Saskatchewan Children’s Writers and Illustrators  Picture Books    Abbey, Dianne 

Saskatchewan Children’s Writers and Illustrators Picture Books Abbey, Dianne The Spaghetti Tree Bland, Sue Madame de Toucainville’s Magnificent Hat Bannatyne‐Cugnet, Jo A Prairie Alphabet A Prairie Year Heartland: A Prairie Sampler
From Far and Wide
Estelle and the Self‐Esteem Machine Caton, Jacolyn The Potter Duncan‐Cary, Marny Linger Eyvindson, Peter Backward Brothers See the Light Chester Bear Where Are You? Circus Beserkus Crow Named Joe Jen and the Great One Kyle’s Bath Missing Sun The Night Rebecca Stayed Too Late Old Enough Red Parka Mary Sir Thomas A. Cat
The Wish Wind
The Yesterday Stone
A Wish for You Ham, Katrina Huang, Zhong‐Yang(illustrator) Buddha in the Garden Dragon New Year The Great Race The Mermaid’s Muse
( all titles written by Dave Bouchard) Courage to Fly
(written by Troon Harrison) Leedahl, Shelley The Bone Talker Lohans, Alison Nathaniel’s Violin Sundog Rescue Waiting for the Sun Lonechild, Michael (illustrator) Hidden Buffalo (written by Rudy Wiebe) Qu’Appelle (written by Dave Bouchard) Moore, Yvette (illustrator) A Prairie Alphabet A Prairie Year Heartland: A Prairie Sampler Pelletier, Darrell Alfred’s Summer Alfred’s First Day at School
The Big Storm Lisa and Sam The Pow‐wow Racette, Sherry Farrell (illustrator) Wisahkecahk Flies to the Moon (written by Freda Ahenakew) The Lake in the Middle of Town Sawatzky, Neil Simmie, Lois Mister Got to Go Mister Got to Go and Arnie Oliver’s Chickens What Holds Up the Moon? Wheeler, Jordan Young, Dianne Fiction Aksomitis, Linda Bannatyne‐Cugnet, Jo Benson, Judith Birdsell, Sandra Bishop, Mary Harelkin Brenna, Beverly Campagna, Phil Dueck, Adele Eyvindson, Peter Glaze, Dave Just a Walk Chuck in the City Abaleda Voluntary Firehouse Band Purple Hair? I Don’t Care Adeline’s Dream Grampa’s Alkali Butterfly Gardens Noise in Grandma’s Attic The Town That Floated Away Tunnels of Time Tunnels of Terror Tunnels of Treachery
Tunnels of Tyranny Keeper of the Trees The Freedom Run Anywhere But Here Nettie’s Journey Chubby Champ The Light‐Fingered Gang Pelly Waiting for Pelly Who Took Henry and Mr. Z?
Goertzen, Glenda Leedahl, Shelley Lohans, Alison Meyer, Laurie E. Silverthorne, Judith Slade, Arthur Story, Gertrude Wheeler, Jordan Willett, Edward The Prairie Dogs The City Dogs Riding Planet Earth Can You Promise Me Spring? Germy Johnson’s Secret Plan Getting Rid of Mr. Ribitus The Mystery of the Lunchbox Criminal No Place for Kids The Raspberry Room Skateboard Kids Who Cares About Karen Prairie P.I.s: Little Bigfoot
Prairie P.I.s: Mystery at Chaplin Lake The Secret of Sentinel Rock The Secret of the Stone House Dinosaur Hideout Dinosaur Breakout Dinosaur Stakeout Draugr Haunting of Drang Island The Loki Wolf Return of the Grudstone Ghosts Ghost Hotel Invasion of the IQ Snatchers Counting Two Christmas at Wapos Bay Andy Nebula: Interstellar Rock Star Dark Unicorn Soul Worm For Teens Begamudre, Ven Brenna, Beverly Campagna, Phil Friesen, Bernice Goobie, Beth Koops, Sheena Lohans, Alison MacIntyre, Rod The Phantom Queen
Wild Orchid The Liberty Circle The Seasons Are Horses Before Wings The Colours of Carol Molev Dream Where the Losers Go Fixed Flux The Good, the Bad and the Suicidal Group Homes from Outer Space Hello Groin Hit and Run I’m Not Convinced Kicked Out The Lottery Mission Impossible Something Girl Sticks and Stones Who Owns Kelly Paddik? Voice of the Valley Don’t Think Twice Foghorn Passage Laws of Emotion The Blue Camaro Feeding at Nine
Revved Up All Night Yuletide Blues Richards, Dave Slade, Arthur Willett, Edward Information Books Billinghurst, Jane Grambo, Rebecca Miller‐Schroeder, Patricia Punshon, Lori Racette, Sherry Farrell Savage, Candace The Lady at Batoche Soldier Boys Dust Megiddo’s Shadow Tribes Spirit Singer Growing Up Royal Amazing Animals: Claws and Jaws Amazing Animals: Defenses Amazing Animals: Eyes Amazing Animals: Families Amazing Animals: Hunters Animal Kingdom Borealis: A Polar Bear Cub’s First Year Digging Canadian Dinosaurs Digging Canadian History Dinosaurs Is That Robot Really My Doctor? Lupe: A Wolf Pup’s First Year Weird Science Bottlenose Dolphins Japanese Macaques He Who Flies By Night: The Story of Grey Owl The Flower Beadwork People Born to Be a Cowgirl Eat Up!: Healthy Food for a Healthy Earth Get Growing: How the Earth Feeds Us Slade, Arthur Willett, Edward Poetry Simmie, Lois May 2007 Mother Nature: Animal Parents and Their Young Pelicans Trash Attack! Garbage and What We Can Do About It Wizards: An Amazing Journey Through the Last Great Age of Magic Monsterology Alzheimer’s Disease Arthritis Careers in Outer Space Comets, Stardust and Supernovas Ebola Virus J.R.R. Tolkien: Master of Imaginary Worlds Orson Scott Card An Armadillo Is Not a Pillow Auntie’s Knitting a Baby Who Greased the Shoelaces?