Associate Degree in Civil Engineering

HED001 Associate Degree in Civil Engineering
Classroom based - Full time, Classroom based - Part time South Bank
Course summary
South Bank : Classroom based - Full time, Classroom based - Part time : Starts on 2701-2015
Full fee: $29,000
FEE-HELP: $29,000
Careers: Engineering Professionals
Outcome: Associate Degree
HED001 Associate Degree in Civil Engineering is accredited by Engineers Australia at the level of Engineering
Associate. This professionally-accredited program is also recognised in Canada, Ireland, Korea, New Zealand,
South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States of America through Dublin Accord, greatly improving the
global mobility of graduates and offering them the opportunity of a truly international career.
Many graduates from the Associate Degree in Civil Engineering program continue with their engineering bachelor’s
degree at universities like Queensland University of Technology (QUT), CQ University and the University of
Southern Queensland (USQ). TAFE Queensland, Brisbane has negotiated pathways with these universities,
providing our graduates with credit exemptions (at least 1.5 years) when they enrol in engineering bachelor degrees
at these universities.
A qualification in civil engineering will help you shape the future of Australia’s infrastructure.
Course details
Fast-track your civil engineering career with this associate degree. Develop practical and technical skills to design
and draft various engineering applications and drawings for transport systems (roads, tunnels and railways),
pipelines, dams, bridges, high-rise buildings, plant, mining and industrial water and waste management. Gain skills
for a range of occupational fields, from CAD programs to surveying and construction.
Employers actively seek our students for cadetships due to the industry-relevant and practical training offered
during the qualification. This qualification provides excellent employment opportunities, financially rewarding career
prospects and the possibility of employment both nationally and internationally.
This Associate Degree is a higher education sector qualification.
To enrol directly with us, simply call 13 72 48.
If you are enrolling through QTAC, for a January or July intake, please use the following codes.
Full Fee - QTAC Code: 555948
Part-time enrolment do not enrol through QTAC for part-time study.
Please read the TAFE Queensland rules prior to enrolment.
Find out how TAFE Queensland Brisbane can get you on your pathway to university.
Students completing this associate degree may gain entry and obtain advanced standing in university degree
programs. The amount of credit will depend on the qualification and university.
On successful completion of the associate degree, the following articulated options provide direct entry to the
university programs below. The amount of academic credit and time remaining to complete the degree are also
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil), Queensland University of Technology
QTAC Code: 555948
Academic credit: 1.5 years. Time remaining at university: 2.5 years
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil Engineering), University of Southern Queensland
QTAC Code: 555948
Academic credit: 1.5 years. Time remaining at university: 2.5 years
Bachelor of Engineering Science (Civil Engineering), University of Southern Queensland
QTAC Code: 555948
Academic credit: 2 years. Time remaining at university: 1 year
Bachelor of Engineering (Civil), Central Queensland University
QTAC Code: 555948
Academic credit: 1.5 years. Time remaining at university: 2.5 years
Bachelor of Engineering Technology (Civil Structural; Civil-Transportation/Municipal), Central Queensland
QTAC Code: 555948
Academic credit: 1.5 years. Time remaining at university: 1.5 years
This qualification is eligible for the Commonwealth Higher Education FEE-HELP loan scheme.
Check out which financial support option is right for you.
Note: All information was accurate at time of publication, however TAFE policies, tuition fees and qualification
content is subject to change without notice. Commencement is dependent on sufficient enrolments.
For FEE-HELP and VET FEE-HELP eligible qualifications, the unit fees are charged according to the study period
in which the unit commences. The fee schedule outlines unit fees and census dates applicable per semester of
Career prospects:
Design drafters
Engineering surveyors
Soil technicians
Site supervisors
Hours of study:
Full-time 2 years
Part-time 4 years
To be eligible to graduate, students need to complete 30 days of Work Based Learning (WBL)
We have two major intakes in January or July. If you are interested in starting a qualification outside of these
times, please call 13 72 48 for more info.
Resources required:
Students will need to purchase a scientific calculator, but do not purchase until classes commence because the
teacher will advise what is needed. Textbook or Kit resources that the students need to purchase will be explained
during the first week of classes.
Entry requirements
The entry requirements for this program are:
School leavers must have completed Year 12 or equivalent with a Sound Achievement in English. A Sound
Achievement in Year 12 Maths A or equivalent is also desirable. Direct entry applications will be assessed on
a case by case basis.
If you’re under 17 years of age, special enrolment conditions may apply.
CEA103 2D CAD (Stage 1, Core)
CEA106 Civil design and drafting (Stage 2, Core)
CEA102B Civil engineering fundamentals (Stage 1, Core)
CEA101 Civil engineering mathematics (Stage 1, Core)
CEA107 Construction and estimating (Stage 2, Core)
CEA208 Engineering project (Stage 4, Core)
CEA105 Engineering surveying (Stage 2, Core)
CEA206 Environmental engineering (Stage 4, Core)
CEA201 Geoscience (Stage 3, Core)
CEA205 Municipal engineering (Stage 4, Core)
CEA202 Project management (Stage 3, Core)
CEA203 Road design (Stage 3, Core)
CEA204 Structural design/drafting 1 (Stage 3, Core)
CEA207 Structural engineering/drafting 2 (Stage 4, Core)
HEDWBL001 Work based learning 1 (Stage 2, Core)
HEDWBL002 Work based learning 2 (Stage 4, Core)
CEA104 Workplace practices (Stage 1, Core)
CEA109 Advanced CAD (Stage 2, Elective)
CEA108 Advanced mathematics (Stage 2 and Stage 3, Elective)
There may be one or more elective competencies, these may differ between TAFE regions. Please contact the
region for more information.
Last updated on 17 December 2014