Annual Report 2008 2626 West Broad Street Richmond, VA 23220

2626 West Broad Street
Richmond, VA 23220
Toll-Free: 877.295.CMOR
Annual Report 2008
3 | C h ildren ’s Mu seu m of Ri chmond
2 0 0 8 A nnua l R e p ort | 1
lay = Learning
Children’s Museum of Richmond
Advisory Council
Gregory B. Robertson, Esq.
Henry Berling
Anne Burnett
Stacie Lazor Cornett
Jane C. Ferrara
Bennett J. Fidlow, Esq.
Justin G. French
David Gallagher
Jennie B. Gumenick
Mary Anne L. Graf
Iris Holliday
Michael Hughes
Steve M. Jenkins
Paul Van De Putte
Randolph W. Wyckoff
Susan Allen
William H. Baxter
Nancy Rosenthal Belleman
J. Stewart Bryan, III
Robert L. Burrus, Jr.
Phyllis L. Cothran
Carol S. Fox
Harry Grandis
Robert J. Grey, Jr.
Vernard W. Henley
Benjamin J. Lambert, III
Charles S. Luck, III
G. Gilmer Minor, III
Stanley F. Pauley
David P. Reynolds
Anne G. Rhodes
Gilbert M. Rosenthal
Wallace Stettinius
Eugene P. Trani
James E. Ukrop
Gregory H. Wingfield
Sally T. Bagley
Andrea Childress
Brian Pitney, Esq.
Ronald L. Carey
Lee Dolan
Dianne Smith
Cheryl Thomas
Directors Emeritus
Ann W. Burrus
Harry Grandis
Harriet Grandis (1923-2001)
Terell Luck Harrigan
Karen S. Coltrane
President & CEO
When you hear the word “play,” you probably think
fun, amusement, recreation. But despite the word’s
long-held connotation, decades of research have
proven that children’s free play has a powerful
influence on their intellectual, social, emotional
and physical development.
That’s right, when children pretend, build, climb
and explore, they’re not only having fun, they are
also developing life skills and coming to understand
themselves and the world around them. “Play is the
natural way for children to learn, explore and build
skills,” says Whitney Cardozo, director of education and
exhibits for the Children’s Museum of Richmond. But
nowadays, this brand of old-fashioned fun is in danger
of disappearing. Some children are overscheduled and
dependent on stimuli such as video games to entertain
them. Others lack basic life experiences and play time
due to limited resources.
That’s where the Children’s Museum of Richmond
comes in. We give all of our community’s children an
environment where they can get back to the basics of
play and simply be kids. By motivating this behavior,
we are setting children on the path to a stronger future.
Sara F. Markham (1921-1996)
highest attendance
has the
The Children’s Museum of Richmond
of any children’s museum in Virginia
The museum welcomed over
230,000 visitors in 2008.
2 | C h ildren ’s Mu seu m of Ri chmond
2 0 0 8 A nnua l R e p ort | 3
Learning environments encourage children
to experiment and explore the possibilities.
“Joshua, my active threeyear-old, enjoys the
outdoors so The Backyard
is an ideal place for him.
It gives him opportunities
to be expressive in music
and creative in his sand
projects. The recent addition
of the Playhouse gives his
imagination an opportunity
to continue to grow. When
the outdoor Playhouse
opened, I was surprised
to see Josh run straight
to it and pretend that he
and his friends (whom he
didn’t know) were having a
birthday party at his house.
I was just shocked at how
he used the Playhouse to
imagine things.”
Volunteers and staff inspire children’s
creativity and confidence.
Pretending. Splashing. Performing.
The museum’s environments are designed to help
young visitors bridge the gap between their own world
and the outside world. For example, while children
splash in “The James River Water Play” exhibit, they’re
also learning how objects float and sink and even how
to operate a dam to control the flow of water.
In addition to motivating children’s intellectual, social,
emotional and physical development, these exhibits
also weave in learning concepts from the Virginia
Standards of Learning, NAEYC Standards and Virginia’s
Foundation Blocks for Early Learning.
—Jessica Belk, Children’s Museum
of Richmond Member
3 new exhibits opened in 2008.
14,407 children and adults were8.included in 3,855 family
and grandparent memberships in 200
Guiding. Motivating. Inspiring.
The Children’s Museum of Richmond is built on the
concept of open-ended, self-directed play. Whether
children are picking apples in the Apple-a-Day
Orchard or making masks in the Art Studio, our staff
and volunteers encourage them to explore and
experiment independently as well as side by side with
other children. However, should they need support or
specific behavior modeled, everyone at the museum is
trained to understand the developmental goals of each
of our learning environments and is ready to step in
when needed.
“Once I came to the museum
with a field trip and I was
so impressed with the
environment and the mission,
I thought ‘This is where I
want to be!’ The museum
understands the importance
of learning through play, the
importance of interaction and
engagement. I like to think
that I bring a presence of
compassion to the museum.
I came to give, but what I
get—the kids, their smiles
and their laughter—that’s
what makes it worthwhile.”
—Cheryl Jennings, VCU AMERICORPS
Team Leader and CMoR Volunteer
The museum’s staff and trained educators facilitate
our young visitors’ experiences, as do hundreds of
volunteers. Volunteers help in museum exhibits, the
Art Studio, summer camps and at a variety of events.
Everyone who shares their time at the museum
has one thing in common—to inspire children to
challenge themselves in order to reach new social and
intellectual heights.
167 volunteers and 30 volunteer groups logged over 10,700
rs old to 79.
Volunteers range in age from 12 yea
hours in 2008.
4 | C hildren ’s Mu seu m of R i chmond
2 0 0 8 A nnua l R e p ort | 5
Halloween Hoopla
Kids’ Carniball
Special Events, Special Guests,
Off-Site Events and Art Exhibits
Backyard 500
Superstars of Summer
• Barney
• Bob the Builder
• Elmo
• Spiderman
Comcast Toon Day
Lunchtime Live Series
(made possible with a grant from
the Bryan and Kathryn Harvey Family
Memorial Endowment)
• Sargent Family
Blue Grass
• Greg Kimball
• James River Association
• JP Parks
• Louis & Boaz
Special Guests
• SPARC Presenting
‘Godspell, Jr.’
• SPCA Tail Wag’n
Asthma Camp
James River Days Photography—
Art Exhibit
• Lee Mahaffey
• Chris Fuller
Hispanic Heritage Day
• Corey Blake
• Annie Campbell
• Latin Ballet
Spooky Party
Halloween Hoopla
(made possible with a grant from
Genworth Foundation)
Special Guests
• Jeff Beatman
• Kourageous Kids
• Story Time with Arthur
• Bogie the Clown
• Ann Wright with
River Creations
• JowGa Kung Fu
• Kids Workshop
Snow Queen Fashion Show
(sponsored by CWDKids)
Legendary Santa
• Biscuit
New Year’s Eve Bash
Heart Gallery—Art Exhibit
Virginia State Yo-Yo Competition
(made possible with a grant from
the ACW Fund of the Community Foundation)
Kids’ Carniball
CMoR Portrait Banners—
Art Exhibit
Black History Celebration
Genworth Foundation
Holiday Village
• Campbell Family
• Gingerbread Creations
Tea with Santa
• Jim Skelding
• Richmond Braves
• Organization of
Chinese Americans
• Clifford the Big Red Dog
Folk Festival—Off-site Event
(made possible with a grant from
Genworth Foundation)
Lunar New Year
• Gingerbread Gala
(sponsored by CWDKids)
• George Turman
(made possible through multiple sponsors)
• Snow White Ballet
• Frank Coleman
• Richard Ward
Gingerbread Festival
(made possible through multiple sponsors)
• Richmond Concert
Special Guest
• Betsy Q
Maymont Flower and Garden Show —
Off-site Event
Crews Family Exhibit — Donald Crews, Ann Jonas and Nina Crews—
Art Exhibit
National Reading Month
• Dr. Seuss
Spring Break Fever
Birthday Bash
• Jonathan Austin
• Bogie the Clown
• Jim Alberti and
the Flea Circus
• Betsy Q
Disney Pirate and Princess Party
Backyard 500
(made possible through multiple sponsors)
Meet Diego
Connections Resource Fair
Taste of Arlington—
Off-site Event
(made possible with support from the NSF)
• First Lady Anne Holton
Fish Fest — Off-site Event
• Richmond Jazz Society
• Governor Tim Kaine
• Southside Baptist
Christian School
• Lil Nut & Biscuit
Collage Made by Children at the Ronald McDonald House — Art Exhibit
• Cheick Hamala Diabate
• Olumide—Drum
• Clifford the Big Red Dog
• Curious George
• Native American
• Taekwondo
• SPCA Tail Wag’n
Gingerbread Festival
6 | C hildren ’s Mu seu m of R i chmond
ower of Play:
Letter from the Board of Trustees Chair
r since first opening in 198
In 2008—and every yea
the cognitive,
Children’s Museum of Ric
velopment of Richmon
social and emotional de
ings learn,
most natural
citizens. Through play, the
d problem-solve,
to imagine, question an
we’ve inspired children
, social and
for their future academic
laying the groundwork
emotional success.
wer of that play:
ort, we focus on the po
In this year’s annual rep
nity’s children on
that impact our commu
the people and programs
t are challenging
are the kind of results
a da
add up to huge
the road, these results
to measure today, down
entire community.
and, as a result, for our
strides for our children
dicated to the
this annual report be de
So it is appropriate that
who help make
community and our sta
many members of our
If your name is
en’s museum all
Virginia’s premier childr
If it isn’t, we hope
are extremely grateful.
listed as a supporter, we
ortant work—and
help make all of this imp
you will join us today to
Gregory B. Robertson
seum of Richmond
Chairman, Children’s Mu
Board of Trustees
Partner, Hunton and Wil
2 0 0 8 A nnua l R e p ort | 7
Educational programs teach children to
have fun with learning
Nurturing. Developing. Teaching.
Educators have one of the most important jobs in our
community. From preschool on, they work to construct
a solid educational foundation for our children,
a foundation on which children will build for the
remainder of their lives.
Aligned with the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs),
NAEYC Standards and Virginia’s Foundation Blocks for
Early Learning, the Children’s Museum of Richmond’s
educational programs help lay important groundwork
by being in perfect synergy with what our children are
learning in the classroom.
For example, our “Dinosaur Discovery” program
opens up the world of dinosaurs to preschoolers,
involving them in a paleontological dig to foster literacy
and math skills. Also building literacy, the popular
“Story Stretch: Drumsticks” program allows children
to participate in a drumming circle and enjoy an
Asante tale from West Africa. Children gain important
science concepts by learning about the food chain
and how animals thrive in all different environments
in the “Adapt in the Habitat” program. There’s even a
program called “Mapping Ancient Egypt” that teaches
children how to make a 3-D map and prepares them
for history and social studies SOLs.
“It is so difficult for many of
these families to take part
in a special opportunity
like this. In fact, most have
never been to a museum of
any kind. It was a pleasure
to watch their little faces as
they experienced the wonder
of CMoR. Our adventure
included a terrific lesson
on the five senses, which
is one of the SOLs that we
teach. Every child passed the
assessments recently given.
We know it was because of
what they learned from your
patient and well-trained
teachers. You have not
only given these rural kids
knowledge, but you also have
given them a lasting memory
of pure joy that will stay in
their hearts.”
—Liz Osterhout, Kindergarten
Teacher, Unionville Elementary School
Available at the Children’s Museum, educational
programs can also be brought to children’s preschools,
daycares or elementary schools.
25 field trip options were offered in 2008.
programs or group visits in 2008.
Over 36,000 children attended
8 | C hildren ’s Mu seu m of R i chmo nd
2 0 0 8 A nnua l R e p ort | 9
for the year ended June 30, 2008
Corporate sponsorships and grants give
life to the museum’s mission
—Iris E. Holliday, Senior External
Affairs Manager, Dominion
Total Contributions & Grants
While the Children’s Museum of Richmond is
supporting the social, emotional and intellectual
growth of our community’s children, we have a long
list of corporations and foundations standing behind
us to help deliver on this important mission. Corporate
benefactors like Genworth Foundation, Bon Secours
Children’s Services, CWDKids and Dominion, as well as
foundations and individuals, provide their support to a
variety of events and programs—from our Legendary
Santa event to field trip scholarships for underserved
schools. In so doing, these partners fuel our Power
of Play philosophy, and help us drive children toward
their full potential.
At the Children’s Museum of Richmond, we have
big dreams for our community’s children. But it’s our
community of partners that ensures these dreams can
come true, year after year, child after child.
Total Earned Income
$ 1,595,196
$ 2,835,510
grams for
4,872 children in 2008.
$ 3,029,201
TOTAL EXPENSES less depreciation
*Expenses include depreciation costs of $666,736.
interest/ events
shop sales
museum shop
& general
Cash & Cash Equivalents
$ 443,120
Long-Term Investments 1,182,399
Prepaid Expense and Receivables
Museum Shop Merchandise
program services
PP&E, Net of Accumulated Depreciation 7,061,434
2% 5%
& special
Program Services
$ 2,414,913
Management & General
Development Activities
Museum Shop
$ 8,749,661
Accounts Payable
Wages & Accrued Vacation
Deferred Revenue 164,883
Donations supported educational pro
0 in 2008.
Cash gifts totaled over $1,240,00
$ 1,240,314
Museum Shop Sales
Educational Programs
Program Activities
Interest & Other
Special Events
Caring. Encouraging. Supporting.
Corporations & Special Events
“Dominion has enjoyed
supporting the Children’s
Museum’s mission through
funding programs, projects
and events over many years.
The impact of the museum’s
service to the community
is apparent in the number
of children who visit and
the responses from parents,
teachers and caregivers.
Community outreach and
early education are such
important areas of focus for
Dominion and we are proud
to continue our partnership
with CMoR who serves these
areas so well.”
Total LiabIlities
$ 269,478
Net Assets
$ 7,001,863
Temporarily Restricted 423,569
Permanently Restricted 1,054,751
Total Net Assets
$ 8,480,183
$ 8,749,661
1 0 | C hildren ’s Mu seu m of Ri chmo nd
2 0 0 8 A nnua l R e p ort | 1 1
The Donors Who Make It All Possible
The gifts given by those listed here represented nearly 35 percent of the museum’s
operating budget, and 100 percent of its capital expenditures. This list reflects gifts received
between July 1, 2007 and June 30, 2008. Every effort has been made to ensure that names
are listed correctly. If this is not the case, please contact us at (804) 474-7005 so we may
correct our records. We deeply appreciate the gifts we receive, and thank each of you for
supporting the Children’s Museum of Richmond.
Individual Donors
Gifts to the Museum, July 1, 2007
through June 30,2008
Donors at or above $10,000
Mr. and Mrs. Frank B. Bradley, III
Mrs. Margaret Freeman Howerton
Mrs. Retta Leigh Keil
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph W. Wyckoff
Donors from $5,000 to $9,999
Mr. and Mrs. Justin French
Mr. and Mrs. William H.
Goodwin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott M. Harrigan
Mr. and Mrs. Linwood A. Lacy, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Mistr
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Slater, Jr.
Donors from $2,500 to $4,999
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Bailie
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Belleman
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic S. Bocock
Dr. and Mrs. Scott D. Gullquist
Mr. and Mrs. Bill G. Jefferson
Mr. and Mrs. R. Strother Scott
Mr. and Mrs. T. Kirk Tattersall
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Trenkle
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher H.
Donors from $1,000 to $2,499
Mrs. Sally T. Bagley
Mr. James Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Berling
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Bond
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Bristow
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stewart Bryan, III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Chewning
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Coltrane
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Cornett
Mr. and Mrs. David Cottrell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Coulbourn
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dolan
Mr. and Mrs. David Gallagher
Mr. and Mrs. T. Fleetwood Garner
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Gibbons
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Gibson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gold
Mr. and Mrs. Curt Gordinier
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce C. Gottwald, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Grover
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Hooper
Mr. Everett B. Howerton and
Mrs. Margaret Freeman
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Steve M. Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Jennings, III
Mr. and Mrs. E. Darrell Jervey
Mr. T. Gaylon Layfield, III
Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Loupassi
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm S. McDonald
Mrs. Dorothy Mehalick
Mr. and Mrs. G. Gilmer Minor, III
Mrs. Chiswell D. L. Perkins
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Pitney
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Ramsey
Mr. and Mrs. Myron H. Reinhart
The Honorable Anne G. Rhodes and Mr. James T. Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert M. Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. W. Jerrold Samford
Mr. Michael Schewel and
Ms. Priscilla Burbank
Mr. and Mrs. John Schmohl
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Sharp
Mrs. Alice H. Siegel
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Stettinius
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Tilghman
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Ukrop
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ukrop
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Van De Putte
Mr. and Mrs. B. Briscoe White, III
Donors from $500 to $999
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Cardozo
Mr. and Mrs. J. Harwood Cochrane
Mr. and Mrs. Barry D. Crawford
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Davenport
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Davidson
Mr. and Mrs. John G. Dicks
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Farrell, II
Mr. Douglas Foulis and
Ms. Jane C. Ferrara
Mr. and Mrs. Charles K. Fox
Mr. and Mrs. Brenton S. Halsey
Ms. Iris E. Holliday
Mr. and Mrs. George Jennison
Mr. and Mrs. Alan I. Kirshner
Mr. and Mrs. Steven A. Markel
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Middleton
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Reynolds
Mr. David P. Reynolds
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Rosenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Henry S. Savedge
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Scott
Mr. and Mrs. David C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Snow
Mr. and Mrs. Hays T. Watkins
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall B. Wishnack
Donors from $250 to $499
Mr. and Mrs. Farhad Aghdami
Ms. Elizabeth B. Bauder
Dr. and Mrs. O. Christian
Bredrup, Jr.
Mrs. Dorothy Brotherton
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W.
Cabaniss, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Childress
Mr. and Mrs. A. Hugh Ewing, III
Mr. and Mrs. Earl M. Ferguson
Mr. and Mrs. Britton L. Glisson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Hagen, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert F. Hargroves
Mr and Mrs. J. Sheppard Haw, III
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Helwig
Mr. and Mrs. Vernard W. Henley
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce R. Hornsby
Mr. and Mrs. Charles M. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Klaus, Sr.
Drs. Stephen and Georganne Long
Mr. and Mrs. F. William McClelland
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall N. Morton
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Reams
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Serrill
Mr. and Mrs. Morton G.
Thalhimer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Ukrop
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas B. Valentine
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Valentine
Mr. and Mrs. C. Porter Vaughan III
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh V. White, Jr.
Additional Individual Donors
Mr. and Mrs. Russell Aaronson
Mr. and Mrs. John Ackerly
Mr. and Mrs. L. P. Aggarwal
Mrs. Amelie W. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Allen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Allende
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Baber, IV
Mr. and Mrs. John Bates, III
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce D. Belleman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bidwell
Mr. and Mrs. Dana R. Blackmer
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis T. Booker
Mr. and Mrs. McGuire Boyd
Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Brown
Ms. Anne Burnett
Mr. and Mrs. F. Paul Calamita, III
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Carnes
Ms. Besty B. Carr
Mr. Karl Chang and
Ms. B. Ellen Johnson
Dr. and Mrs. Herbert A.
Claiborne, Jr.
Mr. L. Bruce Coffey and
Dr. Annie Coffey
Mr. and Mrs. Walter W. Craigie, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph R. Crosby, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Cross
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford A. Cutchins, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Norwood H. Davis, Jr.
Mrs. Theresa G. Deal
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Deskevich
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Dickinson
Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Dray
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Durbin
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Dysart
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Elim
Mrs. Ida Farinholt
Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Fearnow
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett J. Fidlow, Esq.
Mr. Jeffrey M. Gallagher and
Dr. Catherine W. Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Gallagher
Mr. L. H. Ginn, III
Mr. and Mrs. W. Edward Goode, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Goodwin
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Gottwald
Mr. and Mrs. Henry B.
Greenberg, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hamilton, Jr.
Ms. Linda Hanna
Mr. Matthew Helme
Mr. and Mrs. Elbert R. Hines
Mr. and Mrs. Randolph Hollerith
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Hooper
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Hoover
Mr. and Mrs. John S. Horsley, IV
Mr. and Mrs. Henry C. Howells, IV
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Hudgins
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Innes
Mr. and Mrs. Julian B. Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Murray J. Janus
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Jefferson, III
Mr. and Mrs. William Judkins
Ms. Ellen S. Kreuter
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Lecky
Ms. Anne S. Lumpkin
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Mackell
Ms. Jennifer Malcolm
Col. and Mrs. Anthony E. Manning
Mr. and Mrs. Howard F. Marks
Mr. and Mrs. R. Wheatley McDowell
Ms. Betts W. McGurn
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Miller, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Mitchell
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Morrill
Mr. Thomas Mountcastle
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Mullian
Mr. Robert B. Neighbors and
Ms. Joy S. Moretti
Dr. and Mrs. Jay Nogi
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. November
Mr. and Mrs. Neil November
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Oakey, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Obrion
Mr. and Mrs. Julian Ottley
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pace
Mr. and Mrs. David Pahren
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth G. Pankey
Mr. Austin Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan S. Perel
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Perretz
Mr. and Mrs. C. Austin Pritchard, Jr.
Mr. John Ravenal and
Ms. Virginia Pye
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Reed, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Reynolds, III
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Rowland
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Russell
Mrs. Pamela Scallan
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hamilton
Scherer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. S. Buford Scott
Mr. Robert R. Sedivy and
Mrs. Elizabeth S. Curtler
Mr. and Mrs. John Sherman, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Siewers, II
Mr. David J. Simon
Mr. Andre L. Spencer and
Ms. Jeanine A. Leffler
Ms. Jane Sper
Mr. and Mrs. James Starnes
Mr. and Mrs. Allen F. Steeber
Ms. Susan L. Stephenson
Mr. and Mrs. Brude Stoever
Mr. and Mrs. Ryan Strausburg
Ms. Nancy E. Stroman
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Stutts
Ms. Alexis Sutherlin
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Tarry
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Thalhimer
Mr. William Tilson and
Ms. Chinda Ou
Mrs. Paige Tinne-Reed
Mr. and Mrs. Charles W. Tysinger
Mr. and Mrs. E. Massie
Valentine, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Van Roekel
Mr. John Vinson
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Vozenilek
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon W. Wallace
Mr. and Mrs. R.T. Waller, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Hill B. Wellford, Jr.
Mrs. Kathleen Westkaemper
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Wilberger, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Terrell Williams
Mr. and Mrs. William B. Wiltshire, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn F. Wright
Ms. Ann P. Wyckoff
Business, Foundation
and Government Donors
Gifts to the Museum, July 1, 2007
through June 30, 2008
Donors at or above $25,000
Arts and Cultural Consortium:
City of Richmond, Chesterfield
County, Goochland County,
Hanover County, Henrico
The Cabell Foundation
The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia
Dominion Foundation
Donors C o nt inue s
1 2 | C h ildren ’s Mu seu m of Ri chmo nd
Freeman Family Fund of
The Community Foundation
Genworth Foundation
The Harry & Harriet Grandis
Family Foundation
The Mary Morton Parsons
The William H., John G. &
Emma Scott Foundation
Virginia NonProfit Housing Coalition (Anna Lou and Bob Schaberg)
Donors from $10,000 to $24,999
ACW Fund of the Community Foundation
Bon Secours Children’s Services
Commonwealth of Virginia
Harrison Family Foundation
Thomas F. Jeffress Memorial, Inc.
Land Rover Richmond
Philip Morris Companies, USA
Philip Morris Employee
Community Fund
The Rosenthal Foundation
Wachovia Foundation
Wyco Fund
Donors from $5,000 to $9,999
County of Chesterfield
Dairy Queen of Virginia, Inc.
Estes Foundation
J.P. Morgan
Nunnally Foundation
Richmond Cold Storage
Barbara J. Thalhimer and
William B. Thalhimer, Jr.
Family Fund
United Way of Greater Richmond and Petersburg
Donors from $2,500 to $4,999
CarMax Foundation
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Holiday Barn Ltd.
Media General, Inc.
Performance Food Group Co.
R.E.B. Foundation
Roper Brothers Lumber Co., Inc.
Massie Scott Fund of
The Community Foundation
Williams Family Fund of
The Community Foundation
Donors from $1,000 to $2,499
Alfa Laval Inc.
Burleigh’s Body Shop
Ruth Camp Campbell Foundation
Car Pool
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Elisabeth Reed Carter Charitable Fund of The Community Foundation
Chicago Scenic Studios
Classic Kitchens of Virginia, Inc.
Thomas and Mary Coulbourn Family Fund of The Community Foundation
Davenport & Company, LLC
David Word Automotive, Inc.
Dominion Benefits, LLC
Durham Foundation
Elis Olsson Memorial Foundation
Ernst & Young
Franklin Federal Savings
and Loan Association
Frederic Scott Bocock and
Roberta B. Bocock Trust
Fulton Bank
Hunton & Williams
Layfield Family Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia
Lumber Liquidators, Inc.
The Martin Agency
Monument Construction, LLC
Mutual Assurance Society of Virginia Fund of The Community Foundation
Paul H. Pusey Foundation
Rotary Club of West Richmond
The Kathryn and W. Harry Schwarzschild Fund
St. Paul’s Baptist Church
Swedish Match North America, Inc.
Twin Rivers Fund
Barbara B. and James E. Ukrop Fund of The Community Foundation
Ukrop’s Dress Express
Virginia Commercial Finance Inc.
Virginia Sargeant Reynolds Foundation
Wilton Real Estate Corp.
Stephanie & Marshall Wishnack Fund of The Community Foundation Serving Richmond and Central Virginia
Donors from $500 to $999
“K” Line America, Inc.
Capital Interior Contractors, Inc.
Susan and John Davenport Family Fund of The Community Foundation
M.H. West & Company, Inc.
Stanley & Dorothy Pauley Charitable Trust
United Way Services—Local Government & School Campaign
In-Kind Donors
Donors from $250 to $499
Aghdami Family Fund of The Community Foundation
The Bruhn-Morris Family Foundation
Colon Club of Richmond
Philip W. & Nathalie L. Klaus Fund of The Community Foundation
Miller Foundation, Inc.
Caroline and Marshall Morton Family Fund of The Community Foundation
Paramount’s Kings Dominion
The Homer A. & Mildred S.
Scott Foundation
James and Christine Scott Family Foundation
Tri-City Concessions
The Ukrop Foundation
Additional Business,
Foundation and
Government Donors
Barnes & Noble
Duke Energy Foundation
EMR Properties
Merck Pharmaceuticals
Pleasants Hardware
Susan Bailey and Sidney Buford Scott Endowment Trust
SunTrust Banks, Inc.
United Way Services—Combined Federal Campaign
Wondercabinets Interpretive Design, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Baly
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Belleman
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford Bond
Ms. Sally L. Bowring
Mr. Chris Carey
Mr. Nelson Courser
Ms. Anna Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Erda
Mr. and Mrs. Wilson H. Flohr, Jr.
Ms. Mary Anne Graf
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Harrigan
Mr. and Mrs. George Harrison
Mr. and Mrs. J. Sheppard Haw, III
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Horton
Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. Iantosca
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. William Judkins
Mr. and Mrs. Darren Kennon
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kidwell
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Knighton
Mr. T. Gaylon Layfield, III
Mr. Bill Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Sean O’Brien
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick O’Toole
Mr. Daniel Payne
Mr. and Mrs. E. Bryson Powell
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory B. Robertson
Mr. Anthony Rumley
Mr. and Mrs. W. Jerrold Samford
Ms. Carolyn Warthan
Mr. and Mrs. Travis Weisleder
Mr. and Mrs. Josh Wishnack
Mr. Randolph W. Wyckoff
Acorn Sign Graphics
A.R. Dearborn Pet Photography
Ampa Entertainment, Inc.
Animal Crackers
Apple Dog Daycare, Lodging and Grooming
Babystuff and Kids 2
Balloons Over Virginia
Bella Boutique
Bellini Baby & Teen Furniture
Buz and Ned’s
Chasen Galleries
Classes For You
ColorTree of Virginia
Comcast Cable
Communications, Inc.
Cookies by Design
Cornett Hospitality
Custom Stage Curtain Fabricators
Dominion Payroll Services
Dynamic Brands
The Flying Chef Catering
For the Love of Pete
Fresh Market
Friends of National Zoo
George E. Mowbray Jr. Paint & Wallpaper Co.
Getty Group
The Goddard School
Grape -N- Cheese
Groovin’ Gourmet
Half Pints
Hamilton Beach Proctor Silex
Health First Chiropractic
Heidi Story
Herf House Cigars
It’s Hip to be Round
Hotel Monaco Washington, D.C.
James Limousine
The Jefferson Hotel
JetSet Boutique
Kinloch Golf Club
Krispy Kreme
Kroger at Willow Lawn
Land Rover Richmond
Lane Sanson
Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden
The Little Gym of Short Pump
Luna Grove Deli
Main Art Supply and Framing
Microsoft Corporation
Namesake Design
Omni Sports Group
On U Jewelry
Paramount’s Kings Dominion
Parcel Plus at Carytown
Party Perfect Event Rentals
Pepperidge Farm
Peter Blair
Pohlig Bros.
Que Bella
Richmond Ballet
Richmond Camera Shop Inc. at Downtown Richmond
Richmond Symphony
River City Youth Fitness
A Sharper Palate
SMARTBOX of Richmond
St. Christopher’s School
Starbucks Coffee
Strawberry Field Flowers & Gifts
Tabitha Geary Company
Theatre IV
Tipsy Wear
Tobacco Company
Ukrop’s Super Markets, Inc.
University of Richmond
Virginia Association of Museums
Virginia Opera
Williams & Sherill
Wolff Fording & Company
Gifts Were Made
This Year:
In Memory Of
Philip T. Bagley
James Hargroves, Jr.
Betty Joynes
Sara Markham
In Honor Of
Sally Bagley
Nancy Belleman
Susan Channing
Sterling and Thomas Coulbourn and Family
The Children’s Museum of Richmond Education Department
Howard Garner and
Barbara Hulbert
Beth and Steve Gillispie
Missy and Sandy Gullquist
Stewart, Mark Winston and
Mollie Sarah Hargrove
Terrell and Elliott Harrigan
Elizabeth and Hank Howells
and Family
Randee Humphrey
Dee Dee Dockendorf and
Hunter Leemon
Georganne and Steve Long
True and Charlie Luck
Maddie Lucas
Bill Mistr
Betsy and Bill Moore and Family
Joseph and Tray Pankey
Jane, Robert and Carolyn Pratt
Haley Rising
Libby and Greg Robertson
Nathanial Roseberry
Rebecca Tirs
Jennifer, Peyton and Guy Wall
Emily, Chris, Maggie,
Millie Weinhold
Norvell and Charlie Whitaker
Mary White
Randy Wyckoff
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