IGHC Newsletter

Issue 16
December 2014
We wish you a joyful Holiday Season and a prosperous New Year!
Dear IGHC Members
Make no mistake, there is a very busy year
ahead of us in 2015, but we are confident
that with your help, we will be able to meet
our targets. In the interim, I hope you will
be able to take some well-deserved time off
in what is usually for us in the travel industry
a very busy period.
So it is that we reach the end of what has
turned out to be quite an eventful year. In
our last Newsletter – delayed somewhat
due to rapidly changing developments – we
mentioned some encouraging progress on
We are now very pleased to report that
IGOM Implementation has become an IATA
Board Monitored Activity with a target of
35% of our member airlines to have either
completed a gap analysis between their
GOM and IGOM or to have started
implementing IGOM by the end of 2015.
Best regards
Joseph Suidan
Head of Ground Operations,
IGHC / GHC Secretary. IATA
This is good news indeed and we are well
under way with an IGOM Implementation
program which to be rolled out in the IATA
Regions early in 2015. In addition, expect to
see coverage of this topic at the IGHC
Conference as well as at other IATA events
during the first half of 2015.
We would like to take this opportunity to
thank you all for your drive which started
this project and for your continual support
during the development of IGOM, which has
enabled us to get where we are today.
Issue 16
December 2014
IGHC Conference
2015 Membership
As you know by now, membership renewals
for 2015 have been open since early
November. Renewals have been taking
place steadily since then and we are
pleased to say that we are ahead of last
year for this time of the year.
However, the renewals really should be
done before 31 Dec 2015 if you want to take
full advantage of your IGHC benefits.
Amongst others, there is an early-bird
discount on top of the normal IGHC
discount for purchasing certain of the AHM /
IGOM formats. In addition, there will be
continuity in the display of your company’s
services in the IGHC Directory.
Host Airline
The Early Bird gets the Discount
Register now for the 28th IGHC Ground
Handling Conference and save!
With the Holiday Season upon us, we'd like to
wish you Season's Greetings and offer this
IGHC special Early Bird Discount!
If for some reason you haven’t received
IGHC membership renewal notices, please
contact us at [email protected] and we will
ensure that we get a renewal notice to you.
The 2015 IGHC Conference will focus on service
quality and costs across a wide spectrum of
ground operations.
If you are not an IGHC Member, but would
like to become a member, please go to
2015 to apply. Certain criteria apply, so it
is important that your company is one of the
• IATA member airline
• Non-IATA member airline
• Ground Service Provider Airport
Improving Customer Experience
• How can we keep customers satisfied
across the value chain, while the goals and
expectations of each party are different?
Enhanced Operations zooming in on:
• Development of global standards and their
implementation challenges.
• Occupational Safety and Health in the Air
Transport Industry.
Business, Development, Leadership with an
emphasis on:
• Innovation on the ground to improve
• Financial health & business environment.
For more information, visit our website
CAUTION: Once again fraudulent e-mails
have been doing the rounds. Be aware of
strange e-mails making demands for unpaid
invoices from suspiciously formatted IATA
e-mail addresses.
Please send any suspicious IGHC related
e-mails to: [email protected]
We look forward to seeing you in Istanbul