legion newsletter december 2014

800 Romancoke Rd
Stevensville, MD 21666
Web: kialpost278.homestead.com
Email: [email protected] net
Please keep these Legion
families in your thoughts
and prayers:
Josh Randolph
Suds Hicks
Gordon Wheeler
Sheila Westrem
Tony Quintero
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. For reasons beyond my control I am
rescheduling the bus trip for February. More information will be posted on the
bulletin board across from the card room as plans start shaping up. In fact that is
where you can find the info of all the upcoming events that are going on in the
December 5th, come have stuffed pork chop dinner with salad, vegie, dessert
for just $13. Stay after for an evening of fun Karaoke with DJ Neal. December
12, Wreath Across America’s Convoy arrives for breakfast, calling all volunteers to help with everything and anything that day. December 13th Children’s
Breakfast with Santa free for kids 10 and under… (Don’t worry parents we go
breakfast for you too…) Saturday Breakfast 8 am, just $8.00. Open for everyone. !
Plan to join us for New Years Eve… “Off the Hook” will be rocking the new
year in… and as always just $5 at the door a covered dish and we will have party
favors, breakfast and a free (Safe) ride home for all the revelers! Ring in 2015
with your Legion Family!
Membership: From the 1st Vice: Jim Taylor
We have 465 members who paid their 2015 dues! Your 2015 dues notices are in the mail. Due to the traffic problems on August 16 we had a smaller group but the food was good and all had a good time. If you receive a dues notice for 2014 from the
Legion National Headquarters, and you have already paid for 2014 - please disregard as this notice does not come from Kent
Island American Legion Post 278!
I keep a file of member’s DD 214s in case you or your family would ever need a copy. This document is needed when you require VA services and/or any time your military service information is needed. This is a valuable service as the post receives
numerous inquiries during the year for these forms when family members cannot locate them. If you are unsure whether you
have submitted a copy, you may send or drop one by the post. FYI – you can also take a copy to the Clerk of the Court in Centreville and it will be available to you or family members at anytime. There is no cost for this service. There is a website where
you can get a copy of a DD214 if you have all of the military information required. The website is http://vetrecs.archives.gov.
Any member (AL, SAL, or LA) who is under 21 years of age cannot pay to have their names entered in the quarter or dollar
books!! When you turn 21 years of age, please notify us, and your name will be put back in the drawing list.
Also, please notify us of any street address or email address changes so that you will receive your newsletter. If you wish to
receive your newsletter by email send a request to [email protected]
Our Chaplain
Team is ready,
willing and able
to assist 24/7. If
you are in need of anything… Please contact
Chaplain Tolson at
S.A.L Commander
Merry Christmas and Happy New
Don’t Forget the Children’s Christmas Party “Breakfast with Santa” at
0830 on Dec 13th.
We will also be serving a Regular
breakfast for everyone starting at 8
am on the 13th as well
Beginning in November we have decided to
combine our General and Executive Meetings to one night! November 19th and December 17th are the next two General/Exec
Meeting scheduled earlier due to the holidays. Back to the 4th Wednesday starting
in January. So write this down on your
calendar! Remember this is YOUR American Legion and coming to meetings and volunteering really does accomplish our mission of mutual helpfulness and helping all
Vets and their families!!!!
December 2014
FND: Stuffed
Pork Chops and
DJ Neil and Karoke
13 TS
Wreaths Across
America Convoy
LRC 630
Children’s Breakfast w/ Santa
Also Community
Breakfast 8 am
Jackpot Bingo
Gen?Exec Mtg 7
Christmas Eve
Open House 1-5
20 TS
New Years in the
Lounge 9 pm –2
Key to Reading the Calendar:
FBS = Football Sunday
LRC= Left Right Center
TS = Turkey Shoot 1230 pm
NCF= Nascar Fun 7 pm
SBT—Shuffle Bowl Tuesday 630 pm
SSBT Social Shuffleboard Thursday 630 pm
27 TS
Presidents Corner:
Legion Auxiliary Unit 278 News
Winter is upon us and I hope everyone has prepared for the months ahead. The Holidays are also approaching so while you
are out shopping think about the less fortunate. As you clean out your closets of winter clothes, remember that our Veteran’s
in the hospitals and shelters would love to have them. I will be making trips to Perry Point, McVets and Loch Raven in the
next few weeks so please drop your donations off to the Post and we will make sure the items get delivered! Thank you! By
the time the newsletter gets to you there will be no more Angels on our Angel tree as our members have already scooped them
up, but you can still help. The Women and Children’s shelter is always in need of everything! Thank you to the entire Legion
Family for stepping up once again and making sure these families Christmas is always special..
We are having a fund raiser/give away for Christmas Eve, a beautiful diamond necklace worth over $1500. Ask any auxiliary
officer to sell you a ticket for just $5.00 a piece or 3 for $12. This would be an awesome Christmas gift……
The Craft show was a great success! Thanks to all who stepped up and volunteered to make this event a great success!
Be sure to watch the calendar for December events. 1st Friday Dinner on December 5th is stuffed pork chops, corn, salad and
homemade apple crisp $13! Dinner starts at 5 and there will be entertainment in the lounge afterwards, proceeds goes towards helping the Kids Christmas party on the 13. This will be a great time bring your youngin’s and have breakfast with
Santa and be sure to give him your list and sign up for a letter to Santa.
December meeting will be December 17th at 7 pm. This is a potluck so bring a dish to share and we will have a gift exchange
for all who wants to participate ($10 minimum) Tell next time keep our Veterans and their families in your thoughts and
have a Merry Christmas! Faye 410-604-6098
Greetings Auxiliary Members,
Just a reminder that your 2015
dues are $25 and should be paid
by 12-31-2014, Please mail your
check to the legion at 800 Romancoke Rd, Stevensville, Md
21666 and I will mail your new
membership card to you. If you
are paying Junior dues, they are
$5 each.
I look forward to being the membership chair for the next year.
If you have any questions, feel
free to give me a call 410-9240957.
Also, please take time to attend
our monthly meetings which are
at 7pm on the 4th Wednesday of
the month. Come and find out
what your auxiliary is involved
Judy Kropfelder
Aerobics With Alice!
Alice Brown has graciously offered up her services to help us all get
back into shape. Starting in January on the 6th and every Tuesday
and Thursday thru January at 530 pm ) she will be offering low impact aerobic/exercise classes (FREE) for everyone !! I believe sh is
starting with Zumba for January… Yea…. So take this time between now and January and let Santa know that you will need a
good pair of exercise shoes, an exercise mat, towels, water bottle,
and more!! Lets make this upcoming year a fit year!!! If interested
please let us know… but we certainly shouldn’t pass up the opportunity to get fit!! You will feel better, look better, act better, and
your pocket book wont be drained with fees, A win/win for all!!!
Bus Trip has been rescheduled for a later
date….. Stay tuned….
Where do you sign up for activities that are
going on at the Legion? On the bulletin board
outside of the Office (north side entrance)
That board is usually packed with what's going on! Check it out Sometime!!
Volunteer Spotlight: Mike Derickson (Big
Mike, Drill Sergeant Mike , you know who I
am talking about…) You never know what
goes on behind the scenes or who does what or
why, but I know that no matter what you ask
or need, Mike always is willing to go that extra mile to help out! He’s been an awesome
extra hands for me! And I think he absolutely
rocks! (when he isn’t irritating me! )! Thank
you Mike.. For everything you do!! It is appreciated...from keeping us safe at the Turkey shoots, driving people all over DC or ensuring we have no flags flying upside down…
Mike takes care of it!!! Salute!!!
Fun Times to be had most every day !!!
Now Every Saturday Night unless
posted thru April
back starting Sept 9th This is social league for fun! And fun it is!!
Come check us out!!! 630 pm in
lounge Sign up now!
SOCIAL SHUFFELBOARD THURSDAYS every Thursday night 630….
Come play!!
In the Lounge December 22
In the lounge December 8th
What's Cooking
Friday December 5th
Stuffed Pork Chops w/ awesome sides
$13 eat in or stay for DJ and Karoke!
Dinner starts at 530 pm
at 630 )
December 13th
Saturday Morning Breakfast
8 am just $8 open to everyone!
Non-Profit ORG
Kent Island American Legion
Post 278
800 Romancoke Road
Stevensville, MD 21666
U.S Postage Paid
Permit No.3
Stevensville MD
Kent Island American Legion Post 278
Officers/Auxiliary / SAL/ Executive Committees
Post Officers: Commander: Nikki Randolph; 1st Vice: Jim Taylor; 2nd Vice: Gordon Wheeler ; 3rd
Vice; Bobby Fooks; Adjutant: Richard Randolph; Judge Advocate: John Davis; Finance Officer: Curt
Kersey; Service Officer: William Nielsen; Sgt. of Arms: Chuck Lewis; Historian: Bob Moore; Chaplain: Ed Tolson; Executive Committee: Walt Smoot; Mark Plemons;
Auxiliary: President: Faye Hickman; 1st Vice: Rosalie Kaufman; 2nd Vice: Judy Kropfelder Secretary:
Barbara Foor; Treasurer: Joyce Moore; Chaplain: Kathy Dubel; Historian: Nancy Gardner Sgt at
Arms: Becky Barbee; Exec Committee: Laurie Plemons; Jen Nielsen, Gayle Wilcox.
SAL: Commander: Tom Tydings; 1st Vice: Charlie Schindler; 2nd Vice: Tom Caulk; 3rd Vice: William Ewing; Adjutant: Jeff Maheux; Finance Officer: Brian Gartleman; Chaplain: Hugo Ward; Historian: Greg Cade ; Sgt. at Arms: Scott McClain