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months prior to the wedding. Weddings cannot be scheduled
after the Saturday evening Mass or on Sundays.
Please submit any bulletin announcements to the Parish
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First Friday Eucharistic Adoration:
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First Friday Holy Hour for Life
10:00am till 11:00am
December 21, 2014
Page Two
Fourth Sunday of Advent M0NDAY, December 22
Mary Burns Herbert, requested by
Peter and Ellen Bompane
TUESDAY, December 23
Camille and Peter Angelina and
Michael Nay, requested by the family
If you are a resident in this area, we hope that you will continue to grace us
with your presence and register with our office manager. You may call 860673-9858 or stop by the parish office to register. If you are a visitor, we thank
you for participating in worshiping with us and we hope to see you again.
This Week at St. Ann’s
MONDAY, December 22
Marian Movement of Priests Cenacle: 7:15pm in the church
TUESDAY, December 23
RCIA: will resume January 6th
WEDNESDAY, December 24, Christmas Eve
For those who the poinsettias are in memory/honor of
WEDNESDAY, December 24
For those who the poinsettias are in memory/honor of
For those who the poinsettias are in memory/honor of
10:00 For those who the poinsettias are in memory/honor of
THURSDAY, December 25, Merry Christmas
THURSDAY, December 25, Christmas
For those who the poinsettias are in memory/honor of
10:00 For those who the poinsettias are in memory/honor of
FRIDAY, December 26
Special Intentions
SATURDAY, December 27
Robert J. Regan, requested by
the Weiss Family
SUNDAY, December 28
For the deceased members of the
DeLoreto, Martel & Ardenski Families,
requested by the family
Sam Riela, requested by the family
11:00 Florence Suarez, requested by
her husband, Ariel
FRIDAY, December 26
SATURDAY, December 27
Men’s Breakfast Group: 8am in Room 3 in Fr. Bennett Hall
SUNDAY, December 28
Fourth Sunday of Advent
Weekly Ordinary Income
Page Three
Religious Education
December 21st and January 11th
Due to the publishing company’s early holiday
deadlines the collections the collection amounts are not
known at time of upload.
Next weekend’s second collection: none
Next Family Mass: January 4th at 9:30am
Grades 1 & 2 sponsor Parish Coffee after the Mass Dpmmfdujpo!gps!!
For those attending the Vigil Mass on Saturday... The Living Nativity
We will be putting together Christmas gift bags for the men at
Immaculate shelter. This has been a holiday tradition at St
Ann's and included are warm items that are always so needed
and appreciated. We are hoping to get enough warm socks ,
wool hats , and Chapstick for each man to get one. If you can
help, please just drop off item in the
kitchen and label it for Immaculate.
A Christmas Pageant
Saturday, December 20th
6:30 pm in the church
This magical, musical retelling of the
Christmas story is a feast for eyes and
ears; an inspiring all-ages performance.
All parishioners are cordially invited to
join our child-performers in singing
for Joy! Admission is free.
Thanks so much for any help!
Karen and Marybeth
([email protected] or
[email protected])
Please Save Your Books to Donate to the
Bulletin Announcement Deadlines
Through the Holidays:
Due to the holiday season, the bulletins need to be uploaded to the
publisher much earlier than usual. Please note the following deadlines for submissions.
For the weekend of:
Submission Deadline:
December 20/21
Unfortunately is has to be submitted
this Mon. 12/15 so it is too late :(
December 27/28
12 noon, Thursday, 12/18
January 3/4
12 noon, Monday, 12/22
7th Annual Book Sale
at the Church of Saint Ann
All proceeds go toward Catholic High School Student Scholarships.
Please donate books during the following book sale
collection dates/times:
Wednesday, January 7th, between 9:30 AM - 6 PM
Thursday, January 8th, between 9:30 AM - 6 PM
Friday, January 9th between 9:30 - 11:30 AM
Please donate books in good condition in the following categories: best
sellers, fiction, non-fiction, religious, classics, biographies, memoirs, self-help
books, vintage books, cookbooks, collectibles, large print, children’s books,
young readers, and sports. Books-on-CD are good, but please do NOT donate
encyclopedias, magazines, VHS movies, records, albums or cassette tapes (as
they do not sell).
In addition to books, please donate sturdy computer-paper boxes and box tops.
Come celebrate
Mardi Gras with us!
February 7th
Snow Date: Friday
February 13th
2015 Book Sale dates:
Friday, January 9th – 5 PM - 8 PM - $5 adult admission
Saturday, January 10th - 9 AM – 6 PM (free admission)
Sunday, January 11th - 8 AM – 12:30 PM (free admission)
Volunteers are needed for collection and sale week!
To volunteer at the book collection or book sale in January 2015,
please contact Nancy Casey (860.673.3141) [email protected] or
Constance Rotondo (860.404.0204) [email protected]
Thank you!
Pray for Vocations
Page Four
"For today in the cit of David a savior has been
bor for you who is Christ and Lord. And this
will be a sig for you: you will find an infant
wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying
Thank you to everyone who contributed to
Project Wish List! It was another successful year and our
parishioners came together and supplied the needs for one
hundred children from West Bristol School.
 Thank you also to everyone who brought in
chapstick, hats and/or socks for the men at
Immaculate! What a blessing those will be to the men this
Interested in becoming more involved as a family
here at St. Ann’s? Come to our next Youth Outreach
meeting to learn about the fun, purposeful activities we
are planning!
Tuesday, January 6 from 7-8 pm in Room 2
Be well and God bless,
The Youth Outreach Committee
Gifts for those in Convalescent Homes
Once again St. Ann’s would like to remember those in Convalescent
Homes for the holiday with:
Ladies/Gentlemen: Small blankets, combs, nail clippers, picture frames,
sweat pants & tops, eyeglass holders, sweaters (prefer button front style),
writing paper, envelopes & stamps, large faced watches & clocks, slippers,
socks, bathrobes, PJs, hats, bird feeders that attach to windows, large-face
playing cards, wall decorations, wicker baskets for odds and ends, and
artificial flower/plant arrangements
Ladies: Costume jewelry, pins, necklaces earrings, hair picks,
perfume, powder, cosmetic bags, emery boards, nail polish,
nightgowns, knee-highs, bed jackets & easy to open pocketbooks
Gentlemen: Flannel shirts, after-shave lotion.
Please mark each package for size, ladies or men.
Please place in box in the GatheringSpace
THIS Sunday, December 21st.
in a manger." ‐ Lk 2:11‐12
Excer ts om the Lectionar for Mass
©2001, 1998, 1970 CCD
in the Coming Year
Women of Saint Ann Retreat
January 23–25, 2015
You are invited to start the year anew by a ending
an inspiring retreat at the Holy Family Retreat
Center where the benefits are endless. The women
of St. Ann, especially new retreatants, are
encouraged to a end the weekend of Jan. 23‐25
and share the gi s of peace, prayer, music and
reflec on. The retreat begins with dinner 6‐8 pm
on Friday evening and concludes with Sunday
brunch at noon. This is a popular weekend and it is
advised to sign up as soon as possible.
Space is limited.
Addi onal retreats will be held on Jan. 2‐4,
March 6‐8, and June 5‐7. Preview the theme
“KNOW GREATER JOY” and register at
www.holyfamilyretreat.org or call Ted in the
retreat office at 860‐760‐9705. New retreatants
may contact Nancy Janiszewski at 870‐818‐9260
for any ques ons or concerns.
For more information, call Ida Maillet at 860-673-4861
December 25, 2014 ‐ The Nativity of the Lord "Let us go, then, to Bethlehem to see this thing that has taken place, which the Lord has made known to us." Take a moment to contemplate the Nativity scene displayed at your church for the season. Most parishes set up a large stable hosting the Holy Family, embellished by lights or greenery and
surrounded by the Christmas cast of characters. Undoubtedly, at least one of the shepherds in the scene is carrying a sheep on his shoulders or has one
following close beside him. The image is one of a faithful man who went straight from his work in the fields--where the angels appeared--to the manger in
nearby Bethlehem.
When the shepherds heard the heavenly announcement, "A savior has been born for you who is Christ and Lord," they acted on the news right away.
They picked up and journeyed to find the "infant wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger." The artists who depict these humble men with their
sheep in tow are suggesting that the shepherds came as they were. They didn't pause to make arrangements for the sheep or to take a shower. They
went to worship the baby Jesus without pretense or preparation. And we are called to do the same, to come to Jesus as we are, without hesitation.
Today, we celebrate the fact that God came to earth as a baby, a beautiful, innocent infant who does not judge or reject people. He came as a tiny
child who asks only for our love and attention in return. Like the shepherds, we too have received the good news! We have a savior who loves us and can
be found by all those who desire to know him. Let us go then, without delay, into the presence of the baby Jesus who welcomes us to his manger this
Christmas Day. Page Four
Pray for Vocations
The poinsettias decorating the altar for Christmas have been
donated in honor* of or in memory of the following persons:
Zelinda & Lena Salvadori
Jack & Helen Affelder
Prima & Anne Butteri
The Zalenski Family
The ZuWallack Family
The McHugh Family
William and Marie Cheah
Fr. Thomas P. Quinn
The Bondhus & Vuono Families
Mr & Mrs Robert Weldon
Dr & Mrs Romeo Levesque
Natale & Ruth Balich
Frances Lynch
Catherine DeVita
George DeVita
The Bingham & DuRoss Families
Angelo & Anna Lagana
Gerald Gill
Helen Randall
Miriam & Walter Hill
Mort & Jame Murphy Jr.
Anna Hill
Jack & Marge Wuensch
Bob & Lucille Rubino
Mary Peron
Nadine Maglietti
John T. LaVia
Leon & Apolonia Wawrzynowski
The Gagne Family
The Williams Family
Albert & Olga Weiss
America & Agnes Accomasso
The Widman Family
Frederick Babcock
The Testa Family
The Kulesa Family
The Moody & Renaud Families
Rev. A.M. Tamburi
Delia M. Lecko
My sister Ann Lavelle
John & Clara O’Brien
Anna & Charles McNamara
Leopardo Salvatore
The Corso & Rucci Families
Eddie Consuegra
Robert Drake
Eva Drake
Elizabeth Caspar
The Lenihan & Miller Families
The St.Amand Family
The McMahon Family
The Kurpen Family
Arthur & Betty Godbout
George & Virginia Yurch
Dolores & Merle Corey
Elizabeth & Albert Markel
The Gan Family
The Lupo Family
The Matthes Family
John & Josephine Garger
William & Amelia Coccia
Frank & Rose Wolfel
*Janet & Michael Garger
Fred Bielefeld
*Joanne Tousignant
Lawrence Tousignent
Rev. James Cronin
Carl & Mildred Lawrynowicz
Ann Tromza
Pete Tromza
Jack Tromza
The St. John Family
Theresa Roy
Russell Roy
Ruth Leduc
Omer Leduc
Anne & Steve St. Pierre
Daniel Winjet
Al & Lily Apuzzo
George & Catherine Taverna
James Hamel
*Regina & Marty Foy 54th Anniversary
Leo Hamel
Mary & Frank Rao
Letitia & James Ringwood
Shoulder & Healey Families
James Coleman Sr.
Fregeau & Nashlenas Families
DeeDee Sullivan
Douglas Blood
Walter Pietrusinski
Alice Pietrusinski
John Pietrusinski
George Korch
Curt & Elsie Haenisch
Margaret & Nick Pandiscio
William LaMonica Sr.
Katherine LaMonica
James Waldron
John McCusker
Mildred Bonk
Robert Krawski
Matthew Gannatti
John Grucci
Carmela Gannatti
Lucy Fiero
The Zanelli Family
Felix DeFronzo Jr.
Philip & Tom
Aldo & Elizabeth Zeffiro
Harold & Hope Whalen
James & Mary Martino
*Jim and Barbara Martino
Page Five
The poinsettias decorating the altar for Christmas have been donated in
honor * of or in memory of the following persons (continued):
Joseph & Margaret Juliano
Louis Faillace
Marian Pia
Edmund Sikora
Roger J. Bernier
*Irene A. Bernier
Robert & Francis Riesback
The Janulis Family
The Gerali Family
The Ahern & Girard Families
Robert Reagan
Margaret Fitzgibbons
Linda Beloin
Kathleen Talbot
Catherine Jerto
Daniel Miley
Mr & Mrs. Charles E. Devanney
Mr & Mrs. Miner L. Fyler Sr.
Rosalie Potts
Mr & Mrs William Krusinski
Mary & Kathleen Clark
Fran & Nick Hartonavich
Ed & Florence Jud
Ann R. Saxer
Margaret & Peter Meenan
Una & Patrick Linnane
Smolinski & Sopelak Parents
Pauline & Joseph Centofanti
Matthew & Richard Jerzyk
The Tepley and Kocinski Families
Mr & Mrs Luman Sipperly
Mr & Mrs Stanley Kapcinski
Mr. Gary Kapcinski
The Marcotte & Messier Families
Ruby Sutherland
Angelina & Mayo Family
Mary Hojnowski
Henry Hojnowski
Manda Koch
Alfred Koch
Gerald Buckley
Carolyn Calcagni
Joseph & Dahlia Calcagni
Patrick & Mary Marra
Vincent & Anna Vitkauskas
Joanna Puma
Joey K.
John Bachhuber
Maryann Enderle
Pat Clark
Joseph P Savidge Jr.
Jeremy Savidge
Edwin Lysak
Mr & Mrs John Lysak
Mr.& Mrs Joseph Brennan
Raffaele & Anna Lucignano
Fred & Anna Hauer
The Magiera Family
The Szydlo Family
The Bilotti & Lamattina Families
Bill Ryan
The O’Hagan Family
Elvine & Del Bacon
Genevieve & Maxwell Warren
Lake & Ann Harvell
Jess & Lil Benton
Colleen & Keith Harvell
Robert Thimot
The Dubin & Kesmonaitis Families
Trevor Duffy
Cecile & Alois Kiedrowski
Henry Zielinski
The Picard Family
The Hooper Family
Our parents Rose, Charlie & Frank
Mr & Mrs August Audibert
Mr & Mrs Roland Lavallee
Mellissa Anne
Mr & Mrs George Kubik
Mr & Mrs Michael Dubiel
F.L. Hickey
The Biscoglio& Tomlinson Family
The Fee Family
The Peregrin Family
The John & Marie Peluso Families
Corinne Elizabeth Wall
George Walls
Helen Walls
The Fanelli Family
The Makovich Family
Sam Riela
Pat & Ray Hayden
Doris Tafari
Alphonse Tafari
Patricia Hill
Walter Dymersky
Melissa Millan
Christina Klatt
Larry Scelza
Robert & Muriel Glynn
Joseph & Margaret Kreivenas
John & Dorothy McCoy
Horace & Anita Abate
William J Stevens
Rev. Thomas McCarthy
Mary O’Brien Stevens
The Youth Ministry thanks you all for your generous support!