Program Advertising Form 2014 Music Man Jr.

Program Advertising Form for Lake Superior Youth Theatre Production of “MARY POPPINS”
Dear Friend,
We invite you to purchase an advertisement to support our youth theatre production of Mary Poppins.. Not only is this an
excellent opportunity for you to promote your business, but it will also benefit our youth theatre production by allowing us
to have our programs professionally printed. We are proud to be one of the first theatre companies in Michigan to produce Mary Poppins and in anticipation of it’s success we’ve already added an additional weekend of productions totaling 8
Your ad will appear in the program for the Lake Superior Youth Theatre production of MARY POPPINS to be performed
February 27-March 7, 2015 for 8 shows at the Forest Roberts Theatre in Marquette, Michigan. The theatre seats 515 for
each performance. We also provide an autograph page which youth attending use to receive autographs from their favorite characters and bring home as a memento from the show (we highly recommend putting coupons in the program as
your ad!).
The programs will be distributed at all three performances to the audiences free of charge and we expect 3500 plus persons to attend the shows. Our audiences consist of families, parents, friends and relatives, in addition to the community
members who come to enjoy the show. Our past surveys to audience members have shown use of Marquette County
hotels, restaurants, shopping and other events associated with attending our theatre. Our cast consists of over 90 youth
performers ranging in age from 3 to 18 and a university and high school technical and artistic crew.
Our ads are interspersed with the cast list, program descriptions and other information. Please email us any logos or designs as soon as possible. The deadline for your ad copy is Sunday February 1, 2015. Please email us your ad.
The following sizes and rates apply for ads. Please check below the size of the ad you wish to order:
Full Page (5.5 X 8.5”)
1/4 Page (4.25 X 2.75”) $25.00_________
Inside Front Cover (Full Page)
Inside Back Cover (Full Page)
Back Cover (Full Page)
1/2 Page (5.5 X 4.25”)
Business card (3.5 X 2”)
$250.00_________ (First come, First serve)* please call if interested
$250.00_________ (First come, First serve)* please call if interested
$300.00_________ (First come, First serve)* please call if interested
Advertiser Name:______________________________ Contact Name:_________________________
Phone:__________________________ Address:__________________________________________
Ad Payment: $_________________
Circle One: Cash
Credit Card*
*see back
Please return this form with your ad copy by SUNDAY FEBRUARY 1, 2015 or email:
Lake Superior Youth Theatre, Seussical Program Ads, P.O. 741, Marquette, MI 49855
Please feel free to contact Nikke Nason with any additional questions that you may have:
(906) 362-6453 Email: [email protected]
Credit Card Payment Authorization
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