Park Ridge Announcements

Redeemer Park Ridge
December 21 – December 28, 2014
UPCOMING MESSAGES: This morning we celebrate together as we hear the story of the
birth of our Savior from the children of Redeemer, told from the perspective of the stable
Dec. 24
Dec. 28
Jan. 4
Children’s Christmas Program – one service, 10:30am
Christmas Eve worship – 4:00pm and 10:00pm
FaithBook/Luke: The Birth of Jesus
Faithbook/Luke: Presentation and Prophecies
Keynote for the New Year
We’re excited to announce that we’ve just received confirmation from United Mission of Christ
Lutheran Church (in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago) that they will be making a major
donation to Redeemer in the next few weeks. After many years of faithful ministry, UMC
decided earlier this year to dissolve as a congregation, disperse to other congregations, sell their
property, and give their remaining assets to other congregations. Since a number of former UMC
members have been attending Redeemer Chicago and are enthusiastic about our mission, they
voted to give half of their remaining assets to Redeemer. The amount of the gift is approximately
Clearly, we’re humbled and grateful to be receiving this very significant gift, and we want to
make sure that we take the time to carefully, thoughtfully, prayerfully, and wisely discern how
best to use it in a way that helps us expand and deepen our ongoing shared mission of changing
lives, especially as we look ahead to where God is calling us in the next few years as a growing
multisite congregation. Many thanks to the generous people of United Mission of Christ, and all
praise to our great God for making this possible!
~Vision & Strategy Team
Redeemer has raised $3000 toward our ELCA Good Gifts goal of $6500. ELCA Good Gifts
helps meet the needs of people in more than 60 countries. Gifts included farm animals, water
jugs, vaccinations and malaria nets. Let’s share God’s love through gifts that will have a lasting
impact! You may contribute using your offering envelope. Please indicate on the envelope the
amount you would like to donate and mark it as “ELCA Good Gifts.”
CHRISTMAS EVE SERVICES…Christmas Eve offers opportunities at both Redeemer Park
Ridge and Redeemer Chicago to worship together. There will be an early service at 4:00pm at
both locations. This is ideal for families with younger children as well as for adults who head off
afterward to spend time with family elsewhere. This service is led by the band at each site. There
will also be a 10:00pm service at both locations. At Park Ridge, this service will be more
traditional in style, with organ and bell and vocal choirs. All services include Holy Communion.
We will not have a Christmas Day worship service at either site. You’re encouraged to visit
another congregation on Christmas Day.
Christmas Eve Family Worship, Wednesday, December 24, at 4:00pm
Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship, Wednesday, December 24, at 10:00pm
Christmas Day: no worship service at Redeemer
WILDLY IMPORTANT OPPORTUNITIES…Because God wants his house full and because
everyone counts, this year we’ve been faithfully pursuing our “wildly important goal” of
growing from 208 to 260 people in weekly worship. God has blessed our efforts and we’re close
to our goal, though still just a bit short. Since the Christmas season is a perfect time to extend an
invitation, we want to encourage each other in this next week to warmly invite family, friends,
and neighbors to join us for worship on Christmas Eve and to finish out the year next Sunday on
a strong note.
CHRISTMAS OPEN HOUSE: Pastor Matt and Steph cordially invite you to their home today
to celebrate the season together. Stop in anytime between 3:00pm and 7:00pm for appetizers and
drinks. Simply be our guest and don’t worry about bringing anything. Kids are welcome. We are
located in downtown Oak Park: 100 Forest Place, P40 (we live in a townhome, which is not in
the main high-rise building). There is free street parking.
FAITH IN ACTION OPPORTUNITY: Calling all knitters! It looks like it’s going to be
another cold winter. Wouldn’t it be nice to knit some warm hats, mittens, and scarves to donate
to those who have nowhere warm to go or for families in need? Knit a little or knit a it at
your own pace! Conni Brown will coordinate finding places to donate them. Use your favorite
tried-and-true patterns or we can get you some easy patterns to work with. Interested? Please
contact Conni: 847-207-7117 or [email protected]
ATTENTION 20/30s! SAVE THE DATE! Mark your calendars for our next 20/30s fellowship
event – a Murder Mystery on Saturday night, January 17, at Redeemer Park Ridge. Childcare
will be provided in the gym. RSVPs for the Murder Mystery are a must, as parts will be assigned
ahead of time (you may even be the murderer!). Questions? Contact Tracy Sommerfeldt
([email protected]).
CREATIVITY AS A SPIRITUAL DISCIPLINE: Do you like to draw, take photos, knit,
crochet, or write? Do you want to make something with your hands or do creative work with
your mind? We tend to think of creativity as an inward or self-indulgent activity. But the Creator
encourages creativity. Consider joining a 12-week-long small group where we can practice
creativity as a spiritual discipline together. This small group will start in January. Interested?
Talk with Patty Keyuranggul ([email protected]).
EVERY DAY IN 2015! Be sure to grab a copy of the Daily Texts for 2015. The Daily Texts
combines an Old Testament reading, a New Testament reading, and a prayer for each day in the
new year as well as prayer calendars, etc. It’s a rich resource for our prayer lives and a great way
to be on the same spiritual page with other folks at Redeemer 365 days a year. Get one for
yourself and one for a friend. This year we’re asking everyone who wants a copy to put $5 in the
offering for each book you grab. Just mark your check or envelope “Daily Texts.”
Please note: Locations are given for your planning purposes.
Everyone is welcome at everything anywhere!
Contemporary Worship (CH)
Children’s Christmas Program (combined service at PR)
Sunday School & Youth Group (CH)
Contemporary Worship (CH)
Stuhlmuller Open House
Christmas Eve Worship (PR and CH)
Christmas Eve Worship (PR and CH)
Next Sunday
Merry Christmas! (no services)
Traditional Worship (PR)
Contemporary Worship (CH)
Contemporary Worship (PR)
Contemporary Worship (CH)