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Volume 9, Number 17...Friday, December 19,
2015 Kurt
Schmoldt Award
nomination forms
now available
Kris Zorn, pictured center, is the reigning 2014 BPSD Teacher of the Year. The 2015 BPSD
TOY will be announced on the evening of Tuesday, February 17 at the Fine Arts Center on the
campus of Bartlesville High School.
2015 Teacher of the Year
and Rising Star Teacher
nominees announced
Nominees for the 2015 Bartlesville Public School District Teacher of
the Year and Rising Star Teacher have
been announced.
The Teacher of the Year Award is
presented annually to a veteran teacher
who has maintained a high level of excellence in the teaching profession over
the course of many years. The Rising
Star Teacher Award recognizes an educator who has demonstrated excellence
in teaching during their early years
in the profession. The 11 candidates
for each award were selected by staff
members at each school site which
they represent. The candidates come
from each of the 10 school sites and
also the Will Rogers Complex. The
WRC houses a variety of programs
and services including adult education, Operation Eagle, child nutrition
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Forms are now available
for those who would like to
nominate an individual for the
2015 Kurt Schmoldt Teacher
Appreciation Award.
The Kurt Schmoldt
Teacher Appreciation Award is
a cash award presented annually to a full-time Bartlesville
Public School District teacher,
coach or counselor who exemplifies the dynamic qualities
of an outstanding educator and
citizen. This award is not for
the “best teacher,” but for one
who exemplifies the finest in
the profession.
Nomination forms for the
2015 Kurt Schmoldt Award are
available on the BPSD homepage, The
forms can be filled out and
then emailed to BPSD Community Relations Coordinator, Chris Tanea, at [email protected] Forms can also
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Where’s My Issue
of The Bruin?
Due to the Winter Break, the
next issue of The Bruin will be
released on Friday, January 9,
2015. Happy holidays!
Bartlesville Public School District Teacher of the Month: December
Stacy Wosel has been named the Bartlesville
Public School District Teacher of the Month for the
In discussing important qualities of a teacher,
month of December by Arvest Bank and Oakley
Wosel said she feels a successful teacher must be
able to reach her students on a personal level. For
Wosel teaches Alge- her, connecting with students and getting to know
bra 1 and Math Plus 10
them allows one to identify the weaknesses of each
at Bartlesville Mid-High
student and how they best learn. Through this, she
School. In recognition of can individualize the learning experience and help
her Teacher of the Month status, Wosel was present- each student achieve success.
ed with a plaque and a check for $300 by Stephen
Additionally, she feels team work among teachColaw, Arvest Bank Senior
Vice President and Trust
Client Advisor, and David
Oakley Jr., owner of Oakley
Wosel has been teaching
for 10 years, and has spent
all 10 years of her career at
Unlike many that get
involved in the teaching profession, she did not always
have a desire to teach growing up. According to Wosel,
she did not realize her desire
to teach until her senior year
of high school and early college years. Her first thought
of becoming a teacher was
influenced by her math teachBartlesville Mid-High School math teacher Stacy Wosel (pictured center), the Bartlesville
er during her senior year
Public School District’s Teacher of the Month for December, is congratulated by Stephen
of high school, Mrs. Shaw.
Colaw (left), Arvest Bank Senior Vice President and Trust Client Advisor, and David
Mrs. Shaw gave her the con- Oakley, Jr. (right), owner of Oakley Chevrolet-Buick.
fidence to achieve her full
potential academically and strive for greatness.
ers is vitally important. She stated it takes more than
“She knew I had not been working to my poten- just a single teacher to successfully educate a student.
tial and she pushed me to be a better student,” added
Wosel added, “I cannot take credit alone beWosel.
cause we truly work as a team to reach a high level.
As a freshman in college, she found herself
I could not have this success by myself.”
constantly helping friends with school work and
Wosel is a teacher that truly goes the extra mile
truly enjoying it. Her ability to help friends brought for her students and for her school. On any given
her great satisfaction, and following the compleday, you may find her in classroom well after school
tion of her first semester, she decided to become an
hours tutoring a group of students to give them the
education major.
extra help they need. She is also heavily involved
“As the semester continued and I searched for
with the Data Teams program at BMHS, a program
a major, a couple of classmates and I were talking.
which utilizes data analysis to better to educate
They reminded me what a great help I had been all
students and improve the academic quality for all
semester and maybe I should go into teaching,” said BMHS students.
Six BPSD band students named to
All-State Band
Earlier this month, six Bartlesville Public
School District band students earned
a spot on the All-State Band roster. In
total nearly 2,000 students from through
Oklahoma auditioned for a spot on the
All-State roster with Bartlesville taking an
impressive six spots. All-State selections
include Jaden Adkins (First Chair Bassoon,
Wind Symphony, second year All-State),
Ben Grief (Second Chair Trombone, Wind
Symphony), Taylor Hunkapillar (Sixth Chair
Tuba, Symphonic Band), Bailey Covell
(Fourth Chair Percussionist, Symphonic
Band, second year All-State), John Martinez
(Third Chair Percussionist, Wind Symphony,
second year All-State) and Kyleen Villines
(4th Alternate French Horn).
BPSD volunteer opportunities available
Have you been searching for a way to help out Bartlesville youth? Search no further, the Bartlesville Public School
District has numerous volunteer opportunities available at school sites throughout the district.
Currently, the BPSD is in need of volunteers to serve as tutors, mentors, lunch buddies, classroom helpers, elementary
school crossing guards and state test proctors. If you are not interested in any of the volunteer opportunities listed, the BPSD
will gladly find tasks that fit your volunteer interests.
In order to become a BPSD volunteer, you must be 18 or older, be of good moral character, complete a volunteer
inquiry form and pass a background check. Additionally, all volunteers must complete a volunteer orientation program and
work under the direct supervision of BPSD staff while completing assigned volunteer tasks.
Volunteering is a great way to get involved with the youth of the Bartlesville community and make an impact.
“We are thankful for any amount of time our volunteers are willing/able to give to help our students and schools be
more successful,” added District Volunteer Coordinator, Christina Rigdon.
The BPSD encourages anyone interested to learn more about volunteer opportunities at To begin the
sign-up process, please contact Christina Rigdon, at 918-337-6231 ext. 1635 or [email protected]
Life Principle of the Month: Generosity
Each month, the Bartlesville Public School District and the Bartlesville Regional United Way designate a
Great Expectations Life Principle as Life Principle of the Month. BPSD students, staff and members of the
Bartlesville community are encouraged to incorporate the Life Principle into their respective lifestyles as
habit. The Life Principle of the Month for December is “generosity,” which means, “willingness to give or
share.” With generosity, we will help one another whenever possible.
BPSD students in grades 9-12 invited to take
part in ‘Bruins United’ logo contest
Special to The Bruin
Bartlesville Public School District students in
grades 9-12 are invited to be a part of Bartlesville High
School history. “Bruins United” has been selected as the
slogan representing the transition to the new 9-12 BHS.
To pair with the newly revealed slogan, BHS is announcing a logo contest for all students in grades 9-12
to participate in. Artist or not, students are invited to
create a logo focusing on the slogan “Bruins United,” and
the transition to the new 9-12 BHS. The selected entry
will be used for many publications and presentations
among other uses.
All submissions must be turned in by the end of
lunch on Monday, January 12.
Contest rules are below:
1. Drawings are to be completed in marker on an 8
1/2x11 piece of paper. (You may sketch it in pencil first and
trace over that with marker.) You may use a drawing program such as Paint or Photoshop to make the logo as well.
2. The slogan, “Bruins United,” must be included in
the logo drawing.
3. Do not include copyrighted drawings as a part of
your logo. The idea and drawings must be your own.
4. The shape of the logo can be a circle, oval, square
etc. Please see the examples of logos below.
5. The artist’s name is to be on the back of the paper
written in pencil.
6. All contest entries must be submitted to Mrs.
Lashbrook, Librarian, by the end of lunch on Monday,
January 12.
BPSD boasts several
All-State Choir
Special to The Bruin
8-10, 2015 and culminate in a concert at Southern NazaSeveral Bartlesville Public School District choir
rene Church in Bethany, OK at 2 p.m. on January 10.
students were recently named to the Oklahoma All-State The OMEA Children’s and High School Women's and
Mixed All-State seminars will be in Tulsa on January
“Approximately eighteen hundred kids from
21-23, 2015. The High School Choirs will perform at
Oklahoma go through a two-round audition process for
the Tulsa Performing Arts Center at 12 p.m. on January
the High School All23. The Children’s AllState Choruses and 400
State Choir will perform
kids make it into either
at 10:45 a.m. at the Cox
the Women’s or Mixed
Business Center in Tulsa.
Choruses. It is a huge
Madison Middle
honor to be selected for
School students in the
a Children’s, Junior High
OMEA Children’s Allor High School AllState Choir are: Jacoby
State Chorus”, said Mrs.
Foust, Colton Green, MeMargie Green, BartlesKayla Martin, and Sophia
ville High School Vocal
Walker. Madison students
Music Director and Vocal
Lane Cabler and Kaimron
Music Supervisor for the
Schoonover are members
of the OCDA Junior High
“Hundreds tried out
Mixed All-State Chorus.
Central and Madison All-State Choir selections.
for each voice part for the
Erica Taylor, a sixth
Children’s All-State Choir and
grader at Central Middle School,
they selected only 30 per voice
is in the OMEA Children's
part”, said Mr. Alex Rivera,
All-State Choir. Central Middle
Director of Madison Middle
School students in the OCDA
School Choir. Ms. Tamara
Junior High All-State Choir
Walker, Bartlesville Midare: Gloria Castillo, William
High Choir Director added,
Doenges, Hollis Gilbert, Carson
“These are talented and motiMathes, Emily Nordhues, Wilvated kids. They will proudly
liam Pattison, Hanna Phelps, and
represent Bartlesville Public
Olivia Wilt.
Schools at All-State.”
Freshman Garrett Lee is
The Oklahoma Music
a member of the 2015 OCDA
Educators Association High
Junior High All-State Mixed
School All-State Choir has
Choir. Junior Emily Leupp is
BHS All-State Choir members.
members in grades 10-12. The
a member of the 2015 OMEA
OMEA All-State Children’s Choir is comprised of 120
High School All- State Women's Choir. 2015 OMEA High
students in grades 4-8. The Oklahoma Choral Directors
School All-State Mixed Choir members include junior
Association Junior High All-State Choir has members in
Hadley Bulleigh, sophomore Katie McCollum, and seniors
grades 7-9. The highly competitive OCDA All-State Jazz
Katrina Randolph and Julie Welch. Senior Paige Park is
Choir is comprised of only 24 students in grade 10-12.
Alto 1st Alternate in the OCDA High School All-State Jazz
While attending 3-day seminars associated with All-State
Choir. Additionally, Katrina Randolph will receive a 3-year
Choruses, BPSD students will work with respected and
High School All-State Chorus participant medal at the
talented clinicians as part of their All-State Choir training.
OMEA concert and Garrett Lee will receive a 3-year
The OCDA Jr. High All-State and Jazz All-State
All-State Junior High Chorus participant medal at
seminars will be held in Oklahoma City on January
the OCDA concert.
Madison NJHS gives back to the community
Photo Special to The Bruin/Members
of the Madison Middle School National
Junior Honor Society have been busy over
the past month helping out the Bartlesville
community. Pictured, NJHS members
deliver supplies to the Washington County
SPCA. Supplies were collected by the
NJHS during the month of November and
then donated to the local SPCA. Madison
NJHS members also recently donated
toys to two local children for the holidays
through the Salvation Army Angel Tree
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and homeless services.
The 2015 TOY ceremony is scheduled to take place
on Tuesday, February 17 in the Fine Arts Center on the
campus of Bartlesville High School. At the event, the
2015 TOY will be revealed along with the 2015 Rising
Star Teacher as well as the 2015 Kurt Schmoldt Award
The reigning 2014 Teacher of the Year is Kris
Zorn, Wilson Elementary School fourth grade teacher.
The 2015 TOY nominees include Lori Eads (primary reading teacher, Hoover), Karla Cunningham (instructional coach, Jane Phillips), Janice Wesson (third
grade teacher, Kane), Stacey Goodwin (primary reading
teacher, Ranch Heights), Kathy Hixon (library media
specialist, Wayside), Renee Toulouse (special education teacher, Wilson), Ariel Ortega (vocal music teacher,
Central), Marsh Boomer (eighth grade U.S. history
teacher, Madison), Cheron Southwick (math teacher,
Bartlesville Mid-High School), Lyndsey Stuart (social
studies teachers, Bartlesville High School) and Angie
Linthacum (ELL coordinator, Will Rogers Complex).
The 2015 RST nominees include Megan Sanders
(second grade teacher, Hoover), Gwen Sally (second
grade teacher, Jane Phillips), Lindsey Denison (third
grade teacher, Kane), Nick Swaim (health/PE teacher,
Ranch Heights), Dana Lyle (art teacher, Wayside), Kim
Hatch (third grade teacher, Wilson), Lolly Williams
(family and consumer sciences teacher, Central), Briana
Miller (seventh grade ELA teacher, Madison), Zack
Michel (social studies teacher, BMHS), Bon Bennett
(economics and government teacher, BHS) and Tiffany
Fitzsimmons (school psychologist, WRC).
be printed off, filled
out and then returned to Tanea’s office, which is located at
1100 S. Jennings.
To be considered, all nomination forms must be submitted to Tanea by the end of the day (5 p.m.) on Wednesday, January 7. Nominees for the 2015 Kurt Schmoldt
Award should communicate effectively and demonstrate
creative and imaginative teaching on a day-to-day basis.
Nominees should inspire the value of learning in students
of all backgrounds and abilities to assure academic success
for students.
A panel of judges will consider the following criteria in selecting a recipient for the Kurt Schmoldt Teacher
Appreciation Award: the nominee’s instructional expertise,
interpersonal effectiveness, total school involvement, professional development and community service activities.
The winner of the 2015 Kurt Schmolt Award will
be announced during Bartlesville Public School District’s annual Teacher of the Year Ceremony. The TOY
Ceremony is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, February 17 at the Fine Arts Center on the campus of Bartlesville High School.
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Happy Holidays!!! Following the Winter Break,
classes will resume Monday, January 5.
Stellar Sites
The Bartlesville Public School District offers a wide array
of useful tools for students as well as parents. For some
extra educational insight, give these websites a look:
PowerSchool Click on the PowerSchool link
toward the top of the home page.
- Parents and legal guardians can check with office personnel at their student’s school to find out how to access
- Information on students - such as grades and attendance
records available via PowerSchool.
Study Island Use the “Member Login.”
- Student login information must be obtained from teachers.
Facebook or
- Everyone can keep up with what’s going on throughout
the BPSD or at Bartlesville High School by becoming fans
of these pages, which are updated regularly with news and
- Keep up with the latest news and announcements from
throughout the BPSD.
Bartlesville Public School District Activities (December 19 - January 8)
Friday, December 19
-Final Exams @ BMHS and BHS
-Winter parties @ Hoover
-Winter parties @ Wayside
-Central Survivor Assembly (2:15 p.m.)
-JV girls and boys basketball @ Union (4 p.m. 5 p.m.)
-Varsity girls and boys basketball @ Union (6:30 p.m. 8 p.m.)
Saturday, December 20
(No events scheduled)
Tuesday, December 23
***No School***
Thursday, January 1
***Happy New Year***
Friday, January 2
***No School***
Saturday, January 3
(No events scheduled)
Sunday, December 21
(No events scheduled)
Monday, December 22
***No School***
Wednesday, December 31
***No School***
-Varsity girls basketball Oakley Holiday Festival
Editing, writing, design and photography
by Chris Tanea, Bartlesville Public
School District Community Relations
Coordinator, unless otherwise
Wednesday, December 24
***Christmas Eve***
Thursday, December 25
***Merry Christmas***
Friday, December 26
***No School***
Saturday, December 27
(No events scheduled)
Sunday, December 28
(No events scheduled)
Monday, December 29
***No School***
-Varsity girls basketball Oakley Holiday Festival
Tuesday, December 30
***No School***
-Varsity girls basketball Oakley Holiday Festival
Sunday, January 4
(No events scheduled)
Monday, January 5
-Freshman girls and boys basketball vs. Bishop Kelley (6 p.m. and 7 p.m.)
-8th grade girls and boys blue basketball @ Muskogee (6 p.m. and 7 p.m.)
-8th grade girls and boys white basketball @ Broken Arrow (6 p.m. and 7 p.m.)
Tuesday, January 6
-Central MathCounts meeting (3 p.m.)
-Central Science Olympiad meeting (3 p.m.)
-Acting Work Night @ BHS (6 p.m.)
-JV girls and boys basketball vs. Owasso (3:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m.)
-Varsity girls and boys basketball vs. Owasso (6 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.)
-Junior high and varsity wrestling vs. Skiatook (6 p.m. and 7 p.m.)
Wednesday, January 7
-Central Geography Bee (9:35 a.m.)
-Central PSG meeting (12 p.m.)
Thursday, January 8
-All-State Junior High Clinic @ OKC
-Central Science Olympiad meeting (3 p.m.)
-Varsity girls basketball @ Skiatook Tournament
-Varsity boys basketball CononoPhillips/Arvest Invitational
-Varsity swimming @ Jenks (5:30 p.m.)
-8th grade girls and boys basketball blue @ Jenks (6 p.m. and 7 p.m.)
-8th grade girls and boys basketball white @ Jenks (6 p.m. and 7 p.m.)