Press Release: Weidmüller FrontCom® Vario wins

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Weidmüller FrontCom® Vario
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1st place: Weidmüller FrontCom® Vario wins over automation specialists. – The
compact, future-proof service interface for switch and control cabinets secures the
Visitors to the SPS/IPC/Drives exhibition have made their choice: in the “Control Technology
and System Solutions” category they awarded first place in the AUTOMATION AWARD
2014 to the FrontCom® Vario service interface from Weidmüller. The award is one of the
most prestigious in the German automation industry and is conferred at the SPS/IPC/Drives
exhibition in Nuremberg. Exhibitors at the trade fair are allowed to enter their latest innovative
products. A jury – representing the SPS/IPC/Drives congress committee, VDMA, ZVEI and the
editorial staff of the “elektro AUTOMATION” magazine – nominated in advance five products
in two categories. From these “Top 5 Products” visitors voted for their favourites during the
course of the exhibition.
FrontCom® Vario impressed visitors from across the board. With 44.6 percent of the vote it
secured first place. “We are especially pleased with this award because the prize is conferred
by our partners, customers and users,” says Klaus Leuchs, product manager of FrontCom®
Vario. “It demonstrates that our innovative solutions meet the needs of our customers and that
they are impressed by the benefits offered by our products.”
FrontCom® Vario is a compact service interface for switch and control cabinets, providing
easy access to the control system/PC and electronics. It safeguards efficient and highavailability processes as well as saving time and money. Without downtimes or additional
staff, technicians can use the service interface to perform maintenance tasks or rectify errors
in the production process - it‘s both simple and smart. Authorised personnel can, for example,
connect diagnostic hardware using a data cable or an optional power cable. FrontCom® Vario
is the first choice for customers from machine construction, the process industry and power
and traffic engineering – and it only takes up half the space of the current market standard.
FrontCom® Vario offers planning security and equips you for the future – a portfolio of more
than 5,000 combinations delivers tailored possibilities for virtually any application or lifecycle
of a machine or system. The system supports a multitude of standards for communication
interfaces in different designs, such as RJ45, USB or D-Sub, as well as different countryspecific socket systems. As a modular service interface, FrontCom® Vario always offers the
perfect combination of single frames, power, signal and data inserts, as well as the correct
insert plate.
Investment security is provided, for example, by the CAT 6A RJ45 inserts from Weidmüller‘s
STEADYTEC® series, which offer maximum performance (CAT 6A = up to 10 GB per second)
and the best transmission properties. Touch-protection on the interior offers additional marking
possibilities for each individual port, allowing each interface to also be clearly identified inside
the cabinet. Weidmüller also provides an online configurator which you can use to find and
configure suitable interfaces on the Internet from the more than 5,000 FrontCom® Vario
combinations. A storable parts list containing all the individual components can be instantly
queried online following the configuration process. (
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