December 21, 2014
Prayer Concerns of our Members
Doris Davis
Gene Farlow
Mason Taylor
Loretta Hancock
Katherine Asbury
Helen Heinzen
Bill Giese
Lois Martin
Doris Robinson
Deb Wade
Ed & Joan Ewbank
Arline & Mary Long
Saa M’bayo
Clarice & Al Crowder Florine Harper
Jane Worsham
Janet & Len Tuskey
Helen Goodman
Harold & Wilma Hale Rev. Bill Ferguson
Maxine Maupin
Sarah Murphree
Nina Teel
Amadu Lakoh
Lois Martin
Doris Culley
Stuart & Elaine Iglehart
Mark & Debbie Switzer
Wes & Caroline Fergusson
Lynn White
Kristin Baber
Matt Gillis
Jeanne Bluford
Jesse Meredith
Thelma Crews
Nancy Lickey
Ray Pellegrin
Harvey & Bettie Roach
Joe Turpin
Carol Perkins
Our College Students
Allison Johns – William and Mary
Erin Hedrick – Virginia Tech
Christian Henderson – Virginia Tech
Thomas Perkins – George Mason
Brendan Switzer – Regent University
Strickland Dale – VCU
Ethan Painter – George Mason
Our covenant missionaries: Clara Biswas and Kip and Nancy Robinson.
Men and Women in the Military
Austin Hedrick
Michael Western
Staff Sgt. Joseph Teel Sgt. Tony Luck
Paul Stoneburner
Lt. Col. Michael Magner
Prayer Concerns for Friends and Loved Ones
(Please contact the church office when you are ready to remove a loved ones name from this prayer list)
Peggy Western,
Pat Gericke
DeDee Stemen
Peter Benninghove
Grace & Hubert Barge
Nelson Saunders
Herbert Thompson
Cana Harker
Kathryn Baber
Fiona Dyson
Ross Butler & Family Denise Burruss
Wayne Hedgepeth
Jennifer Perry
Bob Bluford
Ashley Bluford
Terry Moncure
Jacquelin Bowles
Janice, Crystal & Fred Vaugan
Sheila & Craig Stapham,
The Lakeside Clergy Association made a covenant with each other to pray for the churches in the association. For the
month of December we will be praying for Rev. Charles Phillips and the congregation at Overbrook Presbyterian
Zack Hedrick
James Davis
Pray for the Families of Metropolitan Richmond. I will bless those who bless you, and him who dishonors you I will
curse, and in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed. (Genesis 12:3) for the care and protection of infants,
children, and youth; and for the intimate knowledge that each one is a beloved child of God.