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08 Sunday, April 12, 1998
Recaps April 6-10
not Jonny. When Eric arrives at Jonny's,
a fight ensues between Rush and Eric.
In the scuffle, Rush falls over the balcony to his death. Brooke tells Taylor
she plans to stay married to Ridge and
that both she and Ridge will be a part of
baby Thomas' life. Taylor tells Brooke
she will fight for Ridge. Brooke is exhausted by having to nurse Rick and
NEXT WEEK: Ridge makes a choice.
'<• ALL MY CHILDREN: Coming to
Jfrdmund's aid, Dimitri leaves Jim for
dead. A very-much-alive Jim ambushes
Ijjmitri and Edmund. Mateo, having another flash forward that Hayley is in
jtanger, starts to come out of his coma.
As Palmer gets ready for a business trip
Japan, Opal fears their marriage is
lling apart. Camille tells Tad she
jjjjmts to find a way to-4et her parents
»e|t in peace. Ryan is forced by Liza to
gtop Gillian and Scott's wedding. Gillian
marries Ryan. As Edmund and Dimitri
jjbme closer to death, Dimitri apologizes
to'Edmund for his-relationship with
Jitaria and for lying about the baby's paternity. Going to Natalie's grave, Tim
decides it is time to let Trevor and Janet
ehare the love they deserve. Trevor
plans to make Janet break her promise
to Natalie about staying away from
JTrevor for Tim's sake. Jim tells Erica he
will run Tempo in Edmund's absence.
Tad realizes where Edmund may be and
starts to look for him.
NEXT WEEK: Mateo comes to.
ANOTHER WORLD: Vicky is dis
traught after viewing Michael's videotaped will. Seeing how upset Vicky is,
Jake sweeps her up in his arms. Lila is
furious when she spots Jake comforting
Vicky. Nick's inheritance creates tension between Nick and Sofia. Donna
promises Nick that now that Michael is
gone, she will be his family. Learning
that Matt has a nude sketch of her in
jus suite, Sofia confronts him, causing
'Matt to admit he cares for her. Carl's
iiewly hired chauffeur, Cameron, hides
an automatic rifle. Rachel fumes when
shp learns Carl has reorganized Cory
Corp. Matt is shaken when Carl calls
him "Mac." An evening with Carl and
Rachel turns awkward for Felicia and
'^ass. Cass is furious when he learns
Lila sold the music box — his one key to
the "Embers in the Snow" mystery. Joe
•' "V
and-ggulina plan their future. Amanda
dreams'ef Cameron.
NEXT WEEK: Lila is blackmailed.
makes certain Emily catches David in a
compromising situation. Later, Molly
tells Lucinda their plan is working.
Pulling an all-nighter with Margo to
learn about Eddie's past, Jack collapses.
A feverish Jack dreams of Carly. Despite Emma's concern for his health,
Jack goes to see Carly. After Hal catches Jack with Carly, she admits that Jack
once had feelings for her. When Carly
puts off love-making with Hal, he assumes it is because she cares for Jack.
Jack decides to leave Oakdale. David
gains control of the Falcon Club. Seeing
Barbara reading at the baby's grave,
John asks Kim to help Barbara. Molly
worms her way into the fashion show.
Barbara brings her lawyer to see John.
Looking for Margo, Emily finds Tom,
and they share an intimate talk.
NEXT WEEK: Lily gets Molly out of
the way.
concerned by Jonny's (it is really
Rush's) strange behavior, plans to visit
Jonny. Lauren decides to take a break
from Jonny. An angry Rush rips off his
shirt and reveals the crossbow scar.
Lauren realizes that she is with Rush,
found a pair of gloves, the police feel
they implicate Laura in Kristen's
"death." A distracted Laura has a car
accident. Taken to the hospital with a
concussion, Laura is arrested for Kristen's murder. Breaking down, Laura
claims she shot Kristen. Vivian schemes
to take over Titan. A poverty-stricken
Nicole plans to use modeling to change
her life. Stefano gives Celeste the cure
for jungle madness. Celeste remembers
killing Kristen. Susan is forced to be the
crown prince's sex slave. Learning that
Edmund is planning to wed the woman
he thinks is Susan, Stefano decides he
must get Kristen out of town. Unable to
find Susan and Elvis, Edmund fears
they have been kidnapped by Stefano.
At the Penthouse Grill, Kristen is
stunned that Edmund is ready to marry
Susan. Stefano tells Kristen to go
through with the wedding and that he
will help her escape later.
NEXT WEEK: Mike's campaign hits
a snag.
assures Luke that Laura is safe as she
is the only other woman Stefan has
loved. Telling Sarah they should break
off their relationship, Nikolas denies
that his feelings for Robin are the reason. Mac and Felicia foil the attempt to
assassinate Jax. Tess takes Felicia
hostage. Just before Max finds and frees
Felicia, he overhears her declare her
IOVB for him. When Jax's parents come
to town, Brenda tells them she will rewin him. Mac thinks Jax's brother Jerry
may have been behind the attempt 911
Jax's life. Jax and Jerry come face to
face. Carly inadvertently causes a dock
strike. Jason is called in for questioning
by Taggerf. WJien Justus lodges a( complaint, Taggert and Jason become cell
mates. Bobbie tries to explain td Lucas
that Tony will not be returning home.
Carly invites herself into Jason's bed.
Realizing Emily is afraid of him, Alan
goes to a motel room to quit cold turkey.
A strung-out Alan meets with a dangerous drug dealer.
NEXT WEEK: Robin sticks up for
GUIDING LIGHT: Josh is stunned
when he comes face to face with Reva's
adult clone. Hart and Cassie make love
for the first time. Dinah creates problems for Cassie and Hart when she lets
Hart thinks Cassie is hiding a secret for
Josh. On the island, Sean struggles to
save Reva's life. A delirious Reva thinks
Sean is Josh. Coming to, Reva wants
Sean to tell her why he is on the island.
Reva's clone decides to let the entire
town meet the real Reva Shayne. Josh
resists the clone's attempt to seduce
him. Sean tells Reva she better get used
to the island as she is never going to get
off. Rob accuses Cassie and Josh of being lovers. When Carl threatens Lizzie,
Beth asks Harley to help her get rid of
Carl. As Harley prepares to meet Carl, a
party that Phillip is tossing for Lizzie
places Harley in danger.
NEXT WEEK: A death in Springfield.
PORT CHARLES: Kevin's desire to
reconstruct his past is thwarted when
Victor burns up all his mementos. Preventing Lark from jumping off the hospital roof, Frank is seriously injured.
Chris lets the cops know Jake had an
affair with an underage Lark. Admitting Jake did not know she was underage, Lark is sent back to the detention
center, but she escapes. Chris refuses
to help Bennett destroy Eve. Eve is
stunned when she finds a packet of
drugs in her car. A hidden Lark sees
Bennett inject Frank with the experimental cell-regeneration drug. Kevin
worries about his own sanity when
Lark wonders if emotional instability
runs in her family. The newspaper reveals that Kevin penned the book
"General Homicide."
NEXT WEEK: A miracle cure.
ONE LIFE TO LIVE: During a passionate kiss with Todd, Tea pulls away,
causing Todd to fear he was too forceful.
Clint takes Viki on a date to the weekly
poker .game at his lodge. Asa and Bo
spar during the game. Leaving the
game, Clint and Viki head home. Asa
plans a tryst with Renee. Bo finds a
SUNSET BEACH: Finding Derek in
the warehouse, Meg and Casey, thinking they are talking to Ben, buy his
story that he has bought the warehouse to turn it into a home for himself
and Meg. Later, Derek tells Ben he
plans to get the password to Ben's
bank accounts and then will kill Ben
and Meg. Virginia panics when she is
"The Other Hiatfxff the^Sky: A Cartney headlined- an -E-arth
China Memoir."
Day" concert at the Hollywood
10 years ago: "Moonwalk," Bowl, with funds going to
during the week of April 12-18: pop star Michael Jackson's au- PETA,-Greenpeace and Friends
30 years ago: Bill Haley's tobiography, went on sale across of the Earth. He was joined on*Kock Around the Clock," was the United States.
stage by Ringo Starr for "Hey
reissued. It returned to the Top
Jackson wrote about his show Jude."
20 of the British singles chart business friends, his girlfriends,
One year ago: Celine Dion
after an absence of 10 years.
his plastic surgery and his and the Fugees were among the
£5 years ago: "That'll Be the fame. The book became a global winners at the 1997 World MuSjry" premiered in London, be- best seller.
sic Awards, which uses only one
4/bming a critical and- box-offiee
PI us, -Jaekson • pledged more measure -of -performance: recoxd.
Ijiccess. The film featured than $130,000 to help provide sales. Dion won for best-selling
D&vid Essex, Beatle Ringo immunizations for children in pop artist. The rappers won for
S^arr, Keith Moon of The Who developing countries.
best-selling pop group.
aj)d teen idol Billy Fury.
Give for Life, a British charity,
Shirley was trying to raise nearly $2
Spoken 10 years ago: "I
^EecLaine led "a representative million to immunize 40,000 chil- don't like washing dirty linen or
gpoup of women" on a trip to dren against diseases such as telling tales. I don't like it done
China to meet with Chinese measles, diphtheria, polio and to me and I don't like it done to
$jpmen. The trip became the ba- tuberculosis.
other people." — Actor Douglas
$|s for MacLaine's documentary,
Five years ago: Paul Mc- Fairbanks Jr.
By The-Associated Press
told that the potion she has given to
Vanessa will not hold up to a medical
scrutiny. Seeing Lena, Virginia finds a
way to have Vanessa test positive for
Martin's syndrome. Cole is attacked
and knocked out at the beach. The
dark-haired stranger who attacked
Cole takes a strand of Cole's hair and
places it in an envelope. Aimie continues to seek a woman whom she can
pass off as the baby's birth mother.
Sean meets a woman named Tess, and
he believes her to be the baby's mother.
Joan and Hank are told by Madame
Carmen that Meg is in danger. Derek
prepares to reveal himself to Meg. Ricardo wants a date with Gabi.
NEXT WEEK: Tim's condition improves.
gives Nina a copy of the Reader's Journal prior to its newsstand release.
Doris wants Sharon to tell Nick that
Cassie is her daughter. Dining at
Gina's, Tony and Sharon discuss their
problems. Grace asks Tony for one
more chance to prove she really loves
him. When Sharon tells Nick she is going away for a while.he wants to know
why she is taking Cassie. Paul and
Danny agree to give Chris space to
choose the man she wants to be with.
Double-crossing Paul, Danny brings
flowers to Chris and asks her to move
in with him. Alerted that Mary is depressed, Paul spends the day with his
mom. Mary says she feels guilty about
his separation from. Chris. Seeing
Veronica at the diner, Miguel does not
realize it is Sarah. Diane knows Victor
must spend Nikki's final hours as her
husband. Jack tries to comfort Diane.
When Nikki's condition improves, Diane assures Jack that Victor is committed to her and will not stay with
NEXT WEEK: Neil and Victoria
grow closer.
Creators Syndicate
nearly nude Georgie in his car. Sam
tells Nora he never stopped loving her.
When Bo rejects her advances, Georgie
plots to get even. Arriving at home. Bo
does npt. tell NorawhTSt happened with
Georgie. Rachel discovers a battered
and bruised Georgie. Deciding someone
beat Georgie, Rachel and, Nora convince
her to press charges.' Georgie tells
Rachel that Bo is the married man she
has. been seeing. When Bo warns
Georgie to" stay awlay from him, she uses
the threat to her advantage. Max asks
Blair to go with him tp North Carolina
with the twins. Cassie is uneasy when
she sees a close moment between Kevin
and Barbara.
NEXT WEEK: Dorian's in danger.
Copyright 1998, Billboard Publications
1. "Hercules," (Disney)
2. "Peter Pan: 45th Anniversary Limited
Edition," (Disney)
3. "Mary-Kate & Ashley's Campout ParVIDEO SALES
ty," (Dualstar)
Copyright 1998, Billboard Publications
Copyright 1998, Billboard Publications
4. "Ferngully 2: The Magical Rescue,"
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5. "Sleeping Beauty," (Disney) (Gold)
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4. "Air Force One," (Columbia TriStar)
7. "The Simpsons — Wave II," (Fox)
(Columbia TriStar)
r T h Egf f a h ^ i f i M i )
8 J3 E
3 »El )hh'^G
G aMMAy .de nl t( AD^ il ( i y I _
6. "Playboy's Voluptuous Vixens II,"
9. "The Hunchback of Notre Dame,"
7. "The Peacemaker," (Universal)
7. "Marilyn Manson: Dead to the World,"
10. "Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero,"
8. "Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn," (An11. The Jungle Book: 30th Anniver10. "G.I. Jane," (Hollywood)
chor Bay)
sary," (Disney)
9. "Andrea Bocelli: Time for Romanza,"
12. "Belle's Magical World," (Disney)
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Mountain," (Warner)
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14. "The Chipmunk Adventure," (Uni12. "Playboy's Women Behaving Badly," (Warner)
15. "Conspiracy Theory," (Warner)
15. The Lion King," (Disney)
By TlieAssociafceiLBress- _.
Weekly charts for the nation's moat
popular videos as they appear in next
week's issue of Billboard magazine.
Reprinted with permission:
13. "The Saint," (Paramount)
14. "Spice Girls: Girl Power!-Live in Istanbul," (Warner)
15. "Batman & Mr. Freeze: Subzero,"
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