Indonesian Rules Supplement - International Law Students

The Indonesian National Rules Supplement to the Official Rules of the 2015 Philip C. Jessup
International Law Moot Court Competition has been promulgated by the Indonesian National
Administrator with the approval of the Executive Director of the International Law Students Association
The present National Rules Supplement is intended to facilitate the conduct of the 2015
Indonesian National Rounds.
Except as expressly amended by this National Rules Supplement, the Official Rules for the 2015
Philip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition shall remain in full force and effect in accordance
with its Rules.
This National Rules Supplement shall not preclude the Indonesian National Administrator from
adopting any additional measure before, during, and after the 2015 Indonesian National Rounds, pursuant
to Official Rule 1.6.
1.4. Administration of the Indonesian National Rounds
The Indonesian National Rounds is administered by the Jessup National Administrator for Indonesia, as
appointed by the Indonesian Society of the International Law and approved by the International Law
Students Association:
Mr. Ryan Putra
Jl. Taman Mawar 5 Blok ii 2 no. 40
Pegadungan, Jakarta Barat 11830
E-mail: [email protected]
1.7. Interpretation of the Indonesian National Rules Supplement
This National Rules Supplement is to be interpreted consistently with all parts of the Official Rules, the
Supplement not being an exception to the Official Rules. Should any question arise as to the interpretation
of the Indonesian National Supplement, such questions shall be addressed to the Indonesian National
Administrator. Pursuant to Official Rule 1.7, the Executive Director shall serve as the final arbiter in the
implementation and interpretation of the National Rules Supplement.
2.13 Practice Rounds
(d) Any Judges who have agreed to judge oral rounds in the 2015 Indonesian National Rounds are not
allowed to Judge any team he/she has conducted practice with before he was contacted by the Judges
6.1 Submission of Memorials (amending the current Official Rule 6.1)
Each team participating in the Competition must prepare one Applicant and one Respondent
For purposes of scoring and judging, memorials must be submitted by, no later than 27 December
2014, 11:59 PM (university’s local time: WIB), in each of the following manners:
Via the ILSA Website through the memorial submission link on each team’s dashboard.
Via e-mail to the ISIL at [email protected] and to the National Administrator at
[email protected]
Via post or courier to the Administrator at the address set out in Indonesian National Rules
Supplement 1.4, in the form of paper copies (see National Rule 6.1(d)). All paper copies must be
postmarked by 27 December 2014 to avoid late penalties.
Submission via e-mail must occur in a single e-mail message addressed to the ISIL and the
National Administrator. If one of the Memorials will be submitted late, a team may separately send the
timely memorial before the deadline without penalty.
Paper copies of Memorials shall be printed on both sides of the paper, with different cover colors
for Applicant and Respondent, and bonded with black isolation tape. The Administrator shall receive
twelve (12) paper copies of each Applicant and Respondent Memorials.
All electronic and paper copy versions of the Memorials submitted to the ILSA Executive Office
and the Administrator must be identical. Any discrepancy, considered by the Administrator to be an
alteration, shall be penalized under Official Rules 6.1(d) and 11.1.
Once Memorials have been submitted to the ILSA Executive Office, whether or not the memorial
deadline has expired, resubmitted Memorials will be subject to a five (5) points penalty. If resubmitted
after the memorial deadline has expired, resubmitted memorials will also be subject to applicable late
Equipment failure or problems will not be considered an excuse for improper formatting or late
mailing of Memorials.
6.3 Memorials Submitted in Languages Other than English
(a) Unless approved by the Executive Director of ILSA and the National Administrator in written consent,
Memorials in languages other than English will not be accepted.
Lesley Benn
ILSA Executive Director
Approved 16 December 2014
Ryan Putra
Indonesian National Administrator