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Volume 21 No 23 December 12, 2014
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Santa Rides In & Lights the Tree
Santa recently was delivered on a fire truck to the Company II Fire
Department where he was joined by a large crowd of residents for Christmas Caroling and the lighting of the tree. The event was sponsored by
the North Branford Rotary and music for the season was provided by
members of the North Branford High School Band.
Bob Parisi and Laura Castigioni Parisi were on hand to photograph the
children with the guy from up north. The Rotary provided hot chocolate
and cookies as well as crafts for the children.
(Photo provided by Bob Parisi)
With a local economy that continues to struggle, the Totoket Times is
no exception. When businesses fall on tough times they are often forced
to cut expenses and advertising is usually the first one to go. The Totoket
Times and the people of our town are fortunate to have loyal merchants
who support our community. Not only does their support help them get their
message to the residents, but it also allows them to help get the town news
and happenings out to the public.
It is with great financial difficulty that this paper comes to your mailboxes
every week. Postage and print prices continue to rise but we have maintained
our efforts to not increase advertising rates to businesses that are already
struggling to keep their doors open.
As we too are experiencing that same struggle, it is once again time to
ask our readers to help our advertisers to help our newspaper continue to
bring the message of the people in our community to our neighbors. You
can do this by making a voluntary contribution of at least $10.00 to help us
continue with our mission. The voluntary payment helps with increasing
expenses, and shows your support for your hometown newspapers.
Don’t just expect your neighbors to do it. This year more than ever we
need your help and would appreciate your support.
Please send your voluntary payment to:
Totoket Times, PO Box 313, Northford, CT 06472
Participants Needed to Participate in
St. Baldrick’s Foundation Event For Cancer Research
Check out our Advertising Directory at
Date of Issue
December 19
January 2
January 16
January 23
February 6
February 13
February 27
March 6
March 13
March 27April3
Jerome Harrison Elementary School will host a St. Baldrick’s Foundation
signature head-shaving event to raise funds and awareness for lifesaving
childhood cancer research on February 9, 2015 (Snow Date Febrary 23)
from 6pm to 9pm. With a goal of raising funds for childhood cancer research
we are looking for participants to register to shave their heads to support
the Foundation’s mission to Conquer Childhood Cancers!
This event is being held to honor and support our own Lyla B., who continues her battle with Rhabdomyosarcoma.
To register, go to or join other
established teams for this event. If you are unable to participate but would
like to support our efforts financially, you can donate directly at this link
as well.
Worldwide a child is diagnosed with cancer every three minutes, and one
in five children diagnosed in the U.S. will not survive. The St. Baldeirk’s
Foundation is a volunteer-driven and donor-centered charity dedicated to
raising money for childhood cancer research and funding the most promising
research initiatives to find cures. As the largest private funder of childhood
cancer research grants, the Foundation hosts signature head-shaving events
where volunteers collect pledges and then shave their heads in solidarity
with children fighting cancer. For more information about the St. Baldrick’s
Foundation please call 1.888.899.BALD or visit
If you have any questions about this event, please contact Judy Bannon
at (203) 484-0507
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Totoket Times December 12, 2014
Well brother it’s that time of the year again. During the Christmas season
I have been called anything from Scrooge to Santa Claus. It’s funny how
different people can have totally different opinions. I myself think that I
am not the Grinch but I would like to personify the “Spirit of Christmas”.
This year my plan for the family is for all of us to buy less gifts, cut
down on the food and have less stress so we can relax and enjoy family
and friends. It’s time to renew our faith with the birth of Christ. I plan on
going back to the old school of thought where we invite people over to the
house and share friendship.
The gift thing is pretty funny when it comes to my grandson. Erica keeps
telling us not to spoil him with a lot of stuff and every time she opens a
store flyer she comes up with for or five more ideas. She even went out and
bought storage bins to organize his stuff. Pretty soon she’ll need an addition
on the house for the toys.
Remember when mom use to tell us that the sad part about the holidays is
that is seems like the obits in the newspaper fill up. I have been to a bunch
of wakes recently and I even missed a few. I also remember that when we
were young, every time someone died ( especially during the holidays), dad
would go out and buy a special dinner item. “People are dying” he would
rationalize. “Let’s live”. Maybe we can blame the family obesity problems
on the death of our neighbors and friends.
We lost a good friend this week. Al Carofano lost his battle with cancer and
so goes one of the true pillars of Saint Anthony Church. Al and his family
grew up serving our church. He met and married his wife there and raised
his children there as well. His daughter even met and married her husband
there. It was a true example of a parish family and extended family.
Al was a tremendous example of God and family. One of his grandson’s
played hockey at NBHS and Al & his wife seldom missed a game. When
Frankie went to Choate, Al’s other grandson played football there and he
never missed one of those games. Even those that were more than an hour
At church, he was relentless. Although he was old enough to be my father,
we worked together on many projects. He was a stand up guy who was
never afraid to offer his thoughts. He fought for what he believed in, and
boy did he fight. But in the end, he was a team player who always had my
back. He was a great example of family, friendship and faith.
Nothing new is going on in town. If it is, it’s going on behind the scenes
and people are being less controversial about it. I’m hoping things are settling down but I pray they won’t stop fighting for what they think is right.
Well, that’s all for now. Say hello to the family and take care of Al when
he gets there. I’ll see you soon.
The Life Lessons of Skin Afflictions
by Lindsey Lee Wallace
I am not supposed to pop my pimples. The damage will cause scarring, which
will be with me for far longer than any transient blemish, eternally marring the
canvas of my face, and dashing my Miss America dreams. I must avoid salicylic
acid, dirty pillowcases, and the colloquial cures that inundate the internet. At the
first prepubescent signs of spots, my father flew into a frenzy, making dozens of
appointments in order to procure a collection of pills, potions, and mystical chants
vast enough to rival that of any local pharmacy and/or coven. Having suffered a
plague of pustules throughout his formative years, he was determined that I not
suffer the same skin-and-self-esteem-destroying affliction.
As an act of either defiance or delusional martyrdom, I refused dermatological attention. Seeking a doctor’s help for the most mundane and widespread of
teenaged maladies seemed foolish, and I could just imagine the doctors shaking
their heads over my banal gripes, bemoaning the hours that might have been
spent curing those dying of Scarlet Fever and the Plague. I was usurping medical
care, and to atone for my sin, I would enter high school as an usurper with acne.
Soon, though, my resolve began to quaver. I could feel the pressure inside of me
building, sidelong glances from my peers seeming to poke and prod at me, until
I felt I ready to explode. Surely it could not be my imagination that those boys
next to me in class were laughing while I spoke. Surely I had not misheard the
whispered jeers of the girls who had passed me in the hall. Suddenly, it seemed
that everyone around me oozed maliciousness.
This publication is published bi-weekly by
Doss enterprises LLC
PO Box 313
Northford, CT. 06472
Tel; 203-410-4254 Fax 203-484-4729
email: [email protected]
founders - Bert Bunnell Jr. & Antthony Esposito Jr.
The publisher assumes no responsibility for typographical errors. In the event
of an error, the publisher will issue a credit adjustment on only the incorrect
portion of the advertisement, as well as a retraction in the next issue.
It’s About the Land
The North Branford Land Conservation Trust, Inc.
More than five months have passed since I last wrote about the doings of
the NBLCT. In the May 30th edition of the Totoket Times we reported that
NBLCT was compiling an inventory of the remaining parcels of quality
open space in town. I refer to them as “Critical Choices for Open Space”.
In future issues of the Totoket Times I plan to write brief, general descriptions of the areas in which these parcels are located calling attention to
landscapes and natural attributes worth saving.
We’ve been looking for land with features such as flowing brooks and
waterfalls, forest-covered craggy hill sides, unblemished ridgelines, habitat
for rare and endangered species of plants and wildlife. It is land which may
be an integral part of a neighborhood, or a metaphorical bridge to other land
that is worthy of protection as open space.
One of these places is land located near the northeast corner of town. It
runs from the Guilford town line along the high basalt ridge (highest point
720+ feet above sea level) that forms Totoket Mountain, a prominent feature of the landscape. The northwest facing slope of Totoket Mountain is a
blaze of color in the fall because it is covered with mixed hardwoods. An
oak /hickory forest covers the plateau of the mountain that is interspersed
with wetlands stocked with red maple and filled with standing water in the
late winter and early spring. Two intermittent water courses flow down the
slope through deep ravines formed thousands of years ago as the melting
glacier of the last ice age sent huge torrents of water down the slope scouring
the softer rock and earth material. Today, water flows through the ravines
when wetlands on the mountain fill and overflow. These watercourses drain
to Parmalee Brook in Durham. The ridgeline is high and scenic, without
towers or other structures that pierce the forest canopy; it is prominently
visible from Middletown Avenue (Rt 17) and residential areas to the west.
The Mattabesett Trail, a popular Connecticut Blue-blazed Trail maintained
by the Connecticut Forest & Park Association passes through this northeast
corner of town and helps define this remote area. Additional hiking trails
could be developed connecting with the Mattabesett, which together with
the prominence of the basalt ridge, raise the importance of the property for
conservation, passive recreation and scenic purposes.
In future issues look for more descriptions of these “Critical Choice” areas including property that we expect to receive as open space in the near
future along the Farm River. Please keep us in mind. You can reach us at
North Branford Land Conservation Trust, Inc. P.O. Box 378, North Branford
CT 06471 or via e-mail, [email protected] Our website, still under
development, is, but you can visit us on Facebook and
see what we are doing.
Otto Schaefer, Secretary - NB Land Conservation Trust, Inc.
I had not realized, when I formulated my plan, how bad I would feel. In my
effort to rein in my usurping impulses, I had also stifled some others—those
which led me to speak in class, or joke amongst my friends. If I was quiet, attention would be drawn away from me, a safer alternative to turning a spotlight
on myself and my revolting face. Once boisterous to the point of obnoxiousness,
I faded. The quietest months of my life followed, during which I found myself
drawn away from pizza, due to both its position in the thick of the lunchroom,
and its faint resemblance to a mirror. Having once been an awkward, wordy child,
I returned to my roots and sought refuge in a flurry of flyleaf. Escaping into the
infinite arrangements of our twenty-six letters felt in a way like returning home.
However, it also felt like giving up. Developing the confidence to poke my head
out from behind the pages had been an uphill battle, and an important victory,
and while I was now technically safer, I also felt I had regressed abruptly to the
age of seven, creating a rather troubling time-travel paradox, and leaving myself
grossly unqualified for the ninth grade.
Across the Alps of my forehead and beneath my skull lay all the same humor
as before puberty, the same hotly held opinions, burning questions, and bizarre
half-formed shadows of the things I one day planned to create. During my early
childhood, when these had swirled storm-like in the recesses of my mind, I’d been
antsy with the building force. And now, with even more mental energy, stifling
myself was growing impossible. The keen eyes of my classmates could certainly
sting, but allowing myself to fester silently under their glare would be even more
painful. My only option was to explode with even more of my usual exuberance,
bursting with confidence despite my reservations.
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All letters must be signed. A telephone number should
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This paper reserves the right to edit all letters.
All letters should be addressed to :
The Editor
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Totoket Times December 12, 2104
Before I wrote this I had intended to write of how GM, genetically modified foods, are not only creating health problems with the
injections of herbicides, insecticides and a variety of other
unnatural ingredients into our foods. As preposterous as it seems Monsanto and others surreptitiously and purposely resorted to insidious
ethics that would so change, even Nature itself, that any effort to
stop what they had already accomplished had become so ingrained in nature,
what they had already accomplished was an effort in futility. Fortunately,
although having already created havoc in the natural food industry, organics, their engaging even the courts and politicians in support of their scheme
I have been made aware of the uprising by natural food supporters and the
failure of Monsanto and the others, of the superiority of their creations over
all others just isn’t working out.
My favorite farm journal, Farm Show, which by reason of it accepting no paid
advertising, fears no retribution from their advertisers and prints what the others
fear most, loss of revenue .. Farm Show reports that the failure of the GM seed to
as promised, to out yield the seeds they were supposed to isn’t working out. Not
only is their production far inferior, but the cost of the seed is prohibitive. Monsanto’s seeds made immune to its herbicide Round Up which supposedly would
eliminate all weeds, by allowing Round Up to be used without affecting the corn or whatever crop is being grown only produced super weeds that reject all herbicides. Plus the important part to farmers,
their production has dropped significantly. This scenario is repeated in all the
varieties such as more cold resistant, etc. developed and promoted as saving
humanity from starvation in our over populated world.
Farm Show, under the title “Demand Grows For Non-GMO Seeds” The
seed growers are asking why they should be paying for traits that now
have resistance weeds and insects. Farmers are saving $85 per bag on seed,
a formidable amount when you are planting hundred, even thousands of
acres. One reason even conventional farmers, those concerned only
with the bottom line,money, and no concern as to the effect on the
consumers health are switching back to non GMO seed is equal or
better yield. Seed growers are reporting increasing demands for non GMO
seeds. Some as much as 70 percent increase.
Those of us engaged in the fight to have GMO food labeled so we will
know what we are eating is growing at an astonishing rate. This has had an
effect on the opposition gradually losing the battle. As I said, even those
unconcerned feel empathy with us since most resent restrictions on their
choice of any products but, as always, what plays the major part in a capitalist
society is that whatever is engaged in is profitable.
Scott Harris, sales manager of Masters Choice a seed company based
in Illinois and marketed in all 48 states says, “Seed companies small, medium or large report increase in demand for non-GMO seeds and not all
driven by the anti-GMO sentiment. The reason farmers are going non-GMO
is financial”. I have to laugh on thinking, what we have been fighting for, labled
GMO foods, is being won for us by those not giving a damn about labeling.
Alton Eliason
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By Attorney Marc P. Guertin
Most people know someone who has received care in a skilled nursing
facility (Nursing Home). Those same people, however, don’t think that
they will ever end up in a Nursing Home.
A long term stay at a nursing home can be financially devastating for
you and your family. Nursing home care at the rate of $350+ per day can
quickly eliminate a lifetime’s worth of hard work and saving. Long term
care in a nursing home can devour your savings and force your home to be
sold at a “fire sale” price to pay for your care.
How would a long term stay in a nursing home impact your family and
your finances? When faced with a long term stay in a nursing home typically there are three different sources that will pay for the cost. The first
option is to have a long term care insurance policy in place. Long term care
insurance is the best approach. It will pay for some or all of the expenses
associated with long term care in a nursing home. The second option is to
pay for the care with your own assets at the private pay rate. Most people
fall into this category, at least until they run out of assets. Once you nearly
run out of assets a third option is available, Medicaid.
Medicaid will pay for many, but not all, of your expenses in a nursing
home. However, it will start paying nursing home costs only after you have
“spent down” your assets. A single individual must “spend down” all assets (including your home) to $1,600 before Medicaid will pay for nursing
home care. This wipes out any legacy a person may have wanted to leave
to his or her children, grandchildren, church, or favorite charity.
When people are faced with choosing between preserving their assets
and paying for their care there really is no choice, unless the costs of long
term care in a nursing home are planned for. Giving away your money
(to a child, for example) before needing long-term care may sound like a
good idea, but it can be risky. Children get divorced, sued, have creditor
issues, or can become catastrophically ill. The assets gifted to your child
could be lost through divorce, lawsuits, etc. and would not be available to
you. Furthermore, due to restrictive gifting laws, you may not qualify for
Medicaid because you gave your money away.
An Irrevocable Asset Protection Trust (IAPT) provides an opportunity for
individuals, both single and married to protect their assets. These assets
could be available to you in the future to pay for things that Medicaid does
not, or for an individual’s spouse or as a legacy for future generations, without the risks associated with giving these assets away to another individual.
An IAPT is a legal entity separate from the person who creates it (the
Grantor). It is created by signing a Trust agreement where the Grantor
irrevocably transfers assets to a third person called the Trustee (often the
Grantor’s children or other relative) who holds that property in Trust for
the benefit of the people who are named as beneficiaries.
Timing is extremely important when establishing an IAPT. The name
of the game is “Beat the Clock.” In order for an IAPT to work it must be
set up well in advance of anticipated nursing home care. After the passage
of enough time the assets held by the IAPT will be insulated from the ravages of a long term stay in a nursing home, as well as creditor issues, and
lawsuits. Furthermore, the assets held inside of the trust will pass to your
beneficiaries probate free and within weeks, as opposed to months if these
assets were to pass through the probate process.
If you would like to learn more about protecting your assets, Guertin and
Guertin, LLC offers free initial consultations- call and make an appointment
today- it won’t cost you anything and might save everything. We will also
be hosting a workshop on this topic on January 24th at 10am. Please call
my office at 203-234-7400 to reserve your seat.
If you have estate planning questions that you would like answered
in this column, email me at [email protected]
Marc Guertin, is a partner at Guertin and Guertin, LLC. Guertin and Guertin, LLC
is dedicated to Estate Planning, ElderLaw, Trust and Probate Administration. He is coauthor of Planning for the Future: A Practical Guide to estate Planning and Avoiding
Bad Heir Days. Visit Guertin and Guertin, LLC on the web:
Totoket Times December 12, 2014
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Christmas & New Year Schedule
Due to the Holidays, to better serve our advertisers and readers, the Totoket
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For December, we will come out two weeks in a row. You will have this
issue and then another issue on December 19th. Hopefully, this will give
our advertisers another chance to get the message out before Christmas,
as well as give our readers a chance to keep up with town events without
interfering with your Christams and New Year’s festivities.
in January our first issue will come out on January 9th but it will not be
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next issue will begin the usual full mail cycle on January 23rd and at that
point we will resume our normal every two week schedule.
After twelve years of never missing an issuee, this will give your Publisher/Editor a bit of a break to spend some time with his family/grandson.
Hair etc.
Marie Sintay
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Walk - Ins Welcome
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In the 11 years we have been in North Branford, our customers have made us feel like family
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We would like to help you with your holiday cooking but whether we do or not, we would like to wish everyone
a Very Blessed & Safe Holiday!
Totoket Times December 12, 2014
An afternoon of
Bake Sale Fundraiser
Bringing moments of comfort and joy to families affected by childhood cancer
Join Colin’s Crew for our 4th Annual Cookies & Hope bake sale event.
Proceeds will benefit Colin’s Crew programs including in-patient meals.
Sunday December 14, 2014
12:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.
St. Monica’s Church 1331 Middletown Ave, Northford
CONTACT: [email protected] or 203.415.0212
Colin’s Crew was inspired by friends and family of a brave boy, Colin Westbrook. Colin was your typical
two-year-old when he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, (“ALL”) back in October 2009,
just days after his second birthday. Colin’s Crew was originally formed to provide support to the Westbrook
family. As Colin continues to do well, Colin’s Crew brings moments of comfort and joy to other families
affected by childhood cancer through various programs.
Santa Claus Toy Run
Once again this year Northford Volunteer Fire Company #2 will be assisting Santa and his elves dropping off toys to children in Company #2’s
district (North on Middletown Avenue to Northford Park; South on Middletown Avenue to the North Haven line; South on Forest Road to the Police
Department; North on Clintonville Road to the North Haven town line;
including side roads off of those main roads.) on Christmas Eve.
Please bring your presents (see wrapping instructions below) to the Northford Fire Department Company #2 (Middletown Avenue next to the new
Rec. Center - formerly Stanley T. Williams School) on the following dates:
10 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M.
10 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M.
10 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M.
10 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M.
6:30 P.M. TO 7:00 P.M.
AFTER MONDAY 12/22 AT 7:00 P.M.
Gifts should first be wrapped in gift wrap with the child’s name on the outside of
the package; then, the package must be wrapped in brown paper over the top of the
gift wrap with the family name, address and telephone number on the outside of
the brown paper. WE DO NOT PROVIDE GIFT WRAPPING so if your package
does not have gift wrap on it that is how it will be delivered.
The members of Company #2 provide this service at no cost but we do as for a
donation of non-perishable food items, i.e. canned goods, dry goods, diapers, etc.
for those who are less fortunate then we are. Any other donations are gratefully
Please also remember that we WILL NOT guarantee a drop off time for the gifts.
We normally begin our runs at 4:30 and end around 8:00. Please understand that
Company #2 still needs to protect the residents of Northford and in the event of
an emergency in town delivery may be interrupted, however, we will endeavor to
deliver the packages as soon after as possible.
Any questions please call 203-484-0466.
203.494.7838 • [email protected] • P.O. Box 4097 Wallingford, CT 06492 • Facebook & Twitter: Colin’s Crew
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199 Foxon Rd., North Branford
Totoket Times December 12, 2014
North Branford Intermediate School Period I Honors
Fabish, Paige
Grade 8 High Honors DeBarros, Charles
Augur, Hannah Carroll-D’Aria, Carr, Wyatt
Ackerman, Noah
DeLucia, Joseph Fiondella, Ariana Cavalier, Sofia Ciccone, Alessandro
Bailey, Morgan
Anastasio, Colby
Despres, Kayla Cirivello, Emily Cole, Aiden
Bernabucci, Maria
Garrett, Jillian Augur, Alessandra Galdenzi, Ava
Campagna, Lea Cole, Emily Covel, Erik s
Geist, Griffin Chironno, Jenna
Bizzario, Olivia
Gall, Jenna Criscuolo, Madeline D’Onofrio, Briana Gibilisco,
Buffone, Rachel Gildersleeve, Britny Conboy, Jeremey Cucinotta, Sally DaCunto, Jonathan Heffernan, Julia
Cadwell, Ryan
Helff, Marisa
Cosenza, Julianna Czarnecki, Andrew DellaCamera, Sophia
Callender, Christopher LeBeau, Avonlea
Cosgrove, Matthew D’Onofrio, Bianca DeLoughery, Mia
Iuteri, Brianna Carroll, Brennan Lucibello, Sean Crowe, Kyleen Ferraiolo, Gianni DeWitt, Daisy
Carson, Katelyn
Maenza-Scarano,Nick Kamienski, Taylor
DeAngelo, Samantha Gargano, Jesse Didiano, Felicia
Chan, Alvin McIntyre, Carlie
Huisman, Victor
Didiano, Giacomo
Dostie, Taylor
Constantinidi, Sydney Mott, Izabella Kendrick, Alyssa Johnson, Lucas Didiano, Roberto
Flanagan, John Cook, Sarah Muzyka, Megan Kuczynski, Nicholas Klemme, Katherine DiNapoli, Tyler
Fusco, Michael
Cristante, Alexina Olsen, Emily LaBanca, Genaro
Gallo, Alexa Kwalek, Rachel Dunphy, Kyle Crotta, Isabella Pappolla, Jordan Leete, Conor
Helwig, Rachel Lawson, Brian Faughnan, Liam
Diaz, Alyssa Parente, Abbey
Jacobson, Carl Lucibelli, Luke Fowler, Samantha
DiMartino, Bella
Pearson, Annika Manner, Kaila Joiner, Jadyn Lucibello, Justin Frandsen, Justin
Dupuis, Shannon Pedersen, Katy Martone, Matteo Katz, Lyndsay Malavasi, Ariana Gott, Onna Frandsen, Logan Perez, Julie Melillo, Landon Lucibello, Isabella Marcarelli, Calley Grant, Liam
Gaudio, Nicholas
Powers, Jetta Miconi, Jada McCormack, Daniel Munck, Ryan Humphrey, Madelyn
Gonsalves, Brianna Ricardo, Julia O’Neil, Kylie McKee, Sean Norton, Melanie Jablonski, Joseph
Gyaltsen, Jigme Roof, Erika Ocasio, Emalee McMillen, Megan Olsen, Nicholas Jacobson, Kelli
Hinckley, William Sarmento, Gabriella Olson, Emily Miconi, Patrick Patel, Krish Laucella, Kelsey
Kilburn, Jessie Sheehan, Emma Ouellet, Sophia
Neubig, Ben Perez, Alysha Maroulis, Vasilios
Mahon, Stephanie Sorrentino, Carly Pesticci, Gabriella
Oliverio, Kaley Raymond, Nathaniel McCormack, Emily
McClure, Nina Spayd, Jenna
Palma, Isabella Schreiber, Emma Melchiore, Mason
McLay, Ian Sudusky, Stephanie Podoloff, Jake Petraccione, Zakary Sellers, Robert Melchiore, Maverick Prato,
McNelis, Joseph Teodoro, Amanda
Rabuffo, Michael Smola, Ava Melillo, Brooke
Montanaro, Jacob Vitarisi, Rachel Preiss, Mallory
Ramada, Angelina Stoddard, Paul Nero, Alyssa
Raymond, Ava
Neubig, Grace
Wang, Allison Raucci, Amelia Sweetapple, Bryce Nuzzo, Amanda Razouki,
Pavic, Ana Williams, Marcus Reed, Makayla Tropiano, Alliyah O’Connor, Jeffrey
Phabmixay, Joanna Grade 6 High Honors Reyes, Matthew
Rodriquez, Olivia Vincent, Myles Page, Bryanna Rice,
Pietrogallo, Julia Amendola, Ashlee Scaniffe, Dylan Waligroski, Alyssa Raffone, Anthony
Riggione, Christina Raccio, Brianna Anastasio, Sophia
Santiago, Ilyanna
Sellitto, Anthony Grade 6 Honors
Sabetta, Ethan
Sabetta, Rebecca
Appicelli, Allie
Sibley, Tyler Abbagnaro, Zachary Sweeney, Shane
Simerson, Darian
Archer, Sachin
Sorrentino, Franco Aguiar, McKayla Treichel, Thomas
Shadman, Caroline
Slubowski, Ashley Beardsley, Bryce Stoner, Brendan Armin, Jessica Vecchio, Krista
Souza, Kaitlin
Burwell, Mackenzie
Villano, Charlotte
Testa, Ashley Banks, Andrew
Stankiewicz, Aiden
Taylor, Noah Cahill, Emma
Vitkovsky, Matthew
Testa, Morgan
Stoner, Aidan
Torgerson, Mary-Kate Colavolpe, Bella
Velez, Kaylee Becker, Nadia Votto, Sofia
Wang, Vivian
Corniello, Julianna
Bokhari, Humza Waligroski, Tyler
Grade 7 Honors
Valentino, Alessia Adamczyk, Stephen Brown, Dylan Wethly, Johanna
Grade 7 High Honors Coyne, Connor Grade 8 Honors
Capasso, Tyler
Criscuolo, Charliana
Albrecht, Jon-nelle Bunnell, Jeremy Williams, Alexis Anderson, Ashley
Cassista, Julia
D’Albero, Elisabeth
Aucapina, Ariadna Candelora, Thomas Yang, Justin
Annunziato, Brianna
Cirivello, Jennifer D’Aversa, Shawn
Blomster, Lily Canelli, Jadon Ash,
Cordero, Alessandra
DiPaolo, Celia s
Candelora, Juliana Carofano, Gabriella
Astrom, Arianna Carbone, Joseph Dautaj, Briana
Dow, Catherine
North Branford Athletes Compete in Regional
This past weekend nine North Branford athletes competed in the Football University National East Regional Tournament for Team Connecticut. The athletes were chosen throughout Connecticut to compete in this single
elimination national tournament. Bryce Sweetapple and Xavier Cognata
played for 7th Grade Team Connecticut, who defeated Long Island (20-14)
and New Jersey (32-12) to advance to the East Regional Championships in
Virginia this weekend. Tommy Candelora, Alex Clinton, Brandon Frata,
Stathi Gianniotis Jimmy Krupp, Dalton Rice and Aiden Stankiewicz played
for the 6th Grade Team Connecticut. They defeated New Jersey (40-0) and
Long Island (20-0) and will also be playing in the East Regional Championships in Virginia.
(Pictures, Left to Right, Xavier Cognata, Bryce
Sweetapple) (6th Grade Picture From Left to
Right, Aiden Stankiewicz, Stathi Gianniotis,
Brandon Frata, Tommy Candelora, Dalton Rice,
Jimmy Krupp, and Alex Clinton)
NBHS Football State Championship Game
Saturday, December 13, 10:30
Central Connecticut State University
High School
Football Team
Will play for
Playing in a driving
rain on a mud soaked
field, the NBHS football
team defeated Northwest
Catholic in the Class S
Small Division semifinals
to move on to the Stae
Championship game.
Offensively, Shelby
Franklin and Paul Pastet
carried 11 times each for
42 and 39 yards respectively. Austin Calamita
had 2 carries for 82 yards
The T-Birds scored on
Pastet to Franklin 8 yard
pass and a 27 yard Paul
Sarmento field goal.
Defense was the key
with Mike Kasier having
13 tackles, Lou Distasio
11, Nick Sagnella 9 and
Corey Seymour 7.
Totoket Times December 12, 2014
North Branford Soccer Club
Spring 2015 Registration is underway!
Register Early and Save!
Spring programs available for boys & girls grades Pre-K – 12
Spring soccer begins in April 2015
Register on-line at “”
Registration Fee $125 (uniform, if required, is additional cost)
Cross Country Team Recognizes Runners
At the recently held North Branford Cross Country Banquet, Bryce
Mase and Marissa Bale received the Most Valuable Player Award. Victoria Pawlak and Parker Nadeau received The Desire and Dedication
Award. Rookie of the Year was achieved by Michael Madoule and Olivia
Hemstock. The 2014 team was lead by two captains: Marissa Bale and
Richard Hernandez. At the banquet, a variety of non-perishable food
items was collected by the team and donated to the local food kitchen.
The “NBCC” 4 Yr Award was earned by Marissa Bale. Girls Varsity
Letters were awarded to: Marissa Bale, Winnie Chan, Victoria Pawlak,
Theresa Guadagnino, Olivia Hemstock, Grace Little, Lauren Stelmaszczyk and Marie Zampano. Boys Varsity Letters were awarded to: Spencer
Bryden, Isaac Cammarata, Austin Gibilsco, Richard Hernandez, Bryce
Mase, Parker Nadeau and Keane Regan.
The North Branford 5k Cross Country Course Top Seven Record
Plaque established five years ago was updated. The average time for
the boys from last year dropped by 18 seconds and is now18:37. Bryce
Mase established a new North Branford Boys record for the course by
coming in at 18:07. The previous course record was set by Zach Williams at 18:19. Keane Regan took over 5th by a decrease in time of 24
second going from 19:17 to an 18:53. The girl’s average time dropped
by 13 seconds from last season and is now 23:31. Olivia Hemstock took
over 5th place at 24:01 and Marie Zampano took over 7th place at 24:48.
Photo above: The team collected and donated foods to the local food
kitchen. Photo is courtesy of Dorota Pawlak.
Early Bird registration discount $25 until December 15, 2014
Late fee of $25.00 after January15, 2015
Registration CLOSES February 15, 2015 for travel teams (3rd grade thru
12th grade) and April 15th, 2015 for Saturday morning in-house clinic
(Pre-K thru 4th grade)
Multi Family member discount $25.00 off 2nd & 3rd player
Spring Programs Include:
Saturday Morning In-house Clinic
Conducted by Professional Coaches from the Victory Soccer School
Saturday Mornings - 10 Sessions – 45-75 minute duration depending
on division
Little Kicks - Boys & Girls Kindergarten & younger
Juniors - Boys & Girls 1st & 2nd Grade
Seniors - Boys & Girls 3rd & 4th Grade
Travel Teams
Participate in a Connecticut Junior Soccer Association sanctioned
Playing teams from other towns within the South Central District
U10 - Boys & Girls 3rd & 4th Grade and born between 8/1/2004
- 7/31/2006
U12 - Boys & Girls 5th & 6th Grade
U14 - Boys & Girls 7th & 8th Grade
U19 Boys & Girls (High School)
For more information visit our website or contact:
Club Registrar, Cindy Sorrentino @ [email protected] or
Club President, Pam Battle @ [email protected]
Stay informed about club activities. Like us on Facebook
2400 Foxon Rd.
North Branford
Dine In - Take Out or Delivery
For the Holidays. Try our Stuffed Breads
$10.50. Buy 3 get ONE FREE.
Large 18” Pizza
$3.00 OFF
Medium Pizza
$2.00 OFF
Small Pizza
$1.00 OFF
All Coupons are not combinable - one per visit and expire 1/20/15
Mondays & Wednesdays - Large 18” $10.00
(Take out only)
Book our BYOB Party Room now for the Holidays!
Winter is coming. Will your car keep going?
Iced windshields. Cold starts. Slick roads. Make sure your vehicle is prepared
with our $49.95 Winter Readiness maintenance: oil change, tire rotation, fluid
checks, wiper blade check & brake inspection. Call today for an appointment.
“Your Local Garage”
2049 Foxon Road (Rte 80) PHONE: (203) 208-3140 Open Mon – Fri 8AM - 5PM, Sat 8:30AM - 1PM
10% O
Totoket Times December 12, 2014
Residents can make
snow removal more effecitive
Please help us help you. The objective of the Town
of North Branford’s Public Works Department winter
maintenance program is to provide winter roadway
safety to the traveling public with the most reasonable,
efficient and effective manner. We are requesting your
help during snow and ice removal operations and ask
that you follow these simple suggestions:
Please limit travel during storms to trips that are
absolutely necessary. Once roads have been salted, the
potential for accidents is greatly reduced.
Please park your vehicles in your driveways and off
the road. If you must park on the street, try to park on
one side of the street only. Cul-de-sac residents are
specifically encouraged to follow this recommendation due to the limited turn around space. Parked cars
hinder the speed and efficiency of our snow removal
operation. Parking bans may be in effect. Vehicles
parked in unauthorized areas may be towed.
Snow plows are designed to remove snow from the
roadway to the edge of the road. It is likely that the
plow will leave behind a windrow of snow in front of
your driveway. Residents are responsible for removing this snow.
It is against the law to plow snow from your driveways and walk ways into the road. Please pile the snow
in your yard. When snow plows are used during snow
falls, the initial pass of the snow plow is made to open
up the road for traffic flow. The following passes will
push the snow to the curb line or road edge. This is
necessary in order to allow for the drainage of melting
snow into catch basins and to allow more space to plow
future snow accumulations.
To avoid salt from hitting your vehicle while driving,
move away from the center of the road when you see
a salt truck approaching from the opposite direction.
Salt trucks are designed to deposit more salt near the
center of the road as the salt works its way to the road
edge as traffic runs over it. Please try to stay back approximately 200 feet from the rear of a salt/sand truck.
To insure that your mail box is not damaged during
snow plowing operations, your mailbox must be 42”
above the ground and the front face of your mailbox
door must be not less than 12” from the front face of
the curb or road edge.
Remove your portable basketball hoop from the
street and place it on your property. The Town is not
responsible for damages to the equipment.
When calling the Public Works Department, please
keep messages simple and direct. Be certain to state
your name, phone number and the problem you’re
calling about and its location. We can be reached at
484-6060. Please contact us if you have any questions.
Please adopt a fire hydrant if it is located near your
house. The hydrant is there for your protection and it
may be several days after a storm before they can be
By following the recommendations listed, you will
be assisting us in providing you with safe and efficient
snow removal operations.
J. Chris Keinz
Lic. # 614767
Mowing - Cleanups - Photo Landscape Design
Planting - Trimming - Snow Plowing
Licensed & Fully Insured
Residential & Commercial
Free Estimates
8 Brook Road
North Branford, CT
Totoket Times December 12, 2014
Branford Bible Chapel. 212 Branford Rd., corner of Twin Lakes Rd. 203-488-3586. Sunday
morning : 9:15 - 10:30 Worship & Lord’s Supper, 11:00 -12:15 Ministering of God’s Word &
Sunday School. . Nursery provided. Awana for kids, vacation Bible School, missions & outreach
North Branford Congregational Church, UCC. 1680 Foxon Rd., North Branford, CT, 203488-8456 or [email protected] or Acting Pastor Rev. Price
van der Swaagh. Daniel Jared Shapiro, Music Director. Office Hours: Wednesday through Friday,
9:00 - 1:00pm. We worship every Sunday at 10:00am. Nursery care available. Get to know us
by joining us for Coffee Hour following Services. The second Sunday of every month is Family
Sunday when the children remain with their parents during the Service. This is followed by our
second Sunday Brunch. Holy Communion is on the first Sunday of every month. Church School
through grade 8 meets during worship. All are wecome no matter who you are, no matter where
you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here.
Northford Congregational Church. United Church of Christ. Church is located on Old Post
Rd., ( corner of Rte 17 and Rte 22), PO Box 191 Northford. Phone 203-484-0795, Fax 203-4849916.. email; [email protected] Reverend Kathryn King. Pastor. Jane K. Leschuk Minister of
Music. Sunday worship service and Sunday School, 10:00AM. Join us for coffee hour following
worship. Holy Communion on the first Sunday of each month. Office hours, Monday an Wednesday 10am - 1pm. Like us on Facebook.Our website is
St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church, Middletown Ave. (Rte 22 & 17) Northford. 203-484-0895.
or http://standrewsnorthford.orgWe are a member of the Middlesex Area Cluster Ministry. The
Reverend Jim Bradley, Interim Missioner in charge of MACM, 203-525-6846. The Cluster office
is 860-345-0058. Sunday morning Eucharist is 10am. We have a rotating clergy & choir during
the academic year. Join us for coffee and fellowship following service. All are welcome.
St. Augustine Roman Catholic Church. The church is located at 30 Caputo Rd., North
Branford. The Parochial Administrator is Reverend Robert Turner and Deacons are John Hart
& Robert Macaluso. Daily Mass and Homily are celebrated Mondays & Wednesdays at 9am. On
weekends, Mass is celebrated on Saturday at 4pm & 11am on Sunday mornings. The Sacrament
of Reconciliation is celebrated every Saturday afternoon from 3:00 - 3:30PM In addition, you can
make an appointment for reconciliation by calling the parish office at 203-484-0403. If you are
new to the area and are looking for a parish family to join, please visit us. You can contact the
church office at 203-484-0403 or fax 203-484-0132 weekdays, 9am to 1pm or visit us online at
St. Monica Roman Catholic Church. The Church is located at 1331 Middletown Ave. Northford. The Parochial Administrator is Reverend Robert Turner and the Deacons are William B.
Bergers, Louis P. Fusco and Joseph Marenna. Weekend Masses are celebrated on Saturdays at
5:30pm and Sunday at 9am. Weekday Masses are Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 9am. The
Sacarment of Reconciliation is celebrated Saturday morning from 8:30 - 9:00AM. In addition,
you can make an appointment for Reconciliation by calling our parish office. You can contact the
parish office by calling 203-484-9226 or fax 203-484-1189 Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and
Fridays 10am - 2pm. You can contact the Education Center at 203-484-2434 Mondays, Tuesdays,
Wednesdays and Fridays, 9am to 2pm.
Zion Episcopal Church. 326 Notch Hill Rd., North Branford. 203-488-7395. The Reverend
Lucy LaRocca, Vicar; Sunday Holy Eucharist 8 & 10:00am. Coffee hour follows both services.
Child care available. Email;
Holiday Services
St Augustine & St. Monica parish communities invite you to join them
for a Christmas Mass celebrating the birth of Christ. Christmas Eve Masses
will be celebrated at both Churches at 4 & 10PM. Christmas Day will be
celebrated at both Churches at 8 & 10AM.
Join the parish communites of St Augustine & St. Monica on Sunday, December 14, at 4:00pm at St. Augustine, 30 Caputo Rd. Dinner in the Church Hall
will follow. A non-perishable food item is requested as a donation.
St, Andrew Episcopal Church, 1382 Middletown Avenue, Northford.
Christmas Eve Service, December 24, 2014. 7:30pm Carols, 8:00pm Service, The Rev. Jane White-Hassler, Celebrant, Ray Bishop- Organist
Holiday services during Advent are continuing at the Northford Congregational Church on Sundays at 10 a.m. through December 21. Advent
candles are being lit by various families as special verses are read. Sunday
School is continuing at the same time. There will be a multi-generational
Christmas pageant on Sunday, December 14, and a contemporary worship
service on Sunday, December 21.
There will be a Christmas Eve service on Wednesday, December 24, at
5 p.m. This service will focus on the special Bible verses highlighting the
prophecy and Gospel of this Holy event. Take a few minutes out from your
busy schedule and add some meaning to this special time of year. All are
The historic Northford Congregational Church (203-484-0795) is located
at 4 Old Post Road at the corner of Route 22 and Route 17 in the Northford
section of North Branford.
Totoket Historical Society
Did you know... ........that on September 14, 1849
a horrible murder took place in Northford. Twelve
year old Emily Cooper, a cousin of the murderer, was
sexually assaulted and murdered. Read about this
terrible crime in our publication “The Murder of Emily
Cooper” by Eugene C. MacMullan. This is a truly fascinating story. The
story can be read on our “Research Documents” page.
Visit us on the web at TotoketHistoricalSociety.Org
North Branford Fire Department
The Officers and Members of the Fire Department,
wish to extend our Best Wishes for a Safe and Happy
Holiday Season to all the citizens of North Branford.
Use Common Sense During the Holiday’s
Home fires increase during this time of year. Heating devices, fireplaces,
holiday lighting, candles and decorations, all contribute to the increased
North Branford Fire Department Recommends:
1. Use only UL listed lights and extension cords.
2. Keep extension cord use to a minimum. Do not overload your
electrical system. If you are blowing fuses, find out why. Check
for frayed wires. If the lights don’t work when you test them, toss
them. Don’t take the chance.
3. Keep decorations away from open flame and heating sources.
4. If you have a live tree, keep it watered and dispose of as soon it
starts to dry out.
5. Keep your means of escape clear. Don’t block a door with the tree
or other decorations.
6. Use candles correctly. Keep away from any decorations, curtains
and paper tablecloths.
7. Do not leave home without turning off all lights, extinguishing
all candles and any portable heating units. At night check to make
sure that your house is safe, before you go to bed.
8. Make sure you have at least one operating smoke detector on
every floor.
Fact of the Month. Heating Equipment fires account for 16 % of all
home fires and 22 % of all home fire deaths. The majority of these fires
occur during December and January.
What better gift for a loved one this year, new smoke and
carbon monoxide detectors. And offer to install it too.
Questions and Additional information:
Call the fire marshal’s office with any questions at 203-484-6016
E-mail at: [email protected]
GFWC/CT Memorial Scholarships
The Northford Women’s Club, Inc., General Federation of Women’s
Clubs of Connecticut is looking for applicants for the GFWC/CT Memorial Scholarships. The Memorial Scholarships, which include the Dorothy
E. Schoelzel and the Phipps scholarships, are worth $1000 and are open to
women who have completed some undergraduate studies with a minimum
3.0 grade average. The Schoelzel Scholarship requires that the applicant
complete three or more years of undergraduate studies in accredited institutions of higher learning with at least a 3.0 average, and be working towards
a Bachelor’s or postgraduate degree in education. The Phipps scholarship
requires the applicant to have two or more years of undergraduate work in
accredited institutions of higher learning with at least a 3.0 average, and be
working towards a Bachelor’s or postgraduate degree. All scholarships will
be awarded based on future promise, financial need, and scholastic ability.
Completed applications must be received no later than February 10, 2015
and may be obtained by visiting the Northford Women’s Club website at
www. For further information, you may contact
Rose Lynch at 203-483-8395.
Certified Public Accountant
Certified Information Systems Auditor
More than 40 Years Experience
203-488-8649 (fax) 203-488-1970
Accounting & Bookkeeping Services
Computer Consulting, Training & Support
Tax Planning & Preparation for
Individuals & All Business Entitites
Estate & Trust Tax Preparations
54 Deforest Drive
North Branford, Ct 06471
email - [email protected]
Totoket Times December 12, 2014
TJC Electrical Services - No Job too small or big. Service upgrade &
Generator Specials. Call Tom Cassella at 203-619-2823. Licensed &
Trimworks Painting. December to Remember 25% OFF. The holidays
are right around the corner!More time spent indoors calls for a freshly
painted room or two! Work MUST be completed by Dec. 31st. No worries
about a house full of strangers. Sole Proprietor! Celebrating 29 years. BBB
A+ rated. License # 0619599. Call 7AM to 7PM - 203-484-9181
John DiMaggio Plumbing - Residential/Commercial repairs/remodeling.
Big or small. Water Heater Specials! Licensed & Insured.
Call 203 - 627 - 6826 or 203-484-4822. References available.
Northford Power Equipment - “The Mower Whisperer”. We service
all brands of yard & snow equipment. Reasonable rates, pickup and
delivery available.Call Mark at 203-484-2173.
Handyman Services - Plumbing repairs and installations. Drywall
repairs, electrical work,blinds installed, dryer vents cleaned and
replaced. Yard work, general repairs and small jobs. Bulk items hauled
away. Dump runs. References, great rates. Call Pete at 203-804-6373.
Greg Tech Computer Services. Certified Technician. On-site support
for PC's & Macs. Repairs, virus removals, wireless & network set-ups,
software installation, computer training, upgrades, hardware and printer
repair and more.Call Greg at 203-980-0782.
Nice colonial in great neighborhood. Nice floor plan with
4 large bedrooms. Private deck with views to Long Island sound!
Offered at $329,900.
Call Kim at the Heritage Group
at 203-623-0652 for details.
Drivers & Floral Designers Needed. Deliver flowers after school. Must
have your own vehicle and a good driving record. Call Dave at Petals 2
Go, 203-484-7800.
Hair Stylist and/or Nail Technician Needed. Must have experience and
flexible hours. Call Maryanne at Hair Designs. 203-488-6959.
Wood Burning Stove. “King” stove with automatic thermostat. Asking
$595. Used 3 seasons. Call 203-481-5133.
SEASONED FIREWOOD. $250 a cord. $475. for two cords and $140
for half. Call Josh for the Seasoned Wood at 203-619-3414.
Found - Backpack left behind after NBWC Lake Gaillard Walk.
Please call 203-494-6861
Totoket Tree Farm, 65 Mill Rd. North Branford
is open for the season.
Come and cut your own from a beautiful selection of trees.
Saturday & Sunday only, 9:00AM - 3:30PM.
Happy Holidays from the Forte Family.
Personal, For Sale, Help Wanted, Tag Sale, and all non-business classified
1 issue $9.00 2 issues $12.00 3 issues $15.00
20 words or less, not including phone #. $.05 per word, per run, after 20 words
Lost and Found ................................... FREE
Business Classified Ads & Real Estate
3 issues $35.00, 6 issues $60.00, 12 issues $100.00
$.10 per word, per run, after 20 words
Payment MUST accompany all ads. The advertiser must notify this
newspaper of any errors.
Send ad along with your check to:
Totoket Times P.O. Box 313 Northford, CT 06472
For more information call 203-410-4254
Northford Women’s Club Casino Bus Trip
The Northford Women’s Club is sponsoring a bus trip to Mohegan Sun
Casino on Saturday, Jan 24th. The bus leaves North Branford High School
student parking lot promptly at 5:00 pm and leaves the casino at 11:00 pm.
Cost is $40 per person and includes a $15 food voucher and a $15 gambling
voucher. Raffle prizes and games on the bus!
Please call Cyndi at (203)623-0746 for more information.
NARFE January Meeting
The National Active and Retired Federal Employees Association monthly
meeting will be held Monday, January 5, 2015, 1:00 pm, at the North Haven
Congregational Church, 28 Church Street. All active and retired federal
workers are invited to attend. The guest speaker will be Cassie Schmidt,
Registered Dietitian, Health and Wellness Coordinator, ShopRite Supermarkets. NARFE is dedicated to protecting and preserving the earned benefits
of federal workers and retirees. Info: [email protected]
Totoket Times December 12, 2014
New Customers Only!
Leoni’s Italian Foods
1719 (Rte 80) North Branford
Your Italian Import Specialty Store
Holiday Platters
Fresh Baked Italian & Stuffed Breads
Homemade Pasta
Holiday - Catering - Specials
A family business serving your families
for more than 30 years
Christmas Gifts
10% OFF ANY Catering Order
More than $200.00
1717 Foxon Rd. North Branford 203-488-2422
(Across from Atwater Library)
T-F 10:00 - 6:00 Sat. 8:30 -1:00
(1 per customer- offer expires 1-15-15)
North Branford Barber Shop
1179 Foxon Rd. Rte # 80 North Branford,
Owner, Robert Viglione
Don’t forget to ask about our
Famous Personal Pizzas!
Men $12.00, Women $16.00
Seniors $10.00
Kids Under 10 Years Old $10.00
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Open Monday 7-3
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Stop in for that Holiday Haircut!
Dining Room Special
$2.00 Bud Retro Cans
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Order Christmas Cakes and Cupcakes Early!
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Also featuring our popular Chocolate Mousse Buche de Noel
2031 Foxon Road, North Branford - 203-488-2800
Tony’s special Pasta Fagioli.
Just like homemade.
1874 Middletown Ave. Northford, CT 06472
203-484-PIES or
Hours: M - Thur 11am - 9pm, Fri-Sat 11am - 10pm, Sun 11am - 9pm