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Lynn Hupp
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The Son of Mr. Garland Stutzman
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Jack - May 15, 2009
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Robert Burke
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Liz Burke
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Jackie Carton’s Retirement
Jacki Carton’s Retirement
Harol Clark - Happy Father’s Day
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Mrs. Ethelene H. Catron
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Pauline Parker
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Dr. Peter Gray, DDS
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Ellie & Dick Butterfield
The BYS Staff
Frank Kojtek
Jacki Carton’s Retirement
Jacki Carton’s Retirement
We are thrilled to announce that Aimee Vance is
the new BYS Art Therapist. Aimee has a
passion for art and has studied under Jerry Carton
since 1998 when she started to work at BYS. Most
recently, Aimee has been supervisor of the Day
Treatment Program.
Jerry would be happy to know his Studio is in
able hands.
The Family
Caring for Missouri Children Since 1963
July 2009
From Barb’s Desk
I heard a bittersweet story last week
about a boy living at one of our ranches.
For several days Joe asked if he could
have some M&M's. There wasn't any candy
at the ranch and the staff told Joe there
Now, we do three meals a day, family
style. Then there are planned snacks. And
fruit is available most of the time. During
the summer months the schedule is a little
more relaxed, but even then the kids can
eat frequently. The fare is good, nutritious
food. We probably didn't apologize to Joe
for not having the candy-we probably just
offered him an alternative.
The back story here is that Joe broke
his glasses earlier in the week. This was his
second pair of glasses in a month's time.
This pair broke when he and another
resident were goofing around. The glasses fell to the floor and were
accidentally mangled underfoot. Since it takes a few days to get glasses
repaired or replaced, Joe went through several days when he could see only
poorly. What he thought was a big bag of peanut M&Ms perched atop the
counter in the staff work area was actually an employee's bright yellow
Our kids come to Butterfield with many needs: Glasses are just one
possibility. Some of the children have never seen a dentist. Most need their
immunizations updated. A few must see specialists for particular medical
conditions. Many have little clothing in their possession. And of course, kids are
always growing so they need new underwear, summer and winter clothing,
shoes, coats. . . These are some of the physical needs-then there are the
emotional needs: security, safety, love.
With you as our partner in caring, we are able to provide for the physical and
emotional needs of the children entrusted to us. BYS needs your financial gifts
now more than ever. Every contribution helps! Thank you for your support.
Barb Mayfield, MAEd, LPC, LCSW
Executive Director
Give us a call at 1-800-430-2253 or 1-660-886-2253
Donations can be made securely on-line at
As I write, the pleasant cool
days of spring and early summer
have passed and the unrelenting
heat of summer has descended
on Marshall, MO. With the
temperature expected to be 90
and above all week, and
nighttime dropping only to 80, we have
been presented with challenges.
Our Family Therapy Center is a
sprawling complex that includes our
School, Administration, Gymnasium,
Cafeteria and our Clinical Therapists. The
Boys & Girls ICR's are also connected to
the complex, which houses 20 children.
Built in the early 90's, we were aware that
the heating & cooling units would need to
be replaced. We were preparing a budget
and working on a replacement schedule
for the 24 units that need to be replaced at a cost of thousands per unit!
It started in May….air conditioning down in the school, and it has
continued with 1-3 units going down every week. It seems they are wired
together like Christmas lights and are going out as if they are in a series.
Fortunately our staff is flexible; they have endured with fans…some of the
children will be dispersed to other ranches for a few days until we can get the
new units up and running. It is not the end of the world, but it is a disruption of
schedule for kids who need stability in their lives….it is difficult to think when
you are working in the heat in an office that was never intended to be used
without air conditiong.
It seems every month there is another plea….and we are grateful to our
friends who help us keep the doors open. This is a need that doesn't pull at
the heart strings, it's not clothes for the kids or Christmas gifts…. It's a
mundane operation expense that is unbudgeted. We appreciate the gift to
restricted funds, but sometimes we need money for the more basic expenses.
Can you help us with a gift of Cool Cash?
It would be greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful and safe 4th of July.
Best Regards,
Garry Cobb
Director of Development
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I
would be more than happy to speak to your group or club. I can be
contacted at 660-886-2253 or by Email at [email protected]
Butterfield Youth Services
Mission Statement
It is the mission of Butterfield Youth Services
to advocate for and provide compassionate
care and exemplary treatment for children
and families at their place of need.
Butterfield Youth Services
Vision Statement
Our hope is for all children to be loved,
educated, confident, responsible, and
emotionally prepared for tomorrow.