Thomson Reuters Cortellis for Regulatory Intelligence Quick Guide

QUICK guide series: No. 7
HOW DO I...?
If you regularly perform searches on the same combination of Regulatory Regions, you can limit your search results to those
countries or regions only. This guide highlights how to set up “My Regions” in Cortellis for Regulatory Intelligence as well as how to
switch them on and off as needed.
1. Once you have logged in, you can access My Regions via the My Cortellis menu at the top of the screen. Hover over My Cortellis,
click on Preferences and then on My Regions.
Figure 1
My Cortellis - Preferences
2. Using the check boxes, select the regions and countries you want to include. Once finished click Save. You can access all
regions you subscribe to; regions you do not subscribe to appear dimmed.
Figure 2
Setting Up My Regions - Selection List
3. My Regions can also be set up from the results page. The My Regions selector is found in the left hand Refine Search panel
on the results screen. If you click on the Set link the My Regions window appears. Select the regions and country you want to
include and click Save to Preferences.
Figure 3
Setting Up My Regions from Results Page
4. Results will be refreshed and limited to the regions set. This is indicated by the green toggle switch displayed as “ON”. The
country/region filter appears dimmed if My Regions is active.
5. You can use the My Regions selector to toggle My Regions OFF or ON. Clicking the green toggle switch My Regions will be
deactivated as indicated by the red toggle switch.
Figure 4
My Regions Selector - switched on
Figure 5
My Regions Selector - switched off
If you hover over the blue information icon, a text displays which regions are set and recalls the path to set them again.
Figure 6
My Regions - Information Icon
6. My Regions can also be set up within Global Regulatory Comparisons (GRC). You can limit the matrix to My Regions by
clicking on the Set link and making your selections as described above. You can also turn the feature OFF and ON.
Figure 7
Setting Up My Regions from GRC Matrix
7. My Regions is also available at the Regulatory Intelligence and Global Regulatory Comparisons Homepage Portlets.
Figure 8
My Regions - Regulatory Intelligence Portlet
Figure 9
My Regions - GRC Portlet
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