Newsletter December 2014

Faith’s Mission Statement
We are Faith Lutheran Church,
members of the Body of Jesus Christ.
The Holy Spirit calls us today
to share God’s love and grace for your life
through worship, study, fellowship and service.
Church Office - (561) 848-4737
Transition Pastor - Rev. Ken Fuehler
Music Director - Dr. David McCalla
Contemporary Music Director - Janet Cunningham
Pre-School - (561) 848-4737
Toddlers - (561) 842-2487
School Director - Kathy Knudtson
New Day- (561) 844-0012
Director- Julie Tombari
Sunday Services
9:30 AM Traditional Service with Communion
11:00 AM Contemporary Worship with Communion
10:30 AM Coffee Fellowship
Bible Studies times are listed on “Bible Study Options” page
During the All Saints’ Sunday liturgy, we remembered
in our prayers our members who were released from
this life to rest in God’s nearer presence:
Erna Spencer, 01/07/14
Harold Welsch, 04/03/14
Nancy Kraemer, 05/01/14
Claire Ridge, 07/25/14
Beatrice Heath, 09/08/14
A Fairly Well Kept Secret Calendar Change
November 30 is the First Sunday of Advent and
the beginning of a new Church Year. Our Church Year
counts time differently than the secular calendar. We
are tied to the fullness of time in which God sent His
one and only Son into the womb of the virgin, born to
save us.
The First Sunday in Advent is the Sunday on or
closest to November 30 (St. Andrew’s Day). It is on
this day, we begin a journey not simply to the manger
but the journey takes us past it, to the cross and the
empty tomb. It is not merely a remembrance of what
took place so long ago but also a preparation for what
is to come—our Lord’s return in glory to lay claim to
His Bride, the Church for all eternity.
Even while we progress through Advent, we are
waiting. We are waiting on Sundays with prayer,
comfort, joy and worship; and waiting with biblical
songs on Wednesdays.
Ah, An Advent Quiet Morning . . . Join Me and
Cheryl . . . You Deserve It For Yourself
with our Transition Team driving
It may not look like much; especially not for 3 hours
on a football Sunday afternoon. But, I can’t tell you
how important it is for us to hear your understanding
of our history. It will say much to what we do next.
Please Come!
THERMOSTATS — We’re diligently working at making
them work properly for our activities. Please don’t
fiddle with them, especially don’t attempt to program
On The Twelve Days of Christmas
My True Love Sent To Me
Well, that’s the song that sings about a rather
clumsy lover who keeps dumping all kinds of
redundant gifts on the doorstep of his beloved . .
. however, there is more to it than that.
Our True Love, the one whose name is Jesus,
brings us much more than partridges and
drummers drumming (though we could use one for
Contemporary Worship).
Join us for the seven worship services we
offer during those very same 12 days (12/2501/05). The Epiphany is January 6.
O.K. It’s not in the 12 days, but don’t miss the
Christmas Caroling on Palm Beach Gardens public
property, Sunday afternoon, Dec. 7.
— I love the opening to this
masterpiece; I suppose I have the idea I could be
a tenor. Regardless of my baritone voice,
the Messiah on Saturday, December 20, at
6:30 p.m. as our choir leads and supports us and
our soloists, together with those who want to sing
along (bring your own score), in this thrilling music.
See you then. A free-will offering will be received.
Christmas Vacation
I still remember how during my High School,
College, and Seminary years “Christmas Vacation”
was so enthusiastically experienced . . . we had
absolutely no assignments, none.
Cheryl and I will be returning to Greensboro,
NC, after worship on December 25 and then
returning here on January 8. Rev. Norm Heintz
and Rev. Jim Stilwell will be our guest proclaimers.
in your prayers this month as much is being done
for you and our daily clients.
— We’re on line at
And the FLAME looks better there, too, as
you’ll see it in color.
Thoughts for December from our LCMS Stewardship Ministry
“The Word became flesh and dwelt among us”
(John 1:14). God became man; he took on human flesh,
so that men would once again dwell with God. In the
fullness of time, the Son of God from eternity became
a part of history to be born under the law in order to
redeem those under the law. Christ came from heaven
above to earth below for us men and for our salvation.
He who knew no sin became sin so that we would be
declared righteous in God’s sight. He was defiled so
that we would be cleansed. He was born so that we
would not die, and He died for us so that we would live
in Him. He took upon Himself everything that rightfully
belongs to us—sin and death—and in exchange gave
to us everything that rightfully belongs to Him—
righteousness, life, and the status as the sons of God.
This is what we celebrate in Advent and at Christmas.
We celebrate the coming of our Lord to save us from
sin, death, and hell. We celebrate that God in Christ
cared for us in body and soul, for He came not only to
reconcile us to the Father by taking away our sin, but
also to redeem us from death and hell so that we would
live with Him in His kingdom, which has no end.
In a sermon on Acts 6 for St. Stephen’s Day, preached
on December 26, 1522, Martin Luther said this: “From
this story we learn in the first place how a Christian
community should be constituted. In addition, we have
a true pattern of spiritual government that the apostles
here provide. They care for souls, occupy themselves
with preaching and prayer, and yet also see to it that the
body is cared for; for they suggest several men who are
to distribute the goods, as you have heard. Thus the
Christian rule is concerned for the people in body and
soul, so that no one suffers want . . . that all were richly
fed and well cared for in both body and soul.”
And this is one reason we give to the church. We
give so that people will see the church not just as a
place that cares for souls, that forgives sins, but also
a place that cares for the body. For the church is a
place of mercy. It is a place where we inhale God’s
mercy and loving kindness through the Word and
the Sacraments for the forgiveness of our sin. And
it’s a place where we exhale the mercy we received
there in love and service to our neighbor. The church
cares for both the body and the soul.
The church is not so heavenly minded that it forgets
those in need on earth. In fact, it cares for the needs
of this body and life precisely because it is heavenly
minded. We seek to do what God has done for us.
The church is so ordered that it does both.
Giving to the church is a responsibility given to
those who are the church. This can sometimes be
difficult. But it is also a great joy. For in giving to
the church we are giving back to God for His use for
others what He has first given to us. In giving to the
church, we participate in God’s work here in time
for all eternity. In giving to the church, we who are
heavenly minded do what God has done for us: dwell
with those who live in a fallen world and care for
them in both body and soul. Let us, then, in this most
joyous season of the church year, dwell not on the
struggles in giving, but rather on the joy set before
us in caring for body and soul as God in Christ has
done for us.
Pastor Ken Fuehler
Is Your 2014 Commitment up to Date?
Year-end Gifts: Are you “up-to-date” on your 2014 commitment to Christ and His church? Some may be
considering stock or cash gifting. Now is the time to look at your options for these year-end gifts. Please
consider Faith as you do so. Your gift to the Church is, of course, fully tax-deductible.
Donations must be received in the church office by December 31, 2014 in order to qualify for a 2014 tax
deduction. IRS rules require that donations received in the church office after December 31 (in person
or by mail) must be reported as 2015 income, regardless of when the check is dated or mailed. Thank you!
November 26 November 30 -
— “Pray, Praise, and Give Thanks”
- “Waiting with Prayer” — Isaiah 64:1-9
- Mary’s Song — St. Luke 1:46-56
December 3 December 7 -
- “Waiting with Comfort” — Isaiah 40:1-11
Community Christmas Carol Sing @ Burns Road Rec Center 4:00 PM
December 10 -
December 14 -
December 17 -
- Zechariah’s Song-St. Luke 1:67-79
— “Waiting with Joy” — Isaiah 61:1-4, 8-11
- 12:30 PM
6:00 PM) Simeon’s Song — St. Luke 2:25-35
December 18 -
7:00 PM - Gym
December 19 -
3:00 PM - Gym
December 21 -
— “Waiting with Worship”
— 2 Samuel 7:1-11, 16
December 24 — Christmas Eve — 5:30 PM and 7:30 PM
A Worship Service of Carols and Communion
December 25 — Christmas Day — 11:00 AM
The Festival Worship Service of Holy Communion
December 28 — The First Sunday after Christmas
9:30 AM. Traditional Communion Liturgy and 11:00 AM Contemporary Communion Liturgy
January 4 — The Second Sunday after Christmas
9:30 AM. Traditional Communion Liturgy and 11:00 AM Contemporary Communion Liturgy
Many hands needed to help set up the Sanctuary Christmas
tree on Sunday, December 7 after the late service.
After the Advent worship service on Wednesday, December
10th please help the Altar Guild decorate the Christmas tree
and the Sanctuary.
Food Pantry News
Please continue your food donations, see suggestion list for groceries needed and thank you for your past
and continued giving. Watch the Weekly Parish Notes for special requests of needed food items
Suggested List for food pantry—only imperishable food please!
Spaghetti sauce
Diced tomatoes,tomato products
Canned fruit
Canned meat, tuna etc.
Mac and cheese
Powdered or canned milk
Peanut butter
Pop-top cans
Throughout 2014 the Men of Faith have been supporting in various ways a wounded warrior and his family
who live locally. He is former Marine Corporal William Fleuridor, his wife Courtney, and their four children
ages four through eleven. William was wounded by a roadside bomb during the Iraq War and suffers
permanent back injuries and a moderate case of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). The Veterans
Administration is providing disability benefits and medical care.
Here are some of the things that the Men of Faith have done in support of William and his family during
2014: provided substantial financial aid each month in the form of gasoline gift cards; made several car
repairs in which Michael Schankin did the work gratis and we paid for the parts; visited the family monthly
to offer outreach, counseling and friendship; arranged for a reliable contractor to redo the electrical
system in the house to make it code compliant and safe (worry over the safety of the existing system had
been a major negative in William’s recovery); and dedicated the proceeds from the October Quarter Auction
for their benefit. William and his family attended and had a “wonderful time.” We believe that as a result
of these actions and other developments in his life William is better adjusted, more outgoing, happier, and
more secure than he was a year ago.
Sunday, December 14, 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. in the Michel Building
This whole-congregation activity is sponsored by our Transition Team in order
to understand our congregation’s history — what has shaped us for our present
and future ministries and pastor.
Understanding who we were explains much about who we are, helps us to enlarge our strengths and
strengthen our weaknesses, and is very important in putting together a Congregational Profile for our
Call Document as we prepare for a new Pastor.
The best way to understand the influence of our history is to mine the collective memory of every
member of Faith Lutheran Church. Therefore, we would like each of you to think of at least one major event
that stands out for you in Faith’s history and share it with us that day (in writing).
We are calling this event “Back to the Future.” We will be looking back to celebrate the past and to
promote healing so we can move forward to the future God has planned for us.
It is important for each and every one of you to participate in this opportunity to contribute to the
search for a permanent pastor.
The Transition Team is hosting a potluck lunch and ask you to bring “retro”-food* for the meal; and
a congregational artifact*. So we know you will eat with us, please write your name on the sign-up sheet in
the Narthex .
*check Sunday bulletin for ideas
Our Transition Team invites each of you to spend most of a Sunday afternoon with us and share your
reminiscences and thoughts.
Nancy Arsenault, Chair
Lisa Fortini
Matt Henshaw
David Johnson
Peter Keith
Magdala Ray
Don Rousseau
Tom Schwartz
Pastor Ken, coach
Thank you to all those who helped make our Oktoberfest a success...
God’s grace and blessing to all those that worked so diligently in making our "Oktoberfest" such a blessed and wonderful
We all went into this this new endeavor not knowing but, just trusting in our Lord and Savior to be with us and guide us
all. The Lord blessed all of us by giving us the strength it took to make this a blessed and wonderful event. The people on
the Oktoberfest committee as well as all the volunteers worked so very hard and for this I want to thank all of you. We
also cannot forget the donations that were made by so many ... thank you all !
Our neighboring church "Holy Spirit Lutheran" aided in selling tickets for us as well, we are blessed to have worked with
their secretary Joann Hayes as well as our wonderful staff in our office at Faith Lutheran ... thank you Diana and Mary
Lou you were both so helpful in all the preparation of ticket selling and permits and endless phone calls.
All the praise and glory goes to our Lord and savior again... for guiding us all !
The Oktoberfest was a wonderful success allowing us to raise $ 6,265.00 for all the Charities involved. I look forward to
a bigger and even better Oktoberfest in 2015 !
Gods Blessings and His Grace be with all of you.
Trisha & Michael Schankin
Chairpersons, Oktoberfest 2014
– Join us in the Michel Building Multi-Purpose Room at 8:00 AM.
- Meets in the Library @ 11:00 AM. Led by Larry Hess.
- will be joining the Adult Bible study @ 8:00
AM in the Multi-Purpose Room. Don Rousseau and Magdala Ray will facilitate a study of “Lutheranism 101”.
Middle School & High School Bible Study - Grades 6 - 12 meets upstairs Youth Room of the Michel Building
at 9:30 AM. Led by Lisa Fortini and David Hernandez.
- meets at 7:30 AM in the Michel Building. All men are welcome.
- meets at 10:00 AM in the Michel Building. All ladies welcome. We
are studying the book of Galatians. Call or email Fran at [email protected] if you having any
- Bible Study at the Schwartz’s is the 1st and
3rd Tuesday of each month. All are welcome. The program begins at 6:30 PM and includes potluck dinner,
fellowship and Bible Study, ending promptly at 9:00 PM. Call for info and directions @ 622-4946. Come and
find out why it has lasted 33 years and counting.
at Tommy & Pily Tucker’s home, 504 Harbour Rd., North Palm Beach. Phone
# 346-3363. Reading thru the Bible with discussion, 7:00 PM dinner, 7:30 PM Bible Study. Everyone
Attention to all “Faithful Walkers”
During the Month of December, we will be walking on Monday evenings at 6:00 PM in the
Michel Building Gym. We are walking to combat all the Christmas cookies and holiday treats
that come our way during the month of December! Bring your water bottle, hand-weights,
stretch bands and towel. We all need to take care of the body God has entrusted us with.
We welcome all those who could not join us on Tuesdays due to other commitments, now is
the time to come try out the class. (No class on December 29 - We will resume walking on
Tuesday, January 6th, 2015)
Preparations are being made by the Altar Guild of Faith Lutheran Church to
beautify our sanctuary for Christmas with poinsettias.
If you would like to share in this project, kindly fill out the form below and put
into the offering plate, or turn in to the Church Office. The money should be
placed, with your order, in an envelope marked “Christmas Poinsettia”. Checks should be made
out to Faith Lutheran Church.
You may pick up your plant(s) after the service on December 25th, if you like, or leave it to
decorate the Church during the Christmas season.
Small - $10.00_____________
Large - $15.00______________
Will pick up______________ Donate for the shut-Ins_______
After discussing Christmas lunch plans with a number of you, including
Linda Seitz, she and I agreed that this would be a good year to keep
the Women of Faith Christmas lunch simple and also servant-focused
as we celebrate the birth of our Savior. The angel tree project needs gift-wrapping done before
the Belle Glade delivery takes place on December 18th, and many hands make light work!
We will have a salad and dessert potluck lunch in the Michel Building on Saturday, December 13th,
starting at 11:30 AM. (Please bear in mind that our Transition Team’s “Back to the Future” event
is a potluck after services the next day, Sunday, December 14th – so make two of whatever you are
bringing Saturday, and you will be prepared for Sunday, too!) J We will have some time of
devotions and reflection on the true meaning of Christmas. Then we will turn on some Christmas
carols, spread out our wrapping paper, tape, bows, scissors and ribbons, and wrap the angel tree
gifts. We will have “prizes” for the most beautiful wrapping, the most charming, the most amusing,
and the fastest wrapping jobs! And perhaps the best by youngest and oldest Women of Faith? J
4404 Burns Rd - Palm Beach Gardens Recreation Center
Sunday, December 7th 4:00 - 5:00 PM
Free Admission
Refreshments following - Sponsored by members of the community.
Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 6:30 PM
Faith Lutheran Church's choir is hosting a Messiah sing-in for the Palm Beach County
community on Saturday, December 20, 2014 at 6 P. M. Our soloists will be Sarah Wee, a
doctoral voice student at the University of Miami's Frost School of Music and Victor
Clairmont, an international singer who earned his degree in voice from Westminster Choir
College in New Jersey.
For anyone who would like to join us, our rehearsals are on Thursdays at 7:30 P.M. in the
sanctuary of Faith Lutheran. We especially need basses and tenors. Thank you for your
interest and support.
Please pick an angel from the tree, record your choice
Please return the gifts to the church by Sunday, December 14.
We ask that the gifts be wrapped.
December 18th, the Outreach Committee will be delivering your
Christmas Gifts to the children at Peppi Head Start in Belle Glade.
Quarter Auction
Wednesday, December 17th
Bob Nakushian
Jean Miller
Laura Tegart
Don Zickert
Eileen Frerking
Tom Schrade
Nghiem Tran
Kensington Jones
David Hernandez
Justin Perlman
18 Brandon Hernandez
Andrew Sissom
21 Jennifer Bisig
22 Jane Blevins
26 Elaine Sylvester
27 Christine Kamikazi
28 Jane Lerner
30 Bertha DiPaolo
(Please note date change)
Doors Open @ 6:00 PM
Auction Begins @ 7:00 PM
Charity of the Month
“Furry Friends”
31 Charles & Minnie Kouvelas
2015 Chancel Flower Chart
Many dates still available
Sign up now in the Narthex
Edwina Scofield, Ralph Scofield, Bill Cahill, Judith Gonnerman, Monica Trautsch, Dave Johnson, Audrey
& Howard Kittelberger, Kathy McCoy, Charlotte Genchi, Mal & Ruth Knudson, Sandy Aiken, Russ
Eshbach, Connie Luneke, Mary Evelyn, Curtis Mertz, Sharon Wiley, Linda Keller, Michael Schankin,
Dana Leininger, Debbie McPherson, Sharon Hess, Jean Miller, Rosie Stilwell, Ardie Davis, Irma Meyer,
Rich Walker, George Sylvester, Tom Schuemann, Jim Stilwell, Laura Fulton, and Shirley Cronenwett.
Betty Sither’s nephew Richard, & little Steele; Marcia Brancolino’s relative, Charlie Bottoms; Fran Hickman’s
son, Billy; Larry & Sharon Hess’ daughter, Meg Aumick; Tracy O’Daniell. Ron Woita’s son, Marc Woita,
Trish Schankin’s friends: Scott Campbell, Debbie Baldwin; Karen Terry’s sister, Donna Suggs, Nancy
Arsenault’s brother, Don; Carol Schmidt’s friend, Patricia MacWay Pena; Carol Rousseau’s daughter, Patty;
Bill & Barb Cahill’s friend, Dick Perry, former member, Steve Stanley.
Coming to Faith Lutheran Church in the near future
Financial Peace University (FPU) and The Legacy Journey.
Financial Peace University (FPU) teaches God's ways of handling money. Through video teaching, class
discussions and interactive small group activities, FPU presents biblical, practical steps to get from where you
are to where you've dreamed you could be. You will learn how to get rid of debt, manage your money, spend
and save wisely, and much more! Who should attend? Some people think that you must be a financial genius
or have financial problems, be way in debt, etc. – otherwise why would you want to attend. The answer is
simple - anyone who spends money - teenagers through grandparents – FPU has something for everybody.
Everyone can and will learn something about scriptural reasons for handing finances – the Bible contains
almost three times as many references to money as any other topic. FPU also gives the “how to” – practical
applications and principals to sound money management.
The Legacy Journey is the long-awaited follow-up to FPU. The Legacy Journey is an all-new, seven-week,
biblically based class that teaches you how to truly live and leave a legacy for generations to come. This class
will lead you deeper into investing, basic estate planning, purposeful living, safeguarding your legacy, and
discovering the keys to generational wealth and true generosity. Through video teaching, class discussions and
interactive small-group activities, you’ll learn a biblical framework for living intentionally now so that later
you’ll be able to leave a legacy that will secure your family’s future and make a lasting impact on the world
around you.
It’s not just a financial study. It’s a call to deeper biblical stewardship—a stewardship that honors God today
and creates a legacy for His kingdom for years to come. The Legacy Journey is built on four pillars that provide
a biblical framework for establishing, living and leaving a lasting legacy. The Legacy Journey encourages us
to cast that kind of vision and to dream about what a personal legacy can accomplish later— even after we’re
gone. God has said that “the hand of the diligent makes rich” (Proverbs 10:4) and “a faithful man will abound
with blessings” (Proverbs 28:20) then gives us the freedom to see that future for ourselves. Intended for middle
age and older adults; having attended FPU is NOT a prerequisite however.
LWML September 26-28, 2014 CONVENTION
Plant a Seed and Share the Joy ! On September 26 – 28, 2014 Lutheran Ladies met in Jacksonville, Florida to be
joyful together in the Lord. They also chose new Mission Grants and elected New Officers for the Florida—
Georgia District.
We thank the outgoing Executive Committee members for their 4 years of faithful service
Vice-President for Communications, Trish Aamoth
Vice-President for Mission Service, Dawn Sandvig
Recording Secretary, Joan Koch
Treasurer, Laura Moore O'Connell
Pastoral Counselor, Rev. Eric Eichinger
and we welcome our newly elected officers
Vice-President for Communication, Joan M. Koch
Vice President for Mission Service, Debra Buenrostro
Recording Secretary, Dorothee Jones
Treasurer, Debi Coran
Pastoral Counselor, Rev. Michael Zwemke
and Nominating committee, Marilyn H. Treanor chairman; Mary L. Karrick; Dawn Sandvig
Faith Lutheran was represented by Sharon and Laura Hess.
Dear Friends at Faith
With special thanks and much appreciation! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to bring information
to the congregation. We look forward to working with you moving
Blessings, Steve Cecchetti
Dear Faith Lutheran Church,
Thank you for the opportunity to sing in such a lovely service. Thanks to Dr. David McCalla, Ben, Tracy,
Jane, Ardie, Janet, Leila, Trish, Edwina, Betty and Pastor Ken and the choir and congregation at Faith
Lutheran. A Pleasure. Sincerely, Aris
Dear Members of Faith Lutheran Church and Preschool:
We are grateful to Faith Lutheran Church and Preschool for the thoughtful and generous contribution
to the mission of
. Thank you for your prayers and financial support.
Your generous gift does so much for so many! With your help, Wheat Ridge is able to support inspired
leaders and organizations around the world as they develop new and innovate health and human care
projects. Working together, we can impact the lives of thousands and help them experience a more
abundant life.
On behalf of all those touched by your caring generosity, thank you!
Blessings in the name of the healing Christ!
Richard Herman, President Wheat Ridge Ministries
Faith Lutheran Church
Thank you for another great year of the
let you know the impact that you made for Life.
! This year we want to follow-up and
We strive to ensure that each church receives credit for the bottles that they collect, however, with
literally thousands of baby bottles in the office, sometimes bottles get separated from their group.
These bottles and their contents are still counted, however their contents go into a general account,
and are not counted toward any church or organization. Please forgive us if we missed a few of yours!
So far we have raised over $47,000!
The amazing thing is that we aren’t done! Hundreds of baby bottles will be coming into our office over
the next 12 months, but we wanted to let you know the numbers up to this point.
We truly appreciate your assistance and know that God will bless your efforts.
Sincerely, Beau Heyman , Development Director of
Advent is a pregnant waiting season, a time for us to slow down and give prayerful attention to
the threshold time of our faith and world. This Advent season you are invited to turn away
from the frenzied pace of the culture and open fully to the wonder of the creative,
ever-birthing Living Presence nearer to us than our own breathing.
What exactly does God want to cultivate in you this season? We will begin in the Chapel at 9:15
a.m. (coffee at 9:00 a.m.) for two-and-a-half hours (end at 11:30 a.m.) of relaxation and prayer,
meditation on scripture, and silence. Pastor Ken and Cheryl will guide you through this time
during which you will not need to say a word.
From the
Staff of
Faith Lutheran Church
New Day Adult Care Center
Preschool and After Care