Durkin
Scott Durkin
James Elias
Tara Emerson
Bryan Ewing
Denise Ewing
Anthony Farino
Maureen Farino
Joan Fenlon
Delia Finneral
Irene Finneral
Kathleen Finneral
Megan Fitts
James Fitzgerald
Virginia Fitzgerald
Sr. Lori Fleming, SND
Mary Foley
William Foley
Raymond Fondino
Jennifer Forte
Vittoria Forte
Frances Franciose
Deborah Francoeur
Paul Francoeur
Siobhan Francoeur
Mary Lou Frascarelli
Lorraine Freitas
Ronald Freitas
Terrie Gadue
George Gagan
Jane Gagan
Florence Gallagher
Joseph Gangi
Virginia Gattenby
Rochelle Gaudette
Elizabeth Geary
Pamela Gendron
Raymond Gendron
Ginette Giblin
Sr. Julie Frances Gildea, SND
Hilde Gilman
Robert Gilman
Eleanore Gordon
Judy Gorham
Evelyn Grady
Andrea Grande
Mary Ann Gray
Zoe Grayson
Daniel Gregory
David Gregory
Heather Gregory
Mikayla Gregory
Victoria Gregory
Abigail Grenier
Chad Groenwoldt
Kristina Groenwoldt
Barbara Gross
Donna Grzyb
Cheryl Guernsey
Alexandra Guignard
Denise Guignard
Emma Guthrie
Cynthia Hanley
Aiden Hanna
Bridget Hanna
Delia Hanna
Wendell Hanna
Michelle Harland
John Harring
Suzanne Harring
Sara Harrington
Kellie Hebert
Kathleen Henry
Julie Hestand
Kathleen Hestand
Samantha Hiott
Kyle Hodge
Raymond Hodge
Anne Hogan
Barbara Hogan
Emily Hogan
MaryEllen Hogan
Thomas Hogan
Ernest Houle
Patricia Howe
Albert Huard
Lorraine Huard
Julie Infantino
Celeste Jacobson
Madeleine Jacques
Linda James
Sarah James
Carole Jamina
Peter Jamina
Denis Jeffreys
Deborah Johnson
Colleen Jones
Jonathan Jones
Reinaldo Jones
Beverly Jump
Albert Jussaume
Dimitra Kapetanakis
Francis Keefe
June Keefe
Maureen Keefe
Raymond Keefe
Maureen Keene
Taylor Keene
John Kelley
William Kelly
Karen Kennedy
St. Margaret Parish - Lowell, MA
The Nativity of the Lord - Christmas
December 25, 2014
Leo Kennedy
Mary Keuth
Noel Killilea
Petronella Kirunge
Hannah Kirwin
Heather Kirwin
Ryan Kirwin
Thomas Kirwin
Gregory Kourembis
Katherine Kourembis
Buntha Kouy
Kimrine Kroeung
James Krystof
Colin Kuczek
Dylan Kuczek
John Kuczek
Katie Kuczek
Mary Kypriotes
Mary Patricia Laflamme
Barbara Langathianos
Vivian LaPan
Elizabeth Larocque
John Larocque
Joseph Larocque
Kathleen Larocque
Victoria Larocque
Patricia Laurent
Irene Lavallee
Elinore Laverty
Antoinetta Lawrenson
Michael Lawrenson
Stephanie Lawrenson
Sr. Kathy Leary, SND
Mildred Levasseur
Deacon Barry Lloyd
Joyce Lloyd
Jack Lopes
Luz Lozada
Ashley Lynch
Jack Lynch
Jay Lynch
Martha Lynch
Ann Machado-Doole
Jean Mahotiere
Paula Malavich
Jill Manousos
Donna Martin
Sheila Martin
Annmarie Martineau
Lisa Martinho
Debra McAndrews
James McCabe
Maura McCabe
Patrick McCabe
Timothy McCabe
Shannon McCarron
Stephen McCarron
Christine McCarthy
Owen McDermott
Cristin McDonough
Diane McDonough
Thomas McDonough
Candace McDowell
Alberta McKenna
Kelly McLaughlin
Marguerite McLaughlin
Mary McLaughlin
Brenden McMahon
Carol McMahon
Ellen McMahon
Katherine McMahon
Kimberley McMahon
Tracey Mereves
Amanda Michienzi
Karen Miller
Stephen Mishol
Doris Molloy
Dianne Morin
Raymond Morin
Suzanne Morin
James Moynihan
Sally Moynihan
Antonia Mukiibi
Evelyn Mukiibi
Ann Murphy
Kevin Murphy
Kevin Nangle
Mary Nangle
Mary Neylon
Julia Njenga
Patricia Noel
Joyce O'Brien
Thomas O'Brien
Elizabeth O'Driscoll
Tara O'Driscoll
Donald O'Hagan
Ruth O'Hagan
Edward Oliveri
Joann Ortiz
Louise Osborn
Kelly Paradise-Brothers
Alec Patel
Diana Patel
Kendra Patel
Paul Pearsall
Christine Pelkey
Rodney Pelkey
Michael Pender
Shaughn Pender
Kathleen Pender-Phaneuf
St. Margaret Parish - Lowell, MA
Kristen Perry
Gary Persichetti
Margaret Persichetti
James Peters
Anthony Petullo
Lucy Petullo
Francis Picanso
Helen Picanso
Pauline Picthall
Debra Pierzynski
Lorraine Pintal
Michael Pizzuto
Renee Pizzuto
J. Arthur Poitras
Bridgid Porkola
James Porkola
Mary Posey
Anna Pratt
Diane Prestipino
Joanne Price
Jean Prieto
Lorraine Primeau
Mary Quinn
Pamela Quinn
Therese Quinn
Thomas Quinn
Abbey Quirbach
Connor Quirbach
Derek Quirbach
Rachel Rader
Mary Elinor Rafferty
Charles Randall
Leonard Rapone
Lizzie Reise
Maria Reyes
Darren Rillovick
Lauren Rillovick
Ann Ringwood
Kara Ruggieri
Tom Ruggieri
Christian Ruggiero
Jessica Ruggiero
Rowan Ruggiero
Eleanor Ryan
Mary Ryan
Kathie Sam
Abigail Savoie
Danielle Savoie
David Savoie
Roselyn Scales
James Scanlon
Mary Scanlon
John Schwamb
Virginia Schwamb
Thomas Seichter
Anne Sepe
Joyce Shanley
Raymond Shay
Marian Silk
William Silk
Lily Skaff
Lisa Skaff
Paul Sneeringer
Zachary Sneeringer
Marianne Sousa
Robert Souza
Paullette Spinazola
Debra St. Jean
Constance St. Pierre
Paul St.Cyr
Nicole Stiling
Thomas Stoodley
Declan Sullivan
K. Eleanor Sullivan
Michael Sullivan
Sandy Sullivan
Elizabeth Sweeney
Kathleen Sweeney
Maryellen Sweeney
Sheila Sweeney
Denise Talarico
Mary Taylor
Deborah Tedesco
Joseph Tedesco
Jeannine Thellen
Linda Thibault
George Thompson
Mary Tibbetts
Evelyn Trudel
Marc Trudel
Virginia Trudel
Sr. Mary Jean Verbicky, SND
Brian Vigeant
Carol Villineau
Carol Wemmitt
Tracy West
Sheila Wheeler
Stephanie Whitaker
Meg Williams
Richard Williams
Margaret Woelfel
Roberta Woelfel
Timothy Woelfel
Marie Wolf
Michael Wolf
Anna Woodlock
Kelliann Woodlock
Michael Woodlock
Thomas Woodlock
Stephen Zaim
The Nativity of the Lord - Christmas
December 25, 2014
To St. Margaret Parish & St. Margaret School Staffs & Volunteers
Dear Friends in Christ:
There is an old Christian tradition that God sends each person into this world with ..a special message to deliver ..a special song to sing ..a special act of love to bestow.
On behalf of myself and the people of St. Margaret Parish, know how grateful we are for:
..your “message” of collaboration in serving God’s people ..your “song” of generosity in sharing your time and talent ..your “act of love” that has warmed our hearts.
In gratitude for your goodness and dedication in serving our parish and school communities, St. Margaret Parish has made charitable contributions in your name to:
 Circle Home, Inc. (former VNA of Lowell)
 Merrimack Valley Catholic Charities
 St. Vincent de Paul Society - St. Margaret Parish Conference
 St. Margaret Parish Choir Fund
 St. Margaret School Alumni Fund
Thank you for the dedication, kindness, and generosity you have shown during the year.
May you and your loved ones share in the love, peace, and happiness of this most holy and
joyous season.
~ ~ ~ Father Ray
My friends, may we be willing to recognize Jesus in the people and events of our lives. And
let us be grateful for the gifts God has given us ..especially God’s unconditional love revealed
through the Christ-Child. May peace and joy find a home in our hearts and may we celebrate
the true spirit of Christmas every day throughout the coming New Year.
~ ~ ~ Father Ray
St. Margaret Parish - Lowell, MA