This Week's Bulletin (December 21, 2014)

A Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Stewardship Parish
49 Crosswinds Drive, Charles Town, WV 25414   304-725-5558
Sunday of
of Advent
December 21st, 2014
December 21, 2014
“Mary said, ‘Behold, I am the handmaid of the Lord.
May it be done tome according to your word.”
Luke 1:38
Staff Contact Info Around the Parish
The Roman Catholic Parish of St. James the Greater
49 Crosswinds Drive
Charles Town, WV 25414
Office: 304-725-5558
Website: www.stjameswv.or g
Women’s Club Bake Sale
The Women’s Club of St. James Parish would like to thank
everyone who supported our very successful bake sale recently.
We hope you enjoyed all the goodies you purchased at our
fundraising event!
Pastor……......…………….Ver y Rev. J ohn S. Ledfor d, V.F.
[email protected]
Pager number: 304-229-1563
Rectory number: 304-725-6801
Associate Pastor……...…….Rev. Fr . J osé Manuel Escalante
[email protected]
Permanent Deacon……….…........Rev. Mr . David E. Galvin
[email protected]
Director of Liturgy & Music…...…….… Mr . Gar y Penkala
[email protected]
Faith Formation…………………..……........ Mr s. Allie Enos
[email protected]
Hispanic Office………………………..Mr s. Mar gar ita Cr uz
[email protected]
Offertory……………………….….….Mr s. Mar y Ellen Ross
[email protected]
Secretary……………………….…...…….... Mr s. Chr is Pifer
[email protected]
Stewardship Office…………..……..…….Mr s. J ackie Moler
[email protected]
St. Zita’s Cupboard………………….…… Mr s. Laur a Bar r
[email protected]
At St. James, we
don’t just talk
about our faith…
We put our faith
into action!
December 21, 2014
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Pastor’s Page
Pastor: Very Rev. John S. Ledford, V.F., [email protected] or 304-725-5558
Pager number: 304-229-1563
Rectory number: 304-725-6801
Associate Pastor: Rev. Fr. José Manuel Escalante, [email protected] or 304-725-5558
Parish Secretary: Chris Pifer, [email protected] or 304-725-5558
Christmas Greetings
As the Light of God’s love
shines brightly this Christmas,
may we praise Him for
the gift of our Lord Jesus.
We welcome all of our parishioners and visitors
who are with us for our Christmas Masses,
and we pray for God’s abundant blessings on you
in the coming year.
from Fr. John, Fr. Escalante, Deacon Dave,
and all the Staff of the Roman Catholic Parish of
St. James the Greater
Birthdays this week:
Dec 22: Angela Fry, Gabriella Gomez,
Alexander Jones, Martin Kerns; Dec 23:
Scott King, Rae Linden, David
Nedorostek; Dec 24: Holly Brewer,
Danielle Collins, James Day, Karen
Digman, Vicki Hodziewich, Nichole
Kilmer, Jesse Quintero, Arianna Robles,
Steve Smith; Dec 25: Emily Boehler,
Barbara Fry, Christopher Gomez, Julia
Green, Raymond Muth, Jesusa Sasis,
Tyler Shewbridge; Dec 26: Chris Atkins,
Darlene Bell, Kathy Cox, Crystal
DeVaughn, Nathalie Moffat, Michael
Raso, Jason Reifer, Sydney Smith,
Rocio Zapeda; Dec 27: Natalie Brewer,
John Fino, Patrick Moylan, John Proe,
Daniel Salazar, Christopher Smith,
Gianmarco Vega-Chavez; Dec 28: Sean
Ambrose, William Dieneda, Richard
Green, Nicolas Larrosa, Angel Luna, Pat
O’Connor, William Pineda, David
Queen, Ivy Rodriguez, Melissa Sigler,
Janet Smith, Joseph Vaccaro, and
Jennifer Ward.
Happy birthday to you all!
Echoing Mary’s Decision
The angel Gabriel today confronts Mary with a
mystery. The mystery of salvation in Christ is not a
mystery that is solved, but a reality beyond our comprehension that we must choose to enter into. In the liturgy
of the Eastern Church, everyone waits to see if Mary will
enter into the mystery: God waits, Adam and Eve and all
the souls of the dead who long for paradise wait, angels
wait for new heavenly companions. And there is much
rejoicing when her decision is “yes.”
We have less dramatic choices offered to us, but
the mystery of our salvation in Christ is by no means
“solved.” We may understand it a bit better due to Mary’s “yes.” We may be a
bit closer to it through the passion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But it
still remains a mystery to which we all must give our own “yes.” Soon we will be
singing “O come, let us adore him.” May our Advent prayer, our echo of Mary’s
“yes,” continue then, so we may enter into the mystery of our salvation in Jesus
Christ, God among us.
Note: If you don’t see your birthday
listed, please contact the parish office so
that we can update our database.
Copyright © J. S. Paluch Co.
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December 21, 2014
Pastoral Associate for Liturgy & Music: Gary Penkala, [email protected]
Sacristan: John Sherwood, [email protected] Altar Guild Coordinator: Laura Bakin
Choir Directors: Kathleen Feeney / Laura Galvin / Claire Galvin / Nancy Guiney / Grace Guiney
Brigid Bakin Aides: Carol Hayes / Meridith Marshall Wednesday Liturgist: Jonathan Mann
Fourth Sunday of Advent (Sunday Readings Year B, Weekday Readings Seasonal, Psalter Week 4)
7:00 am Frances Ernandez (D) by Chris & Richard Pifer
Tue 12:05 pm Albert H. Moler (D) by Bill & Jackie Moler
Wed 5:00 pm
[St J] 8:00 pm
[St P] 8:00 pm
12:00 mid
For the Priests of our Diocese
For the Special Intentions of Our Holy Father
For the Seminarians of our Diocese
Mildred Dorth (D) by the Azar Family
9:00 am For the Homeless of our Community
7:00 am Charles Hough (D) on his birthday by Marie Hough
5:00 pm Grace Slebodnick (D) by John & Dot Anderson
Daniel Bard (D) by Gale Bard
Patty McCarthy (D) by Jim McCarthy
For Catholics Returning Home
For the St. James Hispanic Community
For the People of St. James Parish
8:00 am
11:00 am
[St P] 11:00 am
1:30 pm
6:00 pm
Advent ReconciliaƟon Service
at St. James
Please join us here at St. James on the evening of Monday,
December 22, at 7:00 pm for our Advent Reconciliation
Service. There will be a number of priests available to hear
Please Remember in Prayer
our Sick & Homebound:
Priscilla Browning, Julia Jones, Gene Wesolek, Bill Nalley,
Eddie Hough, John & Estella Constant, Eric Scott Dickerson,
Alice Briscoe, John Mulligan, Bill Mercer, Ruth Cottman,
Christiano Walch, Eva Elkins, Paula Markstrom, Roger Nagy,
Linda Goverman, Tom Hower, Geno Carinci, Victoria Ukeje,
Jeff Sobczak, Lucy Janiczek, Frank Cavallaro, Richard Pifer,
Bonnie Dorman, Paul Ashbaugh, James Burdick, Greg Mazer,
Mary Baker, Father
Larry Gesy, Sarah Rhoa, Yajaira Bird,
Pam Hostler, Dot Anderson, Madison Bishop, Judy Ashbaugh,
Mary Koch, Gabriel Ward, Alaina Csensich, Gina Newcome,
Chris Hinish, Rosalia Hernandez, Mary Pioli, Irene Skomra, and
Bernard Skomra, as well as for the Holy Father’s Prayer
Intention for the month of December, that the birth of the
Redeemer may bring peace and hope to all people of good will.
December 21, 2014
M Dec 22
Privileged Advent Weekday [O Rex gentium]
Readings: I Sm 1:24-28 / I Sm 2:1-8 / Lk 1:46-56
Tu Dec 23
Privileged Advent Weekday [O Emmanuel]
St John of Kanty priest (commemoration)
Readings: Mal 3:1-24 / Ps 25:4-14 / Lk 1:57-66
W Dec 24
morning- Privileged Advent Weekday
Readings: II Sm 7:1-16 / Ps 89:2-29 / Lk 1:67-79
Dec 24
evening- Vigil of Christmas (solemnity)
Readings: 5:00 pm & 8:00 pm Mass [Vigil Mass]
Isaiah 62:1-5
Psalm 89:4-5, 16-17, 27, 29
Acts of the Apostles 13:16-17, 22-25
Saint Matthew 1:1-25
Readings: Midnight Mass [Mass in the Night]
Isaiah 9:1-6
Psalm 96:1-2, 2-3, 11-12, 13
Titus 2:11-14
Saint Luke 2:1-14
Th Dec 25
Nativity of the Lord (solemnity)
Readings: 9:00 am Mass [Mass at Dawn]
Isaiah 62:11-12
Psalm 97:1, 6, 11-12
Titus 3:4-7
Saint Luke 2:15-20
Readings: [Mass during the Day]
Isaiah 52:7-10
Psalm 98:1, 2-3, 3-4, 5-6
Hebrews 1:1-6
Saint John 1:1-18
Dec 26
St Stephen protomartyr (feast)
Readings: Acts 6:8-10; 7:54-59
Psalm 31:3cd-4, 6 and 8ab, 16bc and 17
Saint Matthew 10:17-22
Sa Dec 27
St John apostle & evangelist (feast)
Readings: I John 1:1-4
Psalm 97:1-2, 5-6, 11-12
Saint John 20:1a, 2-8
Su Dec 28
Holy Family: Jesus, Mary, Joseph (feast)
Readings: Genesis 15:1-6; 21:1-3
Psalm 105:1-2, 3-4, 5-6, 8-9
Hebrews 11:8, 11-12, 17-19
Saint Luke 2:22-40
Page 4
Calendar of Events at St. James Parish
Alcoholics Anonymous
Clase de Bautizo
Faith Formation (in Spanish)
Mass (in Spanish)
Hispanic Foods Dinner
Hispanic Youth Group
4th Sunday of Advent
Main Church
St. Michael
Parish Office
Lower Level, Library
Main Church
St. Peter’s—Harpers Ferry
Main Church
Social Hall
St. Michael
Main Church
DEC 21
8:00 am
11:00 am
11:00 am
11:00 am
11:00 am
11:00 am
1:30 pm
2:00 pm
2:00 pm
6:00 pm
Daily Mass
Alcoholics Anonymous
Red Cross Blood Drive
Advent Reconciliation Service
American Heritage Girls
Boy Scout Troop 82
Cub Scouts
Main Church
St. Michael
Social Hall
Main Church
Social Hall
St. Michael
Lower Level
DEC 22
7:00 am
12:00 pm
1:00 to 7:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
7:00 pm
Daily Mass
4th Degree Knights
Main Church
St. Michael
DEC 23
12:05 pm
7:30 pm
Alcoholics Anonymous
Children’s Mass
Mass (in Spanish)
Vigil of Christmas
St. Michael
Main Church
Main Church
St. Peter’s—Harpers Ferry
DEC 24
12:00 pm
5:00 pm
8:00 pm
8:00 pm
Midnight Mass
Page 5
The Nativity of the Lord
A Holy Day of Obligation
Main Church
Main Church
Daily Mass
Alcoholics Anonymous
Al-Anon Meeting
Alcoholics Anonymous
Grupo Oracion
DEC 26
9:00 am
12:00 pm
8:00 pm
8:00 pm
8:00 pm
Main Church
St. Michael
St. Lucy
St. Michael
Start bringing your clothing donations
to St. James
today through January 11.
Vigil Mass
Annual Christmas Dance
DEC 27
2:00 pm
3:00 pm
4:30 pm
5:00 pm
7:00 pm
Main Church
Main Church
Main Church
Main Church
Social Hall
The Holy Family of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph
Main Church
Alcoholics Anonymous
St. Michael
Main Church
St. Peter’s—Harpers Ferry
Mass (in Spanish)
Main Church
Main Church
DEC 28
8:00 am
11:00 am
11:00 am
11:00 am
1:30 pm
6:00 pm
DEC 25
12:00 midnight
9:00 am
December 21, 2014
Catholics Returning
If you or someone you know has been
baptized into the Catholic Faith but is
not currently enjoying the full benefits
thereof, Catholics Returning Home is for
you! Catholics Returning Home is a sixweek series of sessions which address
the needs and concerns of those who
have been away from the Church.
Mass Schedule for Christmas & New Year’s
CHRISTMAS EVE (Wednesday, December 24th)
5 pm at St. James - Children's Mass in English
8 pm at St. James - Mass in Spanish
8 pm at St. Peter's in Harpers Ferry - Mass in English
CHRISTMAS DAY (Thursday, December 25th)
12 midnight at St. James - Midnight Mass in English
9 am at St. James - Mass in English
NEW YEAR'S EVE (Wednesday, December 31st)
7 pm at St. James - Vigil Mass in English for Holy Day
NEW YEAR'S DAY (Thursday, January 1st)
8 am at St. James - Mass in English
11 am at St. James - Mass in English
1:30 pm at St. James - Mass in Spanish
Volunteers Needed for Cold Weather Shelter
The cold weather shelter opened on November 1st and we are in need of overnight
volunteers (8:45 pm to 6:30 am). Similar to last year, the shelter will be rotated on a
weekly/biweekly basis to a number of area churches to provide homeless men and
women a warm place to spend the night. The shelter will be hosted by St. James (in
St. Michael’s) the weeks of January 10th, January 24th, and January 31st. We have
committed to filling the shifts for these weeks solely from St. James parishioners. So
please consider filling a shift (or more) during these weeks. In addition, we are badly in
need of volunteers while the shelter is located at
other churches, some of which are too small to
cover all of the shifts. Shelter information including the volunteer schedule can be found at the
Jefferson County Homeless Coalition website at Please contact Chris Hunter at
[email protected] if interested.
December 21, 2014
Meetings are held
Thursday evenings at 7:00 pm
starting January 8
in the Parish Office
If you have questions, contact
[email protected]
FPU Classes in January
New Financial Peace University (FPU)
classes are forming in 2015! The nineweek course teaches God's ways of
handling money. Through video
teaching, class discussions and interactive small group activities, FPU presents
biblical, practical steps to get from
where you are to where you've dreamed
you could be. This plan will show you
how to get rid of debt, manage your
money, spend and save wisely, and
much more! FPU classes meet for an
hour and a half each week for nine
weeks. We will have two sessions,
Monday and Friday, starting the first full
week in January. The Monday class on
January 5, 2015 at 7:00 pm will be held
in the upstairs music room (St. Cecilia’s)
and the Friday class on January 9, 2015
at 7:00 pm will be held in the parish
library. Cost of the class is $99. All
graduates of FPU are invited to retake
the course at no charge. For more
information about FPU, please contact
Bryce Timberlake (304) 268-9988 or
email [email protected]
Page 6
A Very Special Evening
with Fr. JusƟn Blanc
Fr. Justin Blanc will return to Charles
Town from his studies in Rome at
Christmas. He is offering St. James
parishioners and friends an evening of
fellowship and discussion on Monday,
December 29 in the parish library.
We’re all been dreaming of a white
Christmas. But for some, it will be like
the son Elvis Presley used to sing about
a blue Christmas. Come and hear what
Scripture has to say about helping those
around you turn their spirit from a blue
Christmas to a blessed white Christmas.
Gabriel Project
St. James Gabriel Project would like to
thank everyone who purchased pasta
from us. We raised approximately
$350. While we didn’t make as much as
we hoped, we are thankful for every
penny we receive. That money will be
used to purchase diapers, cribs or car
seats as needed. Gabriel Project
is committed to protecting the unborn
and to improving the quality of
children’s lives after birth. We operate
from St. Michael’s (the brick building
behind the playground) on the first and
third Saturdays of every month from
9:00 am to 11:00 am. If you are
interested in learning more about us,
please stop in or give us a call at
304-671-6106. Thank you again, and
we hope everyone was pleased with
their pasta.
Merry Christmas from
St. Zita’s!!
There is still plenty of time to visit St.
Zita’s for gift cards, statues, Christmas
cards, books, beautiful handmade
items, coffee, rosaries, medals, fudge,
mugs, ornaments, and many other
Christmas goodies. Stop by this
weekend or Monday or Tuesday
(Monday and Tuesday hours will be
9:00 am until 8:00 pm).
We will be closed the following days:
Wednesday, December 24
Thursday, December 25
Friday, December 26
Blessing Bags
Hi, my name is Tasha and I am in
American Heritage Girls. I will be
collecting items for Blessing Bags to
give to the homeless. We would not
mind if you would consider donating to
this cause. I will have a box in the
Narthex during the month of January to
collect your donations of:
We extend a warm welcome
to our newest registered parishioners:
Jeremy & Sheri Mills
and their son Leland D. Mills
Page 7
Ziplock bags (gallon size)
Toothbrush & toothpaste
Trail mix
Granola bars
Coins (to make a phone call)
Hand wipes
You can also put in warm socks and
gloves. If you have questions, you may
call me at 304-725-6323. Thank you,
and God bless!
Tasha Clark
American Heritage Girls
Clothing Giveaway
American Heritage Girls WV Troop 82
and St. James Catholic Parish are asking
for your support! Please bring your
clean, gently used clothes, shoes, and
outerwear to the St. James Narthex
December 26 and January 11.
Due to a lack of storage space, please
do not bring any clothing donations to
St. James before December 26!
All donated items will be sorted starting
January 12, with the giveaway taking
place on Saturday, January 17th, 2015
from 8:30 am to 2:30 pm in the St.
James Social Hall. If you would like a
flyer to post in your neighborhood, work
place, or other location, please visit the
parish office to pick up a copy. For
further information or if you would like
to volunteer to help sort clothing, please
contact American Heritage Girls WV
Troop 82 at [email protected]
December 21, 2014
Ministry Spotlight: Upcoming Events
Annual Christmas Dance
at St. James!
Discernment on the Mountain
December 28-31, 2014
Saturday, December 27
Join us for our Annual Christmas Dance to be held in the
Social Hall on Saturday, December 27, from 7:00 pm to
10:00 pm. Dress up in your best church clothes and join us
for an evening of fun and refreshment. Ladies, please
remember our Summer at St James dress code: Knees and
sleeves! Gentlemen, break out the tie!
The evening will begin with Mass at 5:00 pm, and we will
end the night at 10:00 pm with caroling and Night Prayer.
Anyone over the age of 8 is
welcome to come. Be sure to
bring along a snack to share.
Tickets at the door for $5 or
$25 for family. All proceeds
will benefit our Faith Overseas
Project in Kurdistan.
Please come and join us for daily Mass, rosary, adora on
of the Blessed Sacrament, presenta ons on voca onal
discernment and a full day of skiing at Snowshoe
Mountain Resort in Pocahontas County, WV. College-aged
men and high school juniors and seniors are invited to
a end this retreat sponsored by the Office of Voca ons of
the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston. Retreat presenters
include Fr. Dean Borgmeyer, Fr. Dennis Schuelkens,
Fr. Josh Stevens, Deacon Dave Galvin, Msgr. Paul Hudock,
and diocesan seminarians. We will be lodging at Bishop
Hodges Pastoral Center in Hu onsville, WV. Come and
have a great me in prayer and skiing with men who are
seeking God’s will for their lives. You may register on-line
at or call Mr. Rick Teachout at the Office of
Voca ons at (304) 233-0880, Ext 442.
Theology on Tap at St. James
Sunday, January 4, 2015
Join Deacon Dave in the
library on
Sunday, January 4
for root beer,
a reading of
The Screwtape LeƩers by
C. S. Lewis,
and a lively discussion
Start the evening with Mass at 6:00 pm,
and then meet our group in the library.
December 21, 2014
Page 8
Faith Formation
Adult Formation: Rev. Mr. Dave Galvin, [email protected] or 725-5558
Children/Youth Faith Formation: Allie Enos, [email protected] or 725-5558
Religious EducaƟon Christmas Break
The Religious Education Christmas break runs from
Sunday, December 21, 2014 through
Wednesday, December 31, 2014.
Classes will not meet for these two weeks.
Regularly scheduled classes will resume on
Sunday, January 4th and Wednesday, January 7th!
Religious Education wishes you and your family
a Blessed Christmas!
Sunday RCIA Class start January 11
A Sunday RCIA Class at St. James will begin on Sunday,
January 11, 2015. Classes will be held in the Conference
Room fr om 9:15 am to 10:30 am each Sunday. If you are
interested in learning more about the Catholic Church, are
perhaps unbaptized and feel a need for spirituality in your life,
are baptized but perhaps did not receive any formal religious
education, or are perhaps married to a Catholic with whom you
attend Mass and want to share their faith, or are just seeking
something in your life and aren’t sure what it may be, RCIA is
the place for you!
Call for RCIA Sponsors for Sunday class
Are you an active member of the parish looking to give more?
A RCIA Sponsor is someone who will walk with their RCIA
candidate on the journey to a new, fuller life in Christ. As a
sponsor, you will support and guide the candidate along the
way. A sponsor is the candidate’s personal connection to the
parish. Sponsors do not need to be scholars or theologians, just
someone willing to share their faith! Being a sponsor is a
satisfying way to become an active steward in our parish. If
you are interested in being a sponsor, please join us on Sunday,
January 11!
Saint Store
Thank you, Ann Powers, for all of your hard work coordinating
the Saint Store for the Religious Education kids. Thank you
also to our generous parishioners who donated items for use in
the Saint Store. The Religious Education children truly enjoyed
“shopping” for gifts at the Saint Store this month!
Knights of Columbus Free Throw
Contest Specifics: This activity is for ages 9 to 14 (grades 4
through 8). There are separate competitions for each gender and
age. Youth who meet the age requirements but are not in grades
4 through 8 are encouraged to participate. All 9 to 14-year-old
youth are welcome to attend.
Time Line: The Council Free Throw Championship for ages 9
to 11 will be Sunday, January 18th during morning Religious
Education beginning at 9:30 am. If your 10 to11-year-old has
Religious Education on Wednesday, they will need to attend the
contest on Sunday as there will be no free throw contest for 9 to
11-year-old youth during Wednesday’s Religious Education
The Council Free Throw Championship for ages 12-14 will be
held on Wednesday, January 14th during evening Religious
Education beginning at 5:30 PM. This activity will r eplace
regular class activities and be conducted by the Knights of
Columbus. If your 12 to 14-year-old has Religious Education on
Sunday or a different time on Wednesday, they will need to
attend the contest on Wednesday at 5:30 pm as there will be no
free throw contest for 12 to 14-year-old youth during Sunday’s
Religious Education class or later on Wednesday.
This activity will be held in Saint Michael’s Hall. Each
contestant will shoot 15 free throws with the winners having the
opportunity to advance to District Competition.
RecogniƟon: All participants will receive a certificate of participation with winners receiving awards and prizes. In addition,
door prizes will be given after all participants have completed the
contest. Council winners will advance to the District Competition
to be announced at a later date.
The Knight of Columbus look forward to hosting a great competition for the youth of our parish and encourage all eligible youth to
For questions, please contact Jack Capriolo, Grand Knight,
Mother Teresa Council at 304-279-2416
Religious Education Volunteers Needed
With the Cold and Flu season on its way, our Religious
Education classes could use some donations of the following
Hand sanitizer— pump bottles preferred
Sanitizing wipes (i.e. Clorox wipes)
Tissues and paper towels
Pencils, scissors and glue sticks
Page 9
We are still in need of several people to fill the following
Adult Volunteer positions for Religious Education:
Substitute Catechists for Sundays
Substitute Catechists for Wednesdays
If interested in either of these, please contact Allie Enos at
[email protected] or 304-725-5558 x231.
December 21, 2014
Important Information About Our Parish Family
Contact information:
49 Crosswinds Drive
Charles Town, WV 25414
(304) 725-5558
Web site:
Saturday - 5:00 pm
Sunday - 8:00 am, 11:00 am, 6:00 pm
(in English)
1:30 pm (in Spanish)
Monday & Friday - 7:00 am
Tuesday & Thursday - 12:05 pm
Wednesday - 7:00 pm
Holy Days of Obligation - 7:00 am,
12:00 noon, 7:00 pm
On Federal Holidays – 9:00 am
Liturgy of the Hours:
Wednesday - 10:00 am, 6:30 pm
Eucharistic Adoration:
Wednesday - 10:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday - 3:00 pm
Wednesday - 5:00 pm, or by appointment
Monday through Friday
9:00 am - 12:00 noon; 1:00 - 5:00 pm
The Cupboard is open before and after each weekend
Mass, and
Monday & Wednesday 9:00 am to 8:00 pm
Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
If you or a family member are confined to the home or
hospital, contact Chris Pifer at 304-725-5558 ext. 225
to arrange for the Eucharist to be brought to you.
Bulletin announcements must be submitted by 12:00
noon on the Wednesday 10 days prior to the desired
publication date. You may email your requests to
[email protected]
You will find staff names and contact information
listed for each person listed throughout the bulletin at
the top of the ministry page for which that staff
member has been entrusted.
December 21, 2014
Becoming a part of our parish family is easy and rewarding. Registration forms
can be found in the Narthex or Parish Office. Once a registration form is
submitted, new parishioners will receive a welcome packet and an invitation to
learn more about St. James and meet some of your new family members. Get
connected, get involved, register today.
St. James offers a religious education process called RCIA (Rite of Christian
Initiation of Adults). Through RCIA, people learn about the Catholic Faith and
prepare to become full members of our Catholic family. This process is also
available for children and teens. Contact the Parish Office for additional
Catholics Returning Home is a program that provides a warm welcome to all
desiring to return to the Catholic Church. Voice your concerns and get answers
to your questions. For more information, email [email protected] or
call Gwyn Wathen (304-725-3215).
As adults, our second most important job is raising our children in our Catholic
faith. (Our most important job, of course, is maintaining our own relationship
with our Heavenly Father.) Families registered in our parish may enroll their
children in religious education as early as the age of three. Contact the Director
of Religious Education for more information. Various adult faith formation
classes are offered on a regular basis and are listed in the bulletin.
Baptism is the first sacrament by which we receive a new and spiritual life and
the dignity of adoption as children of God and heirs of God's kingdom.
Registered families can celebrate this sacrament at St. James, but parents must
attend a Baptism class which is held at 12:30 pm on the last Sunday of every
month. Contact the Parish Office to register for a class before the birth of your
Marriage is a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman. If you are a
registered, active member of the parish considering this vocation, you must
meet with Deacon Dave at least six months before your desired wedding date.
No date will be set prior to that meeting. For further information or to begin
this process, contact the parish secretary.
The sacrament of Anointing of the Sick, formerly known as Last Rites or
Extreme Unction, is a ritual of healing. It is available after the 10:00 am First
Saturday Mass each month. Also, should you or a family member be entering
the hospital, preparing for surgery, or nearing death, contact the Parish Office.
A Tourist Mass is celebrated at The Historic Chapel of St. Peter in Harpers
Ferry, West Virginia on Sundays at 11:00 am. The Chapel is also open to
visitors on Saturday and Sunday from 12:00 noon until to 4:00 pm most
weekends from May through October.
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Melvin C.
Funeral Home
Fairfax Blvd.
Charles Town • Ranson
Full Service Funerals
Since 1889
H. Marshall Brown
J.B. Barr
Saint Margaret Sunday Missal
al ompanion
Your Praye
through 2030
Designed to be
Following Jesus Every Day:
Family Owned
(304) 725-7068
Ninety days’ worth of Gospel verses and reflections including
a meditation, a prayer, a simple activity for the day and
a related verse from the Old Testament. Ideal for Lent
and Eastertime, or for any time of year!
800-566-6150 •
Readings • Reflections • Prayers
In Stock & Ready to Order Today.
800-566-6150 •
Blessed Art Thou
Mother, Lady, Mystic, Queen
Art by Brother Michael O’Neill McGrath, OSFS
Prayers by Father Richard N. Fragomeni
Hardcover book $39.95
1018 Jefferson Avenue
Charlestown, WV 25414
(304) 728-2000 Office
(304) 676-6102 Cell
World Library Publications
the music and liturgy division of J.S. Paluch Co., Inc.
(800) 283-8722 Toll Free - (304) 728-2002 Fax
The Sponsors Who Appear On This Bulletin.
It Is Through Their Support That This Bulletin Is Made Possible.
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J.S. Paluch at 1-800-945-6629
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At the Name of Jesus
The Way, The Truth, The Life
Art by Brother Michael O’Neill McGrath, OSFS
Prayers by Father Richard N. Fragomeni
Hardcover book $39.95
A to Z
World Library Publications
the music and liturgy division of J.S. Paluch Co., Inc.
Michael O’Neill McGrath, OSFS
A colorful Catholic ABC
families! Includes a glossary of questions
to help adults pass on their Catholic faith.
007199 9 x 12 Hardcover
$16.99 each • Special Offer — 2 for $25.00!
*First Three Months
506109 St James Church (B)
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Your Parish in
Your Will.
Brian or Sally, coordinators
an Official
Travel Agency
Wee Care
Childcare you can count on!
Providing quality care for the
Charles Town/Harpers Ferry area
[email protected]
Ranson, WV
For further information,
For more information call:
please call the Parish Office. Katherine Statz (304) 725-3082
1316 North Mildred St. RANSON, WV 25438
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“Professional Realtor”
For over 20 years in West Virginia
(304) 728-7974
[email protected]
Patrick Schneble
Eackles-Spencer & Norton Funeral Home
Residential • Commercial • Land • Development
Traditional, Pre-Arrangement & Cremation Offered
US 340 & Halltown Road
Charles Town/Harpers Ferry, WV
mailing address: P.O. Box C, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
Robert Spencer
Rentals & Property Management
Office: 304-728-5600 Cell: 304-620-2111
[email protected]
217 #4 Oak Lee Drive, Ranson, WV 25438
Alan H. Norton
Phone: 304.724.6500 Toll Free: 877.535.6500 Fax: 304.728.0943
Dr. Gagan Singh, M.D.
Saint Joseph School
The Medical Eye Center
Visit any of our three
convenient locations…
Hablamos su idioma
Celebrating 128 Years
710 Somerset Blvd. Suite 101, Charles Town, WV 25414
CHARLES TOWN • (304) 725-3434
KEARNEYSVILLE • (304) 725-5567
INWOOD • (304) 229-6722
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our church bulletin.
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because of it!
Pre-K - 8th Grade
• Stressing
Catholic values
• Inspiring
academic excellence
• Promoting global awareness
& service to those in need
New Patients Welcome
Call for an appointment 304-725-2121
AUTOSERV will donate $1,000 towards the building
fund with every 250 coupons redeemed
Complete Automotive Services
100 N. West Street, Charles Town
110 E. Stephen St. • Martinsburg, WV 25401
(304) 267-6447
$5.00 off purchase with this coupon. Minimum purchase of $25.00
May not be combined with any other offer.
Michael Boyle
Knights of Columbus
Your Shield for Life
Life Insurance
Disability Income
Long Term Care
Retirement Products
(304) 724-7000 Office
(703) 717-3700 Cell
(304) 212-6070 Fax
E-Mail: [email protected]
Field Agent
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Support Your Church & Bulletin.
Free professional ad design & my help!
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Call Helen Dawicki
Charles M. Brown
Robert C. Fields
Ave Maria
Gregorian Chants
conducted by
Lucien Diess, CSSp
Brown Funeral Home, Inc.
327 West King Street
P.O. Box 821
Martinsburg, WV 25401
Fax: 301/263-9248
Available on CD ($17)
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World Library Publications
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F. Samuel Byrer • Peter A. Pentony
Law Office of F. Samuel Byrer, PLLC
Phone (304) 724-7228
[email protected]
Roger Mattei
Pruning, Trimming, Removal
Feeding, Cabling & Bracing
Specializing in Large Trees
All Work Guaranteed
Fully Licensed and Insured
725-5651 - 1-800-407-6144
For Ads: J.S. Paluch Co., Inc. 1-800-945-6629