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Green Valley Recreation, Inc., Arizona
Welcome to GVR NOW!
A new look for the new year
Green Valley
monthly newsletter has a new
name, new look,
new size, new
colors and new
features…just in
time for the New
Kent Blumenthal,
An important
charge of the
2014/2015 Work Plan adopted by the
GVR Board of Directors is to explore and
develop innovative changes for member
communication, community outreach,
and attracting future GVR members.
Making transformational changes to our
monthly newsletter (formerly ‘Keeping
Current’) by creating a new and updated
look for GVR is central to this undertaking. Not due for completion until July
2015, staff fast-tracked work on our
newsletter because nothing beats timely
and meaningful communication.
A thorough examination of our newsletter focused on mission, purpose,
(cont. pg. 2)
green valley
recreation, inc.
providing recreational,
social and leisure education
opportunities that enhance the
quality of our members’ lives.
g v r
i n fo r m a t i o n
fo r
y o u ,
2nd Annual Fit&FunDay
Open House
Sunday, January 25 at Las Campanas
Fit&FunDay is open to the public!
VR is hosting its 2nd annual
Fit&FunDay Open House on
Sunday, January 25, from noon
to 3 pm at the Las Campanas Social
Center. It is free, open to the public and
attendees need not register in advance.
During the event, GVR clubs, instructors, personal trainers, dance groups, performing arts groups, program managers
and volunteers will demonstrate the many
and various activities GVR has to offer its
members, guests and the greater Green
Valley Sahuarita area.
There will be a drawing for prizes at the
end of the open house, and participants
need not be present to win. They may
enter as many times as they want, but may
win only one prize.
In addition to the many exhibits and
demonstrations, there will be refreshments
for sale by the Optimist Club of Green
a b o u t
y o u
Karen Rans Is 2015
White Elephant
Board President!
Giving back always
has been a priority for
GVR’s Karen Rans.
Now she’ll be paying
it forward as the newly
elected President of
the Board for Green
Valley’s Country Fair White Elephant,
one of southern Arizona’s largest and
most generous charitable organizations.
In 2014, the White Elephant donated over $1.5 million to over 125
local organizations and agencies from
revenue generated by thrift store sales
of donated items.
Karen will be leading the all-volunteer Board this year, providing direction
for over 500 other volunteers contributing to the White Elephant’s overwhelming success.
Karen is a Senior Supervisor in the
GVR Recreation & Leisure Services
Department. She is responsible for
over 60 clubs, Senior Games and is the
Green Valley Recreation Community
The White Elephant’s 2014 Board
President was Joyce Finkelstein, who
currently is President of the Green
Valley Recreation Board of Directors.
She succeeded Fred Wray as White Elephant Board President. Fred currently
is a Center Operations Assistant (COA)
at GVR.
Masthead photos courtesy of Andy Taylor, KGVY
www.gvrec.org • January 2015 | Vol. 13 #1
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
Kent’s Comments (cont.)
format, content, and editorial policy. New-look GVR NOW! has
opinion pieces, personal interest stories, GVR partners, “Meet Our
Directors” (and possibly a ‘Meet Our Staff’ column), and details
about challenges facing GVR (e.g., capital replacements, diversity
of interests, etc.).
‘Board Matters’ has replaced ‘Splinters from the Board’ (do
‘splinters’ really conjure up fond images?). We will also run new
photos submitted by local photographers in our GVR NOW!
masthead on the front page every month. If you have special
photos for us to consider, send them via the GVR NOW! email
address. If we use them we’ll credit your work. We may even use
your photos on our website. Please know that once submitted,
photographs become the property of Green Valley Recreation,
Inc. and may be used at its discretion. Photographers must also
attest that individuals viewed within photographs permit GVR
free use of their images and likenesses. GVR will not rent or sell
photographs to any other entity.
Through a special relationship with Green Valley News, GVR
NOW! remains an advertising publication inserted in a monthly issue of GV News and is published at no cost to GVR. Our newsletter is also distributed at GVR Centers, posted on the GVR website,
and emailed to members via a GVR communication eBlast.
If you’ve read this far into my January column, you’ll
understand that what was accomplished in reinventing our
monthly newsletter was done with great intention, and could
not have been accomplished without the cooperation and
collaboration of a lot of folks. GVR expresses its sincerest
appreciation to the Green Valley News and local advertisers for
their continued support throughout the years! In addition, a
special thanks shout-out goes to GV News’ Publisher Rebecca
Bradner, Production Manager Graham S. Harrington, and
freelancer Brittany Tobias for their encouragement and skill in
launching GVR NOW!. Last but not least, a special hug and ‘highfive’ for GVR Recreation Supervisor Maureen McCarthy who was
instrumental in making GVR NOW! a reality. Over the past several
months, Maureen nurtured every element of GVR’s monthly
member newsletter and labored over every word. Her great
talent stands out by her commitment to getting things done right!
GVR NOW! is a work in progress. We need your help as this
publication transforms throughout the coming year to be what
you want it to be. Over the next several months, we will try out
new ideas to help improve communication with GVR members
and our friends within the Greater Green Valley neighborhood.
Please send your comments and ideas to the GVR NOW! email
address at [email protected]
I wish you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year!
Kent J. Blumenthal, Ph.D., CAE
CEO, Green Valley Recreation, Inc.
New Member Orientation January 8
You belong here!
Green Valley Recreation has so much to offer! There is no better
way to learn about GVR programs and facilities than to attend a New
Member Orientation! The first orientation of 2015 is scheduled for
Thursday, January 8, at 9 am at the West Social Center, Room 2.
Please register in advance by calling 625-3440 x7208 or at any GVR
social center with a coordinator’s office. Reference CR #32125.
How Can I Contact A Staff Member? Website: www.gvrec.org
If you would like to contact any member of the GVR staff, please call (520) 625-3440 and enter the
appropriate extension number. You also may contact staff at the email address listed below. Any written
correspondence should be mailed to P.O. Box 587, Green Valley, AZ, 85622. Website address: www.gvrec.org
Executive Office:
Chief Executive Officer........................... Ext. 7203 .......... Kent J. Blumenthal, Ph.D., [email protected]
Administrative Assistant ....................... Ext. 7213 .......... Sue DeKoker................................................. [email protected]
Executive Assistant to the CEO............. Ext. 7204........... Jen Morningstar.................................................. [email protected]
Board Hotline....................................... Ext. 7500........... (For Board questions or comments)
Finance and Human Resources:
Controller............................................... Ext. 7205........... Cheryl Moose................................................. [email protected]
Human Resources Associate................. Ext. 7218........... Nancy Mackel................................................. [email protected]
Monthly Payment Plan &
Member Assistance Program (MAP)...... Ext. 7221 .......... Gina Peters........................................................ [email protected]
Facilities Director................................... Ext. 7207........... Guy Sundvik........................................................ [email protected]
Supervisor.............................................. Ext. 7229........... Melanie Stephenson................................... [email protected]
(Administrative & fitness equipment, other repair or maintenance requests)
Maintenance Supervisor........................ Ext. 7212........... David J[email protected]gvrec.org
Custodial Supervisor.............................. Ext. 7358........... Dan Freeman.................................................. [email protected]
Landscape & Pool Supervisor................ Ext. 7234........... David Coy...................................................... [email protected]
Administrative Assistant........................ Ext. 7215........... Bob [email protected]rec.org
Information Technology Manager.......... x7223................ Randy [email protected]org
Recreation & Leisure Services:
Director Recreation & Leisure Services. x7209................ Jim Conroy......................................................... [email protected]
Administrative Assistant........................ x7208................ Rosita [email protected]ec.org
(Email address updates & ideas for improving or enhancing GVR)
Senior Supervisor................................... x7216................ Karen [email protected]gvrec.org
(Club liaison, lectures and community events)
Supervisor.............................................. x7226................ Carolyn Hupp................................................ [email protected]
(Classes and tours)
Supervisor.............................................. x7224................ Maureen McCarthy................................... [email protected]
(Volunteer liaison, water aerobics, fitness center orientations, personal training, AED-CPR training)
Senior Supervisor................................... x7225................ Julie Vance....................................................... [email protected]
(Concerts, special events, movies & social center offices)
Facility Reservations.............................. x7202................ Jody Crawford................................................... [email protected]
Lead Sound & Lighting Technician......... x7219................ Shelly Freeman.............................................. [email protected]
(Technical support for A/V and theater)
Member Services...................................................................................................................................... 625-3440
Center Operations Assistant (COA).......................................................................................................................343-2440
(For help and immediate assistance anywhere in GVR from 5:30 am to 9 pm 365 days a year)
If you have an emergency and/or maintenance issue after normal business hours, please call (520) 547-5390.
GVR Social Center Office Hours:
Member Services Center................................. 625-3440
1070 S. Calle de Las Casitas
Canoa Hills Social Center................................ 625-6200
3660 S. Camino del Sol
(Closed for lunch from 11:30am to 12:30pm)
East Social Center............................................. 625-4641
7 South Abrego Drive
(Closed for lunch from 12:30pm to 1:30pm)
West Center and Box Office............................ 625-0288
1111 W Via Arcoiris
(Closed for lunch from 11:30am-12:30pm)
Open weekends and holidays from 10am-2pm
The following are open 8am to 4pm Mon. - Fri.
Las Campanas Recreation Center.................. 648-7669
565 W. Belltower Drive
(Closed for lunch from 11:30am to 12:30pm)
The following GVR Offices are closed (The Centers
remain OPEN for member use):
Desert Hills Social Center Office.................... 625-5221
2980 S. Camino del Sol
Office Closed
Santa Rita Springs Recreation Center Office .... 393-0360
921 W. Via Rio Fuerte
Office Closed
About GVR Now!: [email protected]
GVR Now! is owned by Green Valley Recreation, Inc. GVR Now! is published for Green Valley Recreation, Inc., by the Green Valley
News & Sun and is inserted into the 4th Wednesday of the month’s issue of the newspaper. Contact Green Valley Recreation at (520)
625-3440. For advertising information or questions about deadlines, please call the Green Valley News at (520) 625-5511 or by fax
at 625-8046. The Green Valley News & Sun does not produce and is not responsible for the content of GVR Now! The deadline for all
news items is the last Friday of each month. News items and articles will be published as space permits. GVR does not endorse
any of the products or services advertised in this newsletter.
following the ORSTF meeting scheduled for November
19, 2014 and requested a final report covering the work
completed through that date. The Board will deliberate on
a course of action to address the needs of pickleball, which
Tuesday, November 18, 2014
may result in assigning the responsibility to the Planning
and Evaluations Committee, establishing another task
• Election of Officers — Joyce Finkelstein elected
force/workgroup or some other action. Further, the Board
GVR President for remainder of 2014/2015 Board Year.
Board agreed to complete in Executive Session at a later time acknowledges with much appreciation the contributions of
the election for the GVR Vice President to fill the vacancy cre- the task force and the efforts by its members to work towards
a solution, and that the Board is well aware that a course of
ated when Finkelstein was elected Board President. Seconded.
action needs to be identified over the next several months
• Fiscal Affairs — Board approved revising the title of
the ‘Building Reserve Fund’ to ‘Capital Replacement Reserve that addresses the long-term needs of Pickleball.
The Board authorized CEO Blumenthal to attempt to
Fund’ and made other modifications to the Financial Reserve
negotiate an agreement with Quail Creek for temporary and
System, as presented in the Board Exhibit dated November
limited use by the GVR Pickleball Club of some of Quail
18, 2014.
Creek’s Pickleball courts to address GVR’s shortage of courts
• Growth Task Force — Task Force Chairman
Gunton reported the unanimous consensus intention of the for the upcoming 2015 peak season.
• Bylaws —The Board approved the final proposed
Growth Task Force at its meeting on November 13, 2014:
bylaws amendment for the 2015 Ballot regarding Powers &
“The intention of the Growth Task Force is to conduct a
Duties of Directors.
referendum in 2015 of GVR Members regarding inclusion in
The Board authorized CEO Blumenthal to seek legal
the GVR jurisdiction of the three contiguous HOAs west of
the Santa Cruz River (Canyon View, Valle Verde Town Homes opinion regarding non-GVR Board proposed bylaws amendments:
and Maji Estates) and the five HOAs located to the east of the
Who pays for legal review of non-GVR Board proposed
Santa Cruz River (Madera Reserve, Madera Shadows, Madera
Foothills Estates, Pasadera and Colonial Real) as “voluntary
Who pays for validation of petition signatures of non
deed-restricted” HOAs, and of the Continental Farms Specific
-GVR Board proposed bylaws amendments?
Plan area, following publication to GVR members of survey
Is GVR responsible for hosting Member Forums for non
results of the affected HOA homeowners, participation analyses,
Board proposed bylaws amendment?
financial analyses, and ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ (FAQs).”
•Proposed Verizon Cell Tower at West Center
• Outdoor Racquet Sports Task Force (ORSTF)
— The Board authorized CEO Blumenthal to negotiate a
—The Board approved a motion to disband the ORSTF
Board Candidates and Seven Bylaws
Amendments On Ballot for 2015
Two Member Forums Scheduled in February
Joyce Finkelstein
Board President
Ron Sills
Board Secretary
Get to Know…
Joe Gunton, Board Treasurer
Joe Gunton began a three-year term on
the GVR Board in 2013 and is Chairman
of the Fiscal Affairs Committee and Growth
Task Force. Joe met Cece, his wife of more
than 43 years, when she was a Red Cross
worker in Korea and he an Army captain
serving on the DMZ. He retired as a Lt. Colonel in 1983. Joe
earned a BS in Marketing and an MBA and has two adopted
children (Christopher and Kate) and two gorgeous grandkids: (Sophia and Jacob, aka ‘Buddha Baby.’) Beyond GVR,
Joe’s pastimes include travel, golf, poker, reading, wine
tasting, cooking, and watching sports on TV. Cece remains
active in GVR’s Lapidary Club and designs, makes, and sells
her own line of jewelry.
January 2015
Board of Directors Calendar
All GVR members are invited and encouraged to attend.
Dates and times are subject to change.
Joseph Gunton
Board Treasurer
Gunnar Bonthron
Assistant Secretary
Jeff Harrell
Assistant Treasurer
John Arnold
Jim Burt
John Hadley
Tom Kennel
Richard Kidwell
Barbara Mauser
Blaine Nisson
Board E-Mail address:
[email protected]
Wed., Jan. 14, 2015 @ 9:00am
Board Affairs Committee Meeting
MSC Annex
(1070 S. Calle de las Casitas)
Thurs., Jan. 8, 2015 @ 10:30am
Bylaws Committee Meeting
MSC Annex
(1070 S. Calle de las Casitas)
Thurs., Jan. 8, 2015 @ 9:00am
Fiscal Affairs Committee Meeting
MSC Annex
(1070 S. Calle de las Casitas)
Thurs., Jan. 15, 2015 @ 9:00am
Growth Task Force
MSC Annex
(1070 S. Calle de las Casitas)
Tues., Jan. 13, 2015 @ 9:00am
Nominations & Elections Committee
MSC Annex
(1070 S. Calle de las Casitas)
Tues., Jan. 27, 2015 @ 1:30pm
Board of Directors Meeting
MSC Annex
(1070 S. Calle de las Casitas)
Check www.gvrec.org for the most current information.
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
Two Member Forums have been scheduled to introduce GVR
Board of Directors candidates and to review proposed Bylaw
Amendments on the ballot in the upcoming election in March.
The first forum will be held at Las Campanas, Ocotillo Room, on
February 10, from 1 pm to 3 pm, and the second will be at Santa Rita
Springs, Anza Room, on February 25, from 9:30 am to 11:30 am.
The 2015 GVR Board of Directors candidates include Richard
Kidwell, Vicky Mournian, Kathy Palese, Leslie Shipley, and Tony
Zabicki. Four candidates will be elected.
GVR members also will have the opportunity to vote on seven
proposed Bylaw amendments.
The proposed amendments include changes to the definition of a
quorum, powers and duties of Board members, removal of a duplicate
section regarding directors and immediate family being prohibited
from employment at GVR, meeting attendance via telephone or
video conferencing, combining the Elections and Nominations committees, removing the 401(K) Plan Oversight Committee from Board
responsibility and by-laws that refer to written and mailed ballots.
For a complete compilation and rationale of the proposed Bylaw
changes approved by the Board of Directors at their October and
November meetings, go to: http://www.gvrec.org/Information/
Board/2014bylawprop.pdf .
2014 Board of
contract with Verizon for placement of a cell phone tower in
the West Center parking lot.
• Casa Paloma II Quit Claim Deed — The Board
authorized CEO Blumenthal to execute the Quit Claim deed
that will transfer a common area from GVR to Casa Paloma
• Other Matters:
* Board-approved Establishment of Audit Committee for
2015 Audit on FY 2014
* Board-approved Membership of 2014/2015 Audit Committee
* Board-approved Membership of 2014/2015 401(k) Plan
Oversight Committee.
The first in a series
about tomorrow’s GVR
bout a year ago,
the Green Valley
Recreation, Inc.
(GVR) Board of Directors brought on a new
Chief Executive Officer
to provide leadership and
management of the Corporation. The Board and
the new CEO (Dr. Kent
J. Blumenthal) agreed
on a vision and 11-Point
2014-2015 Work Plan
to accommodate current
and future needs of GVR
while managing growth
efficiently and effectively.
Policy Governance principles were fixed as the
basis for GVR leadership,
whereby the Board creates
Around Green Valley Recreation, Inc. Photos courtesy Andy Taylor, KGVY
policies and the CEO
organizes staff to execute
those policies.
The comprehensive
11-Point Plan constitutes a significant policy
adopted by the Board.
Under CEO Blumenthal’s
leadership, GVR staff
has already implemented
much of the 11-Point
Plan. Most notably are
enhanced communications between the Corporation and membership: a
new and more interactive
Let Us Take Care Of You!
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
520 • 791 • 7904
gic partnerships were
formed, GVR’s monthly
newsletter was redesigned
(GVR Now!), a new
GVR brand/logo is near
completion, and official
launch of a nonprofit
501(c)(3) foundation
8th Annual Volunteer Showcase
Monday, January 19, 2015
Martin Luther King Day of Service
10 am to 12 noon
GVR West Center
1111 S. Via Arcoiris, Green Valley
Explore many ways to Volunteer.
We work with all Insurance Companies
- Available 24 hours a day -
website was launched,
weekly online eBlasts keep
members informed about
GVR happenings, and
several member forums
and town hall meetings
have been conducted.
What’s more, strate-
(GVR Foundation) is
Establishment of financial planning principles
that integrate member
expectations for fiscal
responsibility with GVR
legal duties and obligations is a central component of the 11-Point
Plan, as is a GVR growth
initiative. The growth
initiative will focus on
promoting membership
within currently voluntary
deed-restricted areas and
promote GVR advantages to nonmembers
and future Green Valley
residents. The Board-approved Growth Task Force
will develop communications materials and
document the value of
Opportunities for Seniors, Youth and Families!
[email protected]
• Meet with representatives from over
50 community organizations.
Green Valley-Sahuarita
Volunteer Clearinghouse
520-625-1150 Ext. 108
[email protected]
consideration of a plan
to allow room-to-grow
through a jurisdictional
boundary modification
seems fitting.
Simply put, a GVR
boundary modification is
intended to increase the
likelihood of GVR having
the ability to meet and
pay for an ever-increasing demand for member
programs and services.
Our Corporate Boundary
Document is clear as to
requirements for individuals wishing to opt-in
to GVR (e.g., voluntary
deed restriction) and for
developers who want to
construct age-restricted
communities within GVR
jurisdictional boundaries.
As the boundary expan-
sion initiative is advanced
over the next few months,
GVR members can expect
an analysis of current
programs, activities, and
facilities. Member agreement to GVR boundary
modification is necessary
to proceed to the next
step - development of a
10-year growth plan that
encompasses a modified
Green Valley Chamber of Commerce
9 am to 11:30 am
Choice, Convenience and
Live the way you want to live.
[email protected]
Prestige Assisted Living
at Green Valley
1175 S Abrego Dr
Green Valley, AZ 85614
Ph: (520) 648-5583
not up to your standards
or expectations, let the
appropriate level of governance or management
Joe Gunton
GVR Board of
Directors & Chairman,
Fiscal Affairs
and Growth Task Force
Prestige Assisted Living in Green Valley features spacious studio, one bedroom and
two bedroom apartments for Senior Living – Assisted Living and Memory Care.
Call today to set up your personal tour and complimentary lunch.
Wednesdays: Jan. 7, 14, 21, 28, Feb. 4
Learn the secret to recreating sparkling glass
with the colored pencil. Clear glass, colored glass,
and transparency effects will all be covered
in this class.
jurisdictional boundary.
Leadership and management of as large and
diverse an organization as
GVR’s is not always easy.
Please consider this as you
reflect on GVR’s work
and achievements since
the beginning of 2014.
Visit our facilities and
make use of our extensive programs. If they are
having expanded GVR
To support financial
and growth initiatives of
the 11-Point Plan, GVR’s
Board adopted a Budget
Development Policy and a
Financial Reserve System
with three reserve funds:
operating, capital replacements, and initiatives/
Additionally, the Board
authorized a top-to-down
evaluation of all current
GVR-owned facilities and
land to determine what
changes might be done
concerning their use to
accommodate growing
member demand for
programs and services
along with future needs.
With the Corporation’s
financial house in order
and the review of current facility and land use
underway, having member
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
Volunteer Table Talks In January
New Volunteer Training Jan. 21
We have lots of openings for pool and fitness
center volunteers. We need you to pitch in – even
if you are here for only a few months. Because
volunteers are able to swim and work out while on
duty, volunteering is a great opportunity to give
back while making a commitment to your own
fitness routine!
Volunteers have three basic duties: Hospitality,
Identification and Safety. They are there to say “Hi,
how are you? Do you need any assistance?” Also,
they make sure members, tenants and guests swipe
their cards at attendance readers so we can keep an
accurate count of users at our facility. Lastly, they
look out for potential safety hazards and notify
GVR staff if issues arise!
If you are interested in being a pool or fitness
center volunteer, the first step is to attend a new
volunteer training class.
This month’s class is scheduled for Wednesday,
January 21 at 1:00 pm at West Social Center, Room
2. Please register in advance at any open social
center or contact the Volunteer Supervisor, Maureen McCarthy, at 625-3440 x7224 or at [email protected]
gvrec.org. Please reference CR #32164.
All GVR Members Invited
n January, Green Valley
Recreation will host
“Table Talk” meetings
at ten GVR centers for
existing pool and fitness
center volunteers, previous
volunteers, and for those
interested in volunteering.
Like many other organizations in Green Valley, the
number of people willing
to volunteer has been
declining over the past
few years. The reality is,
individuals who have been
volunteering for years are
“aging out,” and boomers
are unwilling to make long
term commitments because
they are too busy enjoying
their retirement.
It still is important to
January Happenings
Friday Social EVENTS
“Are your affairs in order?”
Help is available for you with
this important issue.
Students from the Montessori
school in Tubac will entertain
“The Birthday Party” for those
with birthday’s in January, all
are invited to come celebrate.
9:00 AM/3:00 PM
1/09 Kitt Peak Observatory
8:00 AM/3:00 PM
1/13 Trader Joe’s/Sprouts
8:30 AM/12:30 PM
1/15 Tucson Mall
9:00 AM/ 3:00 PM
1/20 Trader Joe’s/Romas
8:30 AM/12:30 PM
1/22 Park Place Mall
Please register at any
open GVR center office or
by contacting Volunteer
Supervisor Maureen McCarthy at 625-3440 x7224
or at [email protected]
Green Valley Recreation
will once again host the 8th
annual Volunteer Showcase
at the West Social Center
on Monday, January 19,
from 10 am to noon.
Representatives from over
50 non-profit organizations in
Green Valley will be on hand
to answer questions and to
recruit volunteers. There are
opportunities for everyone,
young and old, interested in
giving back to the community!
The Showcase is on Martin Luther King Day, a day
of national service as proclaimed by the President.
9:00 AM/3:00 PM
1/27 Trader Joe’s/Sprouts
8:30 AM/ 12:30 PM
1/28 Int’l Wildlife Museum
10:00 AM/3:00 PM
1/29 Tucson Mall
Continental Vistas Rec.
Tues., Jan. 6 2pm 32076
Canoa Ranch
Thurs., Jan. 8 9am 32075
Desert Hills
Room B
Fri., Jan. 9 9am 32077
Santa Rita Springs Santa Cruz
Fri., Jan. 9 2pm 32078
Abrego N./S.
ABS Rec.
Sat., Jan. 10 9am 32079
Canoa Hills
Sat., Jan. 10 2pm 32080
Madera Vista
Wed., Jan. 142pm 32081
Casa Paloma 1&2 CP1 Rec.
Sat., Jan. 17 9am 32082
Las Campanas
Sat., Jan. 17 2pm 32083
East/West Center E. Auditorium Fri., Jan. 23 9am 32084
Monday, January 19 - National Day of Service
8:30 AM/12:30 PM
1/08 Park Place Mall
Table Talks Schedule
Green Valley/Sahuarita Volunteer Showcase
VaN TripS
1/06 Trader Joe’s/Whole Foods
Volunteers at a recent Table Talk meeting.
9:00 AM/3:00 PM
Dispatch open: M-F 8:30 AM to 2:00 PM
Main Office Hours: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM M-F
Blood Pressure Clinics: Tuesday and Friday 8:30 - 10:30 AM
Every Wednesday 9:00 to 11:00 at Community Connect
301 W. Camino Casa Verde, Green Valley
Office: 520-625-1150
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
Karen Morales will tell us what
happens daily at the “White
have someone willing to
help out at the pools and
fitness centers in the areas
of hospitality, member
identification and security.
Currently we have a flex
program where volunteers need not sign-up for
specific days and times, but
rather can be “on duty”
when they are at the pool
or fitness center during
their regular work-out.
All GVR members are
invited to these Table
Talks to share ideas and
make suggestions to help
improve the program.
Of course, refreshments
will be served and prizes will
be given. Please join us at
one of the meetings below.
You may attend any session
(not necessarily at the center
where you are currently volunteering or are interested
in volunteering.)
Volunteer Staff Coordinators act as a liaison between the volunteers at their facilities
and GVR’s Volunteer Supervisor. It is lots of fun and not a lot of work! They help answer questions of those volunteers on a flex schedule. VSCs also keep volunteers up to
date with all the latest information needed to help keep members safe while enjoying
GVR facilities.
If you are interested in learning how much fun you can have and how simple it is,
please attend the meeting on Wednesday, January 14, 9 am, at East Social Center, or
contact the Volunteer Supervisor, Maureen McCarthy, at 625-3440 x7224 or at [email protected]
Fitness Center orientation sessions are free and provide information on the value of
exercise and how to properly use equipment. To reserve a spot in a class, members must
pre-register at any open social center, at Member Services Center, or by calling 625-3440.
Fitness FacilityDateMeeting RoomTimeCR #
Santa Rita Springs
Mon. Jan.5
10 am
Canoa Ranch
Mon. Jan. 5
2 pm
Canoa Hills
Thurs. Jan. 8
Palo Verde
10 am
Las Campanas
Thurs. Jan. 8
2 pm
East Center
Fri. Jan. 9
10 am
Santa Rita Springs
Fri. Jan. 9
2 pm
Las Campanas
Mon. Jan. 12
10 am
Desert Hills
Mon. Jan. 12
2 pm
Canoa Hills
Tues. Jan. 20
10 am
Canoa Ranch
Tues. Jan. 20
2 pm
East Center
Wed. Jan. 21
10 am
Water Aerobics!
Water Aerobics classes are FREE drop-in activities.
You need not register for the classes – just come and join in
on all the fun! Stop by and see what it’s all about!
PoolDays of the WeekTime
Abrego South Mon and Thurs
8:30 am
Mon and Thurs
9:40 am
Casa Paloma II Mon through Sat
9:00 am
Canoa Ranch
Tues, Thurs and Sat
8:30 am
6:00 pm
Continental Vistas
Mon, Wed and Fri
10:00 am
Tues, Thurs and Sat
9:00 am
Desert Hills
Mon, Thurs & Sat
8:45 am
Mon and Thurs
10:00 am
East Center Mon and Thurs
10:00 am
Las Campanas
Mon through Fri
9:00 am
Santa Rita Springs
Mon through Sat
9:00 am
Pools usually are closed during a scheduled water aerobics class.
You may use the spa during the class. Please plan your use of the
swimming pool to avoid conflicts with the start or conclusion of
water aerobics classes.
Water exercise courses are offered at several of our pools. Please
check this issue of GVR Now! for dates and times. The swimming
pool may be closed during those classes.
If you have any questions regarding the guidelines for swimming
pools and spas during water aerobics or other aquatics classes,
please call 625-3440, x7224.
Volunteer Staff Coordinators Meeting,
January 14, East Center Auditorium
AED Class
January 26
GVR has AED (automated external defibrillator) machines at all
of our centers. Anyone
can save a life by combining continuous chest
compressions (no rescue
breathing necessary) with
the use of an AED. No
certification is required!
The next training class
in the use of AED machines be Monday, January
26, 2 pm, in the Desert
Hills Auditorium. Members may register at any
open social center. Please
reference CR#32160.
For information, contact
Maureen McCarthy at
625-3440 x7224 or at
[email protected]
Schedule is subject to change. You must register in advance to be assured a spot in the orientation.
Fitness orientations last approximately 1 ½ hours. Please proceed directly to the meeting room listed
above for the first part of the orientation. Fitness orientations are conducted by Certified Personal
Trainers. Orientations start with a “Fitness Assessment,” that demonstrates how your personal fitness
compares to the national average for people in your age group. Afterwards, you will go to the fitness
room where trainers will demonstrate how to use equipment. Please wear appropriate clothes and
shoes. If you are not interested in participating in the introduction and only want to learn how to
use equipment, please arrive around 45 minutes after the beginning of the class. Fitness Centers are
open from 5:30 am to 9 pm year round.
We Want Your Business!
1/2 off!
Corporations, Partnerships, All States, Extensions,
Audit Services, Bookkeeping, Business Services
210 W. Continental Road, Suite 134
Continental Shopping Plaza
520-625-8732 • [email protected]
We’ll Prepare your
new return for
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
Bring in this coupon, last year’s tax return prepared
by a non-H & R Block tax professional, and the
receipt anytime between 2/15 and 3/15.
Date and location the same; Wednesdays, CH-Palo Verde
- Page 31
*French – Intermediate I — Incorrect book listed.
Registration is going on now so sign up today at
Should be Practice Makes Perfect: French Verb
Canoa Hills, East Center, Las Campanas, West Center
Tenses (available at local bookstore)
or Member Services Center. Members can also reg- Page 31
ister online at www.gvrec.org. Non-members must
*French – Intermediate II — Incorrect book listed.
register in person at a Major Center office.
Should be Practice Makes Perfect: French Verb
Changes since Winter Course Catalog printed:
Tenses (available at local bookstore)
- Page 15
- Page 31
*Beyond the Basics Glazing — Time Change
*French – Intermediate III — Incorrect book listed.
CR# 31054 listed as 1-4PM, now 9-11:30AM
Should be Practice Makes Perfect: French Verb
CR# 31055 listed as 1-4PM, now 1-3:30PM
Tenses (available at local bookstore)
Date and location the same; Saturdays, SRS-Hand- Page 34
*Creating an Illustrated Journal — Date Change
- Page 16
CR# 31907
*Pine Needle and Clay — Time Change
Class listed as Saturday 3/14, now Saturday, 3/7
CR# 31053 listed as 12-1PM, now 1-4PM
Location and Time same; LC-Cottonwood Room
Date and location the same; Tuesdays, SRS-Hand- Page 35
*Lapidary Class — Date Change
- Page 19
CR# 30733-30738
*Line Dance II — Course now taught by Cindy Feist
Classes listed as Tuesday – Thursday, Now MonCR# 31235 is now only 5 classes for $30 ending on 4/29.
day – Wednesday, Dates one day earlier, Location and
Course listed as 8-9AM, now 9:30-10:30AM
Painted Shoes
Inkjet and Toner Printer Cartridge Refills
CLasses start
All supplies provided
Medicare Plans
Retirement Insurance
Services LLC
• Medicare Supplements • Part D Rx
• Medicare Adv • Dental • Vision
• Individual Health & Life Insurance
(520) 323-5811
Thursdays through Saturdays stop by and treat yourself to
incredible baked goodies Between SHOOZ! and Turquoise Cowgirl.
J.R.’s Salon
of Green Valley
1451 S. LaCañada,Suite #9
Mona’s Danish Bakery is here for the holidays!
(520) 310-0660
Where Shopping is a Personal Experience
Kris Hanson
Continental Shopping Plaza
From left to right: Terry Whitmer, Geri DeBuhr,Jan Rimbey, Barbi Warden and Mary Ann Spagnoletti
• Expert Cuts
• Facial Waxing
• Sets and Blow Styles
• Perms • Color • Highlighting
• Whirlpool Spa Pedicures & Manicures
• Parrifin Dip • Reflexology
• Full Service for Natural Nails
• No Acrylic Chemicals
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
Arts and Crafts:
Mosaic Design II
Instructor: Ann Catalanotto — Get stuck on mosaics while having fun. This class will focus on creating
a mosaic design for a pot, jug, vase or other rounded
object. The first four hour class will cover using glass,
tile and other objects (buttons, shells, jewelry) to create a unique piece of art for your garden or table. The
second class will be about 1½ hours and will cover
techniques to grout your project. Students will need
glass nippers for class and are encouraged to bring
found items to incorporate in their design. Instructor
will provide all materials needed for a $30 fee, payable at first class.
Course Fee: Member $30 for 2 classes
1-5PM Saturday
1-2:30PM Tuesday
East Center Art Room
CR# 32173 Saturday & Tuesday 2/21 & 2/24
CR# 32174 Saturday & Tuesday 3/21 & 3/24
Call Joey 648-5308
January 6th
1-3 pm
Time same; West Center - Lapidary
Additions since Winter Course Catalog printed:
1/21 Wednesday
Sandhill Cranes and
Amerind Foundation Tour
This tour is a great way to see the birds that make their
way to the marshlands at Whitewater Draw Wildlife area.
We begin our day with a journey to the Whitewater Draw
which is a favorite feeding and loafing area for waterfowl.
We are on the lookout for the Sandhill Cranes that make
their way to the Sulphur Springs Valley each winter. Learn
about these interesting, giant birds as they fly across the sky
in massive formations. We will enjoy a box lunch at this location. Then we travel to the Amerind Foundation Museum
located in scenic Texas Canyon. The Amerind houses one of
the finest private collections of Native American art and artifacts in the country. Come along and explore with us! (Bring
your binoculars and don’t forget your walking shoes.) Fee for
GVR members is $100 and bring a guest for $105. Fee includes transportation, services of a tour director, box lunch,
admission to Amerind, bus refreshments and driver tip. Bus
departs from Desert Hills Social Center UPPER parking lot
at 8:30AM and returns at 4:15PM. Deadline to purchase
tickets 1/14/15. No refunds after 1/14/15. CR#32043.
1/30 Friday
Kartchner Caverns (Rotunda/Throne Room)
and Wilhelm Winery Tour
Join us for this unique opportunity to tour “Rotunda/
Throne Room” at Kartchner Caverns State Park located
near Benson. We can only describe this spot as having absolutely phenomenal cave formations! This limestone cave is
wet and living and its calcium carbonate features continue
to grow. Discover the role that water plays in creating the
caverns. You will see the discoverers’ original trail, 45,000
year old bat guano, delicate formations and “Kubla Kahn,”
the largest column formation in Arizona! The tour takes us
HF Coors Factory Store
Mon-Sat 9-5, Sun 12-4
1600 S. Cherrybell Stravenue
Tucson, AZ 85713
[email protected]
Join us on
Join us on Jan 3rd for
our 1st Saturday Sale!
January Exhibits:
Canoa Ranch
Canoa Hills
Desert Hills
Las Campanas
East Center
West Center
Aleda Burkholder Exhibit
Visual Voices Exhibit
Ana Tessi & Friends Exhibit
Richard Paige Exhibit
Don Mosburger Exhibit
Santa Rita Art League Exhibit
Dyson Dermatology, PLLC
is Now Open
Dr. Dyson is a Board Certified Dermatologist and
Dermatopathologist with extensive experience in medical,
surgical, and cosmetic dermatology. A genuine "people
person," she brings her medical expertise and her outstanding
bedside manner to all of her patients.
Patricia Ferrer is a Board Certified Physician Assistant.
She has vast experience in medical dermatology and her
compassionate nature adds to her dedication of providing
quality care.
Call now for your appointment
Accepting most insurance plans
and patients of all ages.
516 E. White House
Canyon Road, #100
Se Habla Español
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
Store Hours
100% Made in
onto the cave floor and it requires a ½ mile walk. Afternoon finds us enjoying a delicious lunch at the Wilhelm
Vineyards. Here we will also enjoy a tour of the winery to
better understand each stage of the wine making process.
This will be followed by a tasting where we can sample
their wines. Join us for this wonderful trip. Fee for GVR
members is $124 and bring a guest for $129. Fee includes
transportation, services of a tour director, lunch (tax and
tip), Rotunda/Throne Room tour ticket, winery tour and
tasting, bus refreshments and driver tip. Bus departs from
Desert Hills Social Center UPPER parking lot at 7:30AM
and returns at 4PM. Deadline to purchase tickets 12/29/14.
No refunds after 12/29/14. CR#32044.
January Trips & Tours:
Funded by Donations
Operated by Volunteers
Everything you need to feel at home.
33 Years of Improving Green Valley Quality of Life
Silver Springs brings a comfortable, maintenance-
• Traffic control
• Patrolling neighborhoods
• Security at White Elephant
• Security checks on homes
free retirement lifestyle to seniors in Arizona’s
scenic Green Valley. Available on an affordable
• Staff SAV & Sheriff’s front
• Citizen Care and Alzheimers
• Vehicle Etching
monthly fee basis, here you’ll enjoy the support
and peace of mind of Independent and licensed
Assisted Living programs and services designed
to meet your needs today and tomorrow.
Call today to schedule lunch and a personal tour!
Your invitation to participate
in the 2015 SAV Fund Drive
will arrive in early February.
Donate now!
500 West Camino Encanto
Green Valley, AZ 85614
SAV, P.O.Box 1394,
Green Valley AZ 85622
(520) 829-3912
Visit our website at: www.gvsav.org
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
• Bailiff for Justice Court
• Mall patrol
• Fingerprinting
• Scam Squad
GVR Live! 2014/2015 Performing Arts Season
Tickets for all performances and events currently on sale.
January Performances:
Motion Pictures 2014. CR# 32024/32025. Tickets are free to members and their guests. Concessions available.
Tuscon Symphony Orchestra
Masterworks Brahms and Mozart
Thurs., Jan. 8, West Center, 7:30pm
The program starts with an Italianate work
of Mozart’s, the Symphony No. 32, so
brief it has been performed as an overture,
and follows with de Falla’s sumptuous and
fiery ballet suite; El amor brujo. Brahms’s
Serenade No. 1 completes this joyful concert with its jubilant melodies of a young
Johannes. Keitaro Harada, Conductor.
CR#31531. Members $36, Guests $39,
General Public $42.
Tues., Jan. 13, West Center, 7pm
Coming together in 2004 from their beginnings in the Hochschule für Musik und
Theater and the Boys Choir of Hannover,
vocaldente has developed over the course of
only a few short years into an internationally
acclaimed and sought-after vocal ensemble.
Vocaldente are best known for their passionate care for an art which is nearly lost in the
entire vocal scene. Unlike other a cappella
groups, they don’t rely on technical devices,
amplifiers and special effects. They perform
a cappella without microphones, artfully
shaping tunes and harmonies in its most
traditional way. However, their repertoire
is equally contemporary, as well as covering
pop and rock music from the past eight
decades. CR#31532. Members $28, Guests
$31, General Public $34.
Country rocker with songs like as “My Kind
of Girl,” “That’s My Story,” “I Can Still Feel
You” and “I Want You Bad.” Now, the man
who has topped the charts with such great
songs as “In This Life,”“On the Verge,”
“One Boy, One Girl,” “What the Heart
Wants,” “Every Second” and “That Was a
River” is finally ready for another round of
successes. CR#31533. Members $32, Guests
$35, General Public $38.
January Movies:
Special Events:
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
Bill McGuigan’s Rock Legends
Tues., Jan. 27, West Center, 7pm
Collin Raye
Part rock concert…part rock tribute…all rock
n’ roll. Rock Legends combines all of these
Thurs., Jan. 22, West Center, 7pm
elements to create a show that is the only one
With 16 #1’s, and 24 Top 10 Hits, from a
record setting 5 Platinum Albums in a row, of its kind. In this unique rock and roll revue
created by audience favorite Billy McGuigan,
Collin Raye was one of the true hit makers
audiences are given the opportunity to vote,
of the 90’s. Today, his signature vocals still
resound with the honesty and richness that through the power of their applause, for the
songs and music they want to hear.
made him one of the greatest vocalists of
Rock Legends musical choices take audiour time. His captivating style and fiery
delivery created country standards of searing ences on a journey from the 50s rock and
roll of Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Patsy Cline,
ballads like: “Love, Me,” “In This Life,”
to the psychedelic 60s of The Beatles, The
“Not That Different” and “Little Rock.”
Rolling Stones and Janis Joplin. They’ll hit
Always an electrifying showman, Collin
the groove of the 70s with the Bee Gees,
has equally established himself as a vivid
Jersey Boys
Fri., Jan. 30, 2pm (Open Captioning)
and 7pm, West Center
Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and the piano
Adapted from the hit
men – Billy Joel and Elton John and even
Broadway musical, this is
dabble in the music of the 80s with the likes a nostalgic story of four
young men from the
of Tom Petty, U2 and more! Rock Legends
takes on the personality and taste of the au- wrong side of the tracks
dience making each show unique! Rock Leg- in New Jersey who came
together to form the iconic
ends combines a dazzling performance of
1960s rock group, The
this music with some of the best musicians
Four Seasons. Each of
in the country and a stunning multimedia
them presenting a different set of memories
show to create an evening of pure rock
from their shared past. Starring John Lloyd
and roll, customized and created by your
audience! CR#31534. Members $24, Guests Young, Erich Bergen, Michael Lomenda.
Directed by Clint Eastwood. Rated R for
$27, General Public $30.
language throughout. 134 minutes, Warner
Bros., 2014. CR#32026/32027. Tickets are
free to members and their guests. Concessions
(Tickets are required for admission
to all movies. It is recommended
that tickets be reserved in advance.
Members can obtain tickets at all
major social center offices and
Member Services Center.)
Dance with The RealTones
The Hundred-Foot Journey
Friday, January 16,
Fri., Jan. 9, 2pm (Open Captioning)
Canoa Hills, 7-10pm
and 7pm, West Center
Do you remember the 50s and 60s when
When the Kadam family
life was so much easier? Do you rememrelocates from India to a
ber poodle skirts, the local malt shop and
quiet village in the south
sock hops? The RealTones can bring you
of France, chef Hassan
back to that time in history, by helping
Kadam and his family
you to recall the great music of that era. open a restaurant directly
You’ll hear great songs by Dion and the
across the road from
Belmonts, Chubby Checker, and those
Madame Mallory’s Michgreat girl groups like The Chiffons, The
elin-starred eatery. When
Shirelles, Ronnie and the Ronettes. Dance
their business Maison Mumbai starts to
the night away to the greatest hits of rock
thrive, the competing restaurateur launches
and roll! Set ups provided. CR# 32152. a war between the eateries. Starring Helen
Members $10, Guests $12, General Public
Mirren, Om Puri, Manish Dayal. Directed
$14. Advance ticket sales only. Tickets
by Lasse Hallstrom. Rated PG for thematic
will not be available at the door for
elements, some violence, language and brief
sensuality. 122 minutes, Walt Disney Studios purchase. 12
January Lectures:
Our Lectures Series is FREE and
open to all GVR Members and the
General Public. Additional information
is available on flyers posted on GVR
bulletin boards.
• Jan. 1 - Pima Council on Aging
presents “Take Charge: 4 Ways to Help
Protect Your Brain Health” Get Mov-
ing - An interactive hour of discussion and
demonstration presented by Ms. Marty
Twichell, PCOA Health Promotion Coordinator and a certified exercise instructor.
Canoa Hills, 10am
Greenbelt Nursery in Green Valley. Desert
Hills, 9:30am
• Jan. 14 - Whipple Observatory “The
Giant Magellan Telescope: The Next
Big Thing in Ground-Based Astronomy”
Grant Williams MMT Observatory. West
Center, 9am
• Jan. 14 - Utah State Summer Citizen
Program. Looking for a cool place to go
next summer, head up North to Logan
Utah. Canoa Hills, 9am
• Jan. 15 - Sarver Heart presents “Confused by the Latest Heart News? Sort
it out here.” Lori Mackstaller, MD. Canoa
Hills, 10am
• Jan. 2 - Parkinson’s Group presents
“What You Might Not Know about PD.”
• Jan. 15 - Tucson Orthopaedic Institute Topic and speaker to be announced,
Presenter: Maria Cristina Ospina, MD,
Movement Disorders Specialist, Assistant
Professor of Clinical Neurology, University
of Arizona. East Center, 1pm
• Jan. 16 - Carondelet presents Dr.
George Bradbury, Chief of Staff at
East Center, 2pm
Carondelet St. Joseph’s Hospital and an
orthopedic surgeon with The Joint Replacement Center at St. Joseph’s. The theme will
be “Teaching Old Joints New Tricks.” East
land. We all have the power to create habitat Center, 1pm
for urban wildlife in our yards and neigh• Jan. 21 - Whipple Observatory
borhoods. Do you have the desire, but need presents “The Fermi Space Telescope’s
View on Gamma-Ray Bursts” Veronique
some guidance? Desert Hills, 10am
• Jan. 7 - Northwest Medical Center
Pelassa, VERITAS. West Center, 9am
• Jan. 3 - Tucson Audubon Society
presents “Urban Bird Habitat: Recipe
for Conservation” with Jennie MacFar-
presents “Find Relief to Common
Elbow and Shoulder Pain.” Christo-
pher Stevens, M.D. is Tucson Orthopaedic
Institute’s newest fellowship trained upper
extremity surgeon specializing in conditions
from the shoulder to fingertips. Learn about
non-surgical and surgical treatment options
for pain relief. East Center, 9am
• Jan. 8 - Green Valley Gardeners “Care
of Roses” Les Hayt, Retired owner of
• Jan. 22 - Green Valley Gardeners “Caring for Citrus” Glenn Wright, Yuma Coop-
Registration for classes, trips, movies, concerts, special events and dances
is available to our members in the following ways: online at www.gvrec.
org, in person at any major social center office during normal business
hours (see schedule on page 2); by calling any of the major social centers.
All tickets and registrations are on a first come first served basis. Members
may purchase items on their own account only.
Ticket Purchases:
Individual single tickets currently are on sale for the 2014-2015 GVR Live!
Performing Arts Season. We encourage you to purchase your tickets in advance at the West Center box office. General public tickets purchases must
be made at the West Service Center and Box Office. Tickets to concerts
and some special events are available at the door at the West Service Center and Box Office, one hour prior to the event. Ticket prices increase $1 at
the door. Tickets are not available at the door for sold out events. Members
may purchase up to four guest tickets per household at the guest price.
There are no refunds for season, individual member, guest or general public
tickets. All sales are final. GVR offers season ticket exchanges up to 24
hours prior to an event. Season tickets may be exchanged for any other
performance in the performing arts series. Tickets must be present in order
to process exchange. Upgrade fees may apply. Refunds will not be given if
exchanging ticket(s) for a less expensive performance. Tickets can be exchanged in person at Member Services Center, 1070 S Calle de las Casitas
Monday-Friday, 8AM-4PM. Tickets can be mailed to GVR Member Services
Center, Attn: Season Ticket Exchange, P.O. Box 586, Green Valley, AZ 85622.
Please see Class Catalog for information regarding refunds for classes, trips
and tours. If you have questions regarding refunds, please call 520-625-3440
extension 7208.
erative Extension. Desert Hills, 9:30am
January 2015
• Jan. 28 - Green Valley Hospital CEO
David Wanger presents an update on the
new hospital scheduled to open this spring.
Santa Rita Springs, 1pm
• Jan. 29 - Green Valley Gardeners
“Tucson Clean & Beautiful” an overview,
BJ Cordova. Desert Hills, 9:30am
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
Below is a list of the dates for upcoming events:
The box office is only open for ticket sales during this time. All other services available during
regular business hours.
Box Office open
Thursday, January 8
Friday, January 9
Tuesday, January 13
Thursday, January 22
Tuesday, January 27
Friday, January 30
New Year’s
West Center Box Office Hours
To better serve our members, West Service Center
and Box Office is open on
weekends and holidays from
On program days, the West
Center Box Office is open for
your convenience one hour
prior to all performances.
Rock Legends
TSO Concert
Collin Raye
Movie 100-Foot
Dance RealTones
Movie Jersey Boys
Consistently The Best Conditioned Course In Green Valley!
520.625.4281 • www.havengolf.com
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
110 N. Abrego, Green Valley, Arizona 85614
Call now for your Tee Time!
Say Yes
without saying Good Bye to GVR!
Wednesday, January 14, 2015
9.00 AM - 10.00 AM
Yes, you can retain your Green Valley Recreation
membership when you move to La Posada.
Learn all the details – as well as the many other
benefits of living at La Posada – by meeting with a
La Posada Retirement Counselor.
For a personal tour or to
attend a no-obligation
breakfast presentation,
Canoa Hills Rec Center- Saguaro Room
3660 S. Camino Del Sol, Green Valley, AZ 85614
call 520-648-8131
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
Lifelong learning
Recreation & entertainment
You're family here
Affordable housing
Cool mountain valley
350 E. Morningside Rd.,
Green Valley
La Posada is an award-winning, accredited not-for-profit continuing care retirement community.
By Shelley Whitlatch, MS Exercise Physiologist specifically for your needs, teach and monitor correct exercise
FitnessSpecialties Personal Training techniques, make sure you are using your time effectively and
anuary is here, and with it the opportunity to
stretch yourself to start or re-start a fitness program
customized to your needs. What are your goals?
Whether you want to train for the El Tour de Tucson
Bicycle Event next year, lose 20 pounds, lower your
cholesterol or blood sugar levels, rehab a knee, or make it
to the top of Mt. Wrightson, “you can’t get to where you
want to go if you don’t know where you’re going!”
FitnessSpecialties Personal Trainers can design a program
efficiently, and motivate you with a fun and varied workout.
In addition to one-on-one training packages at a cost
of $45-60 /hr., small group training with 4-6 participants per group was introduced this past summer and
has become a popular, energetic, and affordable way to
work on fitness goals. Small groups supervised by one
trainer are a great way to receive a program designed for
your needs, have long-term supervision, and meet new
workout buddies at a cost of only $15 per session!
New Year! New You! Get Fit in 2015!
Small personal training groups are offered twice weekly
in 5 week blocks (10 sessions) at all the fitness centers
and meet either in the weight/cardio room to use the
weight and cardio machines, or in a meeting room using
small equipment in a circuit format.
Contact Shelley Whitlatch for information on group
times as well as personal training packages. Shelley will
schedule a complimentary 30 minute free consultation
with one of the eight FitnessSpecialties personal trainers.
You and the trainer will determine next steps…and YOU
will be on your way to better health and fitness!
Historic Tucson Walking Tours - Jan 20, 28 & Feb 12, 24; $15
Arizona Opry Broadway Show and Dolly Steamboat - March 6: $159
Yamaha Dealer
Locally Owned Since 1978
Green Valley Departures • 625-8365
Chicago at Gammage - March 28: $147
$1,000 OFF any
NEW Golf Cart
1971 N. Abrego Drive, Green Valley
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
January 3
January 28
January 10
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
February 7
February 13
What choices are you
making today?
Choice. That’s what
Green Valley resident Mabel Acri calls happiness.
“Yes, happiness is a
choice,” Mabel said. “And
I moved to Green Valley
because of all the choices at
Green Valley Recreation.”
Her second choice was
the weather in Southern
Arizona. After living in
Pennsylvania for over sixty
years, she sold everything
and moved here. “After
my husband passed away, I
realized I could do whatever
I want!” she added with a
big grin and smiling eyes.
One thing Mabel really
appreciates about belonging to GVR is the people.
“I have met so many
wonderful people – I am
very blessed.” She has been
a member of a Newcomers Club and the Fabric
Painting Club for over 15
years. (She was president of
the art-inspired club for 11
“I don’t know what I
would have done without
the help of club members
over the years. I certainly
would never have had that
support in Pennsylvania.
Living alone, I wouldn’t
have done things by myself.
Mabel Acri wearing one of her shirts created at the
Fabric Painting Club.
But belonging to clubs, I
have gone places and done
things I would have never
done alone!”
In addition to being a
long time GVR club member, Mabel also is a volunteer at the Canoa Hills
pool, at GVR programs
(ticket taking,) and at the
GVR Volunteer Center
making phone calls and
cutting news articles and
advertisements out of the
Green Valley News about
GVR. She also volunteers
at her church.
“My choice was made
many years ago,” Mabel
said. It’s not too late for
you to make choices that
enhance the quality of
your life. Join a GVR club
Ted Hendrickson
attorney at law
General Civil PraCtiCe • SPeCializinG in elder law
38 years experience, Licensed in Arizona and California
• Wills & Trusts • Estate Planning • Family Law • Probate
• Conservatorship • Landlord/Tenant • Personal Injury
• Litigation • Social Security Disability
866-DDc-WinS |
| DDcaZ.com
See the Rewards Center for details. Must be 21 to enter bars and gaming areas. Entertainment subject to change or cancel without notice.
Management reserves all rights. Please play responsibly. An Enterprise of the Tohono O’odham Nation.
75 w. Calle de las tiendas, Ste 117B
Green valley, az 85614
HoMe ConSUltatIonS aVaIlaBle Free InItIal ConSUltatIon
DiamonD center | 1100 W. Pima mine roaD
Ceramics Club of Green Valley
Studio Phone: 399-2818
Jan Cockrum 305-4530
Provide and operate an equipped facility
for GVR members interested in working
with ceramics.
• Dedicated space club located at Desert Hills on the upper level
Clay Studio of Green Valley
www.claystudiogvaz.com or 399-2755
Located at Santa Rita Springs
Hobby studio with extensive facilities to
enable and encourage people to create
functional and artistic pieces in clay.
Green Valley Arts & Crafts
Iris Sapovits 648-1214
Yearly Craft Show held in March
• Meet at Desert Hills first Wednesday
of each month
GV Lapidary & Silversmith
For members interested in learning
Lapidary, Silversmithing, Casting, PMC
(Precious Metal Clay), Dichroic Glass, Wire
Wrapping and Chain Making.
• Dedicated Space – Desert Hills, East
Center, West Center
Desert Scraprats Quilting Club
La Tienda Gift Shop
Carol Roskey 393-1164
A GVR member run gift shop located at
West Center
• Monday-Friday 9am-4pm
• Saturday 9am-12pm
Santa Rita Art League of
Green Valley
Check www.srart.org
For artists using all 2 dimensional mediums, including beginners, intermediate and
advanced. SRAL offers a fully equipped
professional studio, gallery & library for
members use.
• Permanent exhibits at Canoa Hills and
Desert Hills.
Woodworkers of Green Valley
Larry Kistler: 400-0172
Woodworking shop for the pleasure and
convenience of its members
• Dedicated space located at West
• Monday-Saturday 8am-4pm
Abrego South Thursday
Ladies Bridge Club
DiAnne Bidwell 398-6996
Ladies social bridge group
• Meets at Abrego South Thursday at
Desert Hills Ladies Bridge Club
Ladies social bridge group
Group of quilters who hold bi-weekly meet- • Meet at Desert Hills Thursdays at
ings to share projects, ideas, and skills.
Dues are $5 annually
• Meetings at Las Campanas, on the 2 &
East Center Monday Ladies
4th Tuesdays at 1pm
Social Bridge Group
Green Valley Rubber Stampers
Jody Davison 207-6267
• Meet at East Center Mondays at
GVR Fabric Painters Club
Cheryl Walters (419)204-9045
Fabric painting opens up endless opportunities for transforming not only your
wardrobe but also your home.
• Thursday 12:30pm-4:30pm and Friday
9 am-noon - January thru May Friday Social Bridge Club
Paul Garcia 648-1120
Co-ed social bridge group
• Meet at Desert Hills Fridays at
• Monday-Friday, sign in at 12:30pm and
play at 12:55pm
Green Valley Duplicate Bridge
GVR Canasta Club
Dean Capes 647-9916
Social Group of Co-ed Pinochle Players.
Play Single Deck each night – and Double
Deck on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.
• Meet at East Center Tuesdays and
Thursdays at 6pm
• Meet at Las Campanas at 6pm
GVR Chess Club
Bill Worth 269-6844
The Sheepshead Club is looking for both
men and women to join us for friendly
games of cards.
• Meet at Las Campanas Tuesdays at
John Ziegelbauer 399-0438
Co-ed duplicate bridge players
• Meet at Canoa Hills 1pm
• Mondays, Thursdays & Fridays
Pat Ault 300-4489
Co-ed social canasta players
• Meet at East Center
• Fridays and Sundays, sign-in at
12:30pm, short business at 12:45pm
and play starts at 1pm
Jim Clark 648-9988
Co-ed social chess players
• Meet at East Center Wednesdays at
GVR East Center Duplicate
Bridge Club
Ray Austin 400-5327
Non-Sanctioned co-ed bridge players
• Meet at East Center Tuesdays at 1pm
GVR Euchre Card Club
Max Elliot 393-7918
Co-Ed social euchre players
• Meet at Desert Hills Fridays at 6:30pm
GVR Hearts Club
Marty Allen 625-09279
Co-ed social heart players
• Meet at Las Campanas Wednesdays
at 1pm
GVR Informal Duplicate Bridge
Bob Dahm 777-7827
Co-ed Bridge players
• Meet at Santa Rita Springs Mondays
at 1pm
GVR Men’s Bridge Club
GVR Pinochle Club
GVR Sheepshead Card Club
National Mah Jongg Club
Madelyn Weig 393-1255 or Barbara Young
Social group of experienced National Mah
Jongg players.
• Meet at Santa Rita Springs
Wright-Patterson Mah Jongg
Club of G.V.
Judy Cunnyngham 625-9671 or
Lois Wilhelm 818-1600
Year round social group of co-ed Wright
Patterson mah jongg players
• Meet at Las Campanas, Tuesdays
• Observers welcome
Computer Club of Green Valley
Jud Richardson 625-4508
Members share computer interests and
• Classes and Open Lab
• Informative monthly meetings
• Club room at Santa Rita Springs
• M-F 8am-4pm (Nov-Apr)
Jim Chisolm 625-1288
Green Valley Camera Club
Social group of men bridge players
www.gvcameraclub.org, 648-1315
• Meet Tuesdays at Desert Hills at 12pm
Photography and special interest groups
for beginner to the advanced photograGVR Men’s Poker Club
Bob Hyden 625-1355,
• Dedicated space located at Santa Rita
Bob Northrup 207-6745
Enjoy the game of Poker
• Monday – Friday 9am-4pm
• Meet at Desert Hills, Room C on the
• Saturday 9am-12pm
lower level
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
Kay Beaudry (520)495-4733
Our members design and create greeting
cards. We explore techniques and ideas
Desert Hills Midweek
at monthly workshops and offer a large
Progressive Bridge
assortment of tools for card making needs. Cathy Musacchia 648-1373
• Open: Tuesdays 9am to 4pm
• Workshops: last Tuesday of the month Co-ed social bridge group
• Meet at Desert Hills Wednesdays at
Green Valley Cribbage Club
Co-ed social Cribbage players
• Meet at East Center Mondays at 6pm
Green Valley Forum Club
Norm (520) 393-1412
Weekly presentations and programs that
are mind-expanding, informative, challenging and quite often just plain entertaining.
• Meet at Desert Hills every Wednesday
at 9am
Valley Players
www.greenvalleyplayers.com or
Green Valley Squares
Gary Hill at 393-0266, [email protected]
Local square and round dance club is active year around.
• Club Dances every Monday night at
Green Valley Line Dancers
Package or Split AC
Mon - Fri • 9am - 4pm
50 E. Duval Rd., Green Valley
Residential & Commercial
Heating & Cooling
Cindy Feist 207-8766
Enjoy, encourage and perform line dancing.
• Meet at Canoa Hills Tuesdays at 2pm
call (520) 829-2985
Open to GVR members interested in
community theater--on stage, back stage,
singers, musicians, writers. Newcomers or
experienced theater folks, join the fun!
13 - Seer
INSTALLED PRICE 3 - Ton - $3,200.00
GVR Travel Club
LaVicie Runkle 648-2999 or Geneva Halliday
(313) 610-7892
Group of Green Valley residents who love
to travel or enjoy hearing about the adventures of others.
• Meet at Las Campanas, 3rd Fridays 9am
4 - Ton - $3,700.00
5 - Ton - $4,100.00
Is your pet at risk for Dental Disease?
Do you want to DRAMATICALLY lower your pets risk for heart, liver and kidney disease?
When it comes to your pet’s teeth, what you don’t see can really hurt them! Taking care
of your pet’s teeth will save you money in the long run avoiding infections and disease;
and, it will definitely improve the quality of your pet’s life as she ages.
What about anesthesia free dental cleanings?
My pet’s teeth look fine, but his breath smells, should I be worried?
Why does it cost so much more for my pet to have dental care than it does for me?
I should brush my pet’s teeth daily, but I forget. Is there any benefit if I brush less often?
What you need to know about Dental Disease
Open to ALL pet owners (Please leave pets at home.)
Jean Huang, DVM
Date: January 27, 2015
Time: 5-7 p.m.
Animal Care Center of Green Valley, 555 White House Canyon Rd.
Register: To reserve your seat, email or call us at
[email protected] or 520-625-0433
Donation: $10 - 100% goes to The Animal League of Green Valley
555 White House Canyon Rd.
Green Valley, AZ. 85614
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
For more information about Dr. Huang or The Healthy Pet Workshop series,
visit our website at www.animalcarecenter.com.
GVR Pickleball Club
Horace Puglisi (802) 728-5287 or
Wes Minear - (520) 398-2722
The club has many levels of players and
the club provides all the equipment.
• Meet at West Center 8am
• Check website or call for dates
6:30pm at Canoa Hills
Green Valley Dance Club
For more information call 664-6064
A group of dancers who host monthly
dances Oct-May
• Meet at Canoa Hills
www.greenvalleypickleball.org for court
locations and play schedules
Donna Coon 648-1007
Dedicated to the promotion of pickleball in
the Green Valley Recreation community.
GVR Racquetball Club
Green Valley Tennis Club
GVR Argentine Tango Club
Promote Argentine Tango dancing and
Mike Killian 648-3126
Round Dancing – ballroom dancing to cues
• Meet at Canoa Hills Tuesdays, November – March, at 7pm
sports CLUBS
Green Valley Aquabelles
Joyce Finklestein 393-0317
Promoting synchronized swimming.
Billiards Club of Green Valley
Promoting recreational and competitive
billiard playing, be it pool or snooker.
Billiards rooms located at East Center, West
Center, Desert Hills
Green Valley Shuffleboard Club
Promoting tennis for GVR members;
reservations, upcoming events on web
site. Membership and tournament forms
available at the West Center Tennis Hut.
• Clinics - Monday, Wednesday-2pm
Desert Hills
• Potlucks 2nd Sunday-5pm Desert Hills
Green Valley Volleyball Club
Doug Bryan 312-0500
A social group of sand, water and wallyball
• Sand - East Center Thursdays and
Saturdays 9am
• Water - Abrego South Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays Nov-May 1pm
• Wallyball - Las Campanas Monday-Friday 1pm-4pm
Kathy Hornbeck 777-7267
A group of bocce players who host weekly
games and tournaments
• Meet at Canoa Hills Tuesday & Thursday 9am
GVR Hiking Club
We Want Your Business!
Coach Jan Miller 867-8812
Organized workouts for fitness and master’s competition
• West Center pool Monday – Friday
social CLUBS
Canadian Club of Green Valley
(520) 288-4930
Judy 625-1151
Fun social group of current and past residents of Colorado.
• Meet 1st Saturday of each month
Eastern States Club
Karen Curtis 625-2394
Social group of current and past residents
Excludes MI & New England States
Green Bay Packers Club
James Chisolm 777-8334
Social group of the Green Bay Packers
BOARD CERTIFIED Internal Medicine
GVR Amigas Club
www.GVRamigas.org 334-7807
A wonderful way for women of Green
Valley to meet other women with similar
interests, make new friends and share
Iowa Club of Green Valley
Sandy Haegele 269-6740
Social group of current and past residents
Michigan Club
[email protected].com
777-8145 or 399-4410
Monthly meetings with other Michiganians.
Minnesota Club of Green Valley
Tom & Mary Johnson, 207-8408
Social group of current and past residents
of Minnesota
Pacific Northwest Club
Fred Taylor 625-2308
Social group of current and past residents
of Oregon, Washington and Idaho.
Singles Club of GVR
Carol 625-1731
Social group of single GVR members hold
weekly meetings on Mondays at Desert
New England Club
[email protected]
Joe Potter 625-5370
Membership is open to all GVR Members
who love the New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New
Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS
Dr. Rashmi Chhabra Welcomes
Dr. Naveen Kumar
1/2 off!
Geriatric Medicine
Corporations, Partnerships, All States, Extensions,
Audit Services, Bookkeeping, Business Services
Arizona Medicos
120 W Calle De Las Tiendas
Green Valley, AZ
Most insurances accepted
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
Bring in this coupon, last year’s tax return prepared
by a non-H & R Block tax professional, and the
receipt anytime between 2/15 and 3/15.
210 W. Continental Road, Suite 134
Continental Shopping Plaza
520-625-8732 • [email protected]
Green Valley Swim Club
Colorado Club
GVR Bocce Club
Ray Asbjornson 591-6557 or
John Tams 625-2226
Shuffleboard is a game of skill, strategy and Weekly hikes in the local area, orientation
is required before 1st hike
fun for all ages.
• Meet at West Center Thursdays at
Green Valley Table Tennis Club
We’ll Prepare your
new return for
Wayne Ferreira (520)260-1470 Jerry Lowe
Racquetball for fun and competition for all
ages and skill levels
• Las Campanas racquetball courts
• Monday-Saturday 9am-11am
football team who watch the games on the
big screen at Las Campanas
101 S. La Cañada Dr. • 520-625-6551
I-19 & Esperanza Blvd, Green Valley AZ
W W W. G R E E N VA L L E Y V I L L A G E . N E T
Special for
the New Year
Try 3 Equipment classes
for just $50.00
Specializing in Group Classes for all ages and abilities.
Good through 1/15/15
Undertones Bra Shop
New Clients only - All levels welcome
Green Valley Village
Green Valley Village Mall Ste. 36-1
Call to Reserve a spot!
101 S. La Canada, Suite 25
Across from Rigazzi’s Italian Restaurant)
pilatesstudiogv.com | meltbodycare.com
Green Valley Village
WITH COUPON | EXP: 1/31/15
Enjoy the experience of moving well
and feeling great.
www.gvrec.org • January 2015
Green Valley ACE Hardware
10AM - 3:00PM Tues thru Fri. OR by appt.
New Years Eve at Noon
Free Bingo Games begin at 10 AM in Suite #35
Dance Competition begins at 11 AM in Suite #32
Countdown to Ball Drop, Toast & Free Appetizers at Noon in Suite #32