This coming February 17th Metis Citizens along

President’s Message
This coming February 17th Metis Citizens along
with other Manitobans will be celebrating Louis
Riel Day in honour of our great Metis Leader
and Founder of Manitoba. It is appropriate
that this February holiday was named by
Manitoba schoolchildren who understood and
acknowledged Louis Riel’s critical role in 1870.
He still plays an important part in their education
and in their lives.
Upper Fort Garry site in Winnipeg near where the
Assiniboine and Red Rivers meet. This was the
seat of the Metis-led provisional government and
where Louis Riel introduced Canada’s first-ever
Bill of Rights.
It has been said that our youth are our future. They
are not only our future – they are the dreamers
and architects of that future. It is important that
we provide them with the skills, experience, and
tools needed to help them build the future as
they envision it. The MMF takes a lead role in
providing these resources and supporting the
youth and their families in education, training,
and employment.
This relatively new Manitoba holiday complements
the Metis November 16th gravesite ceremony
President David Chartrand, LL.D
that has taken place every year since his death.
Keeping his memory alive has been a pilgrimage
made by the Metis since 1885. It is an annual
commemoration of his death, a celebration of his life and recognition
of his deeds. Louis Riel remains a focal point in our Metis history and Our Metis Training and Employment (MET) department is one of
Canada’s leaders in developing education, training and employment
symbol of our Metis Nationhood.
partnerships. I suggest that prospective Metis students contact your
If he were here today, Louis Riel, as he was in 1870 when the Manitoba Regional Office for more information on the opportunities available.
Act was passed, would be considered a youth. As the protector of As well, to help our students the MMF, through the LRI, has the Louis
minority rights he is clearly a role model for other youth and indeed us Riel Endowment Fund that is disbursed through the major universities
adults. It is remarkable all that he accomplished, the lives he touched, and colleges. Please contact the LRI for more information.
and future he helped create. I am convinced that Manitoba and indeed
The MMF is currently putting together the Metis Youth Entrepreneur
Western Canada would not be here today if it were not for his action.
Symposium planned to take place late March in Winnipeg. If you are
Our Metis Louis Riel left us many quotes to reflect upon that are a young adult with business ideas, or are interested in starting your
still very relevant today. One favourite of mine is when he told our own business, then this conference is for you. As part of the MET and
Ancestors “We must cherish our inheritance. We must preserve our economic development conference, participants will get a businessnationality for the youth of our future. The story should be written start-up kit. Please check out our MMF website over the coming
down to pass on.”
weeks, indeed days, for more information on this symposium and
other youth initiatives.
Fast-forward to the year 2014 and “youth of our future” in Louis
Riel’s quote are our children living today. And, yes, we are protecting Have a great holiday on Louis Riel Day. I hope that all parents and
our nationhood and we are writing down our history for them and grandparents, children and grandchildren can spend the special
for future generations. For instance, the Louis Riel Institute, known day together.
as LRI, is working with other MMF departments and institutions to
ensure our Metis history will be accurately and fairly portrayed in the
Manitoba schools curriculum.
Believe in Yourself - Believe in Metis
In another example in preserving our nationhood and history, we
have created a partnership and are developing detailed development
proposals for a Metis National Heritage Centre to be built at the
President David Chartrand, LL.D
Mary Guilbault receives Aboriginal Circle of Educators Award
On Thursday February 6, 2014 the Aboriginal
Circle of Educators held their 8th Annual A.C.E.
education awards banquet at the Best Western
Hotel in Winnipeg.
• An upgrading program that became nationally
recognized and adopted by Canada Manpower
Well-known and respected, Metis Elder, Mary
Guilbault, was awarded the “Elder” award
posthumously and was graciously accepted in a
tearful, heart-warming and at times humorous
speech by members of her family.
• The establishment of the Prince of Wales /
Princess Ann Bursary for Métis students
Mary Guilbault was very involved in the Metis, First
Nations and Winnipeg communities, as well as,
providing guidance to a vast number of Aboriginal
youth, men and women. Mary Guilbault, who passed
into the spirit world on June 13, 2013 was a past
board member of the Louis Riel Institute, past board
member of MMF. A number of years ago the Mary
Guilbault Bursary was established, this is, a Metis
student bursary established to assist Metis youth in
attending post-secondary education in Manitoba.
• Forming the Court Communicators Program with
Judge J. Rice and Judge I. Dubienski
• The establishment of counseling and tutoring
services for the faculties of Nursing, Education
and Social Work at Brandon University and the
University of Manitoba
• The establishment of satellite universities in
northern Manitoba resulting in Assiniboine
College (The Pas) and Keewatin College
• The establishment of the Median Credit Union
• Kinew Housing in 1970 – President -Board of
• Métis Women’s Organization - Board of Directors
Mary’s contributions to the community included
participation in:
• Elizabeth Frye Society of Manitoba –
Board of Directors
• The formation of the Manitoba Metis Federation
in 1967 where she sat on the Board of Directors
holding the Education Portfolio until 1974
• The All Nations Traditional Healing Centre Inc. –
Board of Directors
• The housing study that resulted in the Lord Selkirk
Park Housing Development
Members of Mary’s family at the awards banquet.
• Louis Riel Institute – Board of Directors
*The above information compiled by Mr. Lawrence Barkwell.
Mary Guilbault
Justice Tom Berger Lectures on the MMF Land Claims Case at University of Winnipeg
The Manitoba Metis Land-Claims Decision and
Manitoba Metis Early Years
A packed house was on hand Wednesday,
February 5th, 2014 to listen to Justice Tom
Berger speak from 7:00 to 9:00 pm in
Convocation Hall Wesley Building 2nd floor at
The University of Winnipeg.
David Chartrand, President of the Manitoba
Metis Federation, introduced Justice Berger
and discussed the relationship between Justice
Berger and the MMF.
Justice Berger represented the Manitoba Metis
Federation in the groundbreaking land claim case
that led the Supreme Court to decide in March
of 2013 that Canada’s government of the day
did not act in good faith with respect to Metis
people. The case stemmed from Manitoba’s
entry into Confederation in 1870, when Canada
agreed to deliver 1.4 million acres of land to
Metis children in Manitoba.
Justice Tom Berger and MMF President David Chartrand.
A shot of Justice Tom Berger mid discussion.
A display of Metis culture by the
Louis Riel Institute was also open
to the public in Convocation
Hall Wesley Building
presented by the Louis
Riel Institute.
The crowd in attendance taking in the lecture.
To listen to an audio cast
of Justice Berger’s lecture,