Special Event Application

Special Event Application
Please fax or email completed application to:
Ashley Hinmon
Events Manager
301.203.4181 Fax: 301.749.7144
Email: [email protected]
Application Date:________/_________/_________
Organization Name:
Contact Person:
Applications should be submitted at least 3 to 6 months in
advance of your proposed event. Greater time could be needed
depending on the event you are seeking to hold.
Revised 4.1.2014
Cell Phone:
Federal Tax ID #
Type of Organization:
For-Profit Business
Non-Profit 501 (c)3
Government Agency
Are you working with a third party to produce this event for you?
Other: ______________
If yes, please provide their contact information: ____________________________________________
Event Information
Event Name:
Type of Event:
Estimated Daily Attendance:
(maximum 5,000)
Has this event been held somewhere before?
If yes, please provide details:
Event Website:
Is the event open to the Public or Private Event for your own Group?
Ticketed Event?
Cost per ticket:
Public Event
Private Event
Event Description
Please give a short description of the proposed event (attached additional information if available):
Date(s) & Time(s)
Option 1:
Option 2:
Event Venue Options
Please see our Event Venue Brochure online at www.NationalHarbor.com and then click on Things to Do
and Event Planning to download this colorful brochure.
 East Pier Platform (250-300 people max.)
Piers  Commercial Pier (Water Taxi Pier)
Parking  Waterfront Parking Lot (Lot G)  Small Surface Parking Lot (Lot F)
Lots  Eagle’s Nest (St. George Blvd)
 Future NCM Gravel Lot
Other Please describe:
Approximate Square Footage required, include dimensions:
Event Logistics Tell us more about the event you are looking to hold.
Do you plan on serving/selling alcoholic beverages at this event?
__ Yes well will be selling __ Yes the alcohol is included in ticket price
__ No alcohol will be on site during the event.
*Wolfgang Puck is our exclusive caterer. Please contact Kathryn Lasek at [email protected] for further information.
Is electricity required:
_____ Yes
If yes, please describe needs:
_____ No
What equipment will you be bringing to the property for your event (include sizes and quantity):
 Tents (sizes and quantity): ___________________________________________________________
 Stages (sizes and quantity): __________________________________________________________
 Generators (sizes and quantity): ______________________________________________________
 Other: (describe): __________________________________________________________________
Will you be requesting for any roads to be closed for this event?
If Yes, please describe:
Do you want to sell anything at the event?
If Yes, please describe:
Media & Public Relations
Describe advertising/media buy (if applicable): _______________________________________________
Describe public relations plan (if applicable): ________________________________________________
Do you anticipate any news crews or media on site covering your event? If so, please describe:
Insurance Requirements and Regulations for
Special Events at National Harbor
User is required to submit a certificate of proof of insurance at least 30 days in advance of
the requested event. The minimum requirement for the certificate is a general liability in the
amount of $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 general aggregate. Owners of
National Harbor must be listed as the certificate holder and additionally insured. No
consideration will be given to parties not able to willing to provide insurance as indicated.
User shall agree to sign the proper license agreement and/or waiver(s) as designated by
National Harbor management. If it is determined that a site usage fee shall be required for
the event space, this information shall be shared with the applicant upon review of this
User shall be required to submit a security deposit, to be held by National Harbor
management against any potential damages to property.
No political speech of any kind or voter registration will be permitted on the property.
If the user’s event includes music, the user must submit for approval by National Harbor in
advance of the event for approval. The music selection must be for general audiences.
Lyrics which include profanity or other language which could reasonably provoke violence or
criminal acts are strictly prohibited.
User shall create no display of any kind outside of the Agreed upon event space and shall
keep agreed upon event space and any displays in a safe, clean and proper manner.
User shall not permit any rubbish or refuse emanating from the agreed upon event space to
accumulate in the common areas of the property.
User shall reimburse National Harbor for the cost of trash removal should it be necessary.
User shall provide all necessary stages, tables, chairs, table skirting, tents, enclosures and
signs, which shall be subject to the prior approval by National Harbor management.
National Harbor management does not provide tables or equipment.
User shall furnish and pay for all labor needed to set up and take down its displays, if any.
National Harbor management does not provide any labor for set up of any event; this is the
responsibility of the User.
All signs used at the event space shall be professionally printed, stating the name of business
or organization, if deemed applicable, and reason for display. All signs are subject to the
prior approval of National Harbor management and will be removed if not suitable.
User shall furnish National Harbor management with emergency telephone numbers and a
forwarding address for future reference.
User shall secure and be responsible for display. National Harbor management assumes no
liability for your merchandise, display or possessions.
User shall deliver and surrender to National Harbor management immediate possession of
the agreed upon event space upon the expiration of this Agreement, or its earlier
termination as provided in the Agreement, in a broom clean condition and as it was
delivered to the event producer by National Harbor. If trash or refuse is left behind, User’s
security deposit will be applied toward the cost of trash removal and not returned to User.
User shall abide by all rules and regulations established by National Harbor management
from time to time with respect to the common areas, facilities, improvements, sidewalks
and tenant relations.
The usage of electrical power must be approved by National Harbor prior to the set up of
any activity. A fee may apply for the use of electrical power, if approved. Only 110 volt
household current is available, if approved. National Harbor management may require the
use of a generator if deemed necessary, to be provided by User at User’s expense.
Absolutely nothing may be attached to any fixture in the property, or to any building itself.
No vehicles, heavy machinery or any other item may be placed on any street, sidewalk or
landscape surface such as to damage any of these surfaces.
The User is responsible to secure from management, and to be aware of, any additional
operating rules that are applicable for this specific promotional event.
User shall provide a minimum clearance of fifteen (15) feet from any building, storefront or
User shall submit in advance all plans related to the location of equipment, set-up and takedown, time and dates of display.
User shall secure necessary governmental licenses and permits, all required certificates of
insurance must be furnished no later than one week prior to commencement date of
Any items to be sold are subject to the prior approval of National Harbor management.
User shall be responsible for hiring and paying for National Harbor Security Officers and/or
Prince George’s County Police Officers if deemed necessary for User's activities by National
Harbor management.
User shall not have any flammable or combustible liquids of any type on the Premises.
No tools or equipment will be provided by National Harbor; these are the responsibility of
User at the approval of National Harbor management.
In the event any one or a number of rules as listed above are not complied with then this
agreement will be rendered null and void, and user will be requested to leave property. I
have read the operating rules and agree that I, as the applicant, will ensure adherence to all
policies established by the National Harbor management for the event applied for in this
document. The submission of the application does not guarantee its approval.