NHS Shared Business Services Construction

NHS Shared Business Services
Construction Consultancy Services Framework
Sweett Group has been successful in securing a place on the NHS SBS
4 year framework for Construction Consultancy Services. The framework
comes into effect on the 1st April 2014.
We were successful in all services and regions that we applied for, and were
awarded 100% for our submission response.
Benefits of the
You can utilise the pre agreed
competitive tender rates and
volume discounts from the
A direct ‘call off’ from the
Framework, will mean that you
will not have to go through the
complex and resource intensive
OJEU process whilst still being
fully OJEU compliant.
Due to the fact we were
successful in all 12 UK lots, you
can utilise our best practice
knowledge and national
The services we provide which are covered by the Framework include;
project management
quantity surveying
building surveying
health and safety
environmental consultancy
ancillary services (which includes health planning, estate strategies,
business cases, SOCs, procurement advice, FM consultancy, risk
consultancy and management, programme advice and management,
commissioning and post project evaluations)
We have been successful in all 12 regional lots, covering the following
areas; North East, North West, Yorkshire and Humber, East Midlands, West
Midlands, East of England, London, South East Coast, South Central, South
West, Scotland and Wales.
This new Framework sits alongside the previous QS and Architectural
Framework which has been running since 2012, but its scope is greater
and now covers all design disciplines. Clients can appoint using a
multidisciplinary/combined team approach, or can make individual
appointments for selected services.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is NHS Shared Business Services (NHS SBS)?
NHS SBS is a unique joint venture between the
Department of Health and Steria, providing business
support services to NHS Trusts and associated
organisations. Their services include commercial
procurement solutions, family health services, payroll and
HR and financing and accounting.
Who can access the Framework?
The Framework can be used by any NHS Trust, NHS
Body or Public Sector Body.
Is it OJEU compliant and competitive?
Yes. The framework was procured in full compliance
with OJEU procedures, involving a weighted quality:price
evaluation method. The rates are very competitive and
volume discounts apply.
How can we appoint under the Framework?
Once a Trust becomes a member it can appoint us
through a direct ‘call off’ or via a mini competition.
Appointments can be made on a time charge basis
or on a lump sum or percentage fee derived from our
framework rates.
How do we access the Framework?
Any Public Body or NHS Trust can access the
Framework, through becoming a member and registering
directly with NHS SBS.
How much does it cost?
Does this new Framework supersede the existing
QS and Architectural Framework?
No, the existing Framework continues. The new
Framework covers more services and regions and now
has fee percentages as well as hourly rates.
The annual subscription is free for all NHS Trusts.
What are the fees?
The Framework has a matrix of fee percentages for
different value bands in addition to hourly rates. Fee
schedules for all regions and services, along with
percentage discounts, are available upon request.
Key Contacts
If you require any further information please contact;
Sweett Group
Carl Bishop
e: [email protected]
t: 020 7061 9180
Neil McMullen
e: [email protected]
t: 023 8021 3506
NHS SBS contact for membership
Susan Weston
e: [email protected]
t: 0161 212 3719