school newsletter

Farewell Ms. Ostefechuk!
Congratulations to Ms. Judy Ostefachuk who has announced her retirement as of December 31 st, 2014. While it is
always sad to say goodbye to someone we are very happy for her as she enters this exciting time in her life. We
would like to say thank you Ms. Ostefachuk! After almost 30 years dedicated to education, you deserve all the best
in your retirement. We know she will do many amazing and creative things in retirement and the staff and
students of École Stonewall Centennial wish her good health and much happiness.
R elax
E ntertain
T ravel
I ndulge
R ead
E njoy
So Long Ms. Bell
Ms. Bell is leaving École Stonewall Centennial School as she relocates with her family to British
Columbia. Ms. Bell has made a tremendous impact on both staff and students here and we will
really miss her! We wish her all the best as she continues to make a positive impact on students in
her role as Aboriginal Support Teacher on the Sunshine Coast.
“Tis the Season to BE Awesome!”
It seems like time is moving faster than ever as we approach the holiday season. École Stonewall Centennial
School had another busy and productive month. We really do have the best students; they have been working
hard both in and out of the classroom. Report cards have just gone home and we are pleased with the progress
our students are making. If you are in the school take some time to see student work displayed throughout the
school. We are very proud of their accomplishments and look forward to their continued academic growth.
Thank you to all staff, students, and community members who donated to our Bake Sale to
raise money for JDRF and to everyone who wore blue for World Diabetes Day. We raised
$101.00 towards finding a cure for Type 1 Diabetes. It was a great day of support and school
A huge thank you to everyone who donated winter outer wear for the Koats for Kids program
this year. There is always a need for outer wear and your donations will go a long way
keeping Manitoba kids warm this cold winter season! There are more children in Manitoba
than in any other province who access food banks and who do not have adequate winter
clothing. What a great way to make a difference for a child.
Miss Shachtay along with grade 8 leaders have begun an intramural program at second
nutrition break. This is a great opportunity for students to stay activate even when it is
too cold to go outdoors. Another opportunity to keep warm this winter during second
nutrition break is our Reading Club. Mrs. Procter will open the library at second nutrition
break for students who want the opportunity for some quiet reading time!
This will begin on Monday, December 1st.
We want to take this time to thank our hard working staff at ÉSCS who continuously work
hard to learn new things and grow as professionals. We have monthly assemblies now
to recognize the hard work of both our students and our staff. We have a group of solid
professionals who continuously give their breaks, evenings, and weekends to give our
students a well-rounded school experience and we are very thankful. Huge thanks to our
volleyball coaches for all of your hard work this season: Mrs. Kooning, Mrs. Fenske,
Mrs. DaSilva, Mme. Johnson, Miss Shachtay, and Ms. Mullen.
The staff of École Stonewall Centennial School would like to extend our best holiday wishes to the entire Stonewall
Community. Thank you for always supporting our school. We wish everyone good health, and happiness in the
New Year. We look forward to 2015 and all the wonderful things that await us. Have a safe and fun holiday!
What’s Going on in Grade 6?
6D – Mrs. DaSilva’s Room – Reporters: Maddy F. & Lauren B.
Math: In Math we had a visitor, Mrs. Quinn-LaFleche come in to talk about patterns and integers. She made math
fun and it helped us to learn in a fun way. We are learning about patterns and just finished integers.
Language Arts: L.A. is our favorite subject (not counting gym and art of course!). Mrs. DaSilva really makes it fun
because we have done a ton of projects (what we love!) including a metaphor of life poster talking about how life
has ups and downs. We did a tic-tac-toe book report which was a very different form of book report compared to
what we have done in the past. We also made a poster that shows which words represent us the most in pictures.
Mrs. DaSilva read us the book “we all fall down” by Eric Walters, this book was about the tragedy of 9/11. We are
now making presentations about real life survivors of 9/11 or people who helped recovery.
Social Studies: In this unit we have learned about how confederation was put together, we also did rights and
responsibilities of a Canadian and how you become a Canadian. We made posters that show how proud we are to
be Canadians ex: beaver, note box, Canadian flag, maple leaf and stuff like that. We just finished learning about
Manitoba’s father, Lois Riel, is he a patriot or a traitor was the main question in 6D this month.
Science: We have just finished our first unit, Diversity of Living Things. In this unit we have created a hybrid animal
project. We had to draw a picture of our animal, write about it, then create it using clay, toothpicks, egg cartons,
milk jugs and stuff like that. We did a lot about arthropods so we made a model of a hybrid arthropod using the
same materials as the above. Starting next science class we will be learning about the solar system.
French: We are learning about body parts and greetings and making monsters.
Music: We are learning to play simple songs on the ukulele
Phys Ed: We are learning to play volleyball
Grade 7 Girls’ Volleyball
Mrs. DaSilva and Mme. Johnson would like to congratulate the Grade 7 Girls’ Volleyball Team for all of their hard
work and dedication. We are both very proud of your achievement and growth this season. You showed team spirit
and athleticism during our games and practices. Your dedication toward volleyball will ensure future success! We
look forward to seeing you play in Grade 8!
This year’s team members were:
Alexa B., Rayna F., Alison P., Anna S., Megan H., Camryn M., Sarah D., Emily L., Taryn J., Kenzie B., Ellen M.,
Trinity R., Kara M., Emma S., Katie J., Dana B., Cassidy K., Robyn T., Kalennah T., Sarah A., Emily R.
Grade 7 Boys’ Volleyball
The Grade 7 boys had an awesome volleyball season! We practiced three times a week and our skills have really
improved. We had fun playing games against a number of teams but the most memorable would probably be
when we played the parents! We also participated in the Christmas Cheer volleyball tournament.
It was a pleasure to coach the following group of boys: Sean M., Rhett W., Cale W., Aiden M., Dawson S., Liam P.,
Lucas S., Hunter O., Graeme B., Michael L., Chris F., Josh S., Nick F., Cole T., Ryland G., Cody M.
Coach: Janice Mullin
Grade 8 Girls’ Volleyball
The Grade 8 Girls’ Volleyball team had a great season! The players showed excellent sportsmanship, energy and
developed their talent over the past couple of months. We tried something new this year and separated the 17 girls
into two squads. They split the games and spent far less time waiting on the bench. The girls went to a tournament
in Gimli and in Warren. They all came together at the Divisional tournament.
We finished 2nd in our pool, then defeated Teulon in the quarter finals. Unfortunately we lost our semi-final round
against Warren.
A huge thank you goes out to the parents who drove the girls to all their games and tournaments. We really
appreciated that. Also thanks so much volunteer scorekeepers of ÉSCS!!
This year’s team was: Julia M., Fallon F., Rikki F.H., Payton M., Ashley I., Emily M., Cindy W., Beth L., Alia S.,
Jayden L., Callie A., Sami M., Danielle B., Kalista N., Abby G., Rianna B., Katie V.H.
Coaches: Mrs. Fenske Mrs. Kooning
Grade 8 Boys’ Volleyball
The grade 8 boys’ volleyball team had an excellent season this year. The team worked hard and showed excellent
dedication to developing themselves into better volleyball athletes. The improvement that they showed in such a
short amount of time was truly amazing. At Divisionals they finished second in their pool during the round robin.
They defeated Woodlands in their quarter final game, and lost in an extremely close game to Grosse Isle in the
semi-finals. All 16 of our athletes should be very proud of themselves for all of their accomplishments throughout
the season.
Team members: Davis G., Logan F., Nic V., Gage S., Ethan G., Gio C., Alex R., Billy L., Justin L., Owen M., Logan
B,. Tyson O., Dylan S., Colby S., Kai S., Dante L.
Dance-a-Thon for Water!
Grade 6 and 8 Global Issues Social Justice group is hosting a Dance-a-thon to raise money
and awareness about the lack of access to clean drinking water for many children
throughout the world. We have created posters to advertise our event and have daily
announcements to teach our fellow students about the need for water in other parts of the
world. Students participating are asked to bring a $2 donation or collect pledges from close
friends and family. It is our goal to build a well in Karama, Uganda, where are sister school
is located. They currently use a bore hole for water located over 2 miles away. This
watering hole often dries up and students have very limited access to clean water. We
believe that having clean water, free of disease, is a basic human right. We are very
excited to be hosting this fun event that will get our students moving! If it is a success, we
might make it an annual event!
The grade 7 Social Justice Committee is encouraging our student body to donate new socks for
clients of Siloam Mission. All donations will be greatly appreciated and accepted until December
12th. Thank you to all those who are able to share.
École Stonewall Centennial’s Environmental Club will once again be holding our annual Recycle
Sale on December 17th and 18th! We have had great success with this sale in past years and we
are hoping to do well again this year! Donations of gently used items for the Recycle Sale can be
dropped off in our grade 5 square. Thank you for your support.
On December 16th, our school patrols along with supervisors Mrs. DaSilva and Mrs. Kooning, will
be attending Pizza Hut and bowling at Academy Lanes. This is to show how much we appreciate
their hard work and dedication in ensuring the safety of our students at École Stonewall
Centennial School. Keep up the great work that you do as patrols and a huge THANK YOU!
T’is the season for decadent desserts! Mrs. Nickel, one of our grade 8 teachers entered her recipe
for Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Cheesecake in the Kraft Real Women of Philadelphia Cheesecake of
the Year Contest and was in the Top 5!!! She was flown to Toronto this past summer to compete in
the bakeoff and placed 2nd!!!
She has been so generous to share her recipe with us! Check it out!
Chocolate Hazelnut Cream Cheesecake
Check out the link below to the spotlight feature Philly Canada did n Mrs. Nickel while she was in Toronto or check
out the holiday issue of Canadian Living this season to read about Mrs. Nickel and the rest of the finalists!
Philly Canada Cheesecake of the Year Finalist Spotlight - Maria Nickel
Friday, December 5th @ 5:00PM
Boys’ and Girls’ Choirs singing
at the Memory Tree Lighting
at the Santa Claus Parade
Band & Choral
Christmas Concert
Wednesday, December 17th
@ 7:00PM
Admission $5.00
“T’was 12 school days before Christmas
And all through the school
Everyone was working
Awaiting the Yule!
So what can we do
To have lots of fun
Yet still be able
To get all our work done?
Well, here’s what we’ve planned
For the final 12 days
So please read it carefully
And do what it says!”
1. Thursday, December 4 (school day 1): Food Bank Donations
To start off our Twelve Days of Christmas, staff and students are encouraged to bring in a donation for the
Stonewall & District Christmas Cheer Board. We would like to collect a large amount of non-perishable foods and
new/unwrapped toys/clothing! We will be collecting items from December 4th-12th. Here is a brief list of
suggested non-perishable food items that would be greatly appreciated:*boxed macaroni *boxed spaghetti *rice
*tuna *salmon *canned vegetables *soup *jello*stuffing mix *pancake mix *pancake syrup *cranberry sauce
*canned fruit *jam and honey *canned juice *coffee *tea *soda crackers *oatmeal *sugar *cake mix *cookies
TOYS and CLOTHING are also appreciated as long as they are NEW and UNWRAPPED 
Please keep donations in your homeroom. On the morning of December 12th, we will ask for a count of how many
food items/toys were collected from each class. The class that has the greatest amount of donations will win a
2. Friday, December 5 (school day 2): Mystery Caroler
During morning announcements, one mystery staff member will sing a Christmas carol over the intercom. Students
must try and guess all who the mystery caroler is and write their guess, along with their name and homeroom, on a
scrap piece of paper and drop it off in front of the office by 11:15 a.m. Prizes will be awarded to 5 students who
are drawn with the correct guess!
3. Monday, December 8 (school day 3): Decorate Your Homeroom
Students can bring in Christmas decorations from home and work together to decorate their homeroom. This is
not a contest, but a fun classroom activity!
4. Tuesday, December 9 (school day 4): Dress REALLY Christmassy!
Dig out your tacky Christmas sweaters and holiday clothing items! Everyone is encouraged to wear red and green,
or any Christmas-themed clothing and accessories.
5. Wednesday, December 10 (school day 5): Candy-grams!
Students can buy a secret candy present for a friend for $1.00. During both breaks, candy-grams will be sold in
the Blue Room. Candy-grams will be delivered on Friday, December 20th.
6. Thursday, December 11 (school day 6): Santa Paws
Staff and students can bring in a photo of their pet from home (dog, cat, etc) as well as a minimum $1.00 donation.
All donations will go towards a no-kill pet shelter in Winnipeg. Photos will be displayed on the bulletin board in
front of the office and all of those who enter will be eligible to win some great prizes!
7. Friday, December 12 (school day 1): Holly-Volleyball
A series of staff vs. students volleyball games will take place in the gym at 1:40. The games will go as follows:
Game One: Grade 7 Girls volleyball team vs. S.C.S. staff
Game Two: Grade 7 Boys volleyball team vs. S.C.S. staff
Game Three: Grade 8 Girls volleyball team vs. S.C.S. staff
Game Four: Grade 8 Boys volleyball team vs. S.C.S. staff
*More games if time permits!
**Reminder: Today is also the deadline for Stonewall & District Christmas Cheer Board donations!
8. Monday, December 15 (school day 2): Decorate a Gingerbread House or Christmas Cookie
Each homeroom is encouraged to either build a gingerbread house or decorate Christmas cookies. Students must
bring their own NUT-FREE supplies and can work together as a class to make some yummy Christmas creations!
9. Tuesday, December 16 (school day 3): Staff Baby Photo Contest
A festive display of staff baby pictures will be located in the front hallway. Students must try to guess all of the
staff members correctly on an entry form located under the display. Prizes will be awarded to 5 students who
guess all staff members correctly! Note to teachers: you may either take your class down to do this together or
send students during break time.
10. Wednesday, December 17 (school day 4): Candy Cane Pull
Candy canes will be sold during both breaks in the Blue Room for $0.25 each. If you pull a winning candy cane, you
win a prize!
11. Thursday, December 18 (school day 5): Christmas Potluck
Bring in a special NUT-FREE treat to share with your homeroom!
12. Friday, December 19 (school day 6): Christmas Cozy Day and a Movie!
Students are encouraged to wear cozy Christmas pajamas, slippers, scarves, etc. for the day. A movie will be
played in the gym for grades 5 and 6 in the morning, then grades 7 and 8 in the afternoon.
*Candy-grams will also be delivered today!