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Components for
Military & Space Electronics
Conference & Exhibition
19th Annual Conference
CMSE 2015
March 2 - 4, 2015
The Concourse Hotel
Los Angeles, CA
CMSE is the premier conference on the use of
components in military & space electronics
Co-Sponsored by
Organized by
Components Technology Institute, Inc.
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Invitation to CMSE 2015
Dear Military and Space Electronics Professionals,
The CMSE Conference promotes new technology and advancements in electronic components for military and space
The DoD emphasis to use commercial components soon discovered that many of these components were not suitable
for military and space systems without costly testing, uprating, up-screening and protection from temperature extremes
and radiation levels. The major issue is that many newer technology components are only available as enhanced PEMs
and COTS and may not satisfy the design requirements. Some of the newer designs, materials and quality will not
successfully operate in the military environment. Effort should be expended to assure the performance is adequate
for military and space applications.
There are many examples of where circuit boards and subsystems built with commercial components have been
successfully used as embedded electronics in military systems. The road to success is a function of the OEM design,
application rules, quality practices and testing to detect deficiencies.
CMSE is the most comprehensive conference addressing successful practices for the use of both military and COTS
components in military and space systems. Personnel working in this field are encouraged to attend CMSE 2015 to
learn about the latest information and visit the exhibits which promote current equipment, information and services
concerning components for military and space applications.
Informative presentations this year include:
COTS IC Construction Issues
BME Technology
PEMs & COTS Testing
Connector Issues
Tantalum Capacitor Reliability
Traceability Practices
Other Useful Topics
I look forward to seeing you in Los Angeles at CMSE 2015, mark your calendar, Mar. 2 - 4.
Leon Hamiter
Program Chairman
Highlights of 2015 CMSE Conference
Tutorial: Component Engineering 101
Presented by
John Devaney & Howard Dicken
Hi-Rel Labs
Key Concerns Facing Military Electronics:
Issues with Cu Wire Bonding
Concerns and Quality Standards for 3D Packaging
Mitigation Practices for RoHS Whiskers
Conference Technical Sessions:
Components Construction and Application
Qualification and Best Practices
Testing & Reliability Assessment Practices
Traceability for Authentic Components
Supply Chain and Obsolescence Issues
Reliability Analysis and Passives
CMSE Schedule & Information
Organized by engineers for engineers and project management, this
is the premier conference for military and space electronics issues.
This 19th Annual Conference addresses electronic components,
testing, reliability and supply chain while also emphasizing new
technology and design practices.
The Concourse Hotel
6225 W. Century Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90045
Tel: +1 424-702-1234
Fax: +1 310-670-7852
Booking Code G - CTIE
Room reservations should be made directly with Hyatt
Reservations, 888-591-1234. Mention CMSE Conference.
Monday, March 2
7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday, March 3
7:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday, March 4
7:30 am - 11 am
Tutorial Schedule (see details herein)
Monday, March 2
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
Conference Schedule
Tuesday, March 3
8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Wednesday, March 4
8:00 am - 5:30 pm
Get Acquainted Reception
Tuesday, March 3
5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Exhibit Hours
Tuesday, March 3
12:00 noon - 7:30 pm
Wednesday, March 4
10:00 am - 1:30 pm
Special Event
Thursday, March 5
Counterfeit Avoidance Training - see details
For technical questions contact:
Leon Hamiter: +1 256-536-1304
[email protected]
General Information
The Full Registration Fee includes the Tutorial and all
Sessions. The Components Engineering 101 Tutorial may
be registered for individually. Advance registration is strongly
recommended. At the door Tutorial registration will only be
allowed if space permits.
Full Registration Fee includes Tutorial, the Technical Sessions
(1-6), Conference Notes CD, Conference Guide, refreshment
breaks, buffet lunches, reception on Tuesday and the Exhibits.
Fees are are shown on the Registration Form. Advance
Registration is recommended and provides a discount. See
the Registration Form for fees. Payment must be submitted
with the Registration.
The Advance CMSE Registration cutoff date is February 13th
and refunds will not be given after this date for cancellations.
Cancellations before February 13th will be charged a $100
administration fee. Substitutions can be made at any time.
Special rates of $109 single or double ($10 additional
persons), excluding taxes, have been arranged with the
Concourse Hotel, a Hyatt Affiliate. This rate is below
government per diem. Rates will be honored 3 days prior
and after the Conference. The cut off for these rates is
February 13, 2015. To book these rates call +1-888-5911234, mention CMSE Conference, booking code G - CTIE.
Check in time is 3:00 pm and check out is 12:00 pm. Any
guest departing prior to their checkout date will pay early
departure fee. Reservations must be canceled more than
24 hours before arrival date to avoid a charge.
The Concourse Hotel (formerly LAX Radisson) offers selfparking for $12 (day-use) or $20 overnight with in/out
privileges. Guest valet parking is available for $15 (day-use)
or $25 (overnight.)
The Hotel provides 24 hour complimentary shuttle service
every 20 minutes between the airport and hotel. Go to the
transportation island outside baggage claim for pickup at
the hotel shuttle sign.
March 2
Components for Military and Space Electronics
March 2 - 4, 2015
The Concourse Hotel (LAX) Los Angeles, CA
Tutorial – Component Engineering 101
8:30 - 5:00
Presented by
John Devaney and Howard Dicken
Hi-Rel Labs
Component Engineering Practices
How component engineering can prevent system
failures and keep programs both on budget and
CA - FA - DPA Responsibilities Of the
Component Engineer
A review of the interaction between failure/
construction analysis results and the Component
Engineer with current examples to illustrate various
Diode Action - The Basis of it all!
Using a basic building block of pure silicon, Bell Lab
Engineers built a transistor that depends on P/N
diode action and the evolution to modern circuits.
Buy an Off-the-Shelf Part “Better Than Mil Spec?”
How a clever Electrical Engineer can design a circuit
to take into account the change in semiconductor
action at 230 deg C and “outsmart” purple plague
failures at 300 deg C.
What is Missing in the Data Sheet
Read all 50 pages! What should be listed, such
as design criteria for electro migration, latch up,
radiation tolerance.
Copper Ball Bonding
Not a Panacea
Reviews the major changes in the bonder setup and
due to the much harder copper ball, a new problem
has arisen to circuit under pad (CUP)
Mil Spec Implementation at DPA
Why so Many Visual Escapees
terminology and correct inspection equipment plus
ambiguities in the specification.
Other Parts on the Board: Capacitors & Resistors
Construction and properties of both tantalum and
ceramic capacitors, with typical failure mechanisms,
plus resistors, thin and thick film, wire wound and
metal foil.
Is it Really Pure? Tin (Sn) - SEM-EDS or
Misconceptions of the difference in the two
techniques. Both analyze x-rays but why the results
can be significantly different.
Basic Failure Mechanisms - “A Bakers Dozen”
General MacArthur once said, “Old Generals never
die, they just fade away.” Unfortunately the same
cannot be said about the basic failure mechanisms.
The Industry’s 8 years forget cycle returns; ESD
walking wounded, electro migration, purple plague,
whiskers and dendrites.
Wrap-Up and Adjourn
CMSE Program Committee
Leon Hamiter - Program Chairman
Shri Agarwal - JPL/NASA
Bill Cardoso - Creative Electron
Aaron DerMarderosian - Raytheon Systems
Ron Demcko - AVX Corp.
Trevor Devaney - Hi-Rel Labs
Jon Fishback - Quality Thermistor
Yuri Freeman - KEMET Electronics
Larry Harzstark - The Aerospace Corp.
Andrew Kostic - The Aerospace Corp.
Anthony Lai - Consultant
Tom Lee - CTI Inc.
Sultan Lilani - Integra Technologies
Bob Lowry - Electronic Materials Characterization
Bob MacDowell - Applied DNA Sciences
John Maxwell - Flextronics
John McHale - Open Systems Media
Mike McKeown - Hesse-Mechatronics
Mike Sampson - NASA
Alan Rae - NanoMaterials Innovation Center
Erik Reed - KEMET Electronics
Scott Sentz - AEM Inc.
Jerome Trupiano - BAE Systems
Components for Military and Space Electronics
March 2 - 4, 2015
March 3
The Concourse Hotel (LAX) Los Angeles, CA
CMSE Conference Sessions
Welcome and Introduction
8:00 - 8:10
Key Issues Facing Military Electronics
8:10 - 8:40
Leon Hamiter, CTI Inc.
Leon Hamiter, CTI Inc.
Session 1 Components Construction and Application
New OEM COTS Management Standard – 933 And Discussion Group
Lloyd Condra, Boeing
Proven Highly Reliable Interconnects Like Press-Fit, IDC and Wire Bonds Can Be Integrated into Subassemblies
Joe Lynch, Interplex Industries Inc.
CCGA Solder Column-Reliable Solution for Absorbing Large CTE Mismatch
Martin Hart, TOPLINE
Volatiles in Hermetic Package Headspace
Robert Lowry, Consultant
Tin Whiskers: Mystery and Menace
Rob Rowland, Axiom Electronics LLC
Base Metal Electrode Capacitors for Space Level Applications
Michael Conway, Ron Demcko, Frank Hodgkinson, John Marshall, AVX Corp.
Session 2 Qualification and Best Practices
Screening vs. Qualification of Microcircuits
Shri Agarwal, NASA-JPL
Qualification of Automotive RF-IC Packages
Mumtaz Y. Bora, Peregrine Semiconductor
Electronics Inspection & Best Practices for Counterfeit and Quality Issues
Aaron DerMarderosian Jr., Raytheon Co.; Morgan Deptola, Technology Conservation Group
PEMs Qualification Results and Failure Mechanisms
Gary Downing, Analytical Solutions, Sultan Lilani, Integra Technologies
Session 3 Testing and Reliability Assessment Practices
Ni Electrode for Auto Grade and High Reliability
Ron Demcko, AVX Corp.
Algorithms: The Next Frontier for X-Ray Inspection
Dr. Bill Cardoso, Creative Electron
New Techniques for Testing Stability of Power Supply Circuits and Components
Charles Hymowitz, AEI Systems
Are Fine Leakers Real or Induced?
Robert Lowry, Consultant
Larry Harzstark, The Aerospace Corp.
Ron Demcko, AVX Corp.
Dr. Alan Rae, Alfred Resources Center
8:40 - 12:00
1:30 - 2:50
3:20 - 5:30
March 4
Components for Military and Space Electronics
March 2 - 4, 2015
The Concourse Hotel (LAX) Los Angeles, CA
CMSE Conference Sessions
Session 4 Traceability for Authentic Components
Is the Supply Chain and Logistics Ready for Use of Taggants for Counterfeit Avoidance?
Dr. Diganta Das, CALCE
Electronics Supply Chain- Impact of Counterfeit Final DFARS Ruling, Expansion of Non-conforming
Hardware Reporting & NDAA 2015 Section 818 updates
Aaron DerMarderosian Jr., Raytheon Co.
Counterfeiting, Supply Chain Security, and the Cyber Threat; Why Defending Against Counterfeit
Electronics is No Longer Enough
Janice Meraglia, Bob MacDowell, Applied DNA Sys.
Developments in Ceramic Taggants for Authentication or Provenance Marking of Electronic Components
Robert Lowry, Dr. Arthur Jonath, Arthur Jonath Associates
Session 5 Supply Chain and Obsolescence Issues
Recovering Strategic Materials for Defense Systems
Dr. Alan, Rae, Alfred Technology Resources Inc.
Cost Effective Electrical Testing for Risk Mitigation of Counterfeit ICs
S. Ali Lilani, Integra Technologies
Best Practice for Countering End of Life Components
Zef Malik, Marti McCurdy, Silicon 360
Export Control Reform – From a Small Business, Passive Component Manufacturer’s Perspective
Jon Fishback, Thermistor Corp.
Session 6 Reliability Analysis and Passives
How to Characterize the Reliability of Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors with
Base-Metal Electrodes
Donhang (David) Liu, ASRC Federal Space and Defense
Decapping PEMs Containing Cu Wire for DPA & FA
Bill Smith, BSET EQ
Evaluation of Case Size 0603 BME Ceramic Capacitors
Alexander Teverovsky, ASRC Federal Space and Defense
Advances & Performance in Polymer Hermetic Seal (PHS) Ta Capacitors
Y. Freeman, P. Lessner, R. Hahn, H. Perkins, K. Tempel, H. Bishop, E. Jones, KEMET Electronics
A Screening Method Using Infrared Imaging to Detect Pattern Defects in Foil and Thin Film Resistors
Lyudmyla Panashchenko, Jay Brusse, NASA-Goddard; Matthew King-Smith, College of Wooster
Base-Metal Electrode (BME) Ceramic Capacitors and Stacks for High Reliability Applications
Abhijit Gurav, Wilson Hayworth, Richard Turner, Travis Ashburn, KEMET Electronics
SMPS Capacitor Technology Update: A Configuration, Performance and Application Update of Currently
Available Stacked SMPS Capacitors
Ron Demcko, N. Billig, Stan Cygan, AVX Corp.
8:00 - 9:45
Sultan Lilani, Integra Technologies
Robert Lowry, Electronic Materials
10:15 - 12:00
1:30 - 5:00
Aaron DerMarderosian, Raytheon Co.
Ni-BaTiO3-Based (BME) Ceramic Capacitors for NASA GSFC Applications
Donhang (David) Liu, Lou Fetter, ASRC Federal Space and Defense
Close of CMSE
CMSE 2015 Exhibition Information
Tuesday, March 3
11:00am to 7:00pm
Wednesday, March 4 10:00am to 1:30pm
This Conference provides a major opportunity for direct marketing, advertising and technical interchange
with decision makers:
Component Engineers - Design Engineers - Engineering Managers
Project Managers - Quality Assurance Personnel - Procurement Executives
The delegates and visitors
The event is targeted to a variety of high-level professionals working as:
• Design Engineers
• Manufacturing Engineers
• Engineering Managers
• System Integrators
• Consultants
• Program Managers
• Project Leaders
• Government Managers
• DOD Procurement
CTI staff will be present to take care of all arrangements, to answer any questions and to cater to
special needs that you and your visitors may have. Your exhibitor staff only have to look after promoting
your products and meeting your customers.
Included in your participation
• Exhibition Space (6’ x 10’) or
• Exhibition table (3’ x 6’)
• Standard electric connection 110V/500W max.
• Copy of attendee/visitor details
• Refreshments for exhibitor & visitors
• Complimentary visitor admission to Exhibits
• Lunch buffet for exhibitors & visitors +
• Invite your customers to attend
+ Limited to space availability
CMSE Past Exhibitors
Space & Availability
A few exhibit spaces remain,
register now for availability.
Exhibiting Booth - $2000 (6’x 10’)
Exhibiting Table Top - $1600 (3’ x 6’)
Advertising is available:
Conference CD Notes color ad - $300
Conference Guide color ad full page - $600
Registration & Information
CMSE 15 Exhibition Registration Form is posted on the web:
For exhibition information and space availability contact
Clay: +1 256 536-1304, cmse-ccaw<[email protected]>
CMSE 2015
Conference Registration Form
Registration Information (please type or print clearly)
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Before Feb 6
Conference & Tutorial (Mar. 2 - 4) * 1, *2
$1350ea ____
Conference Technical Sessions (Mar. 3 - 4) * 1, *2$700 ____
$800 ____
Component Engineering Tutorial (Mar. 2) * 1$700 ____
$800 ____
Speakers and Session Chairmen - Technical Sessions (Mar. 3 - 4) *2$460 ____$560 ____
Exhibition Visitor Only (Mar. 3 - 4)
$0 ____
$50 ____
Group Discount (3 or more) subtract $150.00 from total *1
Fees not refundable after Feb. 6, 2015, substitutions at any time
*1 Groups of 3 or more, from the same company and registering at the same time for same event get $150 discount off the total price.
*2 Includes Conference Notes CD, Conference Guide, continental breakfast, breaks, lunches and reception.
See Counterfeit Components Avoidance Training 3/5/15
Payment must accompany registration. Registrations without payment will not be processed. Company checks must be made out to
Components Technology Institute, Inc. and payable in US dollars drawn on a US bank. Credit card payment requires card number, expiration
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Payment Method:
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