ICES Newsletter No.31: December 2014
KTH Innovative Centre for Embedded Systems
“An autumn with emphasis on education! “
This autumn ICES has had a lot of focus on education within embedded systems! We started in August with the ICES education workshop which
focused on the future engineering education related to embedded systems. In September the ICES Focus Group R & D Managers had a meeting about
how to succeed in recruiting enough people to engineering education, making the engineering profession more attractive to young people. In October,
Martin Törngren and Martin Grimheden led the WESE/ESWEEK workshop about Embedded and Cyber-Physical Systems education in New Delhi; in
November Martin Törngren led the CPS-Education Development workshop at University of California, Berkeley; and in December ICES chairman Tor
Ericson was interviewed in KTH Campi about how to enhance the status of teachers within the academic world. During this autumn we also decided to
further strengthen continued education within ICES by offering one-day-courses in selected areas. The first course will be about Software Testing, it is
given by Karl Meinke on the 13th of January 2015 – don’t forget to sign up! We are also concluding a lab inventory of the different labs at KTH related
to embedded systems, in order to find potential synergies and opportunities.
Thank you so much to all of you who participated in the ICES annual Conference 2014! Many of you have asked for the presentations from the
conference; as always you can find the presentations from all our events on ICES web page under Previous events, or use this direct link!
In January ICES co-director Maria Wäppling will go on parental leave and we are very glad to welcome back former co-director Anders Eklund who will
be replacing her during this time!
 FORTHCOMING ICES EVENTS! (see the ICES Events Calendar)
January 13, 2015: Software Testing - Fundamentals and Emerging Technologies, one day course given by Karl Meinke.
January 15, 2015: ICES Focus Group R & D Managers Meeting. This event is only for R&D Managers in Gold and Silver member companies of
February 5 2015: ICES Workshop on Data/Tool Interoperability for Systems Engineering
March 10-11, 2015: 2015 Co-Summit (jointly organized by ARTEMIS and ITEA). The 7th edition of the Co-Summit will be held in Berlin; it is
dedicated to “Smart Industry: Impact of Software Innovation” and will be featuring international keynote speakers, a high level panel discussion and
an inspiring project exhibition including speaker´s corners.
March 24-25, 2015: 3rd Scandinavian Conference – System and Software Safety. This year’s conference on safety critical system and software is a
central meeting place for Scandinavian safety experts from different industries. It is an opportunity to share experiences and make new contacts.
There will be an overview day followed by a day of parallel workshops with in depth presentations and discussions about different challenges,
techniques, standards and methods.
The work in the focus groups is picking up speed! If you are interested in joining a focus group, please contact the respective focus group leader. We
have a new leader for the focus group “Architecture for autonomous systems”; Viacheslav Izosimov will take over after Sagar Behere. Welcome
Viacheslav and thank you Sagar for your work so far!
Architecture for autonomous systems
Viacheslav Izosimov KTH/ITM, E-mail: [email protected]
Focus on functional safety
Fredrik Asplund KTH/ITM, E-mail: [email protected]
R & D managers
Providing a networking group for R & D managers
Anders Eklund ICES, E-mail: [email protected]
Embedded realtime systems
Ingo Sander KTH/ICT, E-mail: [email protected]
Testing of embedded systems
Karl Meinke KTH/CSC, E-mail: [email protected]
Carlo Fischione KTH/EES, E-mail: [email protected]
 RECENT ICES EVENTS! (see ICES Previous Events)
Exklusiv exjobbs- och rekryteringsmässa
ICES Member Meeting - Hur ska vi i Mälardalsområdet bli duktigare på inbyggda system?
ICES Conference - Systemarkitektur för inbyggda system - idag och i framtiden
Embedded Conference Scandinavia (ECS) 2014
Requirement Management in Safety-Critical Systems
Agile, Safety and Innovation – synergies and tensions when best practices meet in the development of software intensive systems.
3rd Software Technology Exchange Workshop (STEW 2014)
ICES Focus Group R & D Managers Meeting
Ingenjörsutbildning inom inbyggda system – workshop och match-making event
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