Timetable and Session Descriptions

Heart Flow Worldwide
Spiritual Forum
28 - 31 December 2014
Timetable and Session Descriptions
Although the information in this timetable is correct as at the date of publication, changes may be made before or during the event.
28 December
29 December
30 December
31 December
Reception opens 8.45
Reception opens 9.00
Reception opens 9.00
Reception opens 9.30
10.00 am
Opening of the
Spiritual Forum
10.15-10.45 am
9.15-9.45 am
9.15-9.45 am
Moving into the Day
Moving into the Day
(outside unless raining, then inside)
(outside unless raining, then inside)
Gudrun Markowsky
Gudrun Markowsky
10.15-10.45 am
10.00-10.30 am
10.00-10.30 am
(no late entry)
(no late entry)
(no late entry)
(no late entry)
Con Xanthos
Aida De Murashkin
Dorte Moltsen
Annie Mai Hartley
11.00-11.50 am
10.45-11.35 am
10.45-11.35 am
10.45-11.35 am
An Introduction to
the Seven Rays
Why Are You Here and
What Should You Do
About It?
Of God, In God –
A Mystic’s Perception of
the Divine
Understanding the
Sex Complex
Thomas Nielsen
Brenton Phillis
Arjuna Govindamurti
Thomas Nielsen
12.00-c.12.50 pm
11.50 am-12.40 pm
11.50 am-c.1.00 pm
The Zodiac, the Seven
Rays and the Science of
Wordsworth and
What Is Esoteric
Con Xanthos
Roger Sworder
Charles Reither
Lunch break
Lunch break
Lunch break
2.30-3.30 pm
2.30-3.30 pm
2.30-3.30 pm
Meditation Service
Meditation Service
Meditation Service
(no late entry)
(no late entry)
(no late entry)
Dorte Moltsen
Annie Mai Hartley
Aida De Murashkin
3.30-4.00 pm
4.00-c.4.50 pm
3.30-4.00 pm
4.00-c.5.30 pm
11.50 am-12.40 pm
12.40-c.1.00 pm
Closing of the
Spiritual Forum
3.30-4.00 pm
4.00-c.4.50 pm
Antahkarana – The Bridge
to the Inner Worlds
Colour Your Soul
Lal Shabaz
Nada Celeste (Micky Allan)
Archbishop Neville
David Anderson
8.00 pm
‘Wish You Were Here’ - A
Homeopathic Perspective
of Grief and Loss
Isaac Golden
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Session Descriptions
Antahkarana – The Bridge to the Inner Worlds via music and image (Lal Shabaz)
The antahkarana is the rainbow bridge the spiritual seeker slowly builds to connect the personality
and the higher self. It is one of the most important aspects of the path towards wholeness. Thoughts
about the antahkarana will be presented with music and images to open our minds and senses to the
An Introduction to the Seven Rays (Thomas Nielsen)
It is said that knowledge of the seven rays will be a foundation for education in the new age. This
lecture is an introduction to the rays and how they influence our everyday lives.
Colour Your Soul (Nada Celeste (Micky Allan))
Imagine your soul materializing. What colours does it have? What shapes? Qualities? Symbolic form?
Come draw your soul as you feel it to be at this moment now, one point of time in its ever-changing
flow. All welcome. All materials provided.
Incarnation (Neville Anderson)
In Jeremiah1,vs 5 we read: "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you". This records Jeremiah's
awareness that he had been pre-destined for the prophetic office. Several things are clear, God knew
Jeremiah before his conception, so it seems to speak of the pre-existence of the soul. That incarnation
is a process of existence in God's Kingdom and through birth into a limited life, at the end of which is
a return to God. This is most clearly seen in the incarnation of the Lord Jesus, who shows us the way
for all incarnate beings.
Meditation (Aida De Murashkin, Annie Mai Hartley, Dorte Moltsen, Con Xanthos)
The morning Meditation is a guided meditation, using a technique from the Shan Theosophical
Meditation System such as the Flame Meditation, The 17 Steps to Perfection, the Divine Heart
Meditation or the Puja.
Meditation Service (Aida De Murashkin, Annie Mai Hartley, Dorte Moltsen)
The afternoon Meditation Service uses invocations, meditation, mantra singing and decrees to develop
the heart through healing service.
Moving into the Day (Gudrun Markowsky)
Get ready for another day of listening & study with a selection of easy to follow movements from Tai
Chi and Chi Gong.
Of God, In God - a Mystic’s Perception of the Divine (Arjuna Govindamurti)
An exploration of the idea and experience of God through the eyes of mystics Paramahansa
Yogananda, Jalal-ud-Din Rumi and others. Considerations of the Divine through those who write of
direct experience. "Mirabai knows that to find the Divine One, the only indispensable is Love."
The Zodiac, The Seven Rays and The Science of Relationships (Con Xanthos)
Esoteric Astrology is described in Alice Bailey's Esoteric Astrology as "the science of relationships" - the
relationship existing between all living organisms within the universe." In this introductory
presentation, we will explore this relationship by:
 Presenting a map & the inter-relationship of energies that flow into our solar system & planet from
cosmic sources
 Exploring the relationship between the seven rays, the twelve constellations, our solar system and
our planet
 Discussing how these energies affect us and the opportunities they offer us for the expansion of
our consciousness
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Understanding the Sex Complex – based on A Compilation on Sex by Alice A. Bailey (Thomas Nielsen)
Alice Bailey states that solving the sex problem is the key to solving all of the world’s problems. In this
lecture I will explore why.
What is Esoteric Astrology and How Is It Implemented? (Charles Reither)
The signs, the houses, the decants, the impact of the sacred and/or non-sacred planets, the seven rays,
the rising sign, the crosses and our clockwise or anti-clockwise traverse around the zodiac – are the
means and tools available to us to help us identify, and realise, our full spiritual potential on Earth –
both from a mortal and immortal perspective. The value, use and impact of these means and tools
vary in direct proportion to the degree of our spiritual awareness or consciousness, which may be
limited only by our karma, and the emphasis and focus of our life.
Why are you here, and what should you do about it? (Brenton Phillis)
At the heart of thinking about the essential questions of life, we encounter reincarnation, the purpose
of this life and the lessons we must learn. We will explore our dharma and our karma as the two most
important keys to our life and its meaning . . . and as the path to our heart, our life, our soul and
spirit. We’ll discuss: How do we know our dharma and karma? How do they relate to each other? How
can they guide our life and how should we behave and act? How do they help us navigate this
transitional time of the Great Change? . . . and any other questions you may have!
‘Wish You Were Here’ – A Homeopathic Perspective of Grief and Loss (Isaac Golden)
We are all accustomed to dealing with grief and loss - sometimes we do it well and we can move on,
and at other times we are left with a burden which never seems to pass. This presentation will be a
little different - Isaac will use songs as well as an examination of homeopathic options to explore some
ways to deal with grief and loss.
Wordsworth and Science (Roger Sworder)
Wordsworth was an intellectual who supposed that the vision of God is the purpose of science. He
believed that the human soul is continuous with the rest of creation and that science now obscures
these links.
Notice about possible cancellation of activities
Please note that activities may be cancelled when there are extreme weather warnings affecting the Central Highlands area
or the threat of bushfires in the area. If an activity is cancelled, a notice will placed at www.heartflow.org.
Concerning participation in the Spiritual Forum
If you have a serious physical or psychological condition, you are advised against taking part in activities that call upon
spiritual energies, such as the Spiritual Forum and the New Year’s Eve Earth Healing Service, without prior consultation
with an experienced meditation teacher. Where serious illness or imbalance is present, it is recommended that the body
and mind focus on healing and regaining balance. In these cases it is better to work on healing, in cooperation with health
care practitioners, through, for example, relaxation, positive thinking and stress reduction. Also, if you use or have
used illegal drugs, psychoactive medications (for example, antidepressants, mood stabilisers, tranquillisers, hypnotics
and so forth), or alcohol (more than the occasional social drink), a minimum of 3-7 years free of using such substances is
recommended before it is advisable to participate in spiritual work.
The making of any audio or visual recording inside the Sanctuary of the Heart or of any part of an activity is not permitted.
Thoughts and commentaries of the individual presenters of activities in the Spiritual Forum are solely those of the individual presenter
and should not be taken to represent Heart Flow Worldwide or The Theosophical Fellowship.
Although the information in this document is correct as at the date of publication, changes may be made before or during the event.
The Spiritual Forum is offered by Heart Flow Worldwide. Heart Flow Worldwide is a registered name and Heart Flow is a registered trade
mark of The Theosophical Fellowship ACN 057 459 604.
Telephone: 03 5348 1278
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.heartflow.org
Mail: P.O. Box 300 Daylesford Vic 3460
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