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Chalk Talk
Serving the parishes of Sacred Heart and St. Benedict
December 2014
SHES 665-5841
Sacred Heart School
SHMS 665-1808
Our mission is to form a Catholic community of faith and learning by living Gospel values,
promoting academic excellence, and serving those in need.
Advent Season
The Advent Season is a beautiful time of year at Sacred Heart School.
Staff and students gather weekly to prepare their hearts for the coming of
Jesus through an Advent Prayer service. The Middle School gatherings will
be at 12:22 P.M. on December 1, 9 and 15, and the Elementary will be
at 12:50 P.M. beginning Monday, December 1, with all following dates
on Fridays starting December 5. Please feel free to join us as we
journey through the Christmas season together.
Registration for 2015-2016 School Year
We have begun accepting registrations for the 2015-2016 school year for
preschool, junior kindergarten and kindergarten classes. Students should have
brought home a registration form recently. Please return these forms by
December 19th to secure your child’s spot in class. Enrollment will be open to
the general public beginning January 5th.
For the 2015-2016 school year Sacred Heart School will have four sections
of early childhood classes: Pre-School: T/Th option and a M/W/F option, Junior
Kindergarten: half day option and full day option. If you are registering for PreSchool or Junior Kindergarten please include the $35 deposit which will be
applied to your tuition next year. Registrations for grades 1-8 will be sent home
with the February parent/teacher conference notices.
Join Us for a Preschool Playdate
Parents bring your children ages 2 ½ - 4 years old to a preschool play date. We are offering
a FREE class for a parent and child to attend together. We will enjoy a special hour of fun
and learning! The class will take place in the early childhood classroom at Sacred Heart
Elementary, 1500 St. Benedict Drive Wednesday, December 17, 2014 at 8:45-9:45
a.m. RSVP Mrs. Rockne 665-5841
Spiritual Adoption
Thank you for helping your child to develop a deeper understanding of
God’s love of life. Please continue to pray this prayer with your child daily.
Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, I love you very much. I beg you to spare the life
of the unborn baby that I have spiritually adopted.
Fourth Month – December
I am now about 6 inches long and weigh 6 ounces. My heart is beating 140 beats per
minute and pumps up to 25 quarts of blood per day. I can taste and hear sounds and
voices now. When I sleep, I have dreams and loud noises can wake me up. I am
completely formed and the doctor can tell if I am a boy or girl from the ultrasound
pictures. By the end of this month I will be 9 inches long and weigh 10 ounces.
Inside the Outside Inn
Pre-K through 4th grade Christmas Program!
"The greatest of miracles happened when a baby boy,
born in a tiny stall, brought hope and joy to us all!"
Thursday, December 4th, 7 P.M.
Summit Theatre
Pre-K through 4th grade
1:30 P.M. rehearsal will be held on the date of the program. Please have your
students to Summit Theatre by 6:45 P.M. and in their seats no later than 6:50
P.M. the night of the concert.
Pre-School Parents: The pre-school students will not have an afternoon
rehearsal on the day of the program; just bring them to the concert.
Concert Dress: Sunday best, no jeans or t-shirts, no flip-flops, basically just as
dressy as or dressier than a uniform day.
A note with more information will be sent home with your child(ren) the week
before their concert. Be on the lookout! Thank you for your support.
Musically yours, Mrs. Hannah Weispfennig
Middle School Christmas Concert
Hello from Emily Nelson and the music classroom! This year, our Middle
School concert will be Tuesday, December 9th at 7:00 pm. There is a final
rehearsal/matinee on Tuesday, December 9th at 2:00 pm open to parents and
grandparents that cannot come that evening. Both the matinee and the concert will
be held in Link Auditorium.
All students: 5th graders, 6th graders, 7th graders, and 8th
graders (except those in orchestra or band) will be participating in the concert.
Please note this change from past years, and ensure that your student gets to the
Middle School that evening by 6:40 pm. The students and I will meet in the
Middle School music room and walk over a few minutes before 7:00 pm.
Please dress nicely: slacks, button down/polo, blouse, skirts, dress, etc.
Girls, please wear comfortable shoes with heels no higher than 1”. If you have
any questions about the concert, please feel free to email me at
[email protected] or call me at the school: 665-1808. We hope to see you
at the concert!
Happy Advent,
Emily Nelson
The 6th Annual Holiday Vendor blender was a HUGE success,
thanks to all our wonderful vendors, volunteers & customers! We
had over 30 vendors, and so many fantastic items were donated
for our upcoming Gala! Thank you to the Preschool & Jr.
Kindergarten parents who supplied a tremendous amount of great treats for the
bake sale! Thank you to the parents, teachers & staff who volunteered their time
working, organizing & helping with the “odds & ends” that make these things
work. Thank you to Butch Byers & Catholic United Financial for their support of
Catholic education by providing us with an extra monetary gift for SHS! We
especially give God thanks for His marvelous blessings to our Catholic
Angel Tree
An ongoing tradition at Sacred Heart School, the Angel
Tree gives parents an opportunity to give teachers and staff a
gift for their classroom or work area in place of a Christmas
gift. The teachers have written items of varying costs, (all
under $15) onto angels which are placed on a Christmas tree in
the entry way of each school. If you are interested in
participating in the Angel Tree, choose an angel off of the tree, purchase the
desired item, tape the original angel on the gift and return it to school with your
name written on the angel.
Again this year, we are adding “Golden Angels”. Each teacher has written on
an angel a ‘larger ticket item’ they desire for their classroom. If you are
interested in purchasing an item from a “Golden Angel”, please see Mrs. Haberman
at the elementary or Dr. Mulhair at the middle school for these special angels as
they will not be placed on trees in the entryways at both sites.
As always, THANK YOU for your generosity and kindness this holiday season
and all year through.
Students Prepare for MATHCOUNTS!
MATHCOUNTS Coach Kim Olson is preparing her mathletes for the
MATHCOUNTS competition to be held Thursday, February 19, 2015, from 2:00 to
7:00 P.M. in Sioux Falls. Students began working the Mathcounts sheets at the
beginning of November and their practice sessions in SHMS Math Club began on
November 13th. They will be meeting on scheduled days at 7:30 A.M and 3:15 P.M
so as to make sure everyone has an opportunity to participate. Your child will get a
calendar of practice times and the worksheets to practice. This competition is open
to students in grades 6-8. If you are interested in sponsoring a breakfast or
afterschool snack for the Math Club, or if you need more information, contact Mrs.
Olson at the Sacred Heart Middle School. More information will be available on Mrs.
Olson's website at
SHS Teacher & Staff Appreciation Club
The 2014-15 year of the TSA Club is kicking off and winners have been
drawn for September and October gift certificates. Congratulations to
Chris & Betsy Hunhoff, September winners of a Charlie’s gift card, and
to Jean Fitzgerald, who was the October winner of a Minerva’s gift
card. It isn't too late to join the TSA Club as a way to show support for
the dedicated teachers and staff at Sacred Heart School. A donation of $100
enters you in the remaining restaurant gift card drawings for the school year. We
would also very happily accept donations of $50 to purchase Charlie's Pizza
House or Minerva’s gift cards. Donations can be dropped off at either school
office by Friday, December 12th, which will ensure sufficient time to figure
Christmas bonuses for the school staff. If you have questions please contact Jill
Kouri at 668-2792, or [email protected] Thank you to all of our dedicated
supporters! We would never be able to do this if we didn't have caring people
like you!
Radio Rosary Collection
During the month of October SHS students collected money to help fund the
Radio Rosary Program. The total classroom donation from the students of
SHS was $49.05. Thank you to everyone that contributed to this ministry!
Lions International Peace Poster Contest
Lions International Peace
Poster Contest is an
international contest that
encourages children ages 1113, to creatively express
what peace means to them.
All 6th grade students drew a
picture depicting the theme
“Peace, Love and
Understanding.” The contest
allows students to share their
unique image of peace with
others, so that we may all
have greater tolerance and international understanding.
Congratulations to our local winners: 1st Place: Leila Schumacher, 2nd: Emily Nguyen
3rd: Ryan Trail. Leila was awarded $50 and Emily and Ryan both received $20.
Change War at Sacred Heart Middle School
St. Joseph and St. Martin House challenged the SHMS site to a change war in October
with proceeds benefitting the Radio Rosary and the school. The students had a penny
container, which was positive; and a silver container, which was a negative jar.
They put pennies in their own house and silver in competing houses. The house with
the most positive dollar amount, St. Therese, received extra special game boosters for
the dodge ball tournament which was held on November 26th. Miranda Schulte and
Noel Kusek, captains of St. Joseph and St. Martin, presented $340.00 to Sally Welter
and Sheryl Dykes for the Radio Rosary; and $340.00 to the school to be used for
something needed at the school.
Speech Festival
Sacred Heart Middle School Students who participated in Speech &
Debate Club had a Speech Festival on November 17th hosted by Sacred
Heart this year! Missouri Valley Christian Academy also competed in
the festival with SHS. There was an excellent turnout and wonderful
presentations done by the students. In terms of judging, I ratings are
Superior (I+ is the highest) and II ratings are Excellent:
*Molly Vornhagen, Leona Stastny, and Rachel Hebda - Group Improv - Rating I*Cecilia Kouri, Hailey Gokie, and Josie Krajewski - Humorous Prose "Class President"
- Rating I+
*Emily Shuey, Grace Liebig, and Kenzi Covey - Group Improv - Rating I+
*Chloe Reardon, Morgan Sundleaf, and Brooklynn Wintz - Group Improv - Rating I
*Olivia Warriner, Claire Kouri, and Josie Krajewski - Group Improv - Rating I+
*Mary Fanta, Billi Jo Dayhuff, and Hailey Gokie - Group Improv - Rating I+
*Courtney Reardon and Ryann Wesseln - Group Improv - Rating I+
*Kylie Cwach and Lexi Madson - Group Improv - Rating I
*Erin McCarthy and Liv Liebig - Humorous Prose - "Blackout" - Rating I+
*Kellie Geigle, Holly Medeck, and Samantha Kortan - Group Improv - Rating I+
*Dylan Neubauer-Keyes, Colton Dahlerup, and Ethan Hladky - Group Improv Rating I*Emily Shuey, Grace Liebig, and Kenzi Covey - Group Improv - Rating I
*Ryann Wesseln and Billi Jo Dayhuff - Humorous Prose "Creative Writing" - Rating
*Cate Perakslis, Courtney Wenande, Kellie Geigle, and Chloe Perakslis - Reader's
Theater "Echo and Narcissus" - Rating I+
*Carissa Salvatori and Natalie Woerner - Humorous Prose "Store with a Heart" Rating I+
*Cate Perakslis, Harlie Hacecky, and Liv Liebig - Group Improv - Rating I+
*Sophia Vyborny - Individual Prose "Cloony the Clown" - Rating I+
*Natalie Woerner, Carissa Salvatori, and Maddie Binder - Group Improv - Rating II+
*Grace Taggart, Leila Schumacher, and Ella Smith - Group Improv - Rating I
*Chloe Perakslis, Grace Taggart, and Leila Schumacher - Humorous Prose “Bubble
Wrap Obsession" - Rating I+
*Harlie Hacecky, Sophia Vyborny, Leila Schumacher, and Grace Taggart - Reader's
Theater "Un-identical Twins" - Rating I+
*Erin McCarthy, Sophia Vyborny, and Emily Kolker - Group Improv - Rating I
*Maddie Binder and Claire Kouri - Humorous Prose "Creative Writing" - Rating I+
A very special thanks to those that donated treats and juice for the night of the
event. Also, a thank you to the marvelous students who helped set up and take
down. Thank you!
Debate will begin in the spring.
Addition to 1st Quarter Perfect Attendance
Congratulations to Payton Kautz - KK- Mrs. Budig
SHS Bingo
The next bingo night is NEON night! So mark your calendars for
Friday January 9th. Pizza is available at 5:30 with bingo starting at
6:30. Bingo night is great way to spend a cold winter evening with
family and friends and also support SHS.
Come join in on the fun!
Corrections & Additions to the Sacred Heart School Directory
Brett and Tanya Hacecky
Kendra Harrell
Lindquist, Sara
1307 W. 27th St.
2925 Lakeview Dr.
160 Crestview Drive (605) 366-8476
Grade 1
Box Top Contest
Congratulations to Morgan Buechler, Rachel Hebda, Liam and Maya
Villanueva for winning the October Box Top contest. They were treated to
breakfast by Mrs. Haberman and Dr. Mulhair. Thanks to your dedicated
clipping, Mrs. Rockne sent in Box Tops worth $1037 for Sacred Heart
School!! A special HUGE thank you to Sheri and Houston Blow for all their trimming.
UPC’s from Country Hearth and Village Heart products (breads) are worth 5 cents each. The
money earned can be used for books, computers, music, sports, building repairs – whatever the
school needs. We can earn up to $10,000 this year. For more information visit their website at Thanks in advance for your help in this additional fundraiser!
BINGO: November BINGO was a huge success! Many laughs and stories
were shared by those attending-- the PJ's were so great!!! Lori Pedersen,
Brenda Vellek along with the 5th grade volunteers raised $388.50 (not
including pizza sales) which goes towards the professional development of
SHS staff. Tremendous effort to all! Thank you!
The next BINGO party is 1/09/15 – please read the related article.
Legends for Kids grant: Thanks be to God! We were approved for $2,000 in grants
for our Elementary and Middle Schools! With great discernment it has been
unanimously decided that the funds will go towards wall mats for the elementary gym
and a volleyball net system for the middle school. We are all very excited for these
wonderful gifts! Look for them in the schools early in 2015! Thank you Lindsay Poeschl
for all your hard work and diligence in writing and negotiating this grant!
Great teamwork Angie Schoenfelder and Jill Kouri on teacher
and staff meal planning! Many thanks to the following parents who provided
middle school conference meals for teachers and staff: Nancy Becker, Janet
Dahlerup, Lisa Dangler, Darla Gullikson, Tanya Hacecky, Sarah Heine,
Meredith Hunhoff, Sue LeFebvere, Rhonda Karolevitz, Jill Kouri, Kristin
Madson, Jodi Salvatori, Susie Shuey, Missy Sundleaf and Kelly Vornhagen, as well as
the parents who provided the elementary school meals: Betsy Hunhoff, Coreen Adams,
Gina Abbott, Jantina Nelson-Stastny, Lori Pedersen, Sarah Sager, Melissa Pavlish, Amy
Gokie, Liz Rembold, Kathy Fitzgerald, Kristi Ekroth, Denise Taggart, Tamara Liebig,
Jen Petersen and Erica Krajewski. You did an outstanding job providing delicious food to
our busy teachers and staff! Thank you!!
Therese Maderak, Lindsay Poeschl and Lisa Lucht provided child care for both days of
conferences at SHES! There were a combined total of 70 children over the 2-day
conference event and child care was much needed! Thank you so much! The next
conferences will be held Feb. 9th and 10th, 2015 and we are in need of volunteers for both
child care and meals for teachers. Please contact Angie Schoenfelder or Jill Kouri for
helping with the meals and any FOSH officer for helping with childcare.
Vendor Blender: WOW! Excellent job Vendor Blender committee on
another HUGE success! The annual Vendor Blender was well attended by the public as
our community prepared for the Christmas season planning their purchases. Many
thanks to Jessica Woerner, Melissa Pavlish, Denise Taggart, Sheila Haas, Shawna
Reardon, Steph Tamisiea, Bobbi Aune, Betsy Hunhoff, Susie Shuey & Emilee
McCaffrey on their hard work in coordinating this event. A special thanks to the
spouses and students who helped make this fundraising event happen. If you were not
able to attend but would like to purchase any of the SHS items (ear warmers, bags &
decals) feel free to contact a FOSH officer.
Thanksgiving Mass: Our annual Thanksgiving Mass on 11/25 collected many gifts and
food items for The Christmas Store. The Christmas Store is an event held by Riverview
Reformed Church. It is for those who find themselves in need of food, comforts and gifts
for their children during this Christmas season. Those in need will be able to shop for
free at the "store" on December 13th. Thank you to all who, with compassion and Christlike charity, donated. We have put up a tree in the front entrance of the elementary school
as well to continue this charitable cause. It is our "Home-Aid" giving tree. The theme of
the tree is both home-aid and homemade. Our children from the elementary will be
making all the decorations for the tree. The gifts and food will be collected from Nov.
25th to Dec. 12th. At that point we will take all the donations and the tree, decorated and
ready to go, to the Christmas Store. They will donate the fully decorated tree to a
particular family in great need. Thank you so much to all of you who helped make this
possible! You are truly all lamps of Christ!
Saint Nicholas Day is quickly approaching and that kindly saint is once again
visiting our humble school on Dec. 5th! BE NICE! Apparently he keeps a list!
Coming up in 2015:
Once again, a reminder to keep your eyes open for our new purchases for our schools!
The volleyball set and the wall mats!
January BINGO will be held Jan. 9th assisted by our fun-loving 1st graders.
The next FOSH meeting will be held Jan. 19, 2015 at 7 pm. Bring your questions and
suggestions! Remember your children benefit from your attendance!
Catholic Schools Week will kick-off with Swim and Gym again this
year. It has been great fun for all ages! Swim and Gym will be on Jan.
24th at the Summit Activity Center from 6-8 pm. Come and celebrate
our Catholic community!
As the FOSH officers wind down their first 6 months of activities we want all SHS
parents to know how blessed we are to be supported by you! FOSH has accomplished
great things this school year and again encourages you to contact any of us with ideas or
questions. Be active in your Child’s education – Volunteer!! Please keep your school
and us in your prayers during advent as we discern some large topics and events.
Yankton Catholic Community Foundation Office News
One Heart, One Mind, One Spirit In Christ Campaign
Many, many thanks to all those dedicated parents and parishioners who have contributed
to our effort to finish paying for our amazing new facilities! We began our “silent”
campaign this past April and kicked off the One Heart, One Mind, One Spirit in Christ
officially this past September 21st. The generosity of the community has been so amazing
and is truly a blessing upon us all. As we all know, our beloved Sacred Heart School
relies on you, our parishioners and parents to thrive. From our efforts we are over half
way to our goal of $3.3 million to eliminate our outstanding debt for the new construction
here in the Yankton Catholic Community.
We have over $1.75 Million in pledges and gifts with 20% participating so far and more
gifts and pledges are coming in every day. We mustn’t forget though that it will take the
support of all of our parents and parishioners to finish the job. We have set a goal of
100% participation for this campaign and with God’s grace we will get there! The new
Sacred Heart Middle School Education Center is a blessing for students and staff alike
and is also a tribute to the sacrifice and generosity of our people here in Yankton.
This Christmas, we will all remember how thankful we are for our families and friends.
We also will remember how thankful we are to have a God who has given us his only
Son, our faith and all the many gifts we have in our lives. Among these gifts are Sacred
Heart School and our parish communities that enrich our lives so much. Help to continue
the legacy of a strong, faith-filled Yankton Catholic Community by making a
commitment to the One Heart, One Mind, One Spirit in Christ campaign. Everyone in
our Yankton Catholic Community will have the opportunity to make a gift to this
community goal, so please take advantage of this opportunity to continue enriching our
lives and the lives of your children. Have a blessed and merry Christmas!
NEW Scrip Cards available:
Domino’s $10 (8%), Papa Murphy $10 (8%)
Lower denominations just for the Holidays: $10 Walmart, $25 Hy-Vee, $10
Amazon & many more when you shop @
Shop with Scrip for the Holidays
Gift cards make for easy shopping.
SCRIP Cards are a way to give twice – percentages of every sale come back to our parishes
or to the school at no extra cost to you!
To guarantee you get the cards you want, it helps to preorder your cards one week ahead.
Remember there are hundreds more gift cards to choose from – and special deals this time
of year-when you shop at
GALA DONATIONS: Are you looking for a way to donate to the Gala? SCRIP cards make a
great donation! Ask us how at the Yankton Catholic Foundation Office 665-4585
Hall of Fame Honorees
Nominations for the 2015 SHS Hall of Fame award are now being accepted at the
Foundation Office. Deadline for these nominations is January 6th, 2015. The criteria for
this award is two-fold: the recipient must have a five-year relationship with SHS (it can
be as a graduate, a parent, a grandparent or a friend), and the person must live the ideals
followed by the school. This award will be presented at the Catholic Schools Week
Masses at the end of January.
Rewards Runner
Another way to take advantage of SCRIP savings is shop with your SCRIP cards
on REWARDSRUNNER.COM. In many cases you can DOUBLE your rebate by buying
Scrip and using it on Rewards Runner. Look for more details about this coming home in
your child’s backpack with your Scrip order form. As we approach Christmas, using
Scrip and Rewards Runner can double the rebate you would normally get if you used
Scrip alone! Look for more details coming soon!
News from Saint Benedict Parish…
Youth Choir for 4:00 P.M. St. Benedict Christmas Eve Mass
Young singers 2nd grade and up are invited to join the Youth Choir that will sing
before and during the Dec. 24th, 4:00 P.M. Christmas Eve Mass. Signup sheets
are in the gathering space or contact [email protected]
There will be rehearsals: Saturday mornings Dec. 6th, 13th & 20th @ 10 A.M.
and Wednesdays Dec. 10th & 17th @ 3:45 P.M.
Contact Marilyn Kathol 660-1000 with questions or concerns.
St. Benedict Christmas Eve 4:00 P.M. Living Nativity
Sign up for “Living Nativity” presented during the Christmas Eve 4:00pm
mass. Children of all ages are needed for Angels, Shepherds & Wisemen.
Narrators need to be 10 years and older and very good readers/speakers.
Adult helpers are also needed. There will be one rehearsal only on Saturday,
Dec. 20th at 10 A.M. in the Church. See notes and sign-up sheets in the
gathering space. Questions: Contact Marilyn Kathol 660-1000 or
[email protected] We will need 1 or 2 adult coordinators.
News from Sacred Heart Parish…
March for Life 2015: Yankton Catholic Respect Life has reserved 15 seats on the bus traveling to
Washington, D.C. for the March for Life that will take place on January 22, 2015. YCRL is offering
fifteen $200 scholarships to help with costs leaving $250 for each participant to pay. In addition
to witnessing to the sanctity of human life, there will be some sightseeing opportunities while
on the trip. There are already 8 people from the Yankton Catholic Community that have signed
up. This trip is for adults as well. Contact Dave at Sacred Heart parish for more information:
Coffee Connection!! Yankton Catholic Respect Life will be placing an order for Mystic Monk
Coffee as a way to raise funds for those traveling to D.C. for the March for Life. There is a great
selection of coffee and tea from the Mystic Monks. The order deadline is Dec. 8. You may check
out the selection at and then call Dave at Sacred Heart parish to
place your order: 665-3655. Thanks for your support!
Keep Christ in Christmas vehicle magnets are available at Sacred Heart parish for $3 ea.
Are you looking for a way to grow in faith with your children at home? Sacred Heart parish has
some extra resources available for sale at a deep discount. We have brand new videos and
activity books available that would make excellent Christmas gifts. One DVD is called O Holy
Night and it beautifully reminds us of what Christmas is all about and how to prepare for it with
our children. There are also some Advent Adventure Activity books that have activities for each
day of Advent. Contact Dave at Sacred Heart parish for more info and to browse through what
we have.
Dates to Remember
Dec. 3 (Wed.)
Fall Anointing Mass 1:30 P.M. Sacred Heart Parish
Dec. 4 (Thurs.)
SHES Preschool – 4th grade Christmas Concert
7:00 P.M. Summit Theater (see related article)
Yankton Middle School Band and Chorus Concert – Grades 6-8
7:00 P.M. YMS Gym (note date & place change)
5th Grade Advent Retreat at Sacred Heart Monastery 12:15-3:15
Dec. 6 (Sat.)
St. Nicholas Day
Dec. 8 (Mon.) 
Sixth-Eighth Grade Orchestra Concert
7:00 P.M. YMS Lecture Hall (note date & place change)
Immaculate Conception School Masses
8:30 A.M. Sacred Heart Elementary School
12:30 P.M. Sacred Heart Middle School
Dec. 9 (Tues.)
SHMS Grades 5-8 Christmas Concert
7:00 P.M. Link Auditorium (see related article)
Dec. 10 (Wed.)
No School Masses
Knights of Columbus Family Breakfast - Come and join us!
8:00 A.M. – 12:30 P.M. KC Hall
Communal Penance at St. Benedict’s Church 3:00 pm
Communal Penance at Sacred Heart Church 7:00 pm
Dec. 14 (Sun.)
Dec. 17 (Wed.)
Sacrament of Reconciliation for Grades 5-8
Pre-School Playdate at SHES 8:45-9:45(see related article)
Dec. 18 (Thurs.)
Sacrament of Reconciliation for Grades 3-4
Grades 4-5 Orchestra Concert
7 P.M. – YMS Lecture Hall
Dec. 19 (Fri.)
Dec. 25 (Thurs.)
Jan. 1 (Thurs.)
Jan. 2 (Fri.)
Jan. 5 (Mon.)
Jan. 7 (Wed.)
Jan. 9 (Fri.)
Jan. 18 (Sun.)
Jan. 19 (Mon.)
Jan. 21 (Wed.)
Jan. 24-25
Jan. 24 (Sat.)
Jan. 25-31
Jan. 28 (Wed.)
 End of 2nd Quarter
Christmas break begins at 3:30 P.M.
Merry Christmas to all our families from the SHS staff!
Looking Ahead….
Happy 2015!!!
No School – Teacher Workday
School resumes
SHES 1:30 P.M. School Mass -- Jr. K attends
SHS Bingo in Sacred Heart Community Center –
5:30 Pizza, 6:30 Bingo
KC Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser 8:00 A.M. - 12:30 P.M.
To benefit the 125th Diocesan Anniversary Trip
FOSH Meeting 7:00 P.M. SHES Gym – Daycare provided
Diocesan Wide All School Mass Celebrating 125 Years, Sioux Falls
Catholic Schools Week celebration begins with presentation
of Hall of Fame Award at Masses
Swim and Gym 6-8 P.M. Summit Center (see related article)
Catholic Schools Week
Catholic Schools Week Mass
The Sacred Heart School staff wishes all our families a blessed Christmas season.