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November 29, 2010
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SMA Hosts College Fair
By Brionne St. Cyr
Sports Editor
On Wednesday September 29, students gathered
in St. Mary’s Academy gym for the annual College Fair. This event is for students to learn more
about different colleges and what each college offers.
The event started with a welcome to all students
who attended, and the majority of them were seniors. The newly elected president of St. Mary’s
Academy, Sister Clare of Assisi Pierre, gave a
welcoming speech to the students. Later, principal Sister Jennie Jones gave an opening prayer,
and the students went off to visit each college. The
students asked questions to the representatives of
the colleges, and learned more about each individual school.
Each college gave applications to those who
were interested in attending their school, and described all types of majors the colleges have to
offer. After all the colleges were visited, the event
The representatives from the colleges said they
were impressed by how successful the event was.
“The college fair was a success, it helps students
make a good decision for what college they are
interested in,” said senior La Shante’ Mutley. The
event was an overall success, and many students
gained a lot from it.
Maryites and Purple Knights Get Ready for College
Photo Courtesty of St. Mary’s Academy
Sophomores Jasmine Adams and Mariah Palmer listen intensely to a college representative at the recent College Fair. Adams and Palmer were
two of the many students who explored their college options.
By Gabrielle Trepagnier
Volleyball Finishes
2010 Season with eyes
to the future
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Respect Life 2
Ring Mass 3
Opinions 4
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Ms. Delone 6
Poetry 7
St. Mary’s new school building is
coming along well. Students will be in the new
building after the Christmas break in January. The new building is 90 percent complete; the construction workers and contractors
are now putting in the air conditioning, floors,
lights and final touches. The gym and the library are the last buildings to be completed.
Students and faculty will enter campus through a large gate around the school, with
the letters “SMA” and the school crest on it. The gate will be open during the day, and closed
after school, on holidays, and on weekends.
There will also be a big fountain in
the courtyard. The campus will also have soccer and softball fields; the bleachers and sta-
Photo Courtesy of St. Mary’s Academy
An artist’s rendering of the new campus. Maryites, faculty and staff look
forward to “the big move” after the Christmas holidays.
dium lights are already in place.
The building is mostly brick, so when
there is a hurricane, it will not ruin the walls in
the classrooms or throughout the school. Each
classroom will come equipped with a flat screen
television and a Smart Board.
Sister Judith Therese Barial, a longtime teacher and almnae of St. Mary’s, com-
mented that she is ready to move over. She
said, “My hope and desire is that the state of the
art building will motivate students to be state of
the art students under the guidance of devoted
Sophomore Tristan Santa Cruz commented
that she feels very excited. She said, “I am so
happy that it is finally done!”
“I am looking forward to all of the activities,
because this is a wonderful opportunity and I’m
honored to have it. I just hope everyone is just
as excited as I am.” Aubert reigned as Queen, with Glenn
Haisley of St. Augustine as the King. Senior
Maids were Taiylor Nash and Jada Williams;
senior Dukes were Dwayne Williams and
Randy Brown. Chelsey Coleman and Alexis
Lee served as Junior Maids; David Marcelin and
Blair Leefort were the Junior Dukes. Dynasty
Robinson and Eryn Hartzog were the Sophomore Maids, with KiJana Curtis and Desmond
Lange III as Sophomore Dukes. Finally, the
Freshmen Maids were Maya Esteves and Tiffany Doss; the Freshmen Dukes were David
Bartholomew and Jonathon Tumer.
SMA students participated in various
homecoming activities throughout the week.
Monday was “Blast from the Past”
Day, where students dressed up in outfits from
the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s. Several faculty members also sported attire from those decades.
“Swagg your uniform” was the theme
of Tuesday. Students were able to accessorize
their uniform with earrings, hats, socks, and so
Wednesday was Twin Day, when
students get together with another student and
dress alike as though they really have a twin. Faculty also dressed in black and gold for the
Thursday was colorful as the theme
was “Class Color Day.” This is when students
get to wear their class color expressed on a shirt. The faculty also played the students in a friendly
volleyball game.
Friday culminated with the annual
Blue & Gold Day and Homecoming Parade,
featuring the court and the marching units.
St. Mary’s Hosts Homecoming
By Brittany Seymour
St. Mary’s Academy hosted their annual
homecoming activities this past week. The
week ended with the Homecoming Dance at the
Double Tree Hotel on Saturday November 20. The student council announced this
year’s theme as “Maryites Move from the Past
at Last.” This theme was chosen to reflect “the
big move” from temporary buildings to the new
campus in 2011.
The theme of the homecoming dance was “A
Night to Remember.” In preparation for the
event, Ms. Cains and the homecoming court
had been practicing after school every day the
week before. “They are very excited and very
respectable”, said Cains.
SMA homecoming queen Tierra Aubert also had a few words to say, commenting,
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November 29, 2010
Maryites Show Respect for Life
By Elysia Dantzler
News Editor
This past month, St. Mary’s Academy celebrated Respect Life Week. This week was
inspired by the 40 Days for Life, which is also
celebrated in the month of October.
In its honor, the school added a prayer for the
unborn to its morning routine. The prayer calls
for an end to abortion and prays for the souls of
the babies; however, this was not the only commemorative event that week.
Monday, on their way out of school, students
were shocked to see the sea of electric pink and
blue flags that were placed in the front lawn.
They were even more surprised to learn that
these flags represented the 4,000 babies that are
killed by abortion each day. The flags were put
in place by Mr. Ganucheau’s 1st and 4th period
classes. The executive director of the Louisiana
Right to Life, who also loaned the flags to the
school, suggested the idea to Ganucheau.
On Wednesday, Sister Khuong and the junior class put together a “Respect Life” Mass.
The Mass was not only about remembering the
lives of the unborn, but also about valuing all
human life.
In keeping with the Pro-Life theme, all religion classes were visited by two speakers from
Louisiana Right to Life and Celebrate Life Pregnancy Center. One speaker shared her struggles
as someone who has had an abortion. Another
speaker explained to the students how the abortion is actually done throughout different periods of the babies’ lives.
Apart from the week’s activities, there are
many more Pro-Life activities planned in the
coming months. The Archdiocese sponsored
a Respect Life Mass., which students attended. Mrs. Binder collected items on behalf of the
Access to Life Center. The donations were presented during the Mass. The Maryites for Life club are planning to
have a day of silence for the unborn. One third
of each class will participate by being silent for
the day. Mr. Ganucheau said, “The third of each
class represents the third of our generation that
has been silenced by abortion.” Members of
Maryites for Life are also eagerly waiting for
their trip to Washington D.C., in January where
they will be participating in the annual March
for Life.
Photo Courtesy of Louisiana Right to Life
Guest speaker Leslie Ellison addresses groups of Maryites during Respect Life Week. Ellison spoke to all
high school religion classes to raise awareness of pro-life issues.
Abortion Facts and Figures
Since 1973, more African American babies have been killed by abortion than any other
cause combined.
4,000 abortions are performed daily in the United States
African American women make up 13% of the population -- yet 35% of the abortions
performed are on African American women.
The abortion rate among African American women is three times greater than it is
among white women.
Sources: and the CDC
Big and Little Sisters Finally Meet
By Erika Alexander
Co-Student Editor
A “hopping” good time at
annual event
On September 24, St.
Mary’s Academy held its annual Freshmen Initiation for
the 2010-11 school year. This
year, the bash was put together
by Mrs. Aurora Sherman, the
twelfth grade moderator, Ms.
Cains, the ninth grade moderator, Ms.Handcock and Ms.
The festivities were started
with a prayer led by the senior
class Eucharistic Ministers. After prayer, the seniors drew
the names of the freshmen that
would later be their little sisters. The group played various games such as “ Ships and
Sailors” and “ Hey Burrito”. There was also a talent
show. The girls were to pair
up with other groups of girls
to perform. Rosemary Jones,
a freshman, won the talent
show with rendition of “Superhuman.” There were lots
of dancing and singing. Senior Kateri Crayton said
that she loves both her little
sisters. Sherman said that
she was happy seeing the big
and little sisters forming lasting friendships. Ninth grade
teacher Ms. Delone introduced
her big sister, who came and
spoke about how they were
still friends after all these
The freshmen and seniors
now share a sisterly bond that
will last for many years to
come. After Initiation, the big
and little sisters can be seen
spending time together both
on and off campus.
Photo Courtesy of St. Mary’s Academy
Senior Davien Gordon poses with her new little sisters Kaylyn Kelly
(left) and Najah Smith (right). Smith and Kelly are freshmen.
Photo Courtesy of St. Mary’s Academy
Freshmen Morgan Melder (left) and Aaliyah Carr
(right) greet their big sister Kateri Crayton.
November 29, 2010
Seniors Receive Rings
By Dominique Shelton
Co-Student Editor
Every year, it’s traditional for
the senior class to receive their
class rings through a spiritual
ceremony. On Friday, October 1,
St. Mary’s Academy recognized
their class of 2011 at St. Maria
Goretti Church. The ceremony began with a
traditional church Mass while
the seniors entered with their
parents. As they went to their
seats, the daughters and parents
separated on two different sides
of the aisle. After receiving the
Eucharist, the priest came down
to hand the seniors their rings. Excitement filled the pews as
the ladies anxiously awaited to
finally see their rings. One by one, the seniors were
called to walk up with their parents and get blessed by Father in
receiving their class rings. Once
the tears were dried and all the
ladies received their rings, the
entire class sang the St. Mary’s
Alma Mater. The Mass ended
and all the students ran to show
each other their rings. Sister Jennie Jones was asked
about the Mass, and she responded, “Mass was beautiful.
The parents are very proud of
them. We’ve had some of these
girls here since sixth grade. It’s
kind of bittersweet.”
While moving through the
aisle, senior Monet Stykes
stopped to talk about her ring.
“ I like my ring. I have a green
stone with a cheer symbol on it,
because I’m a cheerleader.” she
Not only did memories appear
in the minds of the graduating
class, but also for parents. The
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New Maryites
Welcomed at Event
By De’QUAnna Alexander
Photo Courtesy of St. Mary’s Academy
An excited mother admires her daughter’s senior
ring. The senior Maryite is ready for her ring.
On August 26, St. Mary’s welcomed its new students to its campus with its
first annual New Student Orientation. Ms. Shira Hussain organized this event. Hussain
wanted to host this event to make all new students feel welcomed.
The turnout from the event was about 40 new students. Hussain felt the event
was a huge success. Mrs. Irene Young and members of the choir performed for the new
students. Ms. Natasha Harris performed her saxaphone as well. Refreshments were also
The students were given time to mingle and to get to know each other. Freshman Brooke Sylvester attended the event, and commented that she really enjoyed her
Sylvester also said her favorite part was when they got to meet the seniors and
to interact with all the students there. “Everyone was really cool and nice, it was fun,”
she added. Hussain said this will not be the last New Student Orientation. In the future,
the school plans on having more orientations, so that new students for years to come will
feel welcomed.
mother of Amber Washington,
an alumna from the St. Mary’s
class of 1982, said, “The ceremony brought back many memories of my days at St. Mary’s.”
Now seniors wear their rings,
and for “good luck” associates
of the ladies turn the rings to
the right. Congratulations to the
class of 2011 on receiving your
class rings.
“The parents are very proud
of them...We’ve had some of
these girls here since sixth
grade. It’s bittersweet.”
Sister Jennie Jones, SSF
Photo Courtesy of St. Mary’s Academy
Mrs. Green-Miner, a Maryite herself, welcomes new students to
the Chapel for the New Student Orientation.
In the News...
Republicans take control of the
Photo Courtesy of St. Mary’s Academy
Senior Brittany Jones receives her senior ring from her parents. Each senior Maryite receives their ring during Ring Mass.
Student Council Elected
By Kearstin Clay
This year, Maryites start the year with new Student Council members. This includes Chelsi Stevenson,
president, Loreal Ausuma, vice president, Mignon Galathe, secretary, and Angelle Rogers, treasurer. The
students all went through the process of being sworn in. They took their oath of office during the first
school Mass. The students promised to make this school year as fun as possible, but also to stay focused with academic
studies. The officers also promised to set a great example and lead the Maryites to success. Galathe shared
something that she loved about her position. She said, “I can’t really explain what I love about being secretary, but I can say that I like the responsibility”.
Student Council puts together several events throughout the year. Most recently, they planned the Homecoming events, such as Twin Day and Class Color Day. Student Council is moderated by Ms. Cains.
House of Representatives in the mid-term
elections. The Democratic Party remains
in control of the Senate.
Cholera spreads in Haiti; also, missionaries were attacked as parts of the city
FDA calls four caffeine-alcohol drinks
unsafe. This includes the popular Four
Loko, called “blackout in a can” by some
Basketball star Tony Parker and actress Eva Longoria have filed for divorce.
The couple married in 2007.
In New Orleans, the Henry Glover
trial continues. Several NOPD officers
stand trial for the post-Katrina death of
News Courtesy of and
Page 4
November 29, 2010
Suicide a Serious Issue Violence on the Rise
By Erika Alexander
Co-Student Editor
Erika Shares Her Opinion on the Dominique Reveals Her
Thoughts on Being Safe
Recently, I have been watching the news and
listening to the radio, and I have seen a spike in
teenage suicide. Suicide is a very serious issue
that is all around. It’s in every community, every
race, and every gender. According to statistics, suicides outnumber homicides by 3 to 2. Suicide is the third
leading cause of death among young adults 15 to
24 years of age, which comes after unintentional
injuries and homicide.
One of the most common causes for suicide is bullying. There is no reason to be bullying
anyone, because no one is better than the other. No one is perfect, and pointing out the flaws in
a person isn’t going to help them overcome them
– it’s going to cause them to try and change themselves in a negative way. Suicide is not the answer. Take if from
someone who has been down that road. You may
think that you have no one to turn to, but trust
me, you do. T hat’s what I thought too, but once I
thought about it, I saw that I had so many people
out there for me. I’m trying to help you by skipping the whole “ I want this to end” thing, because you are not only hurting yourself but you
are going to hurt your friends and family. We have people at school that can help
you if you are thinking about suicide. If you don’t
want to talk to one of them, because you may think
they don’t understand, come talk to me. This road
you are going down is hard, I’m not going to lie;
but if you have the right friends and the support
of your family, like I do, you will be able to get
I’m not saying the road will be smooth,
because it’s not. I still have my bad days where I
just want to end it all, but then I think, “What will
my family and friends do without me to brighten
their day?” Sometimes all you need is a good old
fashion cry; I know when I’ve had a hard day, I
put on my music and cry, which is sometimes all
you need.
Sr. Jennie recently told me something
that I think you should know. She said that suicide is permanent. You can’t come back after
you’ve done it. So what I have to say is, don’t give
up on life. Yeah, it may be hard now, but think
about all the things that you wouldn’t be able to do
once you’ve killed yourself. Here are some facts
about suicide that I want to leave you with:
24.1% of students had thought seriously
about attempting suicide.
8.7% of students have attempted suicide.
Females are more likely to attempt,
make a plan, and think seriously about suicide.
Here are some things can contribute to suicide:
Divorce of parents
Violence at home
Inability to find success at school
Feeling of worthlessness
Rejection by friends or peers
Substance abuse
Death of someone close
Here are some signs to look out for:
Talks about death and/or suicide even if
they are just joking
Plans ways to kill him or her self
Expresses ways that nobody cares about
him or her
Has attempted suicide in the past
Dramatic changes in personality and behavior
If you or someone you know and care
about is like this, tell a teacher or someone, because you speaking up can save someone’s life. Life isn’t easy, but with the right people around
you, it can get better.
I honestly believe that the violence in New Orleans is worsening every day. The
unfortunate part is that the youth of the city seem to be the key suspects. I’m not saying that
these things are in the range of being okay or acceptable; but sadly, many of the crimes committed have not been stealing, loitering, or selling drugs. The main crime is murder among
New Orleans’ young citizens. Most of the shootings occur during parties or main events where a lot of teens carelessly wander about. At the end of the day, the perpetrators kill or injure innocent people, who
just happen to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. This “trend” of shooting at popular events has even caused some people to veer
away from attending these gatherings. For example, one of my classmates said, “I don’t even
want to go to any more parties. I might get shot trying to have fun!” Our minds shouldn’t have to be on red alert every time we want to gather with
friends and associates. I’m not trying to pass the idea that life should be rainbows and butterflies, but killings should be lessened. Knowing the history of New Orleans as being the #1 crime city, this hope seems almost impossible for this to happen. Hopefully, one day teens can go back to having incautious
fun without wondering if they have to break out running in the next two seconds.
Who to talk to on Campus:
Mrs. Miner, Counselor, B4
Mrs. Rogers, Counselor, B4
Ms. Hussain, Counselor, B4
Mrs. Miller Reed, Counselor, B4
Mrs. Binder, Campus Ministry, C7
Websites to Visit:
Free our Silly Bands
By Taylor Boissiere
Life & Culture Editor
A recent trend has swept the nation, as well as at St. Mary’s Academy. This new and
growing trend is the Silly Band. These multicolored and shaped rubber bands are the latest
craze among children of all ages.
Everyone is pining to get their hands on the latest shapes of Silly Bands. The shapes
range from letters to animals, sports to foods, and even music to movies. No one knows exactly why these bands are so popular. It could be the fact that you
can find your favorite animal in your favorite color, or even characters from your favorite
Although Silly Bands have become a popular trend here at St. Mary’s, they are
banned. You may ask why this is.
The reason is that they are not a part of our uniform. You also have to consider the
fact that some students get out of hand with accessories and will come to school with silly bands
up to their elbows.
Students wearing Silly Bands at school run the risk of having them confiscated and
receiving a demerit. Keep this in mind when you’re slipping a Silly Band on when your getting
ready for school in the morning.
Have an Opinion like
Then let your voice
be heard -- Write a
letter to the
By Dominique Shelton
Co-Student Editor
From the Desk of the Editor ...
Welcome to “The Regina!” This will be the only time
you hear from me, so I’ll keep it brief.
You hold in your hands our campus newspaper. Now,
this may not make you super excited, but let me explain.
This first issue is a return to actual newsprint. “The
Regina” was printed on newsprint before Hurricane Katrina, and
now five years later, we return to a sense of pre-Katrina normlacy.
This issue is the result of hard work of many people.
I would be remiss if I did not thank several people for thier support of “The Regina.”
I want to first thank Sister Clare of Assisi, Sister Jennie, and Mrs. Brown for their support. It was their guidance that
has brought St. Mary’s from the destruction of Katrina to our
new campus. I also want to thank Ms. Fletcher and Ms. Ross for
the outstanding pictures.
Last but not least, I want to recognize the Journalism
class for their hard work, their excitement and their dedication to
getting this issue together. Each of them has written an article in
this issue, and I couldn’t be prouder.
One final note: this is YOUR newspaper. This newspaper belongs to you. This newspaper has stories and pictures of
you and your friends...well more importantly, your sisters. I hope
you have noticied the box in the office, waiting for your “Letters
to the Editors.” I know that you have an opinion -- I hear them
in class every day. So write them down! Need advice, need to
vent, need to share -- share it with us!
Thanks, and enjoy “The Regina.”
The Regina
St. Mary’s Academy
Mr. Adam Ganucheau
Co-Student Editors
Erika Alexander
Dominique Shelton
News Editor
Elysia Dantzler
Life & Culture Editor
Taylor Boissiere
Sports Editor
Brionne St. Cyr
Staff Writers
De’Quanna Alexander
Kearstin Clay
Taylor Gibbs
Kaylin le Vasseur
Kylah Mickens
Cierra Peters
Brittany Seymour
Gabrielle Trepagnier
To contact The Regina: The Regina
6905 Chef Menteur Hwy.
New Orleans, LA. 70126
(504) 245-0200
[email protected]
November 29, 2010
Page 5
Life & Culture
Drama Students Plan “The Wiz”
By Taylor Boissere
Life & Culture Editor
This year at St. Mary’s Academy,
there will be a production of “The Wiz” put on
by SMA students. The students involved feel
that this is a very exciting event, and the drama
department cannot wait to perform. In charge of the production is Ms.
Elizabeth Fletcher, who teaches English and
Yearbook. Most of the cast is undecided at this
point, but as of now junior Nicole Washington
will be playing Dorothy, junior Myesha Hagan
will be the Wiz, and junior Leah Anders will be
playing the part of the Scarecrow.
Hagan is very excited about the upcoming play, saying, ” I think it will be a lot of
fun and will be very successful.” When asked
how well she thinks the play will turn out, she
stated “I think it will go well because we have
a lot of good singers this year. The time, date,
and location of the play are to be determined,
and will be announced soon. Fletcher and the
staff will give more details when they come.
Ms. Fletcher and the
prepare to bring St.
“no bad news” in this
year’s production of
“The Wiz.”
“I think it will go well
because we have a lot of
good singers this year.”
Junior Myesha Hagan
Photo Courtesy of
Michael Jackson and Diana Ross starred in the
1978 film version of “The Wiz,” based from Frank
Baum’s classic “The Wizard of Oz.”
“Easy A” Makes the Grade By Elysia Dantzler
News Editor
Throughout the past twenty years, there
have been many modern retellings of classic
For example, there were the films “She’s
the Man” (2006), “10 Things I Hate About
You” (1999), “Bride and Prejudice” (2004),
and “O” (2001). They were base on the classics “Twelfth Night,” “Taming of the Shrew,”
“Pride and Prejudice,” and “Othello,” respectively. Now, there is also “Easy A.” “Easy A,” which stars Emma Stone, Penn
Badgeley, and Amanda Bynes, is loosely
based around Nathaniel Hawthorne’s “The
Scarlet Letter.” In the novel, the protagonist, Hester Prynne,
has an affair with a minister while awaiting
the arrival of her husband. When this union
conceives a child, Hester is shamed and made
to wear a scarlet ‘A’ on her chest, symbolizing her sin of adultery. Though the shame and ostracism that Easy
A’s protagonist, Olive Penderghast (Stone),
must bear follows along with the plot of
“Scarlet Letter,” the rest of the movie varies
Instead of having a tryst, Olive tarnishes
her reputation by spreading a rumor that she
and her friend, Brandon, had sex. She does
this so that the people who have been bullying him will leave him alone; however, when
the news gets out about what she did to help
Brandon, all of the school’s most downtrodden students come to her for help. This results in ostracism, which even her
best friend takes part in, and also vicious attacks, which mostly came from the school’s
most religious student, Marianne Bryant
Easy A is a movie that could easily have become dark and serious; but, it somehow manages to come off as a light and witty comedy.
This is mostly attributed to Olive’s sarcastic
humor, which she uses to overcome the verbal
attacks, bouts of confusion, and fits of selfloathing that would have swallowed any other
character. This film is light and enjoyable, but it is not
fluffy. The questions that it poses are pockets
of depth layered beneath sidesplitting comedy.
Those who look to movies for meaning will
find it just as enjoyable those who look to
movies for escape have found it, making it an
ideal pick for all. Horoscopes
Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 23) -- You are feeling some social
energy welling up inside of you, that should make communication extra sweet for now. It’s a really good time
to express feelings that have been somewhat elusive.
Scorpio (Oct. 24 - Nov. 21) -- The simple fact that
you’re about to allow someone to offer you their congratulations, possibly in a public place...well, that’s major
for you. That in itself is plenty of excuse for you to take
yourself out for a treat, or do something to spoil yourself. Let’s not forget that you’re getting those pats on
the back for a reason. Go ahead. Do it up.
Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21) -- Outgoing? Ultra sociable? Who, you? It’s what you’re most famous for. You’re
so famous for it, in fact, that when you’re even a little
bit down in the dumps, your friends and family don’t
know how to handle it. They’ve seen you worried lately,
so they’ll be delighted to see you now, in fine form, smiling and laughing, like your old self.
Photo Courtesy of
Olive (Emma Stone) and Todd (Penn Badgley) ride off into the
sunset in “Easy A,” a modern re-telling of “The Scarlet Letter.”
Capricorn (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) -- You’ve never been especially fond of sharing intimate issues with others, even if
you know them well. So if someone who isn’t at all close
to you tries to get too personal, you won’t put up with
it. You’ll dismiss them, and you won’t do it delicately, either. The funny thing is, with your gift for sarcasm, they
may not realize you’ve dressed them down until they’re
walking away.
-- By Kearstin Clay
Page 6
November 29, 2010
Life & Culture
New Teacher Feature: Ms. Delone
By Kaylin le Vasseur
Recently, St. Mary’s Academy welcomed back an alumna to its
faculty. Ms. Dominique Delone teaches World Geography to 9th
graders and Louisiana History to 8th graders. After graduating
from St. Mary’s in 2005, Delone attended Southeastern University
in Hammond.
Though this is her first year having her own class, she previously worked as an student teacher. To start off her professional
teaching career, Delone returned back to St. Mary’s because it is
her alma mater and she wanted to give back to her community. While Delone was a student, Ms.Latoya Cains said, “Ms. Delone displayed a lot of school spirit.” Ms. Delone commented that
she enjoys her job at St. Mary’s. When asked what makes her a
good teacher, she replied, “My youth, being able to connect with
the children.”
Ms. Delones 7th peroid Louisiana History students all had
positive things to say about their teacher. Mandy Darby says,
“She’s a great teacher and she dresses professionally.“ Kennedy
Lastrap added, “She has fun ways to teach and she helps us with
our work whenever we don’t understand.“ Delone said the hardest aspect of teaching is “trying to accommodate different learning styles.” To accommodate everyone, she
tries to mix things up with different learning methods. In her
spare time, Delone likes to shop and hang out with friends and
family. She also loves to play softball on Wednesdays, Saturdays,
and Sundays. Ms. Delone expressed that she looks forward to
future years at SMA – now as a teacher
Get to Know
Ms. Delone
Photo Courtesy of St. Mary’s Academy
Ms. Delone begins her first year teaching
at St. Mary’s Academy.
“Ms. Delone displayed a lot of
school spirit...”
Favorite Movie: “The Notebook”
Favorite Artist: Monica -- “She’s down to earth”
Favorite Song: “Ribbons in the Sky”
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Mirliton
Favorite Clothing: BCBG
If you had a million dollars, what would you do?
Buy a house, put in stocks, and tithe
If you could, where would you move to?
You can’t leave the house without your...?
Cell phone
As a student, favorite teacher: Ms. Cains
Participated in: Majorettes (Captain), Eucharis
tic Minister, Student Council, CSMC, Volleyball,
Softball, and Chorus
Your favorite moment at SMA: “Talking with Sr.
Timothy for half an hour outside of Ms. Brown’s
counseling office. We talked about why she became a nun and moved to New Orleans. And then
she tackled me.”
Your wish for students at St. Mary’s?
“That girls have more pride in their themselves, and more school spirit and pride.”
Ms. Cains
Midterm Exams are right around
the corner. Midterms begin on
December 17th -- less than a
month away! Start studying!
Tips for taking the ACT
Carefully read the instructions on the cover of the test
Read the directions for each test carefully.
Read each question carefully.
Pace yourself—don’t spend too much time on a single
passage or question.
Pay attention to the announcement of five minutes
remaining on each test.
“I was very scared, •
Use a soft lead No. 2 pencil with a good eraser. Do not
pencil or ink pen; if you do, your answer document
but when we
cannot be scored accurately.
arrived at the •
Answer the easy questions first, then go back and angame, everyone swer the more difficult ones if you have time remaining on that test.
just let loose and •
On difficult questions, eliminate as many incorrect anhad a great time.” swers as you can, then make an educated guess among those remainSophomore Iman Ricks ing.
Maryite a St. Aug Maid
By Kylah Mickens
Recently, St. Mary’s Academy ‘s student Iman Ricks
participated in St. Augustine’s
homecoming court; she was the
sophomore maid. Ricks said, “
although it was kind of tiring,
the whole experience was very
fun”. The homecoming was held at
the Sheraton Galleria. Her date
was Darren Scienoux, and they
both wore yellow and black.
“During homecoming season,
there are many events that the
court must participate in,” Ricks
commented. The day before the
homecoming dance, the homecoming football game was held
at Tad Gormley Stadium. Ricks
said, “I was very scared but
when we arrived at the football
game, everyone just let loose
and had a great time, and we
won!” The score of the game
was 56 to 7, a tremendous victory over Miller McCoy High
Ricks said she was
very scared to dance with her
partner in front of everyone. She said everyone just stared at
them and it felt as if they were
the only two on the dance floor,
although they weren’t. She also
said that whole
event was very well organized, but in her opinion the
music could have been more
up to date. “Everyone looked
fabulous and the males were
really handsome,” Ricks
said. She hopes to be in the
court again next year to become junior maid, and then
the next year to become
Queen. Ricks felt very lucky
to experience being a part of
the court.
Answer every question. Your scores on the multiplechoice tests are based on the number of questions you answer correctly. There is no penalty for guessing.
If you complete a test before time is called, recheck
your work on that test.
Mark your answers properly. Erase any mark completely and cleanly without smudging.
Do not mark or alter any ovals on a test or continue
writing the essay after time has been called. If you do, you will be
dismissed and your answer document will not be scored.
Photo Courtesy of Iman Ricks
Sophomore Iman Ricks poses at the St.
Augustine Homecoming Dance. Ricks was this
year’s Sophomore Maid.
December 11, 2010 February 12, 2011 April 9, 2011
November 29, 2010
Life & Culture
“Welcome to Heartbreak”
By Taylor Boissiere
Life & Culture Editor
As I pass through this valley of shadows
with distortion in my head
I’m being struck by lead rouge arrows
that seem to want me dead.
They pierce my clothes and penetrate my skin
the blood begins to ooze.
Against these unknown assailants I cannot win
, but like a fool the path of love’s the one I chose to choose.
Rahter than doubling over in pain I hold my head up high
I limp and stumble down this cobblestoned road
as tears well in my eyes
I want to give up desperately, but must carry my own load.
My knees begin to knock
and my arms grow fail and weak
In my head I hear the tick of an imaginary clock
and then IT skips a beat.
IT jmps, IT thumps, IT starts to give out.
IT swirls and twirls and even gives a pound
God the pain is overwhelming I think it’s about -CRACK! is all I hear now my heart is on the ground.
Page 7
“Can be YOU”
By Morgan Melder
Contributing Writer
There’s the girl
who has a creative mind,
which leads to creative wonderings.
She follows behind no one
but her own shadow through the city of hood
drenched with the mental perspiration made
from nerves acting natural.
Words inflicted onto her from those in her
People think they understand,
but they have yet to grasp the essence of it.
Talented young woman
she stares at her shadow glaring back at her.
Sadly she blinds her own sense.
She’s frightened of nothing but her parents
hastling her and slowly pushing her to
all she can be and satan in her presence
rising gradually from the ridiculing words.
Rhymes roll in her head,
hexed with a curse of self-esteem,
descension with her intelligence.
You’d think she would have blssomed,
but hey ... it’s her decision.
Crying with every step,
she thinks of how much she is misunderstood
too much commotion.
She wipes her tears with her hood.
She just needs to leave,
depart from the ignorance.
Then create herself into a road of poetic
Many aim at her repitiously because ...
she’s dreaming and loosening her
social hemming.
It isn’t they want her to fail,
they are mad because ...
when she succeeds,
when she’s earning,
when she proceeds,
while she’s learning,
she’s leaving them behind
and their spotlight’s dimming.
Let those creative
juices flow!
Send in your poetry,
artwork, and creative
writing in to
“The Regina.”
See Taylor Boissere
or Mr. Ganucheau today!
Page 8
November 29, 2010
Volleyball Wraps Up Season
By Taylor Gibbs
The volleyball players at St. Mary’s Academy played a good season, but their coach, Ms.
Simon, feels that the girls could have played
better. Some of the girls’ best-played games
were against Xavier Prep, McDonough 35, &
Benjamin Franklin. Both Xavier Prep and Benjamin Franklin are district rivals.
Some of the star varsity players include Anisha Johnson, Alexis Jackson, and Kateri Crayton. Junior varsity star players were Tiffany
Doss, Maya Esteves, and Iman Ricks. Both
Simon and the players expect a better season
next year. St. Mary’s changed their district, so in the
future they will be playing different public
schools. The volleyball team will be losing five
seniors next year, and these seniors were honored at the Faculty vs. Student volleyball game
on Thursday.
The volleyball team is excited about
playing in the new gym. One goal for the team
is to host a jamboree on their new campus. A
lot of new things are being planned for the team. For this past season, the records for the end of
the season are 4-18 (Varsity) and 2-12 (Junior
Freshman Tiffany Doss was satisfied
with the season but she feels the team could
have played better. She commented, “being that
this was my first year playing, I really enjoyed
this season.” Junior Alexis Lee added, “Me and
my girls had a good and fun season.” Alexis
Jackson is included in the five seniors that were
honored on Thursday. She said, “I really enjoyed playing volleyball at SMA and I’m going
to continue playing in college.”
Photo Courtsey of St. Mary’s Academy
The Cougars look to return the serve of the visiting team. The volleyball
team look to improve on their 2010 season.
to the
Ms. Simon
and the
Team on
“Being that this was my first year playing,
I really enjoyed this season.”
Freshman Tiffany Doss
Cougar Basketball is
on its way.
Coming to Austin Place
and a gym near you.
Photo Courtesy of St. Mary’s Academy
Coach Simon and her assistant coach speak to the Cougar volleyball team during district play. The Cougars will lose five seniors next season.
In the next “Regina”
Basketball Schedule
Homecoming Review
Holiday Tips
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