EPA Worksheet* 1. EPA Title Lead an interprofessional health care

EPA Worksheet*
1. EPA Title
2. Description of
the activity
3. Link with
Domains of
4. Critical
Lead an interprofessional health care team
A pre-requisite for entrustment on this EPA is entrustment on the
Core EPA for Entering Residency “Collaborate as a member of an
interprofessional team”.
Practicing pediatricians must often serve in the role of leader of
an interprofessional health care team caring for individual or
populations of patients. The essential functions of this activity
 Establishing a shared vision, goals, expectations and
outcome measures
 Engaging other team members in a way that utilizes their
specific roles and capabilities
 Eliciting and valuing the perspective and contributions of
 Demonstrating situation awareness by:
o Monitoring individual team member’s performance
to enable oversight and management of current and
evolving situations
o Balancing autonomy and supervision of team
members by assigning/delegating unsupervised
work to team members that aligns with their KSA
and supervising work of team members that is
designed to expand their KSA
 Monitoring team performance and providing feedback
 Recognizing and managing the social cues, emotional
responses as well as the personal and professional needs
of team members
 Role modeling
 Teaching to the needs of the team members, including
patients and families
_X_ Patient Care
___ Medical Knowledge
_X_ Practice-based Learning and Improvement
_X_ Interpersonal & Communication Skills
___ Professionalism
_X_ Systems-based Practice
_X_ Personal & Professional Development
PC 12: Role modeling
PBLI 8: Teaching skills
PBLI 9: Educating others
ICS 2: Insight into emotion
ICS 4: Team member or leader
SBP 5: Interprofessional teams
PPD 4: Flexibility and maturity
PPD 6: Provide leadership
*Modified from the work of Olle ten Cate