® £880 per month, Waterloo and London Bridge

Egzamin pisemny • Test 1
Z A D A N I E 4. (8 pkt)
Przeczytaj oferty wynajmu mieszkania. Do każdego z podanych zdań (4.1 - 4.8) przyporządkuj właściwą ofert
(A-E). Wpisz odpowiednią literę w każdą rubrykę tabeli. Każda z liter może być użyta więcej niż jeden raz. Za każdi
poprawne rozwiązani^ptrzymasz 1 punkt.
£880 per month,
Waterloo and London Bridge
Amazing two bedroom flat in Waterloo area.
Fully fumished. Ali city centrę attractions (bars,
restaurants and shops) within walking distance.
Large modern living room, high speed wireless
broadband and fully fitted kitchen. Bedroom
gets lots of light. King-size bed with plenty of
storage space. Modern bathroom. Recently
decorated. Underground garage available.
Very nice unfurnished one-bedroom fiat
in Winchmore Hill recently available.
F i r s t floor. Plenty of s t o r a g e place. You
have your own kitchen, b a t h r o o m and
dining room. Newly decorated. I n t e r n e t
included in t h e rent. Landline phone
calls not included. A 1 0 - m i n u t e walk t o
Winchmore Hill s t a t i o n .
£670 per month, Greenwich,
South London
Fully fumished two bedroom fiat close to Greenwich University
is available for rent. Only 7 minutes away from the Jubilee Linę
(North Greenwich Station), local bus services to the city centrę.
Secure building, video phone entry with porter. Luxury
bathroom with bathtub/shower and heated floor. Both offstreet parking and garage available.
£600 per month,
Muswell Hill,
North London
£ 3 2 0 per month, Lewisham, South London
Single room available in a fumished fiat with a comfortable
living room with broadband and TV. The kitchen and bathroom
are shared. Hidden from the main road. A 5-minute walk to St.
John's station. Shops and supermarkets also within easy
walking distance. Rent includes water, gas and electricity.
£ 2 0 0 per month,
Winchmore Hill,
N o r t h London
Fumished two-bedroom fiat on
third floor in a quiet street in
Muswell Hill. Convenient public
transport connections to the city
centrę. Includes large living room
with beautiful spacious balcony
with plenty of room for dining
outside. Bedroom with fitted
wardrobe. Bathroom with shower.
Free parking available. No extra
You need to have some furniture of your own.
4,2, You can feel very safe in your fiat.
You will not have your own bathroom.
You can eat in the fresh air.
You will have a luxurious bedroom.
You can choose between two places to keep your car.
You do not have to use public transport to get to the city centrę.
4,8, | You have to pay extra for one thing.
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Egzamin pisemny • Test 1
: A DANIE 5. (6pkty
Przeczytaj tekst. Na podstawie informacji w nim zawartych zdecyduj, które zdania są zgodne z treścią tekstu (T),
a które nie (F). Zaznacz znakiem X odpowiednią rubrykę w tabeli. Za każde poprawne rozwiązanie otrzymasz
l punkt.
In the doorway of a darkened hardware storę stood a man. As the policeman walked up to him the man spoke up ąuickly.
"It's all right, ofFicer," he said. "I'm just waiting for a friead. Ifs an appointment madę twenty years ago. Sounds a M e
funny to you, doesn't it? Weil, Fil explain if you'd like to make certain ifs all alright."
The man in the doorway struck a match and lit his cigar. The light showed his face.
"Twenty years ago to-night," said the man, "I dined here at 'Bigjoe' Brady's with Jimmy Wells, my best friend. He and
I were raised here in New York, just like two brothers, together. The next morning I was to start for the West to make my
fortunę. Weil, we agreed that night that we would meet here again exacdy twenty years from that datę and time, no matter
what our conditions might be or from what distance we might have to come. I knowJimmy will meet me here if he's alive,
for he always was the truest man in the world. He'll never forget."
"Did pretty well out West, didn't you?" asked the policeman.
"You bet! I hope Jimmy has done half as well.
"1*11 be on my way", said the policeman. "Hope your friend comes around all right."
About twenty minutes he waited, and then a tali man in a long overcoat, with the collar turned up to his ears, hurried across
from the opposite side of the street. He went directly to the waiting man.
"Is that you, Bob?" he asked.
"Is that you, Jimmy Wells?" cried the man in the door.
"It's Bob!" exclaimed the newly anwed man. "Well, well, well! - twenty years is a long time. How has the West treated
you, old man?"
"It has given me everything I asked it for. You've changed lots, Jimmy. I never thought you were so tali."
"Oh, I grew a bit after I was twenty. Come on, Bob; well go around to a place I know of, and have a good long talk about
old times."
The two men started up the street. The man from the West was beginning to tell the history of his career. The other,
hidden in his overcoat, listened with interest.
At the corner there was a drug storę, shining with electric lights. When tiiey came into this light each of them turned
simultaneously to look at the other's face.
The man from the West stopped suddenly.
"You're not Jimmy Wells," he said. "Twenty years is a long time, but not long enough to change a man's nose from a long
to a short one."
"It sometimes changes a good man into a bad one," said the tali man. "You've been under arrest for ten minutes, 'Silky'
Bob. Now, before we go on to the station here's a notę I was asked to hand you. You may read it here at the window. It's
from Patrolman Wells."
The notę was rather short.
Bob: I was at the appointed place on time. Whenyou struck the match to lightyour cigar I saw it was theface of the man wanted
in Chicagofor many crimes. Somehow I couUn't do it myself so I went around andgot a plain clothes man to do thejob. JIMMY.
'edfrom After Twenty Years by 0. Henry
Bob knew that the policeman might find his story strange.
Bob did not really believe that Jimmy was going to come.
Bob was very successful in the West.
Bob knew immediately that the man in the overcoat was not Jimmy.
Bob got arrested without any reason.
Bob and Jimmy did see each other after twenty years.
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Egzamin pisemny • Test 1
ZADANIE 6, (6 pkt)
Przeczytaj tekst. Z podanych możliwości odpowiedzi wybierz właściwą, zgodną z treścią tekstu. Zakreśl literę A, E
C lub D. Za każde poprawne rozwiązanie otrzymasz 1 punkt.
6.1. Bar Surya is a special place because
A, it makes you stop worrying about the
world's troubles.
Eco danee
B. it combines fun with serious issues.
Britain's flrst eco-nightclub attracts its customers
with its eco-friendly energy generating dance floor.
C. its visitors are particularly enthusiastic.
D, ithasjust opened.
Who on earth thinks about environmental protection when
they go clubbing? A long-awaited Saturday night should, after
all, be all about having fun rather than worrying about the
world's troubles. But, believe it or not, there is a club whose
visitors are as enthusiastic about saving the planet as they are
about bouncing up and down on the dance floor! In Bar Surya,
a newly opened club based in Pentonville Road in London's
King's Cross, you can enjoy your drink and shake a leg to
your favourite clubbing tune while helping to save the world's
energy. Now, how does that work?
By far the most uniąue and eye-catching element is the energy
generating dance floor, which is powered by the clubbers
themselves. As people dance and move, they tread on special
wooden boards, which, in turn, make the crystals hidden under
the floor compress. All this generates an electrical current. It
turns out that the clubbers produce enough energy to power
both the club's lights and air-conditioning and nearby homes
in the Kings Cross district!
The club's emdronmental message is set out right at the very
entrance: if you can prove that you either walked, pedalled
a bicycle or used public transport, you can get in for free,
otherwise you have to pay £10. All eco-clubbers also need to
sign a document promising to work towards stopping climate
Once in, you might wrongly think that you would risk the club
running out of power if you stepped off the dance floor to have
a look around. You can still listen to the musie but also try one
of the club's famous organie drinks served in biodegradable
cups or focus your attention on the messages flashed up on the
big screen televisions warning of the Earth's limited natural
resources. All that plus a recyclable water system with toilets
that flush with rainwater. Add to that the use of solar panels
on the roof, and you've got a truły environmentally-friendly
'There is no greater platform than clubbing to reacń>out to
young people', says Andrew Charalambous (also known as Dr
Earth), the owner of the club. 'We want people to start doing
things constructively for the environment', he adds.
Will the idea of combining ecology with fun help young people
to think morę seriously about the dangers of climate change?
A lot of us think being environmentally-friendly is boring but
as the example of this London eco-club shows, it doesn't have
to be.
6.2. Why is the club's dance floor unique?
A, It is the most eye-catching dance floor iri
the King's Cross district.
B, It serves morę than one purpose.
C, It is madę of wooden boards.
O. It uses the energy produced by lights
and air-conditioning.
6.3. In order to get inside the club you have to
A, formally declare you treat the
environment seriously.
B. prove you came on foot.
C. prove you used public transport.
D, pay a £10 deposit for your bicycle.
6.4. The club
A. will immediately run out of power if you
stop dancing.
B. serves drinks in all kindsof cups.
C. uses a variety of ways of helping the
D. plays musie that talks about the Earth's
limited natural resources.
6.5. The owner of the club believes that clubbing
A. is the only way to communicate with
young people.
B. is always connected with the environment.
C. will one day become a great way of
communicating with young people.
D. is an efficient way of communicating
with young people.
6.6. The main purpose of the text is to
A, inform the readers about the latest
environmental issues.
B. criticise those who do not work towards
stopping climate change.
inform the readers about a new and
original place in London.
D. make fun of people who go clubbing.
4 d
Testy maturalne z języka angielskiego. Poziom podstawowy. © Pearson Central Europę Sp. z o.o. 2011
Egzamin pisemny • Test 1
lADANłE 7. (5 pkt)
Mieszkasz w Londynie i dzielisz mieszkanie z Hiszpanką, Lisa. Ma cię odwiedzić kolega z kursu języka angielskiego,
-emu obiecałeś/obiecałaś oddać pożyczony przewodnik po Londynie. Musisz jednak wyjść z domu. Napisz do
_sy wiadomość, w której:
poinformujesz o konieczności zwrócenia przewodnika;
podasz powód, dla którego nie możesz go sam/sama zwrócić;
poprosisz o pomoc w zwróceniu przewodnika; i^
przeprosisz za kłopot.
^cotsz się jako XYZ. W zadaniu nie jest określony limit słów. Oceniana jest umiejętność zwięzłego przekazu informacji
i" Esionych w poleceniu (4 punkty) i poprawność językowa (7 punkt).
Zdający ma w tym miejscu ok. 1/3 strony przeznaczonej na brudnopis
oraz ok. 7/3 strony przeznaczonej naczystopis
'■NIEŚ, (10
•spoinie z kolegami i koleżankami z klasy zorganizowaliście w waszej szkole akcję charytatywną. Napisz list do
wrfegi z Irlandii.
Poinformuj, na czym polegała akcja i jaki był jej cel.
Napisz, kto był pomysłodawcą akcji i jaka była twoja rola w jej przygotowaniu.
Opisz problem, z którym się zmagaliście w trakcie przygotowań, i napisz, jak go rozwiązaliście.
Opisz zainteresowanie akcją i ile pieniędzy/środków udało wam się zebrać.
far- ętaj o zachowaniu odpowiedniej formy listu. Nie umieszczaj żadnych adresów. Podpisz się jako XYZ. Długość listu
ęem':nna wynosić od 720 do 750 słów. Oceniana jest umiejętność pełnego przekazania informacji (4 punkty), forma (2 punkty),
merjwność językowa (2 punkty) oraz bogactwo językowe (2 punkty).
iwaga: jeśli praca będzie zawierać więcej niż 200 słów, otrzymasz za jej formę 0 punktów.
J-dajgcyjna^w tym miejscu ok. 1 strony przeznaczonej na brudnopis
oraz ok. 1 strony przeznaczonej ij^zystopis
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