The Vermont grant

Part 3
Vermont grants
Vermont grant
Vermont grant application
• Application must be filed and completed in order
for student to be eligible for a VT grant.
• Available January 1, 2015, for 2015–2016.
• Apply online (for degree and non-degree grants).
At, click on myVSAC.
Vermont grant link
from FAFSA
Vermont grant
It all begins with myVSAC.
• myVSAC account is for the student.
• Students use the same myVSAC account when
applying for VT grants and VSAC-assisted
scholarships for each year of enrollment.
• Contact information must be updated (e-mail &
postal addresses) for efficient communication.
• Students who lose/forget myVSAC login should
follow prompts to be reminded. Do not
create a new account!
submit a VT grant application
Vermont grant
• Requests for information: E-mail first; if no
response in 10 days, another notification is
• Paper letter is mailed if student does not log in
within 20 days of initial request.
• Paper requests for tax return updates will
happen after April 15.
Vermont grant
• New questions on application about VAST and
full-time early college.
• Parent and student tax and W-2 uploader using
• Reduction in the number of follow-up requests
for W-2 forms.
special circumstances
Examples of special circumstances
• Change in employment status.
• Medical bills not covered by insurance.
• Change in parent/student marital status.
• Unusual dependent care expenses.
• Student is unable to obtain parental information
due to incarceration, abusive situation, or no
relationship with parents and cannot qualify
under other self-supporting questions.
• Natural disasters – expenses not
reimbursed by insurance or FEMA.
special circumstances
• Still need to be communicated to financial aid
office and to Vermont grant program at VSAC.
• Dollar amounts are required.
• Documentation often needed.