Semester Thesis - FS 2015 - LEC

Semester Thesis - FS 2015
Focus on Energy, Flow
and Processes
Transient CFD Simulation of a Radial Compressor Stage; Analysis of
the Diffuser Flow Field and Comparison with Measurement Data
Centrifugal compressors are widely used in power generation,
turbocharging applications and process industry. The trend in design of
centrifugal compressors moves towards higher efficiencies as well as
higher mass flow rates and pressure ratios.
The geometrical shape of the impeller is a trade-off between
aerodynamic efficiency and mechanical integrity. Therefore it is very
important to avoid high cycle fatigue at the impeller blades caused by
vibrations. One source for vibrations is the flow field itself, influenced by
the vaned diffuser.
The purpose of the project is to numerically simulate the flow field of the
impeller and the vaned diffuser of LEC’s high-speed centrifugal
compressor facility RIGI at specified operating points. The aim of the
work will be to analyze the flow field of the diffuser and to compare the
results with existing measurements.
This project comprises
Contact: Carsten Degendorfer, Institut für Energietechnik, LEC, ETH Zürich, ML J 32,
Sonneggstrasse 3, CH-8092 Zürich, T: +41 44 632 68 33, [email protected]