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The Allen Luddens — At Home In Chappaqua
For Him, The Password Is 'Education*
What the general store once
was to the small town, the supermarket is to modern subur^'a — a meeting place for the
community. So look sharply
next time — that handsome
young couple pushing "his and
hers" shopping carts may well
be Allen Ludden, host of TV's
^Password" program and his
^Tide, TV star Betty White.
ftiow residents of Chappaqua,
they share the weekly marketing chore in typical suburban
Ashion. And, like many husbands before him, Mr. Ludden
sometimes expands the shopping list.
For some reason, unexplained, he specializes in buying
pepper, ground pepper. "We
have enough boxes now to last
for years," commented his
amused young wife. Mr. Ludden
just smiled, and patted her
k Married last June, the Ludnffens are confirmed suburbanites. "Neither of us has really
ever lived in a city and it never
occurred to us that we would,"
said Mr. Ludden, a former
Briarcliff resident.
Charmed By The House
Their new home, in the hills
north of the village, was a farmhouse 100 years ago. "Originally
right on the road, some years
ago it was moved back and
joined to the barn. Now the barn
is the living room, the master
bedroom, and a playroom in the
basement," explained Mrs. Ludden, with a bride's pleasure in
showing others her lovely house.
And the home makes an ideal
"backdrop" for the captivating
Mrs. Ludden, a tawny haired
import from California.
"When we first saw this
house, surrounded by lilacs in
bloom and fruit trees in flower,
it was love at first sight for us
all." She then spoke of discovering a waterfall while she and
her husband were walking about
the grounds, a discovery more
exciting than finding oil on the
The collective "we" she used
includes the children of . Mr.
Ludden, who was a widower.
I ; son David is at Andover
Academy; Martha Is a Horace
Greeley High School student,
and Sarah attends the Robert E.
Bell School.
Mrs. Ludden, who likes "anything out of doors," is also an
advocate of shared family fun.
Both are at hand with a swimming pool which doubles as a
skating rink In winter.
Dark • rimmed glasses give
him a scholarly appearance but
Mr. Ludden's conversation is liberally bespattered with drollery. "I tell people, modestly of
course, that we have the most
-eautlful house in the world."
Author, Ex-Teacher
That scholarly look is genuine
however, for Mr. Ludden is a
scholar, author and former
teacher as well as entertainer.
He holds B.A. and Master's degrtes from the University of
Texas, and a Phi Beta Kappa
Key, which he doesn't talk about
either. He taught at the University a*.d a Texas high school before entering the Army In 1942.
At war's end he had the rank
of captain, a Bronze Star, and
valuable experience working
with Maurice Evans, gained
while producing and directing
more than 40 Army shows in the
The entertainment field soon
demanded his full attention, bat
Mr. Ludden never lost his deep
interest in young people. He was
with a Hartford, Conn., radio
station for some time and conducted an award-winning teenage discussion program, "Mind
Your Manners." Later he wrote
several books based on Interviews, and letters he received.
For several years he moderated another award winner, the
TV program "G-E College
And Mr. Ludden has the dis- the telephone in the past 60
tinction of being the only person years we would have one — of
U the performing arts to receive an educational system in this
the Horatio Alger Award, given country."
f^r "outstanding achievement in "Children will have opportunifree enterprise and the Ameri- ties galore if equipped to meet
can tradition of e* al opportuni- them. It boils down to the citty.". But he-brushes off such izen and the school tax. Just behonors in favor of talking about cause one's own children are
education and what free enter- through school, or one has no
prise holds for youth,
children, does not absolve the
"If people don't think oppor- citizen of responsibility to his
tunities exist, they should wake ; country."
up and look around. The future ; Served In Dobbs Ferry
'or youth is greater now than at Mr. Ludden no longer sat reany time in the past 100 years." laxed on the gold covered sofa.
Mr. Ludden feels the Peace He leaned forward, serious, inCorps is also awakening youth tent. "Money spent for educato the fact that young people are tion is the only investment in
now part of the whole world.
the future we can make. Youth
However, It Is his opinion that is our natural resource."
the educational system In this His is not lip service to a theocountry has shown little profes- ry but conviction born of expersional progress since the 1900's. ience. Some years ago he served
"If It had improved as much as on the Citizens' Committee for
Schools in Dobbs Ferry.
;f' ^^-^;:.^:>:V:;t.;i>-::-u;'x.x:
"I saw children In elementary
schools attending- double sessions for four years. I went into
homes where people said, 'this
Ann Landers9 Advice
shouldn't see the world and enjoy ourselves. We get as far as
the brochures. He nods and lets
me think he is serious. When it
comes to buying the tickets he
gives me ten reasons why he
can't leave town.
Is it fair that I should be getting so little out of life just because my husband is a driven,
money-mad, stick-in-the-mud?
—Mrs. Blah
A. Dear Mrs. Blah: No, it
isn't, and you are a fool if you
let him get away with it.
Plan a trip and buy the tickets
yourself. Tell him if he will not
go you will invite (as your
guest) a woman friend or a relative in his .place. (It would be
lovely if you chose someone who
could hot afford a trip.) Then do
it arid send me a post card.
• irQ. My husband pays income
itaxes hand over fist. He has no
4ftterest in anyone except him.self, and no interest in anything
but making money. I used to
have guests over but he humiliated me by yawning in their faces and dozing.when they spoke.
-\~Dne night I invited three couples for dinner. At 10:30 p.m. he
announced, "I'm tired. Good
night." He turned out the lights
and left us sitting in the dark.
'That was in 1957 and I have not
isked anyone over since.
,ftDj've always wanted to travel
'and there is no reason why we
Tips For Teens
I always get the uncomfortable feeling that I must tell the
caller to whom I have been
speaking. When I give out the
Information I become annoyed
with myself. After all, it's really
n o b o d y ' s business and I
shouldn't have to make any apologies. My irritation is reflected
in the tone of voice I use
throughout the conversation and
this makes me mad, too.
Please deal with this problem
In the column. I am sure others
are plagued, too.
A. Dear A.K.W.: A busy signal can be frustrating and even
maddening after a while. But
the mature person copes with
the frustration and doesn't get
ugly with his friends.
Keep this simple answer by
the phone and use when needed:
Q. What do you think of people ed. I guess I have no terminal
who call on the telephone and facility . . .Beyond hope, you
start the conversation like this: might say."
"Well, it's about time. I've been
trying to get your.line for over
Ann Landers will be glad to
an hour." Or — "My but you help you with your problem.
have a busy telephone. This is Send a stamped, self-adthe fifth time I've tried to reach dressed envelope^to her, Box
you and your line has been tied 3346, Dept. WCP, Chicago 54,
Color Will Unify Broken Area
If you are confronted with decorating a big, old-fashioned
apartment or an old house with
a lot of rooms and don't have
much money to spend, your best
ally will be paint and a good color scheme. You can unify cutup rooms and pull a whole floor
together by letting one color
theme dominate. If the space Is
all on one floor, of course, you
don't want so much of one color
that It will be monotonous, but
in the main living areas a really
attractive wall color in the entrance hall, living room and dining room do wonders.
I had this problem in a large,
old-fashioned apartment with a
lot of rooms.. I painted the
about it yourself, because even
if you get "hand-downs" from
your brother. You also need
clothec that are new and "yours
alone." Try to do various "odd
jobs" at home to earn money
for clothes. If your parents
can't or won't pay you to wash
the car, clean the garage, wash
windows and similar jobs, perhaps you can earn money by
doing them for neighbors or
with a paper route or possibly
a parttime job in a supermarket
(with your parents' permission,
of course). Good luck!
NEWCOMERS to Chappaqua are also newly married.
Allen Ludden, host of the TV
program "Password" and his
bride, TV star Betty White,
were married last June. Dedicated to informal living in the
suburbs, they chose a home in
the hilly seclusion north of
Chappaqua, a 100-year old
house which Mr. Ludden says
is "the most beautiful one in
the world."
Nice first course for this time
of year.
Fruit Cup Frances
Stuffed Veal Breast
Bread Tray
Ice Cream with Chocolate Sauce
Fruit Cup Frances
2 grapefruit
1 large orange
1 large ripe pear
1. can (8 ^ ounces) sliced
Pare grapefruit and orange so
no w h i t e membrane remains;
cut away sections and leave
them whole. Pare pear, core
and slice lengthwise. Halve
pineapple slices. Mix grapefruit
and orange sections (without
juice) with pear and pineapple
and pineapple syrup. Makes six
Prominent Designer Pattern
To contact Elinor Williams,
send a stamped, self-addressed envelope with your letter
to Tips for Teens, Box 1993,
Dept. WCP, Boston 5, Mass.
Your Baby And Mine
Anemic Child Presents
Serious Food Problem
A dross with open-air charms
*- scooped neckline above a
keyhole cutout. It's a clever way
to display a glowing tan. Choose
flower colors — hyacinth, jonquil.
Printed Pattern 4763: Misses'
Sizes 10. 12. 14, 16, 18. Size 16
$«kes 2% yards, 45-inch.
;. Send 35 cents in coins for this
pattern — add 15 cents for each
)»Attcrn for first-class mailing
•tnd Rpecial handling. Send to
Anne Adams, Pattern Dept. Box
121, Old Chelsea Station, New
.York 11, N.Y. Print plainly
name, address, si7e and style
Do you know how to get a pat-
Q. I have a serious problem
with my 19-month-old daughter.
She still gets two bottles of milk
a day, one at naptlmc and one
at night and eats little else.
"She would eat her baby cereal in the morning, a pudding at
lunch and some junior food at
night. If the latter had noodles
in It she would not swallow It.
She won't eat table food at all.
We've tried mashed potatoes,
vegetables and meat. She will
eat cookies, pretzels and crackers.
"My doctor said to leave her
alone, that when she was hungry
she would eat. Then 1 moved
and the new doctor said she was
so anemic It was critical. He put
her on fruit juice, vitamins and
iron for four days and gave me
a sedative for her so that I
would not have to give her a
"For two days I carried her
around most of the day and
night. When she awakened after
sedation she was as limp as a
rag. After carrying her from 3
a.m. one morning until 4 a.m.
the next I gave in and gave her
a bottle of milk with an egg in
"If this is the only way I can
get her to eat solids, I'll have to
put her in the hospital as I can't
take it. — Mrs. D.H.
A. I hesitate to make any suggestions for you to follow at
home because if *he Is critically
anemic she may need hospital
care until her strength is built
up and her blood is normal.
The e a t W of solids at this
emic child may not care whether or not she eats.
She needs to eat, whatever she
wants and as much as you can
get Into her. Vitamins, iron and
fruit Juice are essential and an
egg in her milk Is excellent.
Procedure Seems Drastic
Then when she is healthy
again you can try to wean her of
the bottle by diluting Its
strength gradually. Right now
she does not drink enough milk.
Won't she drink from a cup?
Encourage this along with every
possible finger food.
I do not like to disagree with a
doctor and I cannot know all the
facts but it seems drastic to
starve an undernourished, anemic child Into eating solid food
while lulling her with sedatives.
If you have confidence in your
new doctor and do not wish to
change, It is your privilege to
ask for a consultation. In her
condition she should be examined by a blood specialist. Even
In the hospital It Is Important
that she be under the care of an
excellent medical doctor who
will explore every possible reason for her specific ailment.
It Is not advisable for a person
to run from one doctor to another but from what you tell me In
your letter (I could not print it
all) yours Is not an ordinary
case of a child refusing to eat
My leaflet "All Abe t Feeding""Tnay help the distressed
mother who is having problems feeding her child. To obtain your copy send 25 cents
entrance hall and foyer, the liv
ing room, and a dining room
that opened off the living room
in the same bronze-green. The
dining room opened off the living room with double doors and,
when these were opened, the
dining room became a part of
the living room. The bronze
green was a restful background
color and reacted well to brilliant accent colors In all the
In a small library, which
opened off the living room, I
used a wall color of sunny salmon, not too pink.
As is often the case in those
old houses, the dining room windows were badly placed and
something of an eyesore. At an
To Your Good Health
Thought For Food
Earn Money Yourself
To Buy More Clothes
Q. I am 13 and my. problem
is clothes. My mother will not
buy clothes for me, b u t my
brother who is 15 gets new
clothes almost every week. It
is not fair. What shall I do?
A. It's impossible to make
very helpful suggestions without knowing more about the situation in your home whether
your parents can afford to buy
more clothes for you, whether
your brother earns the money
for some of his clothes, whether
money spent should be divided
more e q u a l l y between you,
whether your mother thinks he
needs and has more activities,
Whatever the cause, it w i l l
help if you try to do something
he does not pretend to be an authority — merely express** his
own opinions. Many such problems," he remarked, "are, I
believe, due to failure in communication and lack of respect
for others. "
These are not problems in the
Ludden home. Within the walls
of the tasteful, cheerful house
live people whom "behavior experts" would describe as a
"strong family," meaning happy, salubrious, contented, and to
use a popular phrase, adjusted.
Mrs. Ludden will retain her
identity as Betty White, free
lancing as guest celebrity on TV
game shows and doing commercials. Recently she has appeared
on "The Price Is Right" and
"Match Game."
But it is also quite evident
that this radiant young woman
has no intention of permitting
her career to Interfere with her
newest, but favorite role —
b -emaker for the Ludden
A Matter Of Taste
Good Book Deserves Better Cover
r, Q. I am a 15-year-old girl who
-needs your help. A family
*moved to this neighborhood
about three weeks ago. They
; bave a daughter my age. I will
call her Brenda.
, - My mother says Brenda looks
like a tramp. I agree that my
IriOther is part-way right. Bren*dA wears a monster hair-do and
•piles on the make up. But this is
/just poor taste and has nothing
to do with her morals. Brenda is
actually one of the nicest girls I
have ever known.
If mother got to know Brenda
better she her. Don't
you think it is unfair of my
mother to judge my friend from
her outward appearance?
A. Dear Defender: They say
^*)fou can't judge a book by its
'leaver" and it's true, because
Some covers are misleading.
'.But a cheap or shoddy cover on
a, good book is indefensible and
hnlf you want to do Brenda a
real favor, wise her up.
system was good enough for
me'." Mr. Ludden termed this a
"hard corps system of an old
"For years," he continued,
"inadequately educated generations have voted down school
bond issues. People sit around
c o m p l a i n i n g about school
boards, yet many times these
very people do not even know
who serves on the boards."
While he praised the education
in some Westchester areas his
sense of duty to others is strong.
"I feel a responsibility, and
keep trying to prevent 'Dobbs
Ferry' from happening again."
So he plugs improved education and better schools at every
opportunity, even on his TV programs.
A New Book
He keeps in touch with young
people through his books. The
latest, "Plain Talk for Young
Marrieds" came out early this
month. It deals with problems
encountered early in marriage
but Mr. Ludden emphasizes that
Heart Attack Different
From Heart Failure
Q. What is the difference between a heart attack and heart
failure? A doctor told a 75-yearold woman who was worried
about a heart attack, "You have
a bad heart. You don't have to
worry about a heart attack, but
if your heart continues to overwork, It will go Into heart failure."
This woman's husband -refused to take her condition seriously although she has been doctoring for five years and spends
most of the day In bed.—Mrs.
A. Let's compare the heart to
a water pump which Is operated
by an electric motor.
The heart muscle is the "motor." If you cut off the current
to the motor—blow a fuse, or
burn out the brushes, or whatever—the pump stops. So does
the flow of water.
That's a "heart attack." Clogging of an artery has shut off
the blood supply (or part of it)
to the heart muscle.
A very severe heart attack
can, of course, be fatal. Lesser
ones are not. Presidents Eisenhower and Johnson are two of
many examples" of people who
have had heart attacks and
recovered to live vigorous, useful lives.
A heart attack is sudden—just
as shutting off the electricity
that runs the water pump, is
Heart failure is quite a different matter. Let's compare it to
the washers or valves in a pump
becoming worn and leaky. (Actually, other conditions can be
at fault, either in the heart or In
the pump.)
Anyway, the "pump" rather
than the "motor" is affected. A
Why Grow Old?
leaky, valve means that less
fluid (water, or blood, depending on which simile you have in
mind) is pumped with each
stroke, or each heartbeat. So the
pump has to work harder- to
maintain the same flow. . ;.
That is "heart failure.''. . ',...
Heart failure, unlike a heart
attack, Is not sudden. It develops gradually, becoming worse
and worse. Nobody lives forever, Of course, but the person
with "heart failure," or a defective heart, can live for many
years if he takes the trouble to
keep his heart from having to
work needlessly hard.
Again, it's like a water pump.
If the pump Is defective, take
care to use as little water as
possible. Or-use water gradually. Don't subject the pump to
the strain of trying to run full
speed all the time. Spread the
It is the same with "heart failure." Heart failure doesn't
mean a sudden stop. It means
that the heart has to be babied
along and not overworked. Proper treatment strengthens the
heart muscle and increases its
efficiency. Thus heart failure
may be temporary and eventually corrected.
With a water pump, we overhaul the pump or get a new
With a heart, we can go only
so far in "overhauling" it, and
can't trade it in for a new one.
But by understanding the situation, and behaving sensibly,
and getting proper treatment,
we can keep a "falling" heart
going for many years.
To contact Dr. Molner.send
a long self addressed envelope with your letter to Box
158, Dept. WCP, Dundee, 111.
auction, I picked up a pair of
tall, brilliant cut-velvet screens,
which I used in the dining room
instead of curtains. Wherever it
is possible to save hand labor in
a decoration scheme, you can
extend the budget.
I continued my color-splashing
in curtains In the living room
and attracted attention to the
curtains by choosing a horizontal rather than a vertical stripe
in the curtain fabric which was
Indigo blue and off-white. As a
contrast to these, I used cerulean blue on two seats of chairs
finished in silver lead, and
picked up some gold and orange-red tones in the pale-colored Indian rug on the floor as
other color accents.
I used a red lacquer desk at
one end of the room. This -undoubtedly sounds like a melange
of color, but It made bright and
vital-looking rooms out of a dreary apartment. I found that
people looked unusually well
against the bronze-green of the
walls and many women commented on this.
You have to enjoy living with
high color yourself to Indulge In
this sort of thing, and many people prefer more subdued color
expressions. Don't try It if you
don't like dashing colors. You
adapt the basic background color plan to any sort of scheme
you like. It is helpful in Integrat<
Ing rooms.- ' ii ••••••••,-v":
While I-developed this scheme
a number of years ago,- I observe in reports from the recent
furniture market that green in
many off-beat shades is the
leading color choice at present
is also stressed In furniture, and
and that the bronze-green shaJe
is one of the most popular. Color
is also stressed in furniture, and
chair frames, lacquered in brilliant colors to complement the
upholstery of the chairs, are
now being offered.
Massage Will Benefit
Circulation In Scalp
Many women fall to realize
that their hair is actually a living part of them. It Is not something which glows on the outside
of us but Is an extension of us,
the same as our fingers or toes
are. Therefore anything which
affects our body and health generally has a direct effect on our
SIZES 8-18
The condition of the skin and
the hair reflects the state of
health. Therefore, fine nutrition
is essential. Unless the hair Is
properly fed it cannot prosper.
It is a well-known fact that
tension and emotional disturbaneither version to spring or sum- ces have an unhappy impact on
mer parties. Choose silk linen, hair. Certain types of baldness
shantung, crepe, faille, fine cot: follow times of prolonged strain.
When the pressure is taken off
Printed Pattern M398 is avail- the hair usually grows back
able in Misses' Sizes 8, 10, 12, again.
14, 16 and 18.
• 16 requires
The hair, like the rest cf our
2% yards 39-inch- fabric.
tissues and organs, Is fed by our
Sent $1 for Printed Pattern bloodstream. Therefore the betM398 to Prominent Designer, ter the circulation, the better
Pattern Department, P.O. Box the condition of our tresses.
121 Old Chelsea Station, New-* Many of the lotions and olnt-
The new deep decolletage and
a more classic version—both reveal the Oleg Casslnl genius for
design! Printed Pattern M398 is
very simple — all the magic is
in the beautiful bosom and body
shaping. Note for instance, the
wAy the waist curves from
slightly higher in front te natural t the sides to lower in back.
Creates a narrow, willowy look
Untitled Document
Thomas M. Tryniski
309 South 4th Street
Fulton New York
hair. As a result of Increased
circulation the scalp becomes
very pink temporarily.
You can stir up circulation In
your scalp by giving yourself a
massage every night of once
some time during the day. If
you do this correctly it is most
beneficial. Just rubbing your
fingers over your scalp may be
more harmful than helpful.
Do it this way; spread your
fingers and place them on your
head. Keep your fingers in the
same position, pressed against
your scalp, as you rotate your
hands. Change the position of
your hands until you have covered your entire head. In this
type, massAge you move your
scalp,-not your fingers.
There Is some scientific hacking for the old idea that tight
hat bands may be a factor
which encourAgcs baldness.
However people do not weAr
hats as much of the time AS they
once did.
To contact Miss Lowman.
iff £AWU,\NU&H,
Spring garden quilt! Cover
your bed with flowers — pretty
in print or brillian color.
Easy applique — two patches
to pansy quilt! Do in same fabric or varicolored as in garden. Pattern 966: patch pAtterns; chAris; directions.
Send 35 cents In coins for this
PAttern — Add 15 cents for eACh
pattern for first-class mailing
and special handling. Send to
Dept., P.O. Box 136, Old Chelsea
StAtion, New York 11, N.Y.
Print plAinly pattern number,
name And Address.
BargAin! Big, new 1964 NeedlecrAft Catalog — over 200 designs, only 25 cents! A must if
you knit,, crochet, quilt, sew;
embroider. Send 25 cents.