FMA Informative Issue No #155

Informative Issue No. 155
World Championships
International Filipino Martial Arts Seminar / Workshop
Hall of Fame Ceremony
2014 CDP Eskrima World Championships
4th Doce Pares Hall of Fame
Seminar and Workshops
Farewell Party
The Eskrimador (A Personal Account of the Event)
The FMA Informative was very fortunate to have Grandmaster Catherine “Kitty” Canete-Knight provide information on the 2014 Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete FMA Festival.
The main article was written by Grandmaster Catherine “Kitty” Canete-Knight in collaboration with Ms.
Gloria R. Canete and edited by James L. Knight, PhD.
Also Mitchell F. Langon wrote his experiences at the event. This is the article entitled “The Eskrimador”
and is a personal account of his experiences at the event. James L. Knight, PhD assisted by editing the article to
ensure all the “T’s” were crossed and the “i’s” dotted.
About the Writers:
Grandmaster Catherine “Kitty” Canete-Knight is her father Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete’s principal
emissary and ambassador. She is also the Vice-President for International Affairs, Cacoy Doce Pares World
Ms. Gloria R. Canete, a writer-radio announcer in Cebu, is the widow of Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete’s
late son Grandmaster Edgar Canete. She is also the mother of Grandmaster Chuck Canete the heir apparent to
carry the torch for his grandfather Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete in the future.
About the Editor:
Cacoy Doce Pares Headquaters (CDPHQ)
81-A C. Padilla St.
Cebu City, Philippines.
Grandmaster Chuck Canete takes the calls regarding the CDPHQ operations.
Home Phone: 261-5387 (011-63-32 Intl. area code)
Email: [email protected]
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James L. Knight, PhD is the husband of Grandmaster Catherine “Kitty” Canete-Knight. He is a former Purdue
University professor and a retired Bell Labs scientist.
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As attendees arrived in Cebu City in droves from all over the world, the anticipation and excitement of
the Cacoy Doce Pares (CDP) members and players, not only to participate in the Tournament, but even more
importantly, to see Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy healthy and to spend the entire week of his 95th birthday with
him, was simply overwhelming.
The Festival started with a big bang as the foreign CDP players were treated to a Welcome Party at CDP
Headquarters. This kickoff really turned out to be a kind of family reunion, since Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy
considers them all to be a part of his family.
2014 CDP Eskrima World Championships
The 2014 CDP Eskrima
World Championships action really
started on August 4, at the City
Sports Club in Ayala, Cebu City
with the “parade of colors”. Participants from the US, Australia,
Canada, Indonesia, Mexico, New
Zealand, United Kingdom as well
as local stick-fighters from Cebu
City, Borbon Cebu, San Fernando
Cebu, and Cagayan de Oro City in
Mindanao, were all cheered by the
crowd and by Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy himself.
Arnis de Caballes Team
Mindanao Group
USA Team
United Kingdom Team
Australian Team
UC Team
The participants, led by
Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy’s
grandson, Grandmaster Chuck
Canete, who was also the tournament director and head organizer
of the events, first recited the Oath
of Sportsmanship. Then Supreme
Grandmaster Cacoy officially declared the Tournament, open.
On August 4th, the Tournament’s opening day, the first
competition was the Forms (kata or
sayaw). Most of the younger breed
of Eskrimadors performed their
fancy theatrical “kata”, garbed in
their native costumes which obviously wowed the crowd. Other
classic/traditional stickfighters presented the real combative Forms,
which also awed the audience.
Arnis de Caballes
Mexico - Lalo Palomares
CDPHQ - Rachel Sabello
UC group
Canada Team
Mexico-Lalo Palomares-Jerry Arrechea
Wollongong-Dominic Lavalle Team
Indonesia Team
The next day was the start
of the most-anticipated Eskrima
competition which included Single
-Stick, Double-Stick, and the “Kulata” (Beat Up) Challenge (the only
category where contenders fight
without wearing body protectors).
The fighters for all divisions were categorized by their
weight and age except for “Kulata”
which was open weight. The tough
Eskrimadors, who didn’t seem to
care about the blows their body
received throughout the fight, valiantly fought with all their might,
not only for the medals, but also, to
honor their Eskrima
mentor, Supreme
Grandmaster Cacoy.
Each time the contenders won a fight,
they automatically
approached Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy, to have their foreheads
touched by his hand, a traditional Filipino gesture, that we call
“Amen” or “Bless”, as a sign of
respect towards our elders.
Supreme Grandmaster
Cacoy attended every day’s action
to witness the unfolding of events
from which future leaders and innovators of Eskrima would rise. I
am sure that the daily competitions
gave a solid assurance to Supreme
Grandmaster Cacoy that Eskrima,
the only Filipino martial art, would
live on for the coming generations.
UK Mark Lock - Grandmaster Vince
Palumbo (Adelaide)
Andrea Wheatley (Melbourne)
Tamiko Ames (Adelaide)
As the Tournament continued
for four exciting and
nerve-wracking days,
the players were always
to be seen lining up to
get Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy’s autograph
for his books that they
purchased at the venue.
Players eagerly purchased many of Supreme
Grandmaster Cacoy’s
classic books including
Basic Eskrima, Eskrido,
as well as the
recently-released book,
The Challenge Fights of Grandmaster Ciriaco “Cacoy” Canete:
The Greatest Living Eskrimador Paperback
By Tom Meadows
To Order from Amazon: Click Here
The over-all winners of the Tournament were the following:
Cacoy Doce Pares Club / Headquarters
Grandmaster Anthony Kleeman - USA
Derick Duell USA - John More (Adelaide) Kulata Fight
USA Master Dan Haney
Grandmaster Vince Palumbo (Adelaide)
The Challenge Fights of Supreme Grandmaster Ciriaco “Cacoy” Canete, written by his long-time student, Grandmaster
Tom Meadows. This new book, besides covering his many
challenge fights also documented many death-defying experiences of guerilla fighter Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy during
World War II.
Unfortunately Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy’s fifth
and newest book Olisi-Baraw (Stick-Dagger), didn’t make it
out of the printing press in time for the Festival which disappointed a lot of attendees who were hoping to purchase a
copy before heading home.
Felixberto Ybanez
John Mac
Eula Villahermosa
Dayl Fernandez
Rachel Sabello
Celine Diaz
Rhio Musico
Dayne Fernandez
John Ybanez
Rey Carriaga
Raphael Marquez
Kathleen Recerote
Izel Canete Tormis
Christopher Badal
Marc Abueva
Levi Mejorado
Danny Serundo
Glen Solite
Miko Canete
Omar Paolo
Jules Ylaya
Edmar Panes
Jhulian Moralde
James Apostol
Justin Reserva
Demo Team
Mike Tomson Cejudo
Jims Bunn Cejudo
Benjo Pardilla
Alfred Abarquez Jr.
Melchor Dela Sala
- 3 Gold
- 3 Gold
- 2 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
- 2 Gold
- 2 Gold
- 1 Gold, 1 Silver
- 1 Gold, 1 Silver
- 1 Gold, 1 Silver
- 1 Gold, 1 Silver
- 1 Gold, 1 Silver
- 1 Gold, 1 Silver
- 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
- 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
- 1 Gold
- 1 Gold
- 1 Gold
- 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
- 1 Silver
John Mac (CDPHQ) - J.Moore (Adelaide)
- 1 Silver
- Alex Sua (Sydney)
- 1 Silver
- 1 Silver
- 1 Silver
- 3 Bronze
- 2 Bronze
- 2 Bronze
- 1 Bronze
- 1 Bronze
- 1 Bronze
- 1 Bronze
Grandmaster Vince Palumbo (Adelaide)
- 1 Bronze
Ken Rockley (Broome)
- 1 Bronze
Dan Haney (USA)
International Combative Martial Arts Academy/Cacoy Doce Pares Adelaide
Vince Palumbo
John Moore
Tamiko Ames
Teresa Collicelli
Jason Blunt
Daniel Renucci
- 3 Gold, 1 Bronze
- 2 Gold, 2 Bronze
- 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
- 1 Silver
- 1 Bronze
- 1 Bronze
East Coast Doce Pares Institute - Cacoy Doce Pares Sydney/Brisbane
Isaac Dean
Paul Canham
Gary Dean
NZ Rao Fu Fight
- 3 Gold
- 2 Gold
- 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze
John Anthony
Alex Sua
Jimmy Dela Cruz
- 2 Silvers
- 2 Silvers
- 1 Silver
Doce Pares Fighting Arts System - Cacoy Doce Pares USA
Cacoy Doce Pares UK
Leonard Lee
Anthony Kleeman
John Chaney
Dan Haney
Anh Khoa Ngo
Mark Lock
Jamie Roe
Ricardo Stagg
- 2 Gold, 1 Silver
- 2 Gold, 1 Bronze
- 1 Gold
- 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
- 1 Bronze
Cacoy Doce Pares Darwin
Louie Sayson
Patrick McCormick
Ingrid Herbert
Matthew Kelly
Arnis de Caballes
Maximo Caballes Jr.
Mary Mica Caballes
Emilio Cuevas
ADC Demo Team
Joephet Greno
Shane Ericka Fua
- 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
- 1 Silver
- 1 Silver
- 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
- 1 Gold, 1 Silver
- 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
- 1 Gold
- 1 Silver
- 2 Bronze Medals
- 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
- 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
- 2 Bronze
- 1 Bronze
FMA Academy - Cacoy Doce Pares Canada
USA Team
Annabelle Alloso
Eleanor Obaldo
- 2 Silvers
- 1 Bronze
University of Cebu Arnis Team
Cacoy Doce Pares Alice Springs
Donie Aguhob
- 2 Gold, 1 Silver
Noelyn Bargamento
- 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
Meka Grava
- 2 Silvers, 1 Bronze
Ainy Bastida
- 2 Silvers
UC Demo Team- 1 Silver
John Daryl Dacalos
- 1 Silver
Vincent Caballes
- 1 Silver
Judymae Eloira DeCello - 1 Bronze
Mark Escasio
- 1 Bronze
Martin Gardiner
Rao Fu
Eduardo Salan
Tamiko Ames (Adelaide) - Andrea Wheatley
(Melbourne) - Teresa Collicelli (Adelaide)
- 2 Gold
- 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
- 1 Bronze
- 2 Gold
Combined Martial Arts Academy - Cacoy Doce Pares Jakarta/Bali
Tom Goldsworthy
I Komang Satriawan
Drew Lambert
Idi Tindianto
- 2 Bronze
Grandmaster Vince Palumbo (Adelaide) Lalo Palomares (Mexico) - Dominic Lavalle
- 2 Gold, 1 Bronze
- 1 Gold, 1 Silver
Cacoy Doce Pares Borbon Club
Justin Nepomuceno
- 2 Bronze
Mindanao Doce Pares Society
Red Earth Martial Arts Academy - Cacoy Doce Pares Broome
Bianca Hellberg
Michael Dale
Ken Rockley
- 1 Silver
NZ Wing Chun - Cacoy Doce Pares New Zealand
Cacoy Doce Pares Mexico
Lalo Palomares
Gerardo Arrechea
Bianca Hellberg (Broome) - Annabelle
Alloso (Canada) - Ingrid Herbert (Darwin)
Grandmaster Anthony Kleeman (USA)
Gary Dean (Sydney) - Michael Dale (Broome)
- 1 Gold, 1 Bronze
- 1 Silver
- 1 Silver
- 1 Bronze
Cacoy Doce Pares Melbourne
Andrea Wheatley
- 1 Gold, 1 Silver, 1 Bronze
Reflex Centre - Cacoy Doce Pares Wollongong
Jaron Ponce
Dominic Lavalle
Toni Masueci
Justin Bernardi
- 2 Silvers
- 2 Silvers
- 1 Silver
- 1 Silver
Andrea Wheatly (Melbourne) - Tamiko Ames
(Adelaide) - Eleanor Obaldo (Canada)
Jerry Arrechea (Mexico) winner
Lalo Palomares (Mexico) - Darwin Louie Sayson
- Danny Serundo (CDPHQ)
Isaac Dean (Sydney) - Gold Medal
The Awards Ceremony was held on Supreme
Grandmaster Cacoy’s special day, August 8th. Participants lovingly cheered him and sang “Happy Birthday”
as he entered the venue. It brought a real big smile to the
celebrant’s face and a twinkle to his eyes.
Then followed endearing scenes as each winner
touched his or her forehead with Supreme Grandmaster
Cacoy’s hand for blessing each time he placed a medal
around an awardee’s neck.
Grandmaster Anthony Kleeman (USA)
Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Hand Blessing
Paul Canham (Sydney) Gold
Drew Lambert (Indonesia) Silver
Grandmaster Anthony Kleeman (USA)
Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Placing Medal
Grandmaster Vince Palumbo (Adelaide)
Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy placing medal
CDPHQ - Overall Winners
Sydney-Craig Hayward Team
4th Doce Pares Hall of Fame
On the eve of Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy’s birthday the 4th
Doce Pares Hall of Fame and
following formal dinner were
held. The evening was filled
with a breath-taking sight of
many elegantly-dressed Eskrimadors. The good-looking gentlemen donned their best formal
attire with majority of them
proudly wearing the Filipino
“Barong-Tagalog”. The beautiful ladies looked very chic,
gorgeous and stunning as they
sashayed their way into the ballroom, wearing their lovely
formal dresses and gowns.
Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy’s 95th Birthday Cake
That night more than fifty Eskrimadors
were enshrined in the Doce Pares Hall of Fame
2014. Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy was again
presented with an award entitled “International
Martial Arts Legend”.
The other inductees included the following:
Excellence in the Promotion of Sport Eskrima
Joe Parker (USA)
Tom Goldsworthy (Australia)
Exemplary Dedication to CDP Award
Alfred Abarquez Jr. (Philippines)
Andrea Wheatley (Australia)
Antonio Familari (Australia)
Exemplary Dedication to CDP Award
Craig Ames (Australia)
Diony Tejadillo (Philippines)
Fernando Olvera (MEX)
Gloria Canete (PHIL)
John Moore (Australia)
Omar Paolo (Philippines)
Rick Morales (USA)
Wayne McLean (Australia)
Humanitarian Award
Michael Barker (Australia)
Martial Arts Icon Award
Richard Bustillo (USA)
Notable Eskrima Competitor Award
Dean Michael Canete (Philippines)
Notable Law Enforcement Instructor Award
Grandmaster Chuck Canete and Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete
Gerrardo Arrechea (Mexico)
Glen Gardiner (Indonesia)
Zach Whitson (USA)
Grandmaster Mick Barker
DPHOF Humanitarian Award-Typhoon Haiyan
Notable / Valuable Martial Arts Instructor Award
Grandmaster Catherine “Kitty” Canete-Knight, daughter of Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy, gave an overview of a movie project, aptly
and simply titled Cacoy, and was followed by a showing of the movie
trailer, which proved to be the biggest blast of the evening, as the audience got a glimpse of what the movie is all about.
The evening wrapped up with everyone lining-up to have their
pictures taken with Supreme Grandmaster sitting in his wheelchair,
beaming with pride.
Taufik Nandipinto (Indonesia)
Anthony Nguyen (USA)
David Bertrand (USA)
Outstanding Contribution in the Promotion of FMA Award
Bob Breen (UK)
Dr. Gary Jamison (USA)
John Terry (USA)
Marie Petery (Australia)
Marty Cale (USA)
Outstanding Dedication to FMA Award
Ernesto Elizondo Jr. (Philippines)
Manuel Francisco Jr. (USA)
Marcos Rodriguez (USA)
Tom Meadows (USA)
Zena Babao (USA)
Grandmaster Kitty Canete-Knight
and he father
Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete
Outstanding Student Award
Seminar and Workshops
Bianca Hellberg (Australia)
Jimmy Dela Cruz (Australia)
Ken Rockley (Australia)
Mike Harris (USA)
Posthumous Award
Narrie Babao (USA)
Valuable CDP Blackbelt-holder Award
Mark Lock (UK)
Valuable CDP Grandmaster Award
Anton St. James (UK)
Craig Hayward (Australia)
James Gibbons (Australia)
Levi Mejorado (Philippines)
Ted Sotelo (USA)
On August 9th, the last day of the Festival, the top
Grandmasters of Cacoy Doce Pares conducted simultaneous
seminar/workshops on Eskrima, Eskrido, Pangamot, and
Dumog. The Grandmasters included Vince Palumbo and
Craig Hayward of Australia; Anthony Kleeman, Ron Lew,
Vatche Partamian and Rommel Jimenez of USA; Anton St.
James from the United Kingdom; John Mac, Levi Mejorado
and Chuck Canete from the Philippines; and Master Gerardo
Arre-chea from Mexico. It was a successful activity attended
by numerous Tournament participants, who wanted to improve their craft, and receive advanced training.
Valuable Cacoy Doce Pares Master Award
Eduardo Palomares (Mexico)
Mark Parra (USA)
Mike Casto (USA)
Narrison Babao (USA)
Rommel Jimenez (USA)
Jerry Arrechea - Lalo Palomares-Kitty Canete Knight
Ken Rockley - Bianca Hellberg,et al
Valuable Contribution in the Promotion of Cacoy Doce Pares Award
Anthony Kleeman (USA)
Catherine Canete-Knight
Chuck Canete (Philippines)
John Mac (Philippines)
Martin Gardiner (Australia)
Ron Lew (USA)
Vince Palumbo (Australia)
Grandmaster John Mac - Grandmaster Levi Mejorado
Grandmaster Chuck Canete
Grandmaster Ron Lew - Grandmaster Rommel Jimenez
Farewell Party
Evening of the last day brought an
exciting farewell party. CDP Headquarters was again throb-bing with
life, ablazed with multi-colored
lights, and pulsing with the beat
of the songs and mu-sic provided by a live band, with Supreme
Grandmaster Cacoy’s youngest
son, Glenn, on the keyboards and
The warmth of the Filipino hospitality exuded once again,
as Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy
capped the strenuous week-long
Festival with another get-together
party but this time, in a more relaxed atmos-phere. A strong spirit
of camaraderie was shared by the
revelers as they enjoyed dancing
the night away. Some attendees
even challenged themselves to eat
“balut”, a Filipino delicacy, which
was really a joy to watch.
The happy occasion was
tinged though with a little sadness.
Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy and
all the participants realized that
the Festival had finally reached its
end. There were many promises
made though to come back soon
to the beautiful Island of Cebu and
the hospitality of CDP Headquarters.
The farewell party was
certainly a fitting culmination for
a truly memorable Festival. The
excit-ing week-long event not only
showcased the expertise and skills
of every participant but also deepened and strengthened the relationship between Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy and his world-wide
legion of ever-loyal students…
his friends…his inspiration…his
extended family!
The Eskrimador
There are life changing
events that present themselves at
the most unexpected times. Standing in a ring facing an opponent
ready to do battle at the 2014
Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima World
Championship in Cebu on Aug. 5th
can be viewed as unusual in my
circumstance. Less than ten minutes before I found myself in this
situation, I had officially begun
training in the particular martial art
of Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima in
which I was about to engage. But I
was ready - ready to pay tribute to
an art and to the great man who
inspired me to be here, right now
in this ring… to show respect, to
honor the history and the many
years of commitment to his
martial art, and to the greatness
of a man like no other. A true
legend is Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete.
I had visited the Visayan island of Cebu many years
ago. At the time I didn’t have
the chance to immerse myself
in the history or culture of this
beautiful Philippine island. As I
was a member of the US Navy,
I was always in recovery mode
trying to recuperate from long
sea voyages. I always stayed at a
resort, relaxed on the beautiful
beaches and ate as much local
cuisine as possible. This time it
was different. I was in Cebu to help
document, photograph and record
on video a historic event. There
have been many such events
before, but this one was very
special. The 2014 Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete FMA Festival was organized by Grandmaster
Chuck Canete, the Director of
Operations for Cacoy Doce Pares
World Federation, to honor his
grandfather Supreme Grandmaster
Cacoy Canete. This would not
only be an FMA festival, a tournament of the great Philippine
martial arts, but a celebration of
the 95th birthday of our great
Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy
Canete. We had all come to Cebu
to celebrate the life and achievements of a living legend. Amazing! The venerable Supreme
Grandmaster will be turning 95!
What an accomplishment!
When I first arrived in
Cebu I had the pleasure of being
introduced to the team - Team
USA - with which I would later
train, document and support
Mitchell Langon and Jhoanna Trias
with Team USA
during this event. The great leader
of this fine team is a man for
whom I have the greatest respect,
Grandmaster Anthony Kleeman.
He has such a great heart and is an
extraordinary instructor. His
charisma and humor make him
well-suited to be a Grandmaster. It
is easy to see that he has achieved
a surpassing level of skill in this
unique martial art. This team of
men from the USA is a fine example of what the Filipino martial
arts is all about. All its members
have deep commitment, dedication
and respect for the Philippine
martial arts. They join their fellow
martial artists at this event in
bringing a passion for this great
sport and Philippine cultural art.
Supreme Grandmaster
Cacoy Canete opened the 2014
Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima World
Championship and announced the
beginning of the tournament to a
standing ovation. All in attendance
in the large sports center were there
in Cebu to make history. It was
time! We were excited to begin!
This Filipino martial arts Festival
takes place every two years. But
the 95th birthday of Supreme
Grandmaster Cacoy Cenete takes
place once in a lifetime. Yes,
this was the opening of a very
special event.
Four separate fighting rings
were centered in the middle of
the sport center. The event staff
and the Canete family were
situated along the front of the
main rings looking out over the
whole event. Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete had the
best seat in the house, front and
center, to overview and watch
the tournament and enjoy this
great event. The walls of the
sport center were decorated with
banners representing the Filipino
martial arts tournament and with
banners sporting images of the
great Supreme Grandmaster, Cacoy
Canete, himself. All the teams
representing the various countries
were situated along the back
bleacher seats facing the four rings
in the middle of the sports center.
Each team had its own area, but in
keeping with the great spirit of this
event, we all ended up sitting
together. No country or culture
divided us. We all were brothers
and sisters here to honor this great
martial art.
The amazing forms that the
various teams represented inspired
awe! The precision, the balance
and jumps were spectacular. The
exotic costumes and knife and
sword presentations were magnificent! Every team was so talented!
When the matches began I
was so excited to participate as a
member of Team USA. Between
videography and photo-taking I
assisted ringside with my team,
providing support and cheering
them on. Watching and participating in these matches I saw the true
sport and heart that everyone
brought to the tournament. It was
then I began to understand the
event in which I was participating.
I began to meet individuals from
many countries, to learn their
stories and journeys from their
homelands. I found myself with
many new friends and established
new connections in the world of
martial arts. I found I no longer
represented only my own home
country the U.S.A. Now I represented and supported new friends
and fellow Eskrimadors from the
world over. I stayed ringside
ensuring all my new friends
properly cooled down, had water
and were cheered on with all the
support I could give. I am very
proud of all the Eskrimadors I met
at this event and all their achievement in the rings. I support everyone with my friendship and heart.
With the new friendships I
made and the heart I saw in the
matches, I was greatly inspired. I
had to do more than I ever thought
I could. I would aspire to the
model set by the man I greatly
respected. I would aspire to the
ethic he has always set for himself:
Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy
Canete has always said he has
never backed away from a challenge. So neither would I. I would
As I approached my new
brother (as he has come to call
me), Master Dan Haney from
Doce Pares Fighting Arts Oregon
was smiling. Even though we met
just a short while before, he
seemed to know what I wanted. I
asked, “Master Dan, what would it
take for me to compete in the ring,
in the tournament, single stick?
Could I?” He smiled and said
“give me a minute I’ll be right
back, I’ll go see.” A few minutes
later he returned and said “You’re
in!” I was shocked! Not really
about getting in, but I that I had
actually just entered myself, with
Master Dan’s help, into a life
changing experience.
Master Dan Haney began
my first official training on the
bleachers of the sports center in
the middle of the Filipino martial
arts festival. Grandmaster Vince
Palumbo from Australia also took
me aside and offered his expert
knowledge to help me. To be
instructed by legends like Grandmaster Vince is awe inspiring.
Little did Master Dan and I know
that ten minutes later I would be in
ring three, facing my first opponent in this historic
Filipino martial arts
The announcement came over the
loudspeaker and my
team began to suit me up
and prep me for the
match. Master Dan
Haney gave me his last
instruction and in an
instant I was in the
center of the ring. The
referee faced me and my
Mitchell Langon prepped
by Master Dan Haney
opponent. Our sticks were at the
ready... Fight! It was on! I fought
with everything I had! I swung
with speed and aggressiveness. I
tried to recall what Master Dan
taught me. I used the technique I
had watched my new friends use in
their matches. I went for combinations, body – head - body back and
forth. Check, then combinations
again. My opponent was tough and
seasoned. I continued to give it all.
After the first round I
noticed another person whom I
highly respected was next to the
ring cheering me and giving
Mitchell Langon fight
support. It was Grandmaster Kitty
Canete-Knight. Wow! She was
actually watching my match! What
an honor. She, of course, is Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete’s daughter. She is so special
and was so kind to me. As I
glanced around I began to see my
new friends watching and supporting my match. Knowing that my
friends, my team, and legends like
Grand Master Kitty Canete-Knight,
Grandmaster Vince from Australia,
Grandmaster Anthony Kleeman,
Master Dan Haney and the rest of
team USA were watching and
pulling for me was a source of
encouragement and determination
to do my best. All were supporting
me and coaching me. What an
honor of a lifetime!
The match ended. I was
tired, I gave all I had. What a fight!
The referee, my opponent and I
waited for the official results from
the judges. The referee held both
our arms and the announcement
came. Black! My opponent won.
But I knew that. I was red, but I
came out fighting like a bull seeing
red! I did it. I had held my own and
put up a great fight. Master Dan
said to me “Mitch, you just fought
in a match in Cebu at the Filipino
martial arts tournament! Can you
believe it”! Yes I did! My mind
quickly cleared of what I just
accomplished and I knew what I
had to do. I walked over to pay
tribute to the living legend. I
approached Supreme Grandmaster
Cacoy Canete. I bowed and
touched my forehead to his hand
and with Grandmaster Kitty’s help
told him what I had just accomplished. I did what I had set out to
do. I received a huge Wooow! And
a great smile from the Supreme
Grandmaster. I told him what an
honor it was for me to be there and
to participate in such an historic
event. I told him the reason I wanted to fight was to pay tribute and
honor his legend and legacy. The
best way to show my respect to
him was to get in the ring and
accept the challenge -the challenge
I gave myself - and fight. I had
done it. I just wanted to see his big
smile and hear his inimitable laugh
and show this great man the honor
that he deserves.
I had come to Cebu to
document, photograph and video
this historic event. I had no idea of
the adventure in which I would
participate. Grandmaster Kitty told
me it was the first time in tournament history that anyone had
participated and fought in the
tournament with no prior training
in the Filipino martial arts.
So I guess I’ve made some
history on my own! What a
life changing event!
The many kind and
generous people I have met
at the Filipino martial arts
festival in Cebu, Philippines speaks volumes of
the greatness that marks
the family of Filipino
martial arts. This tournaMitchell Langon after the fight
ment, the people who
with Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete
participate, the teams that
compete, the whole Canete family,
embody the great history, culture
and honor of the Philippines and
the Filipino people.
The medal ceremony was a
time to reflect how skilled and
talented were all those who participated in the event. You didn’t need
to receive a medal to understand
how special this event was. The
recognition conveyed a medal is an
abiding honor to take home to the
country that you represent.
I would like to personally
thank Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy
Canete. You inspire greatness in
me. I would like to thank you for
all the dedication and honor you
have given to the traditional Philippine martial art of Eskrima. I must
also remember to honor the service
you gave to protect and defend the
people of the great country of the
Philippines and (as a special officer
of the US Armed Forces in the Far
East-USAFE, the USA as well)
during WWII. Thank you so much
for your kindness and inspiration.
You are truly a living legend.
I will return to the Philippines. Hopefully, it will be soon. I
will continue to document this
great culture and, of course, study
and train in the Filipino martial art
of Cacoy Doce Pares Eskrima. I
would like to thank all my new
Filipino friends whom I now
consider family. I would also like
to thank someone special in my
life, Jhoanna Trias, the person who
introduced me to the Filipino
martial arts and introduced me to
this great network of people. She
introduced me to Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete, Grandmaster
Kitty Canete-Knight, Grandmaster
Chuck Canete and the whole
Canete family including Grandmaster Anthony Kleeman, Grandmaster Ron Lew, Master Dan
Mitchell Langon and Jhoanna Trias
and Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete
Haney, and team USA.
Jhoanna, you were a part of
my whole experience with
my new friends from
Australia, New Zealand,
Mexico and the Philippines. Thank you Jhoanna,
without your help and
introduction to this great
experience none of this
would have happened. We
worked tirelessly together
to record, photograph and
document this historic
event. Special thanks go to
Master Dan Haney. You
have great humor and are a
very talented Master.
Special thanks to Team
Australia, Big John Moore and
Grandmaster Vince Palumbo who
showed me true greatness. Respectful thanks to Grandmaster
John Mac, the chief instructor of
Cacoy Doce Pares HQ, your talent
is amazing. Thank you Grandmaster Kitty. You have been so kind to
me and you always make me
smile. You are proof of what I have
always told people. The most
talented and beautiful women in
the world are from Cebu! Thank
you so much.
I came to Cebu, Philippines
as a man searching for adventure
and history. I left this great country
as a new Eskrimador.
Cacoy Doce Pares Headquaters (CDPHQ)
81-A C. Padilla St.
Cebu City, Philippines.
Mitchell Langon and Jhoanna Trias in Phililppine
formal attire at the Hall of Fame
Grandmaster Chuck Canete takes the calls regarding the CDPHQ operations.
Home Phone: 261-5387 (011-63-32 Intl. area code)
Email: [email protected]
He is just a step away from the CDPHQ as well as from Supreme Grandmaster Cacoy Canete residence.
(Phone: 261-1352 (011-63-32 Intl. area code)
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