Jesuit Father Martin Adolf Bormann (Society Of Jesus) was the son of high-ranking NAZI official Martin Bormann
and was the godson of NAZI Fuhrer Adolf Hitler, that is why his name was Martin-Adolf-Bormann.
Martin Adolf Bormann (born Adolf Martin Bormann on April 14, 1930) is the eldest of ten children of Martin
Bormann and the godson of Adolf Hitler. He was born Adolf Martin Bormann, the first child of Martin Bormann
(1900 - 1945) and his wife Gerda Buch (1909 - 1946).
Nicknamed Krönzi which is short for "Kronprinz" (Crown Prince), he was an ardent young Nazi, attending the Party
Academy in Bavaria from 1940 to 1945.
In 1947 he became a Roman Catholic and in 1953 was ordained a priest, serving in the Ordensgemeinschaft der HerzJesu-Missionare (Sacred Heart Fathers), in the Belgian Congo for many years. Asking for reassignment to South
America, Bormann's request was denied by Vatican officials, wary of his father's prominence in history, as well as his
purported exile to Argentina. Disaffected and under influence of the radical changes of the 1960s, not in the least by
the Second Vatican Council and its spirit sweeping through the Church, Martin Adolf resigned the priesthood.
Following a near-fatal injury in 1969 he was nursed back to health by a nun, (Sister) Cordula, who then also
renounced her vows. They were married in 1971. He became a teacher of theology and retired in 1992. As recently as
2001, he toured schools in Germany and Austria, speaking about the horrors of the Third Reich, and has even visited
Israel, meeting with holocaust survivors.
Fr. Bormann’s request to be assigned in South America was denied by the Vatican Roma. Because, his father
Martin Bormann really found safe-haven in South America and that the world community might smell something
fishy or exposing the Jesuits / Vatican Roma further into deep controversy in their involvement and orchestrating
WWII and the Jewish Holocaust. Martin Bormann (senior) was welcomed in Argentina, travel from one location
to the other (Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile). It is very noticeable that Juan Peron of Argentina and Augusto
Pinochet of Chile are die-hard NAZI fanatics. The mere fact that the military uniforms of the Chilean military are
the same replica of the German Nazi military uniform.
It is undeniable fact that the Jesuits / Vatican Roma were involved in the orchestration of WWII in Europe if a
person who has a competent knowledge in world history will analyze the entirety of the war. It is also an
undeniable fact that it was the Jesuits / Vatican Roma led by Jesuit-trained Bishop Alois Hudal known as the
Vatican Ratlines. The American, British & Russian government and military officials knew the Vatican Ratlines
as an underground operation for NAZI Escapees where many found safe-haven in South America.
Why . . ? It is an undeniable fact that Central America and South America are solid Roman Catholic regions.
Being Roman Catholic regions, many South American countries adopted NAZISM.
The Nazi Party in Barranquilla, Colombia
Gen. Reinhard Gehlen (Knight Of Malta controlled by the Jesuits) in his memoirs that Martin Bormann was a spy
working for the communists Russia. Martin Bormann knew that Joseph Stalin was “Jesuit Father Joseph Stalin”
who was trained by the Jesuits inside the orthodox seminary in Tiflis, Georgia in Russia and together with Stalin
who was also trained by the Jesuits was Cardinal Agagianian.
Martin Bormann, Joseph Mengele and Adolf Eichmann knew themselves and in secret contacts with each other in
South America. Martin Bormann died in Paraguay (Jesuits stronghold, see history Jesuits Reduction Of Paraguay)
Furthermore, Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun also found safe-haven in South America and well accommodated by
Juan Peron and Evita Peron. Adolf Hitler was still alive in year May 03, 1998 at the age of 109 in a retirement
home in Santiago, Chile by Chilean journalist Ernesto Pinero Suarez. Adolf Hitler was very ill during year 1998
having Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s disease. Eva Braun died in year 1972.
It is a very astounding fact that these regions of South America are solid Roman Catholic and safe-haven for NAZI
War criminals.
"Adolf Hitler lived in Patagonia, in southern Argentina, after fleeing Germany in 1945," claims Argentinean
journalist Abel Basti in a tour-guide-style book which discusses the locations in the Andean foothills which served as a
refuge for several former Nazi leaders."
"Hitler and his lover, Eva Braun, did not commit suicide - rather, they fled to Argentina's shores aboard a submarine
and lived for years in the vicinity of San Carlos de Bariloche, a tourist site and ski haven about 1,350 kilometers (810
miles) southwest of Buenos Aires, according to the journalist."
Documents, affidavits, photographs and blueprints aimed at steering the reader (or visitor) to the sites that sheltered
Hitler, Martin Bormann, Josef Mengele and Adolf Eichmann.
"'The only 'official' story is the report made by General Zhukov (commander of the Soviet armies that occupied
Berlin) to the Kremlin, stating that Hitler and several Nazi leaders had escaped, presumably to Spain or the Americas,
and this is what Stalin advised the U.S. government,' he retorted."
Incalco Ranch (In the language of the indigenous Nahuel people of Argentina, Incalco means near the water), located
in Villa la Angostura on the shores of Lago Nahuel Huapi (lake), 80 kilometers (50 miles) north of Bariloche. This
was the refuge chosen by Argentinian Nazis to hide Hitler and Eva Braun.
"This residence, set amidst a pine forest and which can only be reached by boat or hydroplane, belonged to
Argentinean businessman Jorge Antonio, one of the most trusted aides of two-time president Juan Domingo Peron."
(Juan Domingo Peron was president of Argentina twice, first from 1946 to 1955 and the second time in 1973 and
Rudolph Fraude, son of Ludwig Fraude, the German millionaire, as a key player, in his capacity as Peron's secretary,
in placing former Nazis in Argentina, among them Adolf Eichmann, who was captured in 1960 outside Buenos Aires
by Israeli commandos. He was executed two years later in Israel."
That is why Adolf Eichmann was captured by Israeli commandos in year 1960 outside Buenos Aires and was
executed in Israel. Indeed, the Israeli commandos did find Adolf Eichmann in Argentina. Because, several highranking NAZI Escapees were there in the regions of South America.
Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun landed in the shore of Patagonia, Argentina in year 1945 aboard German U-Boat and
Hitler ended up in a retirement home in Santiago, Chile.
SANTIAGO, CHILE - The former NAZI dictator Adolf Hitler is still very alive at the age of 109. This is a very shocking discovery made by Chilean
journalist Ernesto Pinero Suarez who made an announcement that he discovered the former NAZI leader is living inside the retirement home and he
is very ill due to various diseases like Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s disease and depression.
Hitler’s present personality was too far from his former image during his regime. If the year 1930 he is so dangerous, you will no longer see it in his
face, according from Mr. Suarez who compiled the stunning interview to the former dictator which circulated in a newspaper in Santiago.
“He is a very old man and very ill. Although his memories are still sharp, his mind is still able to recollect the past events in his life. He realized that
what he had done during his time in power was wrong and a sin and he knows that he hurt many people’s feelings”.
Many historical books said that when Hitler saw that his NAZI Germany is losing in the war he had started, he decided to commit suicide together
with his wife Eva Braun in a Berlin Bunker and allegedly consumed by fire the bodies of the couple by their loyal supporters in year 1945.
However, it was said by researchers that it was possible for the Fuhrer to fake his death and those remains found was declared to Hitler and Eva.
Hitler and some of his NAZI SS cronies were brought to South America aboard German U-Boat and gold was their payment. They were allowed by
some corrupt government officials to hide, according to Mr. Suarez. The former Chilean leader General Augusto Pinochet was also a dictator and
fanatic supporter of Hitler for being a mad man. Pinochet knows many secret of Adolf Hitler until Pinochet was depose from power this year. Since
Pinochet was deposed in power, the newly establish government discovered many secrets including the fate of many German NAZI war criminals.
The biggest issue was Adolf Hitler, of course this March 18 of this year. We found him (Hitler) in one nursing home and registered under the name
Schicklgruber - the paternal name of his grandmother.
Due to his very old age at present he no longer able to recall all events of his life living in South America. But he can still remember when he raised
some sheep in one ranch. Only few activities he can do presently, like painting using water colors and frequently whispering to himself.
“He is always crying everytime he remembers his wife who passed away in year 1972. He blamed himself why they (Hitler & Eva) did not have
children even one”, according from Mr. Suarez. Hitler told to Mr. Suarez, that he wish to ask for forgiveness to the 6-millions Jews who died during
Holocaust, also to approximately 50-millon people who died during World War II.
“I’ve done a terrible mistake” (Hitler said), while his hands are shaking. I’m a frustrated artist who is full of hatred and insanity. Hoping that no person
will do what I’ve done”.
So there it is, a very painful reality and tragedies that supposedly it did not happened. As per world history, we will
show who really orchestrated WWI and WII as part of their SECOND 30-YEARS WAR. Below is the picture of
the culprits who made the lives of millions of people in tragedy and misery.
Read world history and make thorough
research and you’ll find the architect of
many revolutions, civil wars and largescale wars is no other than the :
The Jesuits / Vatican Roma are the ones
who created Communism, Fascism and
brought Adolf Hitler into Power under the
Jesuits NAZI Germany.
BY :
World Historians