2012 Annual Report Celebrating our 20th anniversary

2012 Annual Report
Celebrating our 20th anniversary
Since Nancy and Jim Chuda started Healthy Child Healthy World 20
years ago, the dramatic rise of childhood diseases is alarming. As
scientists and doctors increasingly point to chemicals in our environment
as a cause, Healthy Child remains a trusted resource for parents to take
action and create a healthier environment.
As I embark on my first year with this organization, I am in awe of
the many parents and caregivers who bring our mission to life each day.
I hope to reach and empower many more families and communities
across the country. We are a small staff so it is through our community
that our message spread and our movement to protect children grows
It is more imperative than ever to practice a “better safe than sorry
approach” to give our children the best start at life. Thank you for
supporting our mission and I look forward to the accomplishments we
can create in 2013.
The Stats
In the last 20 years we have seen
an increase in childhood
Food Allergies
With an increase of 30%,
pediatric cancer is now the
leading cause of death by
disease for children under 15.
Gigi Lee Chang, CEO
Inform and Empower
1.5 million
visits to our website in 2012
Our website is our more important tool to spread
awareness, provide education for parents and advocate for
healthier and safer standards. To reach more families, we
have invested in a new website to help you find what you
need when you need it. Launching next year you can check
out the new site at www. healthychild.org
Our Community
26,000+ followers
54,000+ fans
490 bloggers
Stronger and Bigger
Over this past year, we have been steadily growing the community
of parents we reach and have had an impact on thousands of families
with the critical information we provide. Our social media following has
increased by 30% since January. Given the power of the digital parent,
we have harnessed their collective action to successfully advocate for
safer policies in our marketplace and government.
In May, we launched the first annual National Healthy Child
Party Week to bring focus to the importance of community as the
integral way to help us spread the word. Through the help of our
celebrity supporters, parent ambassadors and blogger network, we
had over 4,500 participants nationwide in just one week. By the end of
2012, 120,000 people will have participated in 47 states. The Healthy
Child Party has been a vital grassroots programs to provide
communities with tools to transform their environment- empowering
more and more parents to take action.
From our hosts:
“I would like to thank Healthy Child Healthy World and all its
partners for this wonderful opportunity to help promote awareness of
children’s environmental health. My guests and I had a great time
discussing what each of us is concerned about and what solutions we
have found. I thought that the party kit was full of great products and
samples. Thank you!” -Natalie C.
“I really enjoyed hosting a party. I love that I could have people’s
attention, even for a few minutes, to share issues that are very
important to me and for our future generations.” -Jennifer G.
“It was great opening the eyes of my fellow moms who had no idea
about the toxins they could be exposing their children to.” -Jamie G.
Keeping companies
accountable and setting
standards for a safer
1. Campbell’s to remove BPA
Along with the Breast Cancer
Fund, we successfully petitioned
Campbell’s to commit to remove
BPA from their cans. As a result 2
million cans that reach 80% of
households in the U.S. will no
longer contain the cancer-causing
2. Tide: take the cancer out
Healthy Child teamed up with
Parent Ambassador, Lori
Popkewitz Alper, to ask Procter &
Gamble to eliminate 1,4- dioxane
from their Tide Free & Gentle®
laundry detergent. Through, 1,4dioxane is known carcinogen, the
laundry detergent is marketed to
moms as a healthier choice for
their children’s laundry.Since its
launch, the petition has reached
71,000 signatures and growing.
3. Graco to ban toxic flame
Working with Parent Ambassador
Sara Snow we garnered 4,000
signatures in a petition to ask
Graco to remove flame retardants.
Graco, one of the leading
children’s car seat manufacturers,
committed to ban and monitor four
chlorinated Tris, which are known
5. Kellog’s: No fake dyes
Some studies link the consumption
of artificial food dyes to behavioral
problems in kids, and even cancer.
Partnering with health and
wellness experts Erica Reid and
Latham Thomas to petition
Kellogg’s to remove artificial food
dyes from children’s fruit snacks.
Our petition has over 120,000
signatures from parents
2012 Mom on a Mission
In its 4th year, our
annual Mom on a
mission campaign
highlights American
parents who are
dedicated to creating
healthier and happier
environments for their
families and communities. We received over 100
nominations from January to August and recognized
a finalist each month to be in the running to become
our 2012 Mom on a Mission. In October, our
community voted for one of the 8 inspiring to receive
the award.
Hosted by Kelly Rutherford, our Mom on a
Mission Awards and Fundraiser held in New York
City, honored Victoria Di Iorio for her work on the
Healthy Home Initiative as the 2012 Mom on a
Mission. We also included a special honoree award
and recognized Rick Lake and Abby Epstein for their
documentary, The Business of Being Born.
Victoria is a recognized expert in
sustainable and green design
strategies relating to the built
environment. Victoria launched
the Healthy Home demonstration
project to raise the bar on
sustainable design by focusing on
healthier indoor environments. The
10-year initiative aims to build an irrefutable scientific
case to prioritize human health in the built
environment through case studies focusing on indoor
air quality as it relates to material and product
specifications and to educate architects, builders,
interior designers, manufacturers and consumers
about the importance of human health.
Board of Directors
Shop Healthy
Healthy, Green, Non-Toxic,
& Safe Products
Healthy Child Healthy World
launched the Shop Healthy program
7 years ago to recommend safer,
healthier alternatives for families and
guide them in making smarter buying
decisions. This year, more than 50
companies participated in the
Mobile App
Launched in 2010, our mobile app
gives parents quick access to pocket
guides with tips on baby food, to safer
plastics and baby care. The app also
serves as an essential resource to
identify safer alternatives when
shopping. Our app has close to 9,500
downloads in 8 different countries.
Meredith Blake
CJ Kettler
Larry Eason
Denise McCain-Tharnstrom
Anna Getty
Jennifer Bayer Michaels
Alan Greene, MD, FAPP
Robyn O’Brien
Rene Jones, Board Chair
Serena Torrey Roosevelt
Advisory Board
Arlene Blum
Christopher Gavigan
Where your donations goes matters. At Healthy Child Healthy World each
David Carpenter
Nancy Greenspan
dollar goes a long way to support our mission. With a small staff we
Theo Colborn
William McDonough
depend on our community, partners and donors to reach families all over
Devra Davis
Tony Brown
the country.
Samuel S. Epstein
Kiernan McGuire
Brenda Eskenazi
Janelle Sorensen
Ruth Etzel
Sandra Steingraber
Lynn Goldman
Tanya Acker
Irva Hertz-Picciotto,
Roger Barnett
Kelly Love
Dick Jackson
Leslie Robison
Allison Evans
Joel Schwartz
Myra Goodman
Leonardo Trasande
Philippe Grandjean
John Wargo
Dr. Jane Tavyev-
Jane Buckingham
Ana Flores
Sheila Hollender
Honorary Board
Nancy Chuda
Harvey Karp
James Chuda
Jena King
Erin Brockovich
Philip J. Landrigan
Beth Nielsen
Nina Montée
Tanya Murphy
Jay Feldman
Olivia Newton-John
Mary Gant
Carrie Cook Platt
Betty Ann Gaynor
Anne Robertson
Statement of Financial Position
December 31, 2011
Tessa Hill
Luminary Board
Laila Ali
Angela Lindvall
Gabrielle Anwar
Josie Maran
Mayim Bialik
Sarah Jane Morris
Amy Brenneman
Kelly Preston
Connie Britton
Elisabeth Rohm
Laura Dern
Kelly Rutherford
Jenna Elfman
Meryl Streep
Jennie Garth
Jennifer Taylor
Mariel Hemingway
Diane Farr
Healthy Child Healthy World is a California non-profit
11872 La Grange Ave, 2nd Fl
public benefit corporation whose mission is to empower
Los Angeles, CA 9002
parents to take action and protect their children form
harmful chemicals.
Our Supporters
Until toxic chemicals are eliminated, our work at Healthy Child Healthy World continues to be the essential resources for
parents. And it is because of our generous donors that we can continue to grow and expand our programs.
Corporate Donors
Abe’s Market
Dolphin Organics
Alba Botanica
Earth Friendly Products
Plum Organics
Ava Anderson
Plum Kids
Pump Station & Nursery
Baby Mantra
Episensial Epicuran Baby
Becoming Baby
Fresh Healthy Vending
Sage Spoonfuls
Belly Armor
Green Toys
Seventh Generation
Boiron USA
Josie Maran Cosmetics
Klean Kanteen
Stroller Strides
Burt's Bees
Citrus Lane
Lullaby Paint
UnReal Brands, Inc
Clif Bar/Luna
Clover Stornetta
Vital Choice
Colorado Clothing (Soybu)
Nordic Naturals
Walgreen's Ology
Corman (Organyc)
Organic Valley
Zoe B Organic
Elbaz Family Foundation
Turner Foundation, Inc.
Dallas Foundation
Robert K. Steele Family Foundation
Jena and Michael King Foundation
United Talent Agency Foundation
Walton Family Foundation
In-Kind Support
Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher
Individual Donors
Afshin Asher
Danny Seo
Joshua Rosenthal
Robert Thompson
Alexander Palevsky
Diana Matthews 2
Kathleen Conley
Robin Alper
Alexandra Kole
Donald Jones
Kathy Smith
Ronald Mccoy
Alison Carlson
Eboni Vincent
Katja Rische
Sarah & Luke Hartzog
Alvina Lo
Ed Berman
Kellie Venturini
Sarah Brower
Amanda Paul
Elizabeth Chait
Kelly Searcy
Sarah Mikrut]
Amber vanderMeer
Elizabeth Jenkins
Kevin Shultz
Scott Hendesron
Ana Flores
Elizabeth Ross
Kim Rozenfeld
Sephora, USA INC
Andrea Sutton
Elizabeth Shah
Lani Evon
Serena Savino
Andy Chen
Erica Yarger
Laura Benedict
Sharon Stacy
Anna Estrada
Erika Farless
Lauren Langer
Shelby Chong
Anna Kreymer
Erin Walters
Leana Greene
Shirley Brathwaite
Anne Robertson
Evelyn Ko
Lequetta Bowman
Sindy Abad
Arash Asher
Fetzer Vineyards
Leslie Bledl
Sonia Rollo-Imerti
Arlene Thomas
Francesca Lo
Margaret Brancolino
Stephanie Garcia
Armando Mendoza
Gabriel Carrizo
Maria Hernandez
Suzanne Browning
Ashley Pontell
Galit Laibow
Mary O'Malley
Tabby Scales
Barbara Fagyas
Holly Tanna
Mary Wagstaff
Tenny Hovsepians
Barbi Appelquist
Jackie Brustein
Melissa Bomes
The Conscious Cook
Barry Smeltzer
Jan Strup 2
Meridith Hill
Tiffany Abrahms
Ben Shieh
Jane Asher
Michael Altman
Trisha Gum
C Fellows
Jane Buckingham
Monica Singhal2
Wai Ki Rebecca
Candace Mendes
Janeen Ponyicsanyi
Morgan Siminds
Candice Khun
Jeff Simonian
Nancy Josephson
We Add Up
Carlee Okerman
Jen Green
Nancy Moonves
Catherine McCord
Jen Wirsing
Natali Bader
Chantal Spanicciati
Jenni Kayne-Ehrlich
Natalia Roqué
Charles Sparks
Jennifer Giannini
Nicole Landset
Cherokee Inc
Jennifer Lattimore
Nina Montee-Karp
Christi Hancock
Jennifer Schiff
Norma and Marvin
Christina Erickson
Jessica Grimm
Christine Hoagland
Jessica Little
Old Dominion Hay
Cindra And Alan Ladd
Patricia Spada
Cynthia Arvessen
Joanne Ramos
Paul Nelson
Daddy Van's Laura
Jodi Betancourt
Paula Bergpaulaberg
Joe Gebbia
Peggy English
Laura Kalkman
Joe Henry
Rachel Burnett
Dan Wilson
Jonathan Weiss
Rachel Dayton
Dana Brook
Joshua Graham
Randy Coty
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Abby Gretter
Andrea Archambault
Becky Wilkey
Chaitanya Katari
Abby Midthun
Andrea Dewar
Ben Treadwell
Chandra Dickerson
Abeni Quade
Andrea Stevens
Bernadette Mcburnie
Chandra Poe
Abigail Egan
Andrew Blaine
Bernardita Olaes
Chasity Marcus
Adele Terranova
Andy Vorster
Beth Browning
Cheryl Gomes
Adina Hatch
Angel Danelle
Beth Egan
Cheryl Theaman
Adriann Finkler
Angela Barrett
Beth Grigsby
Cherylena Simmonds
Aimee Auchtung
Angela Bennett
Bethany Wallen
Chris & Janet Beach
Aimee Darling
Angela Larsen
Betsy Garrigues
Chris Leach
Aimee L Dee
Angela Pemberton
Beverly Colby
Chrissa Kruger
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Angela Van Gelder
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Bonnie Holloway
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