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CA Release Automation
At a Glance
CA Release Automation is an enterprise-class, continuous delivery solution that automates complex, multi-tier
release deployments through the orchestration and promotion of applications from development through production.
Enterprises use CA Release Automation to help:
•Deploy application releases faster and more often.
•Reduce release errors and achieve higher quality and stability by simplifying and standardizing application release processes.
•Reduce costs of application deployments.
•Improve visibility across the entire deployment tool chain.
•Promote collaboration and alignment between Development and Operations.
Key Benefits/Results
Many customers report significant benefits
from release automation, such as:
• Reduced application release cycles from
12 days to a few minutes
• More frequent releases by up to 300 percent
• Reduced resource requirements for
deployments from 15 to 1
• Instant visibility to key stakeholders and
increased confidence
Key Features
• Application-centric, model-driven
deployment provides reusable and
repeatable processes to simplify and
streamline application releases.
• Comprehensive set of action packs and
plug-ins enables customers to leverage
their existing investment and easily
automate and integrate leading third-party
solutions without scripting.
• Scalable enterprise solution that can
handle complex, multi-tier distributed
solutions across thousands of servers and
multiple data centers.
• Intuitive, powerful graphical Workflow
Engine eliminates the need of scripting and
quickly allows you to visually create your
deployment processes.
• Consolidated release manager and
dashboard promotes collaboration and
governance to plan, schedule and manage
releases across the promotion pipeline.
Business Challenges
Companies are adopting the latest development technologies and methodologies in order
to deliver new innovative applications and features to meet the demands of their customers.
The application innovation bottleneck is moving from development and infrastructure to
the process of delivering the application to the market. Automating the release process in
the world of modern, composite applications is not a trivial task. The permutations and
combinations of application technologies, coupled with infrastructure variations and
versions applied to multiple steps in the development and testing process contributes to
this complexity. Today, high-performing organizations are addressing these challenges by
adopting an enterprise class release automation solution and gaining the ability to:
•Standardize application deployments across the SDLC.
•Establish repeatable best practices with regards to timing, concurrency, sequencing, security
and permissions.
•Automatically deploy different components and configurations of applications on
physical, virtual and public or private clouds.
•Streamline “version control,” and roll back to previous versions in case of failure.
•Track and monitor configurations, release artifacts and release progress across
Solution Overview
Applications are a key component of modern business, and users of these applications
regularly expect 24x7 availability with new and enhanced features released on a regular
basis. In response, organizations are adopting agile development methodologies,
virtualization and cloud computing and release automation to enable the delivery of
application releases to the market faster and with higher quality.
Continuous Delivery is the practice of automating and improving the process of software
delivery. It incorporates techniques like continuous integration, automated testing and
environment and configuration management to enable software to be developed, packaged
and deployed across the SDLC–test through production–resulting in the ability to rapidly,
reliably and repeatedly deliver new features and enhancements at a lower risk with minimal
manual overhead.
Solution Overview continued
CA Release Automation orchestrates the
Continuous Delivery Tool Chain by
integrating all the components needed to
release and deploy an application across the
software development lifecycle. Application
deployment tasks are automated, reusable
and repeatable. Errors are reduced, software
releases are more reliable and delivered
more often and in less time.
Critical Differentiators
CA Release Automation helps companies
realize the promise of DevOps
methodologies by providing a continuous
delivery solution that integrates all aspects
of the application lifecycle into flexible,
repeatable processes. Develop complex
release processes once, and re-use those
processes across other applications, teams
and environments to speed deployment,
reduce manual errors and lower costs.
With CA Release Automation you can:
•Implement reusable automation
processes that increase productivity
and promotes consistency.
•Easily create release deployment
processes which automatically promote
applications from one environment to
the next within the promotion path –
development through production.
•Manage configurations of cloud infrastructure
components to help application release
teams reduce risk of failure by validating
configurations against baselines prior to
•Realize enterprise performance and
scalability for thousands of large, complex
multi-tier applications deployed across
thousands of nodes
•Integrate the industry’s leading ALM
solutions and technology with extensive
library of Action Packs and Plug-ins.
•Rapidly build custom integrations with
easy-to-use Rapid Development Kit.
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The CA Application Delivery suite of products
help organizations deliver applications to
market faster with superior quality and
reduced costs:
•CA Service Virtualization. Accelerate
application delivery, improve quality and
reduce costs and risks.
•CA Data Mining. Improve application
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increase DevOps collaboration and accelerate
time to market with automation.
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