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Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year 2015
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Ute Indian Tribe
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P.O. Box 190 Fort Duchesne, Utah 84026 Uintah & Ouray Indian reservation
Vol. 49 # 6 - December 19, 2014
Meeting with State Water Negotiating Team, Central Utah Water Conservancy District Representatives and Ute Indian Tribe
Business Committee, Water Commission members and Attorneys, Fredricks Peebles & Morgan LLP (FPM) during CRWUA
Annual Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada December 7-13, 2014. Back Row, left to right: Gina LaRose, Secretary, Ute Tribal
Business Committee (UTBC); Boyd Clayton, Deputy State Engineer, Utah; N. Gawain Snow, General Manager, Uintah Basin
Water Conservancy District and Board of Trustees for the Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD); Robert Leake,
Regional State Engineer, Utah; Eric Millis, Deputy Director, Utah Division of Water Resources; Lee Wimmer, Assistant General
Manager, CUWCD; Kermit Wopsock, Member, Ute Water Rights Commission; Duane Moss, Attorney, Ute Water Rights Commission; Joy Grant, Member, Ute Indian Tribe; Claria Pinnecoose, Member, Ute Water Rights Commission; Second Row, left
to right: James Greer, Assistant Engineer, State of Utah; Kent Jones, Utah State Engineer; Ron Wopsock, Vice-Chairman of
the UTBC; Phillip Chimburas, UTBC Councilman; Gordon Howell, Chairman of the UTBC; Bruce Ignacio, UTBC Councilman;
Delana Mart, Member, Ute Water Rights Commission; Gene Shawcroft, Deputy General Manager, CUWCD. Front Row, left to
right: Joanne Curry, Attorney, Fredericks Peebles & Morgan LLP (FPM); Tony Small, UTBC Councilman; Tom Fredericks, Attorney, FPM; Dr. Wold Mesghinna, Tribal Water Engineer, Natural Resources Consulting Engineers, Inc. Not pictured: Stewart
Pike, UTBC Councilman; Jeremy Patterson, Attorney, FPM; Norm Johnson, Assistant Attorney General, Utah.
Las Vegas, NV – De- mittee met with the Federal the Tribe’s storage needs in
cember 10-11, 2014. The Team negotiating the Ute Flaming Gorge Reservoir
Ute Tribal Business Com- Water Compact to discuss while in Las Vegas, Nevada,
attending the Colorado River
Water Users Association annual conference. Members of
the Ute Indian Water Rights
Commission also attended.
Federal representatives at the
meeting included Reed Murray, Chairman of the Team
and Director of the Central
Utah Project Completion
Act (CUPCA); Wayne Pullen, Bureau of Reclamation, Deputy Area Manager;
Cathy Wilson, BIA Phoenix
Region, Division Chief of
Natural Resources (via telephone); and Grant Vaughn,
Department of Interior, Solicitor’s Office.
Chairman Howell provided an introduction, explaining that the Business
Committee wanted to discuss
the need to secure storage in
Flaming Gorge Reservoir so
that the Tribe can develop
its reserved water rights for
the benefit the Tribe and
its members. The Business Committee discussed
the Tribe’s reserved water
rights in the Green River.
They explained that in 1992
Congress approved the transfer of 113,378 acre-feet of
Tribal water rights from the
Uintah Basin to the Green
River. This benefitted the
growing population on the
Wasatch Front so that they
could use the Tribe’s Uintah
Basin water. Because the
Green River flows mostly
through a canyon making it
inaccessible for irrigation, the
Tribe needs a way to put these
water rights to use. With
the additional water rights
from the White River Basin
and tributary creeks, there
is about 199,000 acre-feet
of reserved water rights that
can benefit the Tribe if it is
stored in the Flaming Gorge
Reservoir to be used by the
See Meeting Page 3
December 17,2014
Ute Indian Tribal Veterans raised flags half-staff during the
National Pearl Harbor Rememberance Day December 7,
2014 at Veterans Memorial Park in Fort Duchesne, Utah.
See Veterans Page 7
The Ute Tribal Business
Committee ("Business Committee"), the governing body
of the Ute Indian Tribe of the
Uintah and Ouray Reservation, requests competitive
development proposals from
Oil and Gas Companies for
the development of lands
identified as Block 1 and
Block 2, attached hereto.
Block 1 and Block 2 will be
considered separately. This
Request for Proposal shall
be by competitive sealed bid.
All proposals shall include a
Term Sheet. Preference will
be given to those bids that include the ability for the Tribe
or a tribal entity to participate
in the development under the
development proposal.
An agreement may be
awarded to the highest and
best offer with the proposed
terms most beneficial to the
Tribe. The Business Committee reserves the right to accept
or reject any or all Proposals
See Proposal Page 3
Chairman Clement Frost
Southern Ute 2014 Inauguration
Chairman Frost, Councilman Tyson Thompson and
Councilwoman Amy Berry
took the oath of office for the
Southern Ute Tribal Council
on Monday, December 15,
Ute Chairman Gordon
Howell and Councilman
Phillip Chimburas gave their
well wishes to the Southern
Ute Council and the people
of the Southern Ute Tribe.
Councilman Tyson Thompson
Councilwoman Amy Berry
Ute Tribal Business Committee
Helps Defeat Resolution On
Clean Water Act That Would
Diminish Tribal Jurisdiction
Over Reservation Water
Las Vegas, NV – December 10, 2014. Members
of the Ute Tribal Business
Committee participated in
the bi-monthly Ten Tribes
Partnership meeting held on
December 10, 2014, in Las
Vegas, Nevada. Members
of the Ute Water Rights
Commission also attended.
The Ten Tribes Partnership
(Partnership) was formed
in 1992 and is composed of
the ten Tribes with reserved
water rights in the Colorado
River. All of the Ute Indian
Tribe’s reserved water rights
are in the Colorado River
Basin. The purpose of the
Partnership is the development and protection of Tribal
water resources and addressing technical, economic, and
practical issues related to the
operation of the Colorado
The Partnership members
reviewed a resolution proposed for adoption by the
Colorado River Water Users Association (CRWUA)
membership at their annual
meeting in Las Vegas that
would support changes to
certain requirements under
the Clean Water Act. The
purpose of the Act is to
protect the quality of water
sources by eliminating pollution from the waterways.
Congress amended the Clean
Water Act in 1987 so that the
Environmental Protection
Agency could treat Indian
Tribes as States for purposes
of the Act. Tribes can choose
to set their own water quality
The proposed resolution
would narrow Indian tribes’
authority to establish their
See Clean Water Act Page 2
Inside This Issue
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Obituaries Pg. 8
Ute Bulletin Page 2
Letter of
I feel like I should write
this letter. I know it is late this
happened end of August. My
yard was overflowing with
Silver Maple little trees-out
of control and taking over
my yard. I had a lot of junk
around my place. Like old
appliances, stoves, refrigerators, shell campers etc. etc
I called the senior citizen
center to ask for help if they
could come and help me
out since I am an elder. The
Director said that all her
equipment was in the shop.
She did say she could call me
when she gets them. I haven’t
heard from her.
I was at the post office
talking with another elder.
He told me he had the same
problem-that he needs help
with cleaning his yard and
other physical things like
lifting heavy things.
He said he was helped by a
young man-Farrel McCook’s
department Parks & Recreation, and his young crew. I
decided to call him. Within a
few days he was at my house
with his young crew. They
mowed my lawn, cut the little
trees down, hauled off my
trash, and hauled off the junk
that has been accumulated
over the years.
The reason I am writing
this letter publicly is to thank
Farrel and his young crew.
I really appreciate all their
help. Also there is another
young man I wanted to recognize, his name is Refel
Remerize. He is Roxy Myore’s
son. He helped me with
my electrical plug-ins. He
checked and replaced most
of them. One of my plug-ins
was so old and greased that
he said it could have caused a
fire. After he finished he went
next door to help my niece
Ranae Myore-Marquez. He
fixed her electrical plug-ins,
her wall, putting in a door to
her restroom for her privacy.
Like I was saying both Ranae
and I appreciate these young
people helping us elders.
I wish we could get a
separate department to help
the elders, handicapped, and
others that need help with our
yard work cutting our lawns
and in the winter to clear
off our drive ways. I know
people will say we do have
a department; the Senior
Citizen Department. I feel
they don’t have anyone to do
that for us. Most of us have
to pay for services; even our
family and relatives if they
Once again THANK YOU
to all the people that helped
us out.
Signed: Geneva Accawanna
News From Ute Country
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday
Ms. Sundae J.J. Pargeets
12 years old
To a father, a daughter will
always remain Daddy’s
little girl no matter how
old she gets. To a Mother,
a daughter will always
remain that little piece of
her own heart and soul.
We thought that the most
beautiful memory of our
lives is when we held your
tiny fingers for the first
time. Every single priceless
moment of watching you
grow up has made our lives
December 19, 2014
as beautiful as it possible
can be. As parents we hope
that you touch the lives of
thousands of other people
with the same happiness,
care and love that you have
touched ours. Raising a
wonderful daughter like
you has not only been the
joy of our lives but also
our reason to live. So for
your special day, close your
eyes take a deep breath and
receive your birthday kiss
from your special angel
above. Always remember
we love you and think the
world of you.
Darryl Vigil Ten Tribes Partnership - Jicarilla Apache Nation addresses the annual meeting.
Love you,
Dad, Mom
Clean Water Act
use. Their standards were at the Partnership meeting
From Page 1
challenged by the City of against the CRWUA resoluHappy Birthday our
own water quality standards Albuquerque. The Tenth tion and urged the Partnership
Little Sister
if they were more stringent Circuit Court of Appeals af- to oppose it. He described
You are our little sister by than federal or state standards firmed the Pueblo’s right to the resolution as an attempt
birth, but we are friends by and they caused an economic establish its own standards to diminish Tribal rights,
heart. We may be family by burden on cities and other for the water over which self-governance, and sovdefault, but we have been water users who would be it has jurisdiction, even ereignty over Tribal water
BFF’s from the start. We required to comply with the though they were greater sources. The Partnership
may be siblings, without Tribal standard. In 1996, the than the federal and state was successful in getting the
choice, but we chose to be Pueblo of Isleta established requirements and upstream resolution removed from the
much more. Wishing you water quality standards that dischargers have to comply CRWUA consideration, and
nothing but the best little sis- included Indian-related pur- with the downstream tribal it did not receive approval of
ter. Love Brother Chandler, poses for the use of its water, standards.
the CRWUA membership.
Sister Ivana & Kyle, and the in particular, for ceremonial Chairman Howell spoke
one and only street fighting
Nephew Ryu
I would like to send A
BIG SHOUT out to:
Happy 10th Birthday
To our baby girl Princess
Wind Song Howell
Dec. 10, 2014.
Your growing into such a
awesome young lady and
we wish you all the best on
your special day.
With all our love,
Mom, Dad and all your
brothers and sisters
Happy Birthday To
Henry P. Appawora 12/26
Lawrence Jenks III
Rosie Jenks
January 8, 2015
Paper Out
January 22, 2015
January 22, 2015
Paper Out January 30, 2015
Alena Redfoot: 12/6
Zhaylil LiEarl: 12/10
Tiffany Cesspooch: 12/11
Canelo Murray: 12/13
Sela Kaufusi: 12/13
Ruthel Johnson: 12/14
Symphony Ignacio: 12/15
Suvon Smith: 12/22
Dillon Serawop Sr: 12/23
Endyrie Kaufusi: 12/25
Raymond Smith: 12/26
I love you all so much..
And wish you nothing but
the best.
Thank you for being a part
of me and my little tribe’s
life. You
Don’t know how much we
appreciate all you do for us.
I know there are more
B-days I probably left out;
because we have so
much December babies ha,
ha, ha; but just know that
you are on my mind and
in my prayers.And Have
a Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year my
Friends, Family and Ute
Rez. I Love you dearly no
UIT Public Transit Routes
will not run:
We d s / T h u r s 1 2 / 2 4 / &
12/25/2014 and Weds/
Thurs 12/31/2014 and
Indian Mineral Owners
Oil & Gas Royalty Question and Answer Session
Jan. 15, 2015 - Ute Crossing Grill 9-12 Noon Ft.
Merry Christmas &
Happy New Year 2015
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Temporary - Ute Radio
Jacqueline Tapoof
December 19, 2014
News From Ute Country
Chairman Howell meets with Department of Justice Attorneys
During the CRWUA Conference UIT Public Relations/Ute Bulletin managed a booth and provided
a brochure concerning Ute Indian Water Rights Commission and Department. Pictured LtoR;
Kermit Wopsock, Water Commission member; Rep. Phillip Chimburse; Chariman Gordon Howell;
Rep. Tony Small; Rep. Bruce Ignacio; Mariah Cuch, PR/UB; Gina LaRose, BC Secretary and
Delana Mart Water Commission member. Not pictured Regina Buffalo PR/UB Photo by RC/UB
MEETING From Page 1
Tribe. This amounts to about
25% of the Tribe’s total reserved water rights.
A pump storage power
plan that the Business Committee has been considering
as one way to use its reserved
water rights was also described. This plan requires
Tribal water rights stored
behind Flaming Gorge Reservoir. It would generate power
that the Tribe could then sell.
If the water is stored, it can
also be put to use through
leases by the Tribe to third
parties for municipal and
industrial use.
The Business Committee
also informed the Federal
Team that the Tribe is developing a Tribal Storage Plan
that includes construction of
a storage facility on the Uinta
River and rehabilitation of
the Uintah Indian Irrigation
Project, especially on the
Lake Fork River. This plan
will address the severe water shortages in the Project
that result from insufficient
natural flows in the river after
mid-July for the Tribal irrigators. These plans are tentative
and the Business Committee
discussed the cost of them
with the Federal Team and the
need to find funds to support
the Plan. Finally, the group
discussed resolving these
issues over the next year
so that the proposed Water
Compact negotiations can
be completed.
The Business Committee
and Water Rights Commission also met with the
incoming Assistant Secretary
of Water and Science, Jennifer Gimbel, who oversees
the Central Utah Project
Completion Office and the
Bureau of Reclamation. Ms.
Gimbel was provided with
an overview of the Tribe’s
history in trying to settle its
reserved water rights and the
government’s 1965 promise
for storage, which was never
built, and asked to support
the Tribe in settling these
issues and finalizing an acceptable Water Compact for
the Tribe and its members.
She indicated she was very
interested in the Tribal Storage Plan and encouraged
the Business Committee to
continue meeting with the
Federal and State teams.
The Business Committee also met with the State
Water Team in Las Vegas,
to continue their negotiations to resolve issues that
are hindering completion
of the Ute Water Compact.
Members of the Water Rights
Commission also attended.
The Business Committee
invited representatives of the
Central Utah Water Conservancy District (CUWCD) to
participate in the meeting to
discuss the Tribe’s storage
needs. The CUWCD Deputy
General Manager and Assistant General Manager, as well
as the Uintah Basin Water
Conservancy District Gen-
eral Manager, a trustee on the
CUWCD Board, attended the
meeting. The Business Committee explained the Tribe’s
storage needs and explained
that this issue must be resolved if the Tribe is going to
put its reserved water rights
to full use, and discussed the
continued need for Tribal
storage in the Uintah Basin
for lands under the Uintah
Indian Irrigation Project.
The Business Committee is
looking at developing Tribal
water rights through leasing
opportunities that will benefit
the Tribe and community.
The CUWCD representatives indicated an interest in
working with the Tribe to
resolve its storage issues,
and in leasing opportunities and developing a river
management plan that can
closely monitor Indian and
non-Indian use of the water in
the Uintah Basin, which will
ensure Indian water rights are
protected from misuse.
The federal and state
representatives responded
positively to the Business
Committee’s ideas on developing the Tribal reserved
water rights. The Business
Committee will continue to
move forward with its plans
and pursing negotiations
that will secure the Tribe’s
water rights through a Water Compact for the Tribe
that includes support for the
Tribe’s development of its
water resources.
Chairman Gordon Howell at the Tribal Financial Management Conference in Palm Springs,
California on December 8th. Also on the panel was John Pebbles, attorney and Dan Lewis of
Sovereign Finance.
Chairman Gordon Howell delivers address at
Tribal Finance Conference
The Ute Indian Tribe is
investing its money with the
best investment firms in the
world, are the words Chairman Gordon Howell (Whiteriver Band Representative)
shared at the Second Annual
Tribal Financial Management Symposium held in
Palm Springs, California on
December 8th.
Chairman Howell sat on a
panel of presenters to provide
“An Update on Financing in
Indian Country.” The Ute
Indian Tribe provided a case
study on financing the Tribal
Justice Center project, where
construction has been ongoing since the summer next
to the Tribal Administration
The audience responded
with applause to Chairman
Howell’s comments on the
Tribes efforts to ensure a
bright future for the children
and families of the Tribe
through diversification of
investments. And further
through investing into future
infrastructure and programs
that benefit the youth.
Historically Tribes have
not been able to access tax
exempt bonds to fund infrastructural improvements,
like the Ute Justice Center
project. These bonds used to
finance government projects
enjoy an exemption from
federal income tax on the
interest returns from their
gross incomes, which could
mean millions of dollars of
savings. However the Justice
Center is significant because
the Tribe was able to use
creativity and secure a low
interest loan from Morgan
Stanley to fund the bulk of
the project and experience a
similar or even better amount
of savings.
The Chairman was joined
at the conference by Councilman Tony Small (Uncompahgre Band Representa-
tive), Councilman Phillip
Chimburas (Whiteriver Band
Representative) and Councilman Bruce Ignacio (Uintah
Band Representative).
About the Ute Indian
Tribe-The Ute Indian Tribe
resides on the Uintah and
Ouray Reservation in northeastern Utah. Three bands
of Utes comprise the Ute
Indian Tribe: the Whiteriver
Band, the Uncompahgre
Band and the Uintah Band.
The Tribe has a membership
of more than three thousand
individuals, with over half living on the Uintah and Ouray
Reservation. The Ute Indian
Tribe operates its own tribal
government and oversees approximately 1.3 million acres
of trust land which contains
significant oil and gas deposits. The Tribal Business
Committee is the governing
council of the Tribe.
Chairman Attends White House
Tribal Nations Conference
On December 2nd and
3rd, on behalf of the Business
Committee, Chairman Howell attended the White House
Tribal Nations Conference
in Washington, D.C. with
hundreds of tribal leaders
from around the Nation. The
Chairman attended breakout
sessions with key Administration Officials including
a session entitled “Jobs,
Energy and Infrastructure
Development.” During the
Conference President Obama
announced new initiatives
focused on improving opportunities for Native Youth. While in D.C., Chairman
Howell met with Officials
from Department of Justice
(DOJ) and the Bureau of
Land Management (BLM)
to ask for their assistance in
resolving pressing issues. At
DOJ, the Chairman met with
Acting Assistant Attorney
General Sam Hirsch and
asked that the United State
intervene and support the
Tribe against attacks by the
State and Counties on the
Tribe’s jurisdiction over the
Reservation. The Chairman
reminded Justice about its
treaty and trust responsibilities to the Tribe and its
Reservation, stating, “The
ies of the Proposal must be
submitted by 4:30 PM MST
on January
without limitations and/or to 8, 2015 and shall be mailed,
restart the process. Proposals or sent via courier services,
will not be returned.
All Proposals must be
signed, dated, sealed, and Ute Tribal Business
identified as "Sealed Com- Committee
petitive Development
c/o Reanin Tapoof Ute Indian
Proposal." Seven (7) cop- Tribe
From Page 1
NW, S2
2S-2W2 S252160
9 S2320
8 SESE40
16 ALL640
17 SE, SESW N2SW 600
18 LOTS 3 AND 4
20 NE, E2NW
21 ALL640
28 SENE, N2N2
30 SENE40
TOTAL 3835.78
Page 3 Ute Bulletin
United States government
put the Tribe on this Reservation. Maybe the government
thought it was a wasteland
or that we would die off, but
the Ute People were strong,
resilient and we are still
here. Even still, the State
and the Counties continue
to question our jurisdiction,
our sovereignty. The United
States should remember that
it put the Tribe here and do
what’s right and support the
Tribe against these attacks
and protect our Reservation.”
At the BLM, Chairman
Howell asked Deputy Assistant Director Karen Mouritsen to help keep energy
permits moving through the
BLM and ensure that the
Tribe is able to use its water resources in support of
energy development. The
Chairman raised this issue
because some of the energy
companies working with
the Tribe had noted that the
BLM Vernal Field Office
would not process energy
permits that relied on tribal
water sources. The Chairman noted that the Tribe has
the authority to use its water
as the Tribe sees fit and that
BLM should not interfere
and require water sources
certified by the State.
P.O. Box 190
Fort Duchesne, Utah 84026
Any Proposal that is submitted after 4:30 PM MST
on January 8, 2015 shall be
December 24, 2014 through
January 2, 2015.
Payroll will be given out
from 8:00 am to 12:00 noon
on December 29, 2014 for
those who recieve a check.
Tribal Offices will be open
January 5, 2015
Tribal Employees UIT
Christmas Party December
23, 2014
Sections QT/QT
1S-3W23 ALL640
1S-2W18 ALL640
30 ALL640
TOTAL 1920
News From Ute Country
Ute Bulletin Page 4
December 19, 2014
Roosevelt Jr. High Christmas Concert
The History of Christmas
By Tiger Taveapont
Before Christmas was celebrated in Europe, the Norse
celebrated Yule.
Yule started on December
21, which is usually the shortest day of the year, and went
into January.
This was about the time
when they would kill all the
animals they wouldn’t be
keeping until the next year,
and so they would have
plenty of meat. This was
also the time when the wine
and beer that they had gotten
from their harvested fruit and
grain would be fermented and
ready to drink. So they would
just have a big party. They
would have a big log that they
would put on their fire, and
they would celebrate as long
as it burned. This was usually around twelve days, so
it was a tradition to celebrate
Yule for twelve days. After
Christianity came to Europe,
they started celebrating the
birth of Christ during Yule
time. Since no one knew
when Jesus Christ was born,
they decided to celebrate his
birth at the same time as Yule
even though most people
were pretty sure he was born
about the springtime (Shep-
herds wouldn’t be herding in
the middle of winter). They
did this so that people that
used to be Pagan did not have
to give up all of their traditions once they converted to
A lot of Yule traditions are
now Christmas traditions.
For example, the twelve days
of Christmas come from the
fact that it took about twelve
days for the huge Yule log to
burn out.
Both Christmas and Yule
were and are good reasons
to have something to celebrate during the cold winter
R o o s e v e l t J r. H i g h
6th/7th/8th grade Orchestra’s performed their Christmas Concert for family and
Violinist: LaeLee Serawop, Marcella Natchees,
Jeremiah Conetah; Cellist:
Timina Poowaukee; Bassist:
Markus Navanick
URHS Boys’ Basketball
Uintah River High Warriors vs. Walden
On Friday December 5th,
the boys’ basketball team
of URHS played against
Walden. The game started at
6:00. It was played here at
the gym, and a lot of teachers
and fellow students came to
support our team. A great big
thanks to everyone who did!
The people who came to
watch were glad they did. It
was a pretty intense game.
Sometimes Walden was
ahead, and sometimes we
were ahead. At one point,
there was some worry because Ryan had to stagger
out of the game in a lot of
pain. At first it looked like
he had twisted his ankle or
something, but it ended up
just being really bad cramps
in both of his calves. After
some rest and massage, he
was as good as new.
Walden got ahead a little
way. As the game drew to
a close, though, our boys
pulled ahead, and stayed
there until the buzzer. The
final score was 63 Uintah
River, 55 Walden.
The boys on the team are
Ryan Christiansen, Marion
Slim, Kelvyn Hardy, Talon
Tahtsoni, Shandon Sorensen,
Gerrit Teton, Tré Teton, and
Damian Santio.
During the game, Ryan
scored 8 points. Marion
scored 10, Shandon scored
a whopping 24, Gerrit got in
1 point with a foul shot, and
Tré got in 20, right behind
Shandon. Everybody played
their hearts out, supported URHS boys all team players and coaches.
each other, and kept the other
team from scoring as many
points as they could have,
and everyone contributed to
the win.
Student Spotlights
Christmas Cartoon by Zennia Chapoose
Jaylee Luna
Monte Montes
By Hope Zufelt
By Caitlyn Root
On December 1, 2014 I
interviewed Jaylee Luna.
She is a sophomore here
at Uintah River High School.
Some of her hobbies are
hanging out and listening to
She wants to go to Harvard
and become a nurse.
When I asked her what
advice she had for her fellow
students, she said “Stay in
Monte Montes is a Senior
here at the school.
I asked her what are her
hobbies and her answer was,
“Sleeping, driving around
and chilling with the bestie.”
She wants to go to U of U
and become a nurse for her
I asked her if she had
any advice for her fellow
students. She replied, “Stay
in school and be cool.”
Faculty Spotlight
Mr. Chad Hamblin
By Vincent Quinn
On December 1, 2014, I
interviewed Mr. Chad Ham-
blin. Mr. C. Hamblin has
been working here for half
a school year. He teaches
science, (Biology, Earth
Systems, etc.)
Mr. C. Hamblin likes to
work here because of the
class sizes, and he can get
to know the students faster.
Mr. C. Hamblin’s hobbies
are hiking, camping, cross My Thanksgiving
country skiing, listening to experience was
music, photography, and
Mr. C. Hamlin’s advice for
the students is: “Keep loving By Heath Lee
I spent time with the whole
family and ate really
good food.
I went to two dinners
and the second dinner
we watched football
while we ate.
I’m not much of a football fan but it was fun
watching other people
scream and yell at the
TV. They also made
jokes about each others’
News From Ute Country
December 19, 2014
Painted Horse Diabetes Prevention Program Breakfast with Santa held December 6, 2014 at the Tribal
auditorium. MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Joanne Perank, Ute Family Services
Angel Tree
effort all year long.
You will be bringing
smiles to children and making this Christmas a little
brighter for those who are
struggling; which is what
the Angel Tree Project is all
Thank You.
May you have a safe &
happy holiday season.
Good afternoon, I just
wish to publicly thank the
Angel Tree Santas out there,
for your generosity to those
in need within our communities. Because of your
willingness to give back,
you are an active part in the
healing and wellness of our
communities. Although, the All the best,
idea of service is often as- Marlene Edgley, Angel Tree
sociated with holidays like Project Coordinator
Christmas, giving to the less
fortunate needs to be a daily
January 5,
Crescent Point
Ron, Tony & Energy Notice
Crescent Point Energy in
conjunction with Dawson
will be conductUncompahgre Geophysical
ing seismic mapping in the
Duchesne area to
& Uintah Band Randlett/Ft.
pinpoint natural gas and oil
well locations. This mapping
is a safe and environmentally
friendly way of providing 3-d
1PM Tribal
St. Elizabeth’s
Episcopal Church
Invites you to the
Christmas Eve Service
December 24, 2014
5:30 P.M.
Holy Communion,
Christmas Pageant, visit
from Santa
images of the earth's layers,
much like a medical sonogram. This results in successful production of natural gas
and oil, thus reducing the risk
of non-productive wells. Those in the project area
will be seeing helicopters
delivering equipment to technicians who will be placing
small sensing devices called
geophones on the ground in
various locations...vibrator
trucks will move through the
area, occasionally lowering a
vibrating mechanism to generate sound waves down into
the earth. The information is
recorded and all equipment
will then be removed.
For questions or concerns,
please call Dawson Geophysical
(936) 328-0858 or Ute Tribe Energy and Minerals Department
(435) 725-4950.
Airwave Town Hall Meetings will be broadcast on Native
Voltage Rez Radio 90.3 FM on the following dates and times:
Jan. 8 2015 5pm
Feb. 5, 2015 5pm
March 5, 2015 5pm
April 9, 2015 5pm
May 7, 2015 5pm
June 11, 2015 5pm
Juy 9, 2015 5pm
August 6, 2015 5pm
Sept. 15, 2015 5pm
October 5, 2015 5pm
Nov. 6, 2015 5pm
Dec. 3, 2015 5pm
Youth Violence and AOD use
Child Abuse Prevention
Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
Synthetic Drugs (Spice, Bath Salts)
Mental Health Screening
Drinking & Driving
For more information please contact staff at
Alcohol/Substance Abuse Prevention
(435) 722-3234
Page 5 Ute Bulletin
Ute Bulletin Page 6
News From Ute Country
December 19, 2014
Ute Indian Tribe
Job Vacancy
Annoucement: December 8, 2014 - December 29, 2014
(Note: Tribal Preference will be exercised)
DepartmentPosition Closing Date
Ute Tribal Enterprises,LLC For more infomation,
Job Openings
contact us at 435-722-3136
Accepting applications for: or stop by and visit with the
MANAGER of business.
Ft. Duchesne-Ute Petroleum (3) Deli Workers (1)
Ute Crossing Grill (2) Hostess (1) Snack Bar Clerk
Job descriptions and application forms are available
at the front desk, Ute Tribal
Enterprises, LLC, or at the
location of business.
Stubbs & Stubbs
Oilfield Construction
P.O. Box 32
Vernal, Utah
[email protected]
Office Phone: (435) 789-8874 - Fax: (435) 789-8876
Stubbs & Stubbs Oilfield Construction has the following employement openings:
Scraper Operator - $20.00 - $24.00 per hour
Laborer with CDL License preferred - $14.00 to
$16.00 with CDL per hour
Dozer Operator - $20.00 - $24.00 per hour
Finish Grader Operator - $20.00 - $25.00 per hour
Heavy Equipment Mechanic - $28.00 - $33.00 per hour
Parts Manager/Mechanic - Salary $60,000.00 per year
For details on the requirements for a position and how
to apply go to the bulletin board at the Tribal Personnel
Anderson & Wood Construction is now hiring for the
position of Lineman (high voltage power) for a project
in the Fort Duchene area.
This position requires a minimum of 6 months on the
job training or completion of an electrical line worker
program or equivalent.
Please send cover letter and resume to Shaneen at
[email protected] or fax to 208-888-4945.
This is a temporary position for the duration of the
project. This position will remain open until filled.
2014-007EducatorHealth Education DirectorDecember29,2014
Linn Energy is announcing
an immediate job opening
for a Field Operator 1 position. Information as follows:
1. Successful completion of
company required physical
2. Successful passing of a
drug and alcohol screen
(Random drug and alcohol
screening after hired)
3. Proof of ability to work in
the United States
4. Must pass a background
5. Must be able to operate
a motor vehicle in the state
of Utah
(Copy of driving record from
DMV must be submitted)
6. Must have 5 years experience working in the oilfield
or 1 year pumper experience
1. High School diploma or
1. Maintain and oversee daily
oil & gas operations
2. Maintain accurate record
keeping of production
3. Proper maintenance of all
assigned equipment
4. Follow daily directions
from Foreman / Supervisor
2014-011Senior CitizensTransit/Bus DriverDecember 29,2014
2014-012Senior CitizensActivities CoordinatorDecember29,2014
2014-013Senior CitizensAssistant Cook IIDecember29,2014
2014-016EducationTeacher URHSDecember29,2014
Social Services
Child Protection Specialist
2014-028Social ServicesSocial WorkerDecember29,2014
2014-031Building RehabLaborerDecember29,2014
BIA Real Estate Services
Environmental Specialist II
2014-033GrantsGrants SpecialistDecember29,2014
2014-034Alcohol/Substance Licensed ClinicianDecember29,2014
Abuse Prevention
Food Distribution
Warehouse/Distributor Foreman
Criminal Investigation
Gang & Drug Specialist
Must have a current valid Utah Drivers License and provide proof of a past driving
record (MVR) for the Department of Motor Vehicle. Must be submitted with
application. Contact:Ute Indian Tribe - Personal Office at 1 (435) 722-5141
Susan Chapoose, Personnel Director Ext. #4041
Cindy Wopsock, Personnel Assistant Director Ext # 4003
RoNeva A. Valdez, Secretary Ext # 4017 or 725-4017
Rachel Shore, Secretary Ext # 4218 or 725-4218
Est. 1987
Oct. 17th, 18th, 19th • 10am - 7 pm
Interest of: O.T. DOB: PENDLETON
& AD
1. Competitive salary
A person(s) under 18 years WHERE NATIVE
S Redwood
Look for
2. Insurance
of age.
free prize
3. Vacation
You from all of us at the Native American Tradspecials
4. 401K
Oct. 17th,
18th, 19th • 10am - 7 pm
If interested, please bring Case Nos: 1032704
resume to our office by 4:00 Judge: Keith E. Eddington
PM Dec 3, 2014
S Redwood
25% OFF
Coats, Jackets,
Hats, Scarfs, Gloves
Look for
To: Curtis Jason
in-storereg $59 - sale $39
Linn Energy
City, UT 84123 Lead
Natural Father of the
prize Salt Lake
Attn: Tara Knutson
Duchesne County, drawings
State of
Administrative Supervisor
Provide support to Lease
4000 SOUTH, 4028 WEST
20% OFF and Production
ROOSEVELT, UTAH 84066 A trial concerning the25% OFF ON ALL SEED BEADSForeman. Supervise assigned
above named child is pending Questar provides an en- production operations. Three
Outerwear 25% OFF Coats, Jackets, Hats, Scarfs, Gloves
in the Court and an adjudicagaging
Native Design
Cabin Fever
reg $59 - sale
$39oilfield experience and
tion will be made whichSORRY
in- NOand
high school diploma or GED
cludes the permanent termi- SALE
base equivalent required. Must
nation of your parental rights salary and performance- be able to lift 25-75 pounds.
and/or transfer of permanent based incentive programs, Please contact Aleesha Mecustody and guardianship of paid-time off, health care and cham for additional requireyour child.
other benefits.
ments and to apply at 435 Vital Statistics, Trea You are hearby summoned Visit www.questar.com to 646-4942 or [email protected]
sury and Accounting Deto appear before this court view career opportunities and newfield.com. The last day
partments is requesting
in said county on January apply for open positions.
to apply is January 1st, 2015.
updated information for:
15th, 2015 at 9:00 A.M. in Questar is a drug-free
the Courtroom of this Court workplace and an EEO/AA
1. Monthly Per Capita
located at 255 South State Employer: M/F/Disabled/ Water Truck Driver
2. Tribal Notices
Street, Roosevelt, Utah. For Vet.
3. Election (Voting)
failure to appear you will be
4. Emergencies
defaulted and your parental
Operate a Newfield water
Apply Today!
rights may be terminated and/
truck in a safe and compli Contact: Vital Statiswww.anadarko.com/Careers
or permanent custody and
ant manner, hauling water
tics, Treasury or AccountAnadarko is planning
guardianship of your child
as required. All new drivers
ing at (435) 722-5141 for
for the future and we
may be transferred to another.
are typically hired into night
additional information.
want you to be part of
Dated this 20th day of Nopositions, with possibility
vember 2014.
of moving to days based on
seniority. Class A CommerMarea A. Doherty
cial Driver’s License (CDL)
Assistant Utah Attorney
with tanker endorsement is
required, as well as, CDL
driving experience within
pressure records; oil sales and the previous 5 years. High
water transfer tickets, filing School diploma or GED
XTO Energy Inc.
and other tasks as assigned. equivalent required. Please
Skills, Knowledge & Abili- contact Aleesha Mecham for
ties: The preferred candidate additional requirements and
should have a general knowl- to apply at 435-646-4942 or
Apply at: www.exxonmobil- edge of oilfield-related work [email protected]
and terms. They must be able Position will remain OPEN
Closing Date: Dec 16, 2014 to take, understand and carry until filled.
out directions, have good
Regulatory Compliance communication, computer, Gordon Howell &
math and document review
Roosevelt, Utah
skills. The candidate must Phillip Chimburas
have a positive attitude, WHITERIVER BAND
Duties: The candidate will be be self-motivated, able to Meeting
required to work an 8 hour per work well with others and January 7, 2015
day schedule, with a mini- be dependable. They should 6:00 PM
mum of 40 hours per week have a good understanding of Whiterocks Community
in an office environment. Du- computer software programs: Building
ties will include reviewing, Excel; Word; Outlook and be Refreshments will be served.
correlating and correcting able to learn and understand
errors in software tracking other production tracking More information contact:
programs and on hard copy programs.
BC Secretary
paperwork, including gauge Education: High school cer- 435-725-4007
/seal records; natural gas tification.
To All Tribal
December 19, 2014
News From Ute Country
Page 7 Ute Bulletin
I wanted to thank all of
the people that came out to
participate in the Veteran’s
Day activities last month.
We appreciated Chairman
Howell’s remarks and for
leading the traditional walk.
We appreciated the Tribal
Royalty that attended also.
Thanks to all of the people
that showed up and brought
photos of their loved ones
who served in the Armed
Thanks to the Veterans
who participated in the flag
raising and carrying the Colors.
Thanks to the Red Spirit
Singers for the songs that let
us remember who we are.
Thanks to the Girl Scouts
Troop 1250 who presented
me with notes that thanked
all the Veterans for their service. I just wanted to share
the things that they wrote for
the Veterans.
“Thank you for Saving Utah”
“Our Freedom is because
of you! Thank you for your
service. “
“We are Free because of you!
Thank you for your service!”
“Thank you for risking your
life for mine.”
“Ft. Duchesne Girl Scout
Troop 1250 Thanks You!”
Adelbert Tavashutz, Ridley Eagle Chief, Joeseph Tapoof and Robert Lucero Veterans, Program Director. Photo by RC/UB
73rd Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day (December 07, 1941)
December 07, 2014
“My Freedom is because of
you! Thank You!”
“Thank you for all you have
done. You saved our country. You risk your life for us
to be on this planet. We all
thank you.”
“I’m grateful for them serving our country and my uncle
went to World War 2.”
“Thanks could never be
“I could never be free if it
weren’t for Hero’s like you!
Thank you!”
“I’m Free to become whatever I want because of you.
Thank you for serving.”
“Thank you for your service.
It’s because of you I’m free!”
“Girl Scout Troop 1250
thanks you for your service
& wants you to know you’re
not forgotten.”
“Thank you for your service.”
“Thank you for serving our
“Thank you for your service.
We could never thank you
enough for risking your life
for mine.”
“Thank you for risking your
life for us. The Nation could
never repay you! Thank
“I’m free because of you.
Thank you.”
It was a quite peaceful
morning on December 07,
1941 when at 07:55 am the
Imperial forces of Japan
launched an attack on our
US Fleet anchored at Pearl
Harbor, Hawaii. Many of
our ships were sunk or damaged like the USS Arizona
which lost 1,177 sailors and
servicemen and at the end of
the attack 2,341 servicemen
had lost their lives as well as
49 civilians.
The sitting President
Franklin D. Roosevelt would
state that “this day would
live in infamy”. This act of
aggression would throw our
country into World War II
and would engulf the entire
world. It would cost the lives
Ute Tribe Housing Program
During the past year the
Ute Tribe Housing Program
has been working very hard
to revise the Housing Ordinance, to better suit tribal
members. We have hade 42
applications in 2010, 2011
we have 86 applications, in
2012 we have 43 applications
and in 2013 we have 97 & in
2014 we have 75 application
as of October 1.
In September 2014 I hired
Maxine Redfoot as the Secretary for the Ute Tribe Housing
Program she has been a valuable asset to this department.
She has been working very
diligently with our newly
created Housing Board to
get them all the information
they requested to implement
and revised Housing Ordinance. She will over see our
accounting, bookkeeping,
house payments and balances
out all of our cuff accounts in
the department and she will
work closely with all our new
We have purchased a total
of 36 homes including 30
Modular homes ranging in
three to four bedroom homes;
6 stick built homes ranging
in three to five bedroom
homes. These homes are
placed throughout the Uintah
& Ouray Reservation. This
year our funding source to
purchase these homes has
been all tribal funds. The total
cost of homes purchased this
past year were:
*Homes including Modular/
Stick Built
$ 4,532,169.38
*Total Cost of Moon Lake
*Land Clearing-Other
*Total Cost: $4,991,149.70
This year I have been
working on setting in place
subdivisions in various locations on the Reservation
which includes: Neola, Altera, Gusher, Hilltop and U
F O Area, the areas that will
be scheduled for any work to
be done will be the Altera &
Hilltop Neola area in 2015
year if all our due diligence
is done. I have been working with Red Plains to ensure
all roadways will suite all
future homeowners in these
subdivision areas. All others
will be on hold until further
notice since we need to do
more research in them area’s.
The housing Program
sponsored a Skate Expo
in conjunction with Child
Abuse Prevention Month.
We had a huge turnout we
almost got rained out; but
overall the expo turned
out great thanks to all the
dedicated skateboarders in
the surrounding areas of Ft.
Duchesne. We had various
skateboarders doing their
tricks. Kaufuzi Excavating
prepared the food, plus donated to the event, along with
Clayton Homes of Salt Lake
City, and Rocky Mountain
Homes of Vernal. With the
huge donations these companies donated we were able
to provide skateboard’s; gift
cards to all the skateboarder
winners in each age group
categories. Also a big shouts
out to Native Voltage for the
sound system, and the various
DJ’s that came out to support
this event for the children
During the month of
September I Debra Jones
was selected to speak at the
3rd Annual Native American
Housing Conference held in
Las Vegas September 15-16,
2014 this was an awesome
conference; housing Directors from all over native
country attended. The topic
was Re-Thinking the Native
American Housing Assistance. I spoke about how
we as the Ute Indian Tribe as
many other tribes are better
off than others but all tribe,
no matter what their wealth,
still deal with many stigmas
such as “low income” that
carries far beyond housing. Many believe we need
to Re-Think HUD’s ideas
about housing and take the
low-income out of native
housing and really address
the criteria required for one
to be eligible to participate
in the HUD Programs. This
year has been a crucial year
for the Ute Tribal Housing
Program we have had some
issues with Clayton Home
of millions of people worldwide. The exact number of
lives lost is still uncertain to
this day.
Because we forgot why
and how we got our freedoms
we paid a terrible price for
being too lax in our vigilance
and terrorism came to our
country again as on that day
September 11, 2001. This
is why we must maintain a
strong Military force and
protect our Country and
Democratic form of Government.
Morning Ceremony
08:00 am- Sunday, December
07 U&O Veteran Park
Prayer- Ridley Eagle
Chief, US Army Veteran
Post Colors at Half Staff
Lighting of the Eternal
Flame- for all those who
TAPS - Moment of Silence
involvement during that
conflict and those who made
the ultimate sacrifice.
Joseph Tapoof, USMCComments on why the 1st
nations had a high percentage of volunteers to join the
Armed Forces during that
event, and volunteer towards
the War effort’s.
Adelbert Tavashutz, US
Army Veteran- Comments
on some specific incidents
which occurred during that
05:00 pm- Posting of the
Colors to Full Staff.
We would like to remind
everyone that the U&O Veterans are active in utilizing
our Tribal Veteran Park. We
are performing some Flag
Ceremonies for some of our
nations War Conflict events
as well as for our national
Robert Lucero, U&O Remembrance days.
Tribal Veteran Affairs of- God bless you all and have a
ficer- Statistics and com- very Merry Christmas.
ments on our Tribal member
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Announcement of Public Notice of
Surface Water Permit Action
The U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency Region
8 (EPA) intends to issue one
(1) National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System
(NPDES) discharge permit
under the authority of Section
402 of the Clean Water Act
(CWA) to the American Gilsonite Company, EPA Permit
Number UT-0000167.
The permit is for the
discharge of dewatering
effluent from the American
Gilsonite Company, Bonanza Mine, Uintah County,
UT. All discharges from the
mine flow to Coyote Wash,
a tributary of the White
River. EPA has made tentative determinations that the
limitations and conditions
in this permit will assure
that applicable provisions
of the Clean Water Act will
be protected. EPA requests
comments from the public on
this proposed action within
thirty (30) days be directed
to Greg Davis (8P-W-WW),
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 8, 1595
Wynkoop Street, Denver, CO
80202-1129. The permit and
statement of are available for
download at www.epa.gov/
region8/water/npdes/documents.html. Additional information may be obtained upon
request, or an appointment
to review the documents can
be made by contacting Greg
Davis at [email protected]
gov or (303) 312-6314, or by
writing to the address listed
The complete application
and related documents are
available by appointment
for review and reproduction
at the address listed above
during the hours of 10:00
A.M. to 4:00 P.M., Monday
through Friday, Federal holidays excluded. If no objections are received within the
specified thirty-day period,
EPA intends to issue a final
NPDES permit and Clean
Water Act section 401 certification within sixty days of
the date of this notice. EPA
will hold a public hearing if
the response to this notice
indicates significant public
Owners but rest assure we
are working very Diligently
with Clayton Homes to ensure every home owner has
a home they are happy with.
Many Clayton Home owners
have expired warranties but
Clayton Homes is willing to
work and extend many and
all homeowners warranties
to ensure they are happy with
their purchase of a Clayton
Please keep in mind the Ute
Please keep in mind in order
for this program to be beneficial
to not only one Tribal Member
but to benefit all Tribal Membership we need to work together
to ensure this program is here
to serve all tribal membership
if they qualify.
Tribe Housing Program has an
open door policy so if you have
any questions please do not
hesitate to come in the office or
call the office and we will gladly
answer any questions you may
“Our Mission is to be the
leading housing program that
enhances the quality of life on
the Uintah & Ouray Reservation through the efforts of a
professional, caring and responsible staff, Director & Housing
Board. We strive to provide safe,
decent & affordable housing to
our tribal families.”
Thank you, Debra Jones
Ute Tribe Housing Program
News From Ute Country
Ute Bulletin Page 8
December 5, 2014
Proudly Offers…
HUD 184 Native Home Lending
• Low Down Payment
• Low Monthly Mortgage Insurance
• Gifted Funds and Down Payment Assistance Allowed
• Not Only for Low Income Families But for All Federally
Registered Natives in Approved 184 Areas
• Per Capita, Dividend Income Allowed
• No Credit Score Required
• Affordable Fixed Rates
• Purchase, Refinance, Cash-out
Typical Documents Needed for a Loan Application:
• Most Recent 2 Months of Bank and Investment
Account Statements
• Most Recent Paystubs (30 day period)
• W-2’s, 1099’s and Tax Returns (2 Years)
• Copy of Your Tribal Enrollment
• Copy of Your State Issued ID/Drivers License and
Social Security Card
Geralann Tabet
Branch Manager
NMLS# 316594
Office: (435) 879-7004
Cell: (435) 619-2452
Fax: (435) 215-2164
1173-1 South 250 West # 208
St. George, Utah 84770
Branch NMLS #1166421
[email protected]
CO; brother,
Robert Duffy,
Jr., sister, Nikki
Duffy, both of Ft. Duchesne;
and numerous aunts, uncles,
cousins, and other relatives. She was preceded in death
by her grandparents, Frank
& Agatha UncaSam; and
Barbara Tauaalo, uncles Tim
Garrison, David Tauaalo, and
great-grandmother, Stella
Marissa Marie Duffy
“02/10/1987 - 12/02, 2014” Funeral services held Saturday, December 6, 2014, at
Marissa Marie Duffy the Community Pentecostal
Garcia, age 27, of Roosevelt, Church of God on Whiterpassed away December 2, ocks Road.
2014, from injuries sustained Burial will be in the Ft.
in an automobile accident. Duchesne Cemetery. Condo She was born February 10, lences may be shared at www.
1987, in Roosevelt, to Robert hullingermortuary.com
Earl and Caroline UncaSam
She married Henry Arley
Garcia on October 21, 2009,
in Duchesne.
Marissa loved her children
and husband very much and
really liked to be with her
immediate and extended
family. She enjoyed hunting,
fishing, camping, traveling,
playing volleyball, playing
on her tablet, and she was a
good cook.
She is survived by her husband, Henry; children, Immanuel David Frank Duffy,
Henry Alejandro Garcia, Jr.
and Marcus Arley Garcia,
all of Roosevelt; parents,
Robert & Caroline Duffy,
Ft. Duchesne; mother-in-law,
Guadalupe Recinos, fatherin-law, Alejandro Garcia,
both of Guatemala; grandfather, Patrick Duffy, Denver,
Sponsored by
Gordon Howell
Phillip Chimburas
Returning: Sunday Dec. 21, 2014
Ute Tribe will not be held responsible for lost,
stolen property!
January 7, 2015
Community Bldg.
Time: 6:00 pm
Refreshments will be served
For more information
Contact: BC Secretary
Alex Calhoun
“09/22/1987 - 12/15/2014”
Alex J Calhoun, age 27,
formerly of Altamont, passed
away on December 15, 2014
at his home in Salt Lake City
due to complications of extreme diabetes.
Alex was born on September 22, 1987 in Roosevelt
to Michael and Ann Barton
He was raised by his
grandparents, Jack and Donna Barton. Alex attended
Altamont elementary and
high school graduating in
2004. He played all little
league sports and on the
high school teams until he
became ill with diabetes.
He was a hard worker and
worked in the oil field and
for Scott Barton insulation
until his health failed. He
made friends easily and had
lasting friendships with his
classmates. All of his family
mourn his early loss.
Mother, Ann Checora, father, Mick Calhoun, brothers,
LaRon Tyron, Jamal; sisters,
Latasha, Khadisha,his grandparents, Jack and Donna
Barton, and numerous aunts,
uncles and cousins.
Funeral services held Saturday, December 20, 2014
at 2:30 p.m. at the Altamont
LDS Stake Center.
Burial in the Altamont