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Fucci at
She was right, but then again, you might say the
resurgence is at least in part thanks to her. Today, Fucci
and her company preside over a vast portfolio of properties the company acquired after purchasing a
now-defunct bank in Chicago. But rather than unloading the foreclosed units fast and cheap, Fucci and her
team continue to pour even more money into the buildings and their facilities. At Mint, a 52-story tower of
residential lofts and condos on the Miami riverfront,
her company invested millions of dollars into landscaping the surrounding area and finishing half-constructed
roads. And at Artécity on Miami Beach—six buildings
occupying an entire block west of Collins Park as well
as 18 soon-to-be-finished villas located on
Park Avenue and on Washington Court—
Fucci’s team reconstructed the hallways
and finished up the pools and gyms that
Travel tip: Nobu
the developer had left undone. “We walk
Matsuhisa’s new
restaurant in Vail
through each property and ask, ‘How can
is amazing.
we make this a special place?’” says Fucci.
Weekend luxury:
“Buyers know that someone is taking care
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of the property.”
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Fucci herself lives in one of Fort
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prime oceanfront units,
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with clean, conIdeal Miami
she leaves
moment: Enjoying
music while smoking
for work before 7 am and returns after
a cigar on the Casa
dark, she savors her quiet time on the
Tua terrace
weekends—spending days on the beach
and nights cooking. “I love to entertain,”
she says. “We go at such high speeds during the week
that I value this time to relax.”
Born in Peru and relocating to Miami 19 years ago
after her father died, Fucci’s real estate career was a
lucrative accident that happened while working in
the trust department of a Miami bank. There, she
noticed the large sums of money being made by the
people handling her clients’ property transactions.
The real estate powerhouse behind some of miami’s
Her first listing after becoming licensed was a Key
most dynamic recent triumphs shares her hopes for
Biscayne home, which sold for $3.4 million—and
an even brighter future. By Brett Graff
earned her a commission totaling three years’ worth
of those bank paychecks.
“It’s so amazing to have these opportunities here in
o say Peggy Fucci uses her time wisely is an understatement. Not America, and being in Miami just adds the warmth to it all,” she says.
only is the real estate maven constantly ahead of Miami’s gallop- “Miami has the flavors and feelings of so many cultures—it’s like being
ing property market, but when it crashed in 2007, Fucci simply in Latin America, except you have the security of the United States. The
took those months to have the third child she’d been wanting. “I knew arts community here is exploding and the energy is vibrant and China
the market would come back,” says Fucci, now the senior vice president has its eye on South Florida. Some believe we have the potential to
become the Hong Kong of the US.” od
and director of sales and marketing of ST Residential nationwide.
photograph by Jim Arbogast
peggy fucci